Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ judgement ( Chapter 35 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Despite the fact that the ban list has been updated and the newest set released, the hams are playing by the ban list of January 11th, 2007. The ban list was updated as of March 1st 2007 at the time of this chapter, so if you haven't updated your cards yet, do so.
The crowd stood in amazement as the duel monster stood before Hilde. "What is that?" asked Nonno.
"That is Horus, the Black Flame Dragon." answered Jingle, "Jam most sought after dragon and deckmaster of the Dragon Lord.
"Wh... what is the meaning of this?" asked Hilde.
"Dragons as slaves? Your heart is black as coal." says Horus. "You dare consider them as slaves, with the intent of slaving me? Your atonement begins here and now."
"I take no orders from a hologram." Horus kicks Hilde in the chest and she bowls over.
"I'm not an illusion, my existence is real. Now rise to your feet and stand to your trial."
Hilde, after gaining composure, took to her feet. "Let's try this again, what do you plan on doing with me?"
"You will answer question, not ask them. Now pay attention. What gives you right to enslave dragons?"
"I am the Master of Dragons, all dragons will be my slaves."
"I will NEVER be your slave!" Horus then gave his signature cry.
"Not yet, but eventually, even you will have to obey me."
"And what say you should your 'slaves' rebell against you?"
"There shall be no rebellion against me. My law is just and Mutiny is unheard of."
What a misguided dragon user. thought Jam.
Hilde continued. "You know it yourself, Dragons dare not leave their master vunerable, despite their treatment. Even if their master is cruel, they, the dragons, will always protect thyne Master."
Horus turned away from Hilde. "So be it. But know this, should you ever be given the chance to accquire me, I will NEVER obey such a cold heart. Dragon Lord, I leave her fate to you. You decision, just or naught, I will abide by." and with that, Horus returned to Jam's deck.
Jam aproached Hilde. "Horus has denied you of his grace," he stated, "but gave me control of your fate."
"Fate... fate is for losers." said Hilde. "I believe only in choice."
"Then I shall choose your punishment now." Jamopened his pack and removed a box with a dragon insignia on it. "You want it so badly, so I shall give you a dragon."
Jam took one of his dragon cards and tossed it to Hilde. She looks at the card: "Divine Dragon-Excelion... But why did you give me this card?"
"I gave you that card because I chose to." Jam drew out the Blade of Ra. "Now for my ruling. Since it is what you believe, your belief will be your punishment; choice."
"Your punishment is 'Choice'? I don't get it."
"You believe in choice, so now your servers will get their choice. From this moment onward, in the presence of Dragon-type users and weilders, your dragons have a choicewhen they are played: To serve your unjust ways; or simply to destroy themselves in vain. This choice also goes by the divine one that you have received from me.
"Since the sight of your heart has blinded you for so long, I shall restore it. But with this restoration, comes with a curse." Jam drove the Blade of Ra into Hilde's left eye. This action made the crowd and the Mini Hams wince in pain. Jam began chanting in Swahili, this caused the blade to sizzle. My eye... the pain... Hilde felt it and even saw the black colored blood that teared from it. Jam turned the blade, making Hilde and all witnesses wince in pain. It looked like torture, but Hilde felt her eye being fried. Which made since from the sizzling coming from her impaled face. Hilde cried out in pain, but she cried out further when Jam turned the blade again. "Man, this hurts just watching." said Merika.
"Just think how she feels." said Jingle.
Jam turned the blade again, bringing more ain along with it. "Make it stop!" Hilde cried out in pain.
Jam simply chanted. "Jingle... is this normal?" asked Nonno.
"It could be." Jingle answered.
Jam turned the blade a final time. "Now, I'm am done with you." he said, then pulled the blade from Hilde's eye. Amazingly, as always, the Blade of Ra was clean, just like when it was drawn and Jam concealded the blade again. "Open your eye."
"I... can't." Hilde said.
"Open your eye."
"Do it!"
Hilde tried opening her left eye... Incedentally, it opened. "My eye, can see. I can see out of my left eye again." Hilde cried out. "I have the sight of my left eye back. I can finally see fully again."
For once, in a long time, Hilde finally did something she had practically forgotten how to do, she cried. both of her eyes welled up and teared rivers. "He... healed her." said Aibon."
"I guess it was worth all of that pain." said Nonno.
"I don't think she's completely healed." said Merika.
"Why do you say that?" asked Aibon.
"Jam mentioned something about a curse, what was that about?"
"You're paying attention, Merika. Good for you." said Jingle.
Jam simply looked at Hilde as she cried. The scarlet colored hamster was tearing because of her sight being restored. You have potential, but we shall see if your potential chooses to help you in this tournament. he thought as he closed his pack. Jam walked over to Nonno. "You said you wanted me to rate your deck...."
"Yes, please." said Nonno as she held her deck in her paw.
Jam placed his paw on the top of Nonno's deck and closed his eyes. Moments later, he opened them and removed his paw. "Don't be afraid to use dragons that are lower that 1500 ATK points. Some of them are useful in tough situations. Also, create more less predictable combos. Otherwise than that, your deck is fine."
"That was a really weird way to rate a dragon deck." said Aibon.
"Weird or not, he's right." said Nonno. "There aren't really any dragons in my deck that have a strength lower than 1500 ATK points."
Everybody's jaws dropped. "Lemme see that deck." said Merika as she took Nonno's deck. The US wearing japanese hamster looked through Nonno's monsters. "Incredible, how did he know that?"
"You're kidding, right?" asked Aibon.
"Nonno's dragons, all of them, have at least 1500 attack points." said Merika.
"That's Jam for you," said Jingle, "the guy knows his dragons."
"He really is the authority on dragon-type monsters." said Aibon.
Outside, Jam was having his walk. "Eight seals, two more and I'm in the finals. I think I'll change decks for the last few duels." he said happily. Jam then removed his current deck from the card holder and placed it in it's deck box. The box was then put away and out popped a second box of his dragons. But before he could place it into his card holder.... "Get back here you thief!" cried a familiar voice.
"Not a chance!" another voice yelled back.
"Thief?" Jam wondered.
"Get back here with my cards!" yelled the familiar voice.
"Make me." the other voice said.
"That voice... it's Oxnard!" Jam placed his deck box at his side and ran off in the direction of the voices.
True to the game, it was Oxnard. And he was chasind an orange hamster who has the three cards Pepper gave to him. "I'll chase you all around this park until you give me what you stole." Oxnard said.
"That's good for you," said the theiving hamster. "It'll burn off some of that fat you have."
"This is fur, not fat."
The thief was chased by Oxnard, but Jam was also in pursuit on the high road. The thief made a wrong turn though. "Ah shoot, dead end." he said.
"End of the road, you creep. Now hand those cards over." ordered Oxnard.
"Or you'll do what? Blow down my house like I'm one of the three little pigs?" the thief laughed. "Not gonna happen today, you loser."
"I'll show you."
Oxnard approached the thief, but the thief removed the three cards from thie book and took them by the corners. Oxnard stopped. "Hey, hold on, don't do that."
"Typical, what a loser." said the thief. "I threaten to rip the cards and you stop. You really are some poser who just does nothing but use words."
"Those were a gift, not give them back."
"Hmf. Tell you what, I think I'll totrure you for kicks." The thief placed his duel disk on his arm and activated it. "We'll duel for them, chump. Win and I'll give you your cards back, but lose and these cards belong to me. So what's it gonna be, tubby?"
Oxnard growled. "I don't even... I don't."
"Hey, there you are."
Jam jumps down from where he was and walked to Oxnard. "Glad I found you, now I can return your deck." he said, then pulled out the deck he was going to play with. "I know this is a bad time, but here you go."
"But... I..." Onxard was at a loss for words. He knew it was Jam's deck.
"Of course, you left your duel disk. No problem, just use mine."
"Well, you're lucky you got friends." said the thief. "So what say you? You gonna duel me for your cards back you poser?"
"Poser?" Jam turned to the thief. "You good for nothing thief, you're gonna learn your lesson hard. Show this guy some of those dueling skills of yours."
"I..I... Well, I might as well play along with Jam... Okay you thief, game on." said Oxnard.
"That's what I thought." said the thief. "Let's see if you can duel better than you talk. But of course, you'll have to control your shakes first."
Oxnard was nervous, so nervou that his hand and the duel disk were shaking. "Well, here we go. Time to duel I guess..." he said.
"Look at you, youre too spooked to duel. I guess I could let you go first. I prefer to get the first attack anyhow."
Oxnard took his card, still shaking from his nervousness. Man, this is bad... I can't believe I'm going to go through with this... he thought.
What is wrong with you? Get a grip, Oxnard.
Oxnard was stunned. Jam? But... how are you...
Not important. Just take this guy down.
I'm not a duelest, let alone a dragon user! I can't duel with this!
Oxnard, you know how this game works and you've seen how well Stan and I duel with our dragons.
You guys have different decks though...
So, the structure is still similar. Remember this, trust these cards and they won't let you down. Relax and believe in them, now give this thief what's coming to him.
"Okay. Um..." Oxnard looked at his hand. "I'll play God, what's up with this? Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress 1 in attack mode." Oxnard's card hit the field (1400/1200) and it scared him to the point of shreiking.
The thief just laughed. "Wow, you're afraid of your own monsters." he said.
"I... I'm used to low-tech dueling, that's all." said Oxnard.
Nice comeback. Jam thought.
"Two cards face down and I'll end my turn."
The thief takes his card. "What a weak play." he said. "So first, I'll play Heavy Storm to rid you of your face down spell and trap cards."
"Not without a price, reveal my Magic Drain."
"Magic Drain huh? Fine by me, I'll just give up my Graceful Charity." With the discarding of Graceful charity, Oxnard's other face down card was destroyed, leaving his dragon defenseless. "Now I'll summon the Marauding Captain (1200/400), followed by Girochin Kuwagata (1700/1000). Now I'll give my bug the Axe of Despair."
"It is, isn't it? Now you've got quite the powerful bug to deal with (2700 ATK). Now attack his dragon." Using its pincers, Girochin Kuwagata crushes the Winged Dragon <6700>. "Marauding Captain, direct attack!" Oxnard takes another shot to his life points <5500>. "I end my turn."
"Man, that was a rought turn." said Oxnard.
"Relax, things will be fine." said Jam.
Oxnard drew his card. "Now this is more like it. I summon Luster Dragon in attack mode." Oxnard's new dragon hit the field, but he wasn't scared of this one (1900/1600). "Let's see how you like a little Stamping Destruction. This spell will power down your bug and deal 500 damage to you." A giant dragon's foot smashed and destroyed the axe <7500>.
"No matter, I'll offer my Marauding Captain up." said the thief. "Now I'll get to use this Axe again."
"Well let's see how you like your bug guts. Attack now with your Sapphire Blaze, Luster Dragon."
The dragon fired at and destroyed the bug. "Well it's nice to see that you aren't afraid anymore." <7300>
"One card face down and I'll end my turn." Oxnard wrapped things up.
"Fine by me. Now I'll draw my Axe of Despair and set this monster in defense mode. My turn's over."
Oxnard drew his card. He's now on the defense, no problem for me, but this is going to be great to get him. I'll summon the Element Dragon this time. (1500/1200) Now attack with your Element Tornado." The Element Dragon flapped its wings, creating a gust that hit the face down monster.
"You've attack my Penguin Soldier."
"Back to your hand go those dragons."
Both dragons return to Oxnard's hand. "No matter, I'll just summon the Luster Dragon again. How do you like that?"
"Your turn."
The thief drew his card. "Nothing I can do here, my turn's over."
Oxnard took his card. "He's still holding onto that Axe of Despair. But the question now is, 'What did he just draw?' Now let's welcome back my Element Dragon. Let's attack with one and then stand pat. Luster dragon, attack!"
Oxnard's dragon connects with his attack, but the thief just simply smiled as he took the hit <5400>. "I'll end my turn."
"I see you're pretty confident with yourself." said the thief. Now let's do you some fun. I'll activate my Lightning Vortex." As the thief discards, lightning destroys Oxnard's dragons. "Now I'll summon Vorse Raider and end my turn." (1900/1200)
Hmm... no attack this turn. Wise. thought Jam.
Oxnard drew his card. "I'll place this guy in defense mode and end my turn."
The thief drew his card. "Now it's time for the real pain to begin. I sacrifice my Vorse Raider and summon Jinzo!"
"Crap, not Jinzo."
The thief laughs as his Jinzo takes to the field (2400/1500). "Well now, looks like you're flat out of luck, aren't you. Jinzo, attack with Cyber Energy Shock!"
Oxnard's face down monster, which was The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave, was destroyed. So much for my Magic Cylinder... he thought.
Note to self, improve deck to better combat Jinzo. thought Jam.
And the collector's books say that Cyber Dragon is king when it comes to machines, but I know better. Jinzo is the top machine in the game. Man, I hate that son of a bitch...
"Go ahead, make your move."
Jam, please tell me you have something in here that'll combat Jinzo. Oxnard drew his card. That'll work, but can't do anything about it now. "My turn's over."
"Damn right it is." said the thief as he drew his card. "And it get's even worse for you. Now I play Reflect Bounder (1700/1000)."
Great, I hate that thing too.
"Attack him, my monsters."
Oxnard took the attacks, which knocked him flat on his rear. That wasn't pleasant. he thought. <1400>
The thief cackled. "It's over for you, poser. You might as well cry home to mommy." he said.
"Keep dreaming, you loser."
"I don't need to dream, I'm really winning."
"One thing I've learned, I've learn to duel until I have no more life points. A duel can change with the drawing of a card, so you haven't won yet."
"You obviously fell wrong. Make your move, loser."
"Watch and learn." Oxnard took his card. "Well, this beats the other option. I'll throw this monster in defense mode and end my turn."
"Defending yourself until the end, are you?" the thief took his card. "Get ready to lose. Attack now, my Reflect Bounder." Reflect Bounder charges up for its attack and then launches it.
"Big mistake, you loser."
"What gives you that Idea?"
"My face down monster does. It's a little doozy called Brain Jacker."
"Brain Jacker?" The thief was a bit shocked.
"Smooth move." said Jam. "Brain Jacker takes control of an opposing monster. Good card my man."
"Thank-q, now I control Reflect Bounder."
The thief growled. "That was unexpected. I'll set this down and end my turn."
Oxnard took his card. Okay, that bought me some time. Now let's take advantage of it. Oxnard looked at the card he just drew. "Perfect. I think I'll play a favorite among dragons, the Spear Dragon." Oxnard's new monster appears next to the brain jacked Reflect Bounder (1900/0). "Now I'll equip the Raregold Armor." said Oxnard.
"Raregold Armor, doesn't that work like Ring of Magnetism?"
"In a way, yes. I think Reflect bounder lookse nice in it, don't you?"
"No, I don't."
"I thought all thieves liked gold, I guess you're not into shiny things. I'll this last card face down and end my turn."
The thief growled again. So he managed to protect his dragon, so what? It still won't help him. he then took his card <5900>. "I got life points..."
"Brain Jacker gives you 500 during your standby phase." Oxnard explained.
"If I attack, I'll hit the Reflect Bounder and this card can't help me due to Jinzo's effect, so I'll just power up my Jinzo. I'll give Jinzo his Amplifier." Jinzo's Amplifier attatched to his head andcaused him to roar. "Now I'll set one card face down. and end my turn."
"I knew you'd mess up sooner or later."
"I didn't mess up."
"Of course you did." Oxnard took his card. "Destroy the Amplifier, destroy Jinzo. and I plan to do just that with Stamping Destruction." Oxnard activated his spell. "Bye-bye, Jinzo."
"Keep dreaming. I'll play my Magic Drain." said the thief.
"Wait, that's a trap..."
"Jinzo's Amplifier allows him to use traps." Jam explained.
"Oh, I didn't know that."
"And since your hand is empty, you can't stop my trap." said the thief as he laughed. "Nice try, loser."
"Oh well, but let's see how you like this one. Reveal Creature Swap."
"Creature Swap..."
"Since Jinzo is the only monster on your side of the field, he belongs to me. But don't worry, I'll give you the Spear Dragon so you don't feel left out."
Jinzo and Spear Dragon are switched. For someone who only collects cards, Oxnard's not too shabby for a duelist. thought an impressed Jam. Then again, this is my deck.
"Look at that, I'm not doing too bad. Jinzo, destroy the Spear Dragon." Jinzo's attack dropped the Spear Dragon and damages the thief's life points <4900>. "Reflect Bounder, you're up next."
More damage to the thief. "Lousy turncoat bots." he said <3200>.
"Aw, look at the thief. He's mad because the shoe's on the other foot. Well I made my move, so now it's your turn."
The thief draws his card <3700>. "I play Swords of Revealing light. Your turn."
"That can help him, but I better call something strong before the effects of my Brain Jacker help him out." Oxnard draws his card. "Well, you still have time to think, but not about your machines. Now I'll sacrifice your monsters." Both Reflect Bounder and Jinzo are tributed. "Now I'll summon my Seiyaryu in attack mode and end the first turn of Swords." With that play, another familiar dragon appears before Oxnard (2500/2300).
The thief took his card and laughed upon seeing it. "This card clenches the duel in my favor, and all I have to do is discard it."
"Oh really?" asked Oxnard.
"Yes." The thief began to explain as he discarded the card. "This card is called the Electric Virus. And for this turn, I can control one of my opponents machine or dragon-type monsters. Electric Virus, infect his Seiyaryu."
The card, which is a small yellow spark with all red eyes flew towards Oxnard's dragon. Sieyaryu was soon taken over and went to the thief. "It only works for one turn, but that's all I need to defeat you. Now my Virus, command the Seiyaryu to attack!" Seiyaryu launched its attack. "Victory is mine!"
"No, he beat me... not. Activate Magic Cylinder."
"Magic Cylinder?"
"I had this face down for quite some time, but I couldn't use it since you had Jinzo on the field. Here, have a taste of your own medicine."
As the attack was backfired, it hit the chest of Seiyaryu, destroying the Electric Virus. But the blast went through and hit the thief, sending him flat on his rear. He wasn't too happy with what had just transpired <1200>. "Yeah!" Jam roared. "That's how we roll. This is the skill that backs up the mouth."
"Well, since you have nothing left, I'll just take my turn." Oxnard said as he drew his next card. "Huh, imagine that. I play Mystical Space Typhoon to get rid of your swords." the spells effect resolves. "How ironic is this, I robbed a thief. Seiyaryu, finish him off." With one last blast, the thief loses the duel.
Ah justice, it's a sweet thing. thought Jam.
"Noooo! It's not fair, I wasn't supposed to lose." the thief cried out.
"Still think I'm a poser?" asked Oxnard. he then turned to Jam. "Hey, thanks a lot for helping me out."
"No problem." said Jam.
The two friends turn to the thief who was ripping the three cards to shreds. "Noooo! My cards!" Oxnard dropped to the ground and began to cry.
The thief laughed. "So you won, but you should've known that 'There's no honor among thieves' you losers." he said and cackled evilly. "You won the duel, but I'm the victor in the end."
"You're right, thieves have no honor."
"W... what was that?" asked Oxnard.
"No matter what, the world needs justice."
"Justice... Justice is dead!" yelled the thief.
Then, Horus the Black Flame Dragon appeared before the thief. "No, Justice may be blind, but she is alive and well." he said.
"Holy..." Oxnard couldn't finish the line.
"Nice hologram." said the thief and began to walk foward, but instead of going through Hours, he hit organic material.
Horus kicked the thief, who was sent through the wall and landed flat on his back. "Fool." he said, then jumped, landing with his talon on the chest of the thief.
"Is that Horus the Black Flame Dragon?" asked Oxnard.
"Yup." Jam answered.
"Wow, he's in full form."
"No, that's LV 6."
"Millenia ago, thieves were righteous. But as the world grew older, its thieves lost their honor." Horus explained. "The saying goes like so: 'There is no honor among thieves... just as there is no mercy in their punishment.' Your punishment will be true to that saying." Horus folded his wings back. "Dragon Lord, cut off his arm."
"As you wish."
Jam drew the Blade of Ra again and sliced the arm of the thief clean off. Then Horus took the arm into his beak, tossed it into the air and ate it. Though his arm was removed from his body, the thief still felt the pain from the dragon as it was being crunched. "That is for your punishment..." said Horus, then took his beak into the other arm and ripped it off. The thief screamed in agony and watched as the duel disk fell to the ground, then saw his other arm eaten by the dragon. "This is to serve as a lesson, to what happens to those who steal. And for the rest of your days, you will never steal again. Now, leave my sight at once." Horus then chucked the thief with his talon and off he went. The Black Flame Dragon turned to Jam and Oxnard. Without speaking, Jam simply took a bow and ran off in search of his next opponent. Oxnard was left alone to deal with Horus. "Do not fear me, I will not harm thee." Horus said to Oxnard.
Oxnard responded, but his words were so slurred that they couldn't be understood.
"Quiet." Oxnard stopped "talking". "You disappoint me, dear boy. Once again, you run from dueling... only this time, you were forced to face your problems instead of running away from them like you've always done."
"It's not my fault, I-"
Oxnard jumped back five inches. "I'll be good."
Horus walked toward Oxnard. "The last time you tried to run from your problems, it cost you your soul. Luckily for your, your friends saved you from a cruel fate of the Orichalcos. However, because of your fear to stand and duel, you lost three cards. How long will you continue to repeat your mistake? Tell me!"
"I... I... I not a duelist! I just want to collect the cards and only collect the cards. Is that so wrong?! I don't want to duel!" Oxnard was in tears.
".....Prepare to duel."
"No, I won't duel. I have a choice, you know."
"Yes, and your choice is simple... duel, or die."
"Refuse this duel and I will kill you, lose this duel and I will kill you, surrender is not an option. Freedom is only for the victorious."
"But... who am I to duel?"
"I am. You will face me, now prepare for your duel. And remember to keep from losing, your very life depends on it."
The duel begain betweent Oxnard and Horus, and six stone tablets faced both duelists. But right from the start, Oxnard saw a unfair edge. "What's with that guage?" Oxnard questioned.
"As you can see, this guage is my life." Horus answered. "Just as yours is your life."
Oxnard looked at his guage. He saw a heart and then his guage. "Why is my bar yellow, but yours is blue?"
"Because my heart is strong and yours is full of fear. Your guage is yellow, that is because it is the equivalent to 4,000 life points. I on the other hand have 10,000."
"That's not fair!"
"Remain calm. As you can see we each have six stone tablets in front of us. You conly only hold a maximum of 7 tablets. Now, begin the duel."
"So why is it like this, the heart guages I mean?"
"Because this is how the game was played. one's heart is the essence of his will. Each time you take damage, your heart will feel it. When the guage is empty, you will die. As you can see, the tablets are the same as your cards, you can recognize them. Now begin your turn."
A seventh tablet slid over to Oxnard. Well, as heavy as these things look, it's probably the same deal. Well, let's get to work. Oxnard viewed his tablets. "Um... how does this work again?"
"Simply move each tablet accordingly. To activate them, move your hand forward so the tablet is layed flat, to set pull the tablet towards you to lay it face down, and so on...."
Oxnard is now realizing that he's ham-human in this duel, though Horus is still the same, only in LV 4 form. "Okay, here we go." said Oxnard. I guess I turn a monster's slab sideways for a set. Oxnard moves his monster, which is The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave sideways in his hand, then pulls it towards him. Afterwards, he pushes the tablet forward. "I'll set that, then these two slabs and end my turn." Then by instinct, Oxnard extends his left hand.
"I see Jam has taught you well of the old ways." said Horus as his seventh slab slides over. "I will play Molten Destruction." the field changes accordingly. "Yes, that is real lava, so don't go about checking for yourself. Now I will summon the Element Dragon." The stone table soon lifted up and the spirit of the Dragon appeared (1500/1200). "Scroll of Bewitchment, activate." Horus' heka creates the scroll and it appears, then sets ablaze. "Element Dragon is now a monster of FIRE, and because of Molten Destruction, it gets a field power bonus. It also gets a power bonus because of its ability (2500/800). Attack now!" The Element Dragon destroys the stone tablet holding Oxnard's dragon. Horus extends his left wing, "Turn over."
Turn over huh, I'll do the same. Oxnard recieves his slab. "Gray Wing, come forth." Oxnard's stone slab revealed his dragon (1300/700). "I'll offer one of my slabs and activate Gray Wing's power. Next, I play Dragon's Gunfire." With Oxnard's heka in effect, Gray Wing began to glow. "It's weird looking, but I'm gonna go for it. Gray Wing, use Dragon's Gunfire." Gray Wing used its newfound heka and destroyed the Element Dragon. "Now attack Horus twice."
Gray Wing fired its attack at Horus, but only one shot was fired. It didn't matter, because the one shot did the same amount of damage to Horus. "Well played." said Horus <7400>.
Oxnard extended his left hand, "Turn over."
Horus recieved his next slab. "Activate Slab Destroyer."
Slab Destroyer... I guess he means Card Destruction.
The tablets each duelist had were destroyed. Horus revieced four more slabs of stone as Oxnard recieved two. "I will set these two face down. Turn over."
Oxnard recieved his next slab. "Turn passed."
He's learning quickly. Horus recieved his next slab. "Solar Flare Dragon, come forth." Solar Flare Dragon appears from its tablet (2000/600). "Attack now."
"Activate Draining Shield." Oxnard prepares to counter.
"Activate Trap Destroyer." said Horus.
Oxnard's Draining shield was destroyed along with his dragon. He felt the blow inflicted upon his heart. <3300> Must've been a counter-trap. Since he didn't lose life, it was probably Trap Jammer.
"Solar Flare Dragon, activate." Horus continued. His dragon breaths flames which singe Oxnard directly on the left side of his chest <2800>. "Turn over."
Oxnard recieved his next slab and checked his heart guage. The bar was turning orange. "I wish to view your rubble."
"So be it."
A priest walked up to Oxnard, he was then handed a scroll which held all of the names of the destroyed stone tablets in the "rubble" of the Black Flame Dragon. Horus was viewing Oxnard's "rubble" as well. Once contented, the priests left and the duel continued. I better do something, before he gets another one of those. "I'll set this down. and summon Cave Dragon. Turn over." (2000/100)
Wise play. Horus recieved his next slab. "It's time to end your life now. "Activate Storm of Slab Destroyer."
"Heavy Storm... not happening. Activate 8th Heka Barrier." Oxnard offers a slab of Heka and negates Horus' heka.
"Even though you saved that play, you still die. I summon Solar Flare Dragon." a second SFD joins the first one. "Activate Salamandra."
Salamandra was equipped to Solar Flare Dragon (2700/600). "Activate Mystic Slab Destroyer." Horus' new Heka takes out the last face down tablet on Oxnard's side of the field.
At least I got him under 8000. thought Oxnard.
"Solar Flare Dragon, Strike of Salamandra!" Salamandra destroys Oxnard's Cave Dragon <2100>. "Solar Flare Dragon, direct attack." Horus' second Solar Flare Dragon stings Oxnard in his heart, leaving him on the verge of death. <100> "Do you understand now what happens to those who decide to run from their problems? Their problems catch up to them and in this case, the problem becomes worse than it was the last time."
"Why.... are you.... doing this.... to me?" Oxnard managed to get out.
"Because simply put, you are a habitual victim. And until the day comes when you finally stand and face your problems, you will continue to be a victim. Now, how much do you value your life?"
"Then stop running from your problems."
"If you wish for me to spare your life, you must promise me, on your pure heart, that you will no longer run from your problems. Promise me that the days of your cowardice concerning your problems is at its end. Do this to all of your problems, including the current problem you have now, about not dueling. Do this for me and I will let you live."
"I... pro...mise..."
"What do you promise?"
"I... pro....mise.... not... to run. I promise..... to face.... my.... problems..... and to.. deal... with them..." Oxnard began to regain his strength. "To no longer run away, to no longer coward in fear. But to live above fear, above regret, to face all problems that stand before and around me."
The reality that Oxnard was in has gone away and he was returned to the fun park. "Very well, you have succeeded. No longer are you to fear or be in fear." said Horus. "Now face your problems and become what you said you'd become."
Oxnard looked at his right arm, he was normal, but then he saw the discarded duel disk tht once was on the thief. "Well, I guess there's no point in running anymore." he said to himself as he approached the duel disk. "Well Horus, I guess you helped me see what is wrong with me, you and Jam anyway." he collected the duel disk and placed it on his arm. "The rest is up to me." Oxnard looked at the duel disk, it soon burst into flames. But he wasn't afraid, the flames only changed the duel disk. Oxnard simply watched as the duel disk was going through its modifying and soon, it was different. His duel disk was all black and the card zones were gold. His duel disk had a silver trim to it, and inside of the field zone slot, there was one tournament seal. And in one instant, a new duelist was born. "It's time to face your destiny, Oxnard, in addition to all of your problems." Horus told him. "Now go. Go and conquer all of your problems." Jam's deck of course was gone.
"So be it." said Oxnard and off he ran. I guess I owe you big time, Jam, Horus, everyone. So I won't disappoint any of you. No more running away from the cards, it's time to use them. Now, time to make my deck and do the one thing Horus wants me to do. Cast judgement upon all of my feared problems.
Aqua and Petal were at the food court enjoying a meal. "So, what do you think the finals will be like?" asked Aqua.
"It doesn't matter, just as long as I can take out the champion." Petal answered.
"You really are hellbent on that, aren't you?"
"Of course. There is only one great Fairy duelist around and that's me." I'm not going to simply let her consider herself the best fairy user without having to see my deck first."
Two male hamsters approach Petal and Aqua. "Hey Joey, look at this fine girl here, you look good there." said one hamster.
"Easy now, Billy." said Joey, "don't scare her off. Hey mommy, you wanna go hit it off somewhere?"
"I'm taken." Aqua responded.
"That doesn't stop me, so why should it stop you?"
"Just leave, you're embarrassing yourself."
"Don't worry, I got someone for the little mommy too."
Petal cuts in. "Can't you losers take a clue. She ain't interested in you douches." said Petal.
"Listen to that mouth, you need the soap bar, little lady." said Billy.
"I'll only say this once, get lost."
"Ooh, I'm shaking." Billy notices Petal's duel disk. "Well now, the little girl's a duelist. How cute, beginners come in all shapes and sizes."
"Beginner.... Well I guess you'll show me how to duel then, won't you?" Petal played it off.
"Sure, little lady."
Petal and Billy go a ways away and have a duel. "Okay, little lady, are you ready?" asked Billy.
"I'm ready." Petal answered.
"Go ahead and make your first move."
"Wow, your friend is about to lose." said Aqua.
"You really think so?" asked Joey.
"Smart girl."
"I know he's losing."
"I'll begin with The Sanctuary in the Sky." Petal started and the field changes accordingly. "Next I'll set two cards face down and summon Shining Abyss (1600/1800), my turn's over."
"Okay, that was pretty good, I think I'll go and make a good play too." said Billy as he took his card. I'll summon the Marauding Captain (1200/400), and I'll summon Vorse Raider as well (1900/1200). Now I'll get rid of that Sanctuary of your with Mystical Space Typhoon."
"Not gonna happen, you loser."
"Is that so?"
"I play Curse of Royal. This trap car destroys your Space, too bad for you." Billy's spell was destroyed. "But I'm not done yet. Now I can activate the power of a card in my hand. So I'll offer up my Shining Abyss and bring forth Voltanis the Adjudicator." Petal's new monster took to the field. (2800/1400)
"Whoa.... didn't see that one coming." said Billy.
"No one ever does. And since Voltanis as called by a fairy's offering, it can destroy one of your cards, like your Vorse Raider." Voltanis destroys the Vorse Raider.
"Whoa, that was a cold play." said Joey.
"This is your queue to run away, Joey. That is, if you don't want any other trouble." said Aqua.
"What's wrong, Billy, did Voltanis scare you?" asked Petal. "It's still your turn, you know."
"I'll set on card face down and end my turn."
Petal takes her card. "I'll play Graceful Charity. Draw three cards, discard two. Now I play Advanced Ritual Art."
"What does that do?" asked Billy.
"Yeah, what does that do?" Aqua also wanted to know.
"It's an easier way to summon a ritual monster, instear of sacrificing from the field or hand, I can sacrifice normal monsters from my deck." Petal grabs her deck. "So first, I'll give up my Dunames Dark Witch, then my Spirit of the Harp. Now bow your head before Ruin, Queen of Oblivion." Petal's new monster stood tall next to Voltanis (2300/2000). "Ruin, destroy the Marauding Captain." Ruin went in for the kill.
Not yet, I'll save it. thought Billy. He saw his captain get destroyed, then the queen was coming after him. <6900>
"When the Queen destroys a monster, she can attack again."
Billy takes the hit, dropping to a knee <4600>. "That wasn't cool."
"Are you hurt, Billy?"
"A little."
"Good, now take your turn."
Billy takes his card. I'll play this monster in defense mode and end my turn with another card face down."
Petal draws her card. "I play Nobleman of Crossout."
"I'll counter that with Magic Jammer." Billy discards a card and Petal's spell is destroyed.
"I end my turn."
Billy takes his card. "Yes. I play Swords of Revealing Light. Three turns to think of a plan. It's on you, little lady."
Petal took her card. "Okay. If this loser thinks he can hide behind is swords, then let him hide. I'll destroy him soon. Well, I drew Heavy Storm. I need a little bit more so to not have to deal with that face down monster. My turn's over."
Billy drew his card. "Skill Drain is a good card, but it would only help her out. My turn's over."
Petal drew her card. "I'll set this face down and give it back to you, Billy."
Billy takes his next card. "I'll set this face down. My turn's over."
Petal takes her card. "What a shame, your three turns didn't help you. You only wasted time that you didn't have. Now I'll summon my Banisher of the Radiance to the field (1600/0). Now I'll reveal my face down Bait Doll."
"Bait Doll? What does that do?"
"This nifty little spell forces a set spell or trap to activate. If the card is a spell, it's returned to its set position. But if it's a trap, it will be destroyed
if the timing of the trap is wrong, or activated. I'll use Bait Doll on the card you just set down."
A smart play by Petal. When the Bait Doll activated, she found that it was Billy's set Skill Drain. "Crap, my Skill Drain." Billy said.
"Well lucky you." said Petal. "Your trap's timing isn't wrong, but it does activate, so since it's activated, you still pay the cost."
"Yeah, that sucks." <3600> "At least I don't have to worry about that card anymore."
"Wrong! Bait Doll is shuffled into my deck after it's activated, so I can always draw it again and torment you." Petal shuffles her spell into her deck. "At least you still have your swords... oh wait, this is the third turn, you don't have them. Too bad for you." Petal giggled as the swords simply faded away.
"Billy, turn this duel around, man." said Joey.
"Easier said than done." said Billy, then he drew his card. "I can't do anything, my turn's over."
"What a shame." said Aqua. "I'm glad I'm in the finals so I don't have to waste my dueling talents on you or your loser friend."
Billy overheard Aqua, "Wait, you're in the finals?" he asked.
"Of course she is, just as I am." Petal answered as she drew her card. "Well what do you know, it's my Bait Doll again. What are the odds of that? Let's use it on your other set card." Bait Doll triggered Billy's other set card, but this one.... "Ooh, Sakuretsu Armor. A nice defense, too bad the timing's wrong." the trap is then destroyed and Bait Doll shuffled back into Petal's deck. "Honestly, I'm disappointed in you, William. Sure, my two Bait Dolls have foiled you, but look at me. You're about to lose to a little girl and you didn't even damage her life points at all. You are a sad... sad... sad... duelist."
"Enough monologue, Petal." Hiei showed up. "Finish him already!"
"Fine." said Petal. Poo poo head, ruining my fun...
"And you... I have no problems using this sword to cut off your sneaky arm before it's placed around my maiden."
"My mistake." said Joey and moved his arm from Aqua.
"Banisher of the Radiance, destroy his pitiful monster." ordered Petal as her monster threw an amber colored crystal at Billy's monster, which turned out to be a Man-Eater Bug.
"Well, it's my queue to leave." said Joey. "I'm headed to the john...."
"Ruin, Voltanis, direct attack! Rid me of this fool!" Petal barked orders and her monsters obliged. And in one tough shot, Billy was down for the count. "Now get lost, loser. And don't come back until you learn how to be a quarter-way decent duelist."
"You don't have to tell me twice." said Billy and off he scurried away."
"A perfect conquest, just as expected from a wannabe duelist." said Hiei.
"Yeah, and I'll do the same with the champion." said Petal.
"Face your battles as they come, dear Petal. As they come."
"Of course, brother Hiei. It only took my opponent's first turn for me to bring my Adjudicator to the field. Once I've done this to the champion, I will not only dethrone her, but I will take her spirit. There's only one duelist that can master fairies and that duelist is me. Be on your guard, Bijou... I'm coming for you."