Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ dragon battles, not always what you'd expect ( Chapter 36 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Stan had just walked from a vender of cards. He began to open the ones he got from Croquet first. Well, let's see what I've pulled in this one. he thought and he saw the back of the three cards. Okay, let's turn around and see--Oh, well this is interesting. Meteor Dragon. Not what I call a decent Dragon-type for a sacrifice, but the defense is great. He opened the next pack. Nice dino... well, this bug is weird. Now let's see those Chazz packs.... After a search, he then noticed something good. Oh yeah, this goes in the deck. The card was removed, sleeved, added to the deck and the deck was shuffled. The card in question, Armed Dragon LV10. After a long search, my Armed Dragon is at full strength. I've waited a long time for this day to arrive and now it's here. All this time my dragon could only go up to seven. And as powerful as it is, it couldn't surpass the power of Horus the Black Flame Dragon, whose one lever higher. Now, it has the power to match it. Finally, my Armed Dragon is complete.
In another part of the theme park, Another duelist loses a match. "Man, I can't even compare to your deck." she said.
"Of course you can't, don't you know who I am?" the winning duelist questioned her.
"Y-y-you're... Duelist Ham, right?"
"That's right loser. Now run along and leave your seals at the door."
"Right." The girl left her seals and ran away.
Duelist Ham walked over and picked up the seals. "This pretty much does it for me. Now I'm in the finals, but I think I'll beat down some duelists just for fun." and off he walked. None of these rejects that I've seen or faced so far have the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. I will have my last Blue-Eyes, even if I had to go through every duelist here to do so.
On his walk, he ran into Jam. The two stopped and simply looked at each other. This guy's not even a waste of my time.
"So, Duelist Ham really is here in the fun park." Jam said. "And what brings someone of your stature into a tournament like this?"
"Hmf, if you must know, I'm checking to see if there's any decent competition here, only to find this place has nothing but a bunch of third-rate duelists and wannabes that only waste my time." Duelist Ham answered.
"Sad, perhaps you'll find better later on."
"Whatever, loser." and Duelst Ham walks away from Jam.
"Think of me what you will, but you will never obtain the last White Dragon." Duelist Ham stopped and looked back at Jam. "A duelist who's the best in the world, comes out of his time into a championship full of 'nobodies', the last Blue-Eyes is what you're looking for. Not that it matters, because you will never claim it."
"Just who do you think you are?"
"I am just like you, a weilder and guardian of dragons."
"Tch, you're never going to be anything like me. See you later, you third-rate hack." and off Duelist Ham went.
Jam went on his way in search of his next duel. Yes, later... later is in order. Meanwhile, Bijou was trying to figure out where to go. Our champion just attained her seals and is now going through them to find the location of the finals. "Hmm... I wonder which way is it to go." Bijou was still confused. Giving up, she simply put her ten seals away and went on walking. As she walked, she walked right into a duel... Stan's to be exact. "Well, so much for that." said Stan <7000>.
"What's wrong, mad at my Vorse Raider... oh well." his opponent said. "I'll set these two cards face down and end my turn."
"So, are you gonna tell me who your are, or not?" Stan asked.
"Sure, my name is Drake." said Stan's opponent. Drake was an all gray hamster with green eyes. "It's your turn, so make your move."
"How many turns have passed?" Bijou walks up from the way.
"Oh, hey Bijou." Stan greeted. "Actually, this duel just started." he then took his card.
"So you're friends with the champion, are you?" asked Drake. "Maybe after I finish you off, I'll take her on?"
"Vous are too late, I'm already in ze finals." said Bijou. "Zough... I have to find zem now."
"With Bijou as a finalist and spotter over me, I have to get in gear. Don't get too cocky over that last battle, you only destroyed a 'Scout Monster', Drake." said Stan.
"What the hell is a 'Scout Monster'?" asked Drake.
"A monster that a duelist sets on the feel so that he/she can see what the opposing duelist has to offer. That's the purpose of what we call 'Scouts' in Forbidden Brown. Usually, they aren't to strong, like my Pitch-Dark Dragon that you just wiped out, but don't worry, I know how to battle you now."
"You're starting to bore me, hurry up and move."
"Check this out. Now I'll call out my Luster Dragon to the field. I1'll give your Vorse Raider a more worthy opponent (1900/1600)."
"Well, not too bad." Drake commented. "I still like my Vorse Raider better, though (1900/1200)."
"Well let's see how you like your monster when it's gone. Attack now, destroy his Vorse Raider."
Idiot.... Bijou thought.
"I like those words... so I'll use them on you." said Drake. "Activate Sakuretsu Armor."
"Ah, crap."
The black armor attached itself to Stan's Luster Dragon and the monster was instantly destroyed. Man, that's not cool. Stan thought.
Drake laughed. "I read up on you Forbidden Brown duelists and found that there were strong ones among you." he said. "And I can safely say that you aren't one of them."
"You better watch what rolls off that tongue of yours before it gets you into inescapable trouble." Stan warned.
"Your threat means nothing to me, now finish your turn."
Stan grits his teeth. "One card face down... that's all for now."
"Before I go, I'll simply say how sad it is to see how careless of a duelist you are." Drake drew his card. "And now I'll play Mystical Space Typhoon."
"Man, you sure have some lucky ass draws...."
"Luck has nothing to do with skill, you wannabe." Stan's face down card, which was Enchanted Javelin was destroyed. "That was a brilliant play, so I'll return the favor. Let's see if that deck of yours can conjure up something to stop my Chainsaw Insect." Drake's new monster takes to the field (2400/0). "Now it's time to tear up more than half of your life points. Monsters, attack him directly."
Stan first felt the cut of the thrown axe of Drake's Vorse Raider, then the serrating pincers of the Chainsaw Insect. Both of which were a pain to recieve directly, but he took the blows like a trooper <2700>. Bijou put a paw on her shaking head. I don't know which is more painful; Stan taking so much damage, or Stan getting beat like zis. she thought.
"You're a joke," said Drake, "but don't worry, I'll destroy your disgraceful dueling tactics quickly. And this'll be a first for me, winning a fuel within ten turns. Hell, this is only my third turn coming up... so I'll do it in half the time. And not only that, in front of the champion and flawlessly to boot. Go ahead and move, it'll be over next turn."
Stan fell to a knee. I am not losing this early. he thought. Okay, let's start dueling with strategy instead of just throwing cards down. He stood up and took his card. Okay, he has two powerful monsters and one card face down. Let's use some strategy and try to conquer this guy. Stan looks at his hand. "That'll work, but I'll still lose some life points. The good news is that I'll survive for another draw. I'll place one monster in defense mode and end my turn."
Drake took his card. "At least it's better than nothing. Vorse Raider, cut his monster down to size." Vorse Raider throws his axe.
"Say good-bye to your flawless victory, loser."
"What are you talking about?"
Stan flipped up his card. "My Dragon Dwelling in the Cave has 2000 DEF points."
The axe simply bounced off Stan's dragon and returned to Drake's Vorse Raider <7900>. "That's a nice bit of defense your dragon has, but it can't stand up to my Chainsaw Insect. Shred that dragon!" The attack plays as announced. "The good news for you is that you get to draw a card."
"One I'll gladly take." and Stan does so.
"You've survived one turn, but don't expect to live for long. Take your turn."
"No problem," Stan drew his card, "and I'll start it with the card your insect gave me, Graceful Charity."
"You're lucky to even get some charity, not like it'll help you."
"Actually, it did just that. I hope you're ready to lose some more life points."
"Show me what attempt you have at saving yourself, loser."
"Sure, I like show and tell. So first, I'll throw this baby face down and two cards to back it up. That's it for me."
"All you've done is give threats while defending yourself." Drake drew his card. "Now I'm going to fix you good, but I'll have to Sacrifice my Vorse Raider to do so. Now say hello to my Saber Beetle (2400/600)."
"Lovely, a monster with the Fairy Meteor Crush ability."
"Very good, now say bye-bye to your monster and some more of your life points."
Saber Beetle attacks the monster, which is flipped up, revealing Stan's Masked Dragon (1400/1100). "1100 defense means you lose 1300 life points."
"You're right, I do lose that many <1400>, but I also gain a monster." Stan put his hand on the top of his head and removes his deck. "My Masked Dragon allows me so summon a dragon with 1500 ATK points or less, and there's only one dragon I need that can turn the tables around and I think I'll bring it out to play. Say hello to my Armed Dragon and the beginning of your downfall."
Stan removes his deckmaster with pride and plays it on the field in attack mode (1200/900), then shuffles his deck, places it back in his holder and takes the card on his head back into his paw. Well, it's about time you starting getting back into it, mon ami. thought Bijou.
"What an idle threat." Drake said. "That Armed Dragon is a formidable monster, but not until it's two levels higher. Something that it'll never get to, but at least it's half as strong as my monsters, so you'll survive once it's gone. Chainsaw Insect, shred that dragon!" Drake's monster does in for the attack.
"Sorry, but no dice this time. Activate my Zero Gravity trap card."
"I knew you had something like that up your sleeve, so I'll counter it with my face down Royal Decree. Now your trap card is useless."
"Tell that to my Royal Surrender card."
"Royal Surrender, what's that do?"
"Royal Surrender is a counter trap that negates and destroys the activated effect of a continuous trap."
"So that means..."
"No Decree for you, buddy."
Drake grits his teeth. Not a bad move. I'll remember that card...
"Now that the Decree has been lifted, Zero Gravity kicks right back in, switching the positions of all face up monsters on the field and saving my dragon. How do you like that?"
"Clever move. Perhaps he was just toying with me after all. But now I have a problem... I'll set one card down and end my turn."
Stan took his card. "Someone's not too happy, but it's okay. First thing's first, My Armed Dragon grows two levels and becomes even stronger. (2400/1700) Next, I'll play a lovely card of mine in combination with my dragon, the lovely Stamping Destruction." A giant foot comes down and crushes Drake's face down card. "Hmm... Mirror Force, that's a good card. I like it better now that it's destroyed, and you also lose 500 life in the process."
"Lucky draw." said Drake <7400>.
"Now the other card in my hand is what will be used for my Armed Dragon's special ability. Discard a monster from my hand and destroy a monster on your side of the field with an attack equal to, or less than the offered monster, which in this case, my Black Tyranno. And this baby stands at 2600 ATK points." Stan discards his monster. "Armed Dragon, use your ability to destroy the Sabre Beetle, then attack his Chainsaw Insect."
The Armed Dragon whirled its arms around as it approached and destroyed Drake's Saber Beetle, then gave a smooth backhand to the Chainsaw Insect. "No, my bugs...." Drake trailed off.
"Nothing but smears on the sports section of The Whoopass Times." said Stan.
"Don't forget to draw your card, Stan." reminded Bijou.
"Heke?" Drake questioned.
"Silly boy, just because your Chainsaw Insect was destroyed, doesn't mean that ze affect changes. It was still in battle, a battle it lost, but Stan still draws a card nonetheless."
"One I'll take happily." said Stan as he made his play. The card was then set down. "Since my dragon destroyed your Chainsaw Insect in battle, it means I can put two more levels on him. How do you like me now (2800/1000)?"
Drake drew his card. "Not too much as of lately." he answered. "But I can still hold you off with my Swords of Revealing Light." The swords landed on Stan's side of the field. "This will give me a three turn breathing period to gather my chances. But for now, one card face down and that'll do."
Stan takes his card. "Read it and weep, here comes the Lord of Dragons." Stan's new monster stands next to his Armed Dragon (1200/1100). "He may be unable to do damage to you, but I can't say the same for my Armed Dragon. Attack Drake directly with Armed Spear!" Stan's dragon launched its attack.
"And he gives his dragon immunity to the Swords... not good."
Drake takes quite the nasty blow, sending him on his rear <4600>. "That wasn't pleasant." he said as he took to his feet.
"Getting a beatdown never is, Drake." said Stan. "One turn down."
"Tough talk for someone who's still losing." Drake took his card. "Unshaven Angler in attack mode (1500/1600). Destroy his Lord of Dragons."
The Unshaven Angler launches its attack. I think I'll save my trap for later. thought Stan and watched as his card was destroyed <1100>.
"No more immunity for your dragon, turn over."
Stan took his card. "Two turns isn't that long of a wait, so I'll set this face down. I hope you're ready to lose more life points, because I see it in your immediate future."
"Dream on."
"I won't have to dream, so I'll end another turn under the swords."
Drake draws. "I play Umi and end my turn."
The battlefield turns into a sea, leaving each player standing on top of the azure waters (1700/1800). Well, zis might just get interesting.... thought Bijou.
Unshaven Angler and either of Umi's two forms on the field in the opponent's favor is never a good sign. thought Stan. Makes me feel better for sacrificing my Dragon Lord over my trap. Stan draws his card. "Perfect... I drew Giant Trunade. Let's see what I can do here.... If I use it now, I can sweep the field of all spells and trap cards, take out his monster and set my cards down again... but that means he can set his cards down again as well, and it would give him three more turns to paralyze my dragon." Stan grits his teeth. "Lucky bastard... I don't have much choice. My turn's over."
"What a shame, you couldn't do a thing." said Drake.
"I'm not stupid, like you think I am. Besides, now that your swords are gone, I can cause a lot more mayhem with my Armed Dragon."
"Dream on, loser." Drake takes his card. I'll reveal my face down card, Level Limit-Area B." All monsters atke to their defenses. "Too bad your Armed Dragon is so weak when it's not attacking, what a shame."
Stan gritted his teeth as his dragon was placed into defense position (1000 DEF). "Lucky card."
"Now I'll summon my Mad Lobster in attack mode (1900/1200). Now take out his dragon with Mad Scissors."
"I think I'll activate my Threatening Roar Trap card. This stops your attack cold." Nice save, at least for this turn anyway. Make your move."
That was a good save, but I'll need to work on it. Stan drew his card. "Okay, let's do it like this. I'll start things off with Giant Trunade, now let's sweep the field."
The powerful winds appear and drain the playing field, returning Drake'es monsters to their original states (1500/1600) (1700/1000). Stan continued his move. "Now I'll just set these two cards down and switch my Armed Dragon back on the attack. Now destroy his Unshaven Angler, my dragon."
With one shot, Drake's Unshaven Angler was destroyed. I don't get it, he destroyed the defending monster instead of ze Mad Lobster. Why did he do somezhing so foolish when he's losing badly? Bijou thought.
"That'll do for now." Stan finished up.
"I can't believe you destroyed the wrong monster." said Drake as he drew his card.
"I take out what I want to take out, you got it? That's how I duel."
"What a shame, you could've worn my life points down, but you didn't. Now you won't get too, you stupid duelist. So I'll start thigs off with Umi again, bringing back our water." The field was changed back to the sea again (1900/1200). "Now I'll return my other spell card, Level Limit-Area B."
"Now I'll reveal my Magic Drain trap card. How do you like that?"
"Not too well I'm afraid."
So zat eez why he did his attack with Unshaven Angler. thought Bijou.
"I'll switch my Mad Lobster into defense mode and end my turn."
"Not to cocky now, are ya?" Stan took his card. "Armed Dragon, it's dinnertime. Chow down on some Mad Lobster." Stan's monster ran up and ate Drake's monster. "You know, lobster is a nice food to eat."
"You actually eat lobster?"
"Imitation Lobster. That's it for me, your turn."
Drake took his card. "I'll play this in defense mode and end my turn."
Stan took his card. "I bet you didn't expect me to hold you off like this. No matter, I'll set this card down and play Nobleman of Crossout."
"Damn you..."
Stan's spell is played, and it slashes Drake's face down monster, which was revealed as it was slashed. Nightmare Penguin... nice play you made there, Stan. thought Bijou.
"Armed Dragon, direct attack!" Stan yelled and his dragon followed suit.
Drake took the blow and wasn't happy about it. "You sure are getting lucky." he said <1800>.
"It's nice ot know that you're mad at me." said Stan. "That's what happens when you talk mess and your tongue gets ahead of your skills. Now once you lose this duel, remember how you got shut down by someone 'who isn't very strong' you runt. My turn's over, so try and save yourself... if you can."
Drake draws his card. "I'll activate Card of Sanctity 2."
"Fine by me, I need a new hand."
Both players draw until their hands have six cards. "Since I have nothing left to lose, I'll play Graceful Charity this time." Drake's Graceful resolves. "Well, I hope you're ready to eat your words, because it's time to end your comeback."
"Show and tell." Stan had a smirk on his face.
"I'll play Premature Burial. <1000> Now I'll bring back Levia-Dragon - Daedalus to the field." From the depths of the playing field, Drake's monster takes to the field (2800/1700).
"Well, I'll use this time to activate my Threatening Roar trap card."
"Another one?"
"Yeah, another one. Sorry, but you don't get to attack."
"No matter, you've kept me from attacking this turn, but I will still make it impossible for you to defeat me. Now I'll sacrifice my monster and summon the most destructive force in all of the seven seas."
As the monster was tributed, the waters of Umi began to create a large whripool. Then, Drake's monster rose from the water. "Bow down to Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus!" Drake yelled as his new monster roared (3100/1800). "Now to finish your salvation... Neo-Daedalus, purge the ocean!" With another roar, both monsters were engulfed by the waters of Umi. "And make sure you discard your entire hand to the graveyard, fool."
Not good. Stan's Armed Dragon was ze only monster powerful enough to bring zat aquatic monstrosity down. thought Bijou. With his dragon in ze grave, Stan is finished.
Drake laughed hysterically. "Now it's time for the waters to subside and show a clean field." said Drake. "Although I can't attack, you have nothing left to save you since Neo-Daedalus is the only survivor of this ability. I'll crush you next turn."
"Well, at least this duel got good." said Bijou.
Neo-Daedalus' head was soo shown from the subsiding waters. "With Umi gone, my monster loses it's bonus, but it's a small price to pay to have dominate the field (2900/1600)."
But as the water died down on Stan's side of the field, one object remained. "That was a nice play, too bad I had it spotted." Stan said.
"Wait a minute, what is that thing?"
"A trap. When you triggered your monster's ability, I chained my Interdimensional Matter Transporter to save my dragon from a watery grave." Stan's trap soon fades away. "I've had this face down for quite some time now, too bad you never thought about what it was before using your ability. My tactics aren't so disgraceful now, are they?"
"It doesn't matter, you saved your dragon for naught. Even without Umi, my monster is still stronger than yours. (2900 v. 2800)"
"My Armed Dragon will destroy your Ocean Dragon Lord, that's what you fail to comprehend."
"Well then, show and tell as you take your turn."
Stan drew his card and simply looked at it. "It's time to activate my monster's special ability, one you can't stop. So lemme remind you how it works: I discard one monster from my hand and all monsters on your side of the field are destroyed with an attack equal to or lower than the discarded monster."
"Hah, you're bluffing."
"No, I'm ending this. The card in my hand is my ever so trusty Armed Dragon..."
"What a waste, it's not strong enough..."
"As I was saying, my ever so trusty Armed Dragon LV10."
"Level 10? It has another stage?"
"No, LV10 is its final stage. Now the kicker is... in its final form, the Armed Dragon has an attack power of 3000 points." Stand discards his LV10.
"No, this is impossible. I had you beat...!"
"Having a duelist beat and beating a duelist are two different things. Armed Dragon, destroy his monster and the rest of his life points!" The Armed Dragon launched its attack, which not only went through Drake's monster, but hit him as well, knocking him on his rear <0>. "Get lost, poser. And check your seals at the door."
Drake threw his seals down and ran off angry. "What a jerk." said Bijou.
Stan picked up the tossed away seals and added them to his own. With these seals, I'm now through with dueling everyone who's searching. he thought. At last, all of my hard work is over... but there's still one last matter of business I need to attend to. Hiei.... you defeated me real bad and before I could unleash my Armed Dragon on you. But now that my dragon is finally at full power in this deck, he plans on getting a little back pay for how you just wiped the floor with me. Look out, Dragon Soldier, because I'm coming for you, and there are two powerful dragons in my deck that are ready to rumble.
"Well, you had me worried for a minute. Seeing zat duel silence my doubts about you, Stan." admitted Bijou. "I guess it only makes sense to see you finally tap into your deck again."
"Let's shake tail, Bijou. We've got two places in the finals with our names on it to claim." said Stan.
"Oui, let's us go."
Stan and Bijou walked off in search of the finals. Even though they were both in them, each of them had different causes for the finals: Defense for Bijou; Redemption for Stan; fearless dueling from both. They already knew what was to come and they were ready for it.
As time went on, the duel hams had their dueling skills tested. Some won, others lost, sixteen were searching. And those sixteen were still unaware of how many spots were left open, but they all believed they had a chance.... Jam was walking around and managed to see a duel in the distance. This duel involved Pepper and she wasn't doing so well. "Give it up, your Amazons can't help you against me, it's over...." her opponent told our heroine.
"I may be down, but I'm far from done." said Pepper.
Her opponent, oddly enough, was a large rat around Boss' height and he was enjoying his game. "Fine, try and beat the great Ratican if you can."
"Well, you aren't so great."
"Then draw, not like it'll help you anyway."
I sure hope you're wrong.... With this in mind, Pepper closes her eyes and draws her next card. Please let this be something that'll help....
"Look at the suspense in your defeated eyes," said Ratican, "now make your move."
"Fine, lemme check my strategy." Pepper then saw the card she drew and was amazed. I don't remember putting you in my deck, but I'm glad you're in here. "Well, this is a shame."
"Yes, it is. I guess you're done then?"
"No, you are. I'll sacrifice my two Amazoness Fighters and now I'll summon something really nasty. Say hello to my Tyrant Dragon."
With a flash of light, Pepper's new monster takes to her side of the field (2900/2500).
"And now my trap card will activate. Behold the Bottomless Trap Hole, which will swallow your dragon and remove it from play."
Pepper watches as her dragon is fallen by Ratican's trap. The rat laughs at Pepper and points in his mockery, but if he only knew the powers of the Tyrant Dragon, he wouldn't find things so funny. "And now if you're done..." he mocked.
"Well, I'm waiting on someone... oh wait, here he comes now." Pepper said. Two seconds later, her dragon was back.
Ratican was shocked. "Didn't I just Bottomless that damn thing?"
"Yes, however, my Tyran Dragon is trap proof. And any traps used against him are negated and destroyed."
"No way."
"Yes way, this dragon is better than Jinzo... and speaking of, I'll be destroying your Jinzo right now." Tyrant Dragon launches its attack.
"And I can't stop it... no fair."
"Aw, my breast is getting sore..."
"Damn that Dragon... <500>"
"And here's the kicker: When this dragon destroys one target, and you still have at least one other target in your possession.... it can attack a second time."
"No, my Spell Canceler...."
"Bye-bye, sugar."
With the destruction of Ratican's Spell Canceler, Pepper won some much needed seals. "Well, that takes care of that, but you still have a ways to go." said Ratican.
"So do you, now get lost." said Pepper.
Ratican took his leave, and as he did so, Pepper's monster turned to look at Jam. Very good... you've done well. Watch over her, my friend. Jam thought as he stepped through the bushes.
Pepper saw her dragon's glance away and looked in the direction, only to see Jam's pack going into the bushes. I should've know... she thought. I guess he slipped this Tyrant Dragon into my deck, but I'm not mad about it. Thank-q Jam... for everything.
In another set of bushes, two hamsters were having a bit of 'time' being worn off. One of these duelists was Sparkle, who was apparently dealing with a mouthful at the moment. I can't believe that this guy beat me... she thought.
"Man, you really are a trooper for this one, Sparkle." said Tyrone as he ran his paw across the top of Sparkle's head. "You're doing this anyway when I said you didn't have to, you really are something..."
Whatever, you jerk. I'm only doing this because I'm a girl of my word. I still can't believe you actually won against me.
As Sparkle continued to deal with her mouthful, she began to reflect on her duel with Tyrone:
Sparkle was sitting at the table having a drink. "Tch, another loser beat by me." she said. "I guess I should be proud, but I'm displeased with the fact that there have been some decent duelists around here. These idiots, a place full of ametuers and a few good duelists... it's like there's no one really around here to give you a real duel when you want one."
"You know, I was wondering the same thing."
Sparkle turned to see the flare-headed duelist Tyrone. "I take it you aren't satisfied with the skill level of this tournament's lot either?"
"Well, I guess I just expect too highly of everyone here. It happens..."
"There are only a few real duelists around here and I know them. One of which is the current champion, Bijou. We've got history... and after I've upgraded my deck to some serious gameplay, I still can't best her."
"I see, you really are something else, aren't you Duel School?" questioned Tyrone.
"How do you know about me being from Duel School?"
"One, the duel disk of course. Two, I know your face. You're Sparkle, aren't you?"
"So you know me after all..."
"Actually...." Tyrone shows Sparkle his duel disk, "I believe we know of each other."
"A Shadow Clan duelist.... Having fun stealing souls?"
"Tch, sealing away souls... I think it's a waste. Besides, you're the one that intrigues me. Quickest graduate of the Duel School Dueling Academy... your reputation doesn't do your pretty looks justice."
"So what do you want?"
"The same thing you want, worthy competition! That, and I have three seals that say you'll lose to me."
"You know what? I guess I can take you on and take you out while in the process."
The two duelist go out to an open area, Tyrone is simply enjoying the fact that he's looking at Sparkle. "Anyway, my name is Tyrone. However, you can call me Mr. Inferno."
"Sh'right." Sparkle smirked. "You're just a typical hotshot duelist, it seem like. You have better be worthy of my time, Tyrone."
"Don't worry, I don't plan on boring you... And to make things even more interesting, let's up the ante."
"Like what..."
"Here's the deal; winner takes three seals automatically, but I want a little more side betting going on. Once you win, not only are you getting my seals, but I'll also do your dueling dirtywork. That's right, I'll duel for you after you've won, just pick your opponent and I'll do all the battles for you. However, once you've lost this duel and your three seals..." Tyrone giggled.
"Out with it."
"I get to have the pretty face of yours in my lap, if you catch my drift."
"You sick freak.... Service for service, I take it?"
"I think it's fair... and we can give the rest of the duelist who watch us a show on what real dueling is like."
"You know what, you're gonna be doing me dirty work."
"Then it's agreed?"
"I'd be stupid enough not to accept."
"Then it's settled. Let's turn up the heat then, Sparkle."
Both duelists draw their hands. "Ladies first," said Sparkle.
"Please." Tyrone agreed.
Sparkle takes her card. "I'll begin by playing Spell Absorption." Sparkle plays her card, "and in doing so, its effect activates, giving me 500 life every time a spell is activated <8500>. I'll set two cards face down and summon Birdface in attack mode (1600/1600). That ends my turn, now let's see what you've got."
"I aim to please, you can count on that." Tyrone takes his card. "I'll place two card and one monster face down, that's all for now."
"Not a wise way to start against someone like me."
"Prove it."
"I will." Sparkle takes her card. "Now I'll reveal my face down Terraforming spell card. Now before I use it, my Spell Absorption kicks in <9000>. Anyway, Terreaforming allows me to take a field spell card from my deck and place it into my hand." Sparkle places her hand in the hip holster, then removes her deck from the card holder and searches. "Luckily for you, the card I choose will be activated, so there's no use in flashing it to you." Sparkle takes the spell and places it in the field spell zone, then shuffles her deck. once all of her cards are ruturned, she resumes normal play. "I activate the field spell, Rising Air Current <9500>." The field changes accordingly. "This new field raises the attack of all Wind elementals at the cost of a slight defensive drop (2100/1200), now I'll summon the original Harpie Lady in attack mode." Sparkle's new monster takes to the field (1800/1000).
"Ooh, that is the original one... with all the cleavege and everything showing, sweet."
"Birdface, destroy that face down monster."
Birdface attacks Tyrone's monster, but its attack is blocked. "Not bad, but not strong enough either." said Tyrone. "My Charcoal Inpachi has defense to spare (100/2100)."
"I'm glad I didn't attack with my Haprie Lady. My turn is over."
Tyrone takes his card. "And now it's time to wittle away those life points of yours. So first I'll play my Solar Flare Dragon in attack mode (1500/1000)..."
"God, I hate that thing..." Sparkle remembers how well Jam uses that card.
"Well he hates you too, but it gets worse as I activate my face down Ultimate Offring trap card <7500>."
"Lemme guess, you plan on summoning another one?"
"I wish, but I have something worse. I'll summon Element Valkyrie in attack mode."
"Oh thank god, I thought you were gonna say Element Dragon."
"That'll come later, babe. But for now, Valkyrie. The bad news is that the Element Valkyrie boosts up just like the Element Dragon dows when Fire element monster exist on the field (2500/1200)."
"That helps a lot."
"Yes, it does. Element Valkyrie, destroy her Birdface with your lance."
The fiery tip of the Element Valkyrie's lance stabs and burns away Sparkle's Birdface <9100>, then returns to Tyrone's side of the field. "Don't worry, you'll only be getting singed this turn." said Tyrone.
"When Birdface dies in battle, I can take a Harpie Lady from my deck and add it to my hand. So in truth, you actually helped me out." Sparkle said as she resolves this effect.
"Well, now it's time for my SFD to damage you now."
Sparkle takes 500 damage due to the effect of the Solar Flare Dragon, then takes her card <8600>. "I'll play Elegant Egotist <9100> and call out the Harpie Lady Sisters (2450/1700)."
"So that's what you took with Birdface...."
"No, but I'm glad you brought that point up, so I'll activate my own Ultimate Offering <8600> and show you. Now I'll summon the monster I used to get with Birdface, my Cyber Harpie Lady."
Sparkle's third monster took to the field (2300/900). "Reguardless of the lovely birdies that you've brought out, they still can't touch my Element Valkyrie (2500 ATK)." said Tyrone.
"I still have one more card to play and it's called Triangle Ecstasy Spark <9100>. The effects of this spell boost up my Sisters to 2700 and you can't use your traps either to help you out."
"So what..."
"So it's time you lost some monsters. Cyber Harpie, get rid of that Charcoal Inpachi!"
Sparkle's Cyber Harpie Lady cracked her whip and broke up the Charcoal Inpachi. "No, my Solar Flare Dragon isn't protected anymore..." Tyrone said, half worried and half sarcastic.
"And not only that, by that now your Valkyrie has also lost some power (2000). Now my Sisters, take out that broad with Triangle Ecstasy Spark!" Sparkle's monsters launched their attack.
Tyrone Laughed. "You fell right for my trap."
"Too bad you can't activate traps."
"Watch and learn, Duel School. My face down card is a quick-play spell known as Shrink."
"What's that do?"
"It cuts the attack power of your sisters in half, dropping them from 2700 to 1350."
The attack of the Harpie Lady Sisters was deflected and Element Valkyrie simply place the fiery end of her lance to work, dropping three Harpies with one stone and taking 700 life points from Sparkle. Tyrone simple laughed, "You made a good play, but in the end... I'm still going strong while you're at a loss. Oh, testifry!"
"What are you, a reject preacher now <8400>?"
"You need to heed a commandment, 'Thou shalt not rollercoaster thy life points.' Can I get an amen?"
"Hell no."
"You're just mad because you got burned."
"Tch... I'll switch my Harpie Lady to defense mode and end my turn."
"Now come on, baby. Don't be mad, at least you won't lose too many life points on my turn." Tyrone takes his card. "Oops, my mistake. Now I'll sacrifice my Element Valkyrie. Now since the requirements have been met, I can summon a very powerful monster from my hand. This monster is called Infernal Incinerator."
With this, Tyrone's new monster takes to the field (2800/1800). "Now the good news is all the cards in my hand have to go the the graveyard..." Tyrone discards his hand, "but the bad news is that my monster's ATK points are going to change."
"How so? Why did I ask that question?"
"For each of your monsters, my new friend get 200 ATK points, however, he loses 500 ATK points for every other monster that I have. Luckily for you, he only gets 100 less points to 2700. Unluckily for you though, you're gonna lose your defenses."
"Solar Flare Dragon, destroy the lovely, and busty Harpie Lady and you take out the Cyber Harpie, my Infernal Incinerator."
With these two attacks, Sparkle lost life points and her monsters <8000>, but at least Tyrone's monster is weakened further (2300 ATK) Well, I guess it's not too bad. she thought.
"And with the closure of my turn, the SFD drops 500 more life points, leaving us with a tie game at 7500 each." said Tyrone.
Sparkle takes her card. "I play Card of Sanctity. Since I have no hand, there's nothing for me to remove from play except for my cards on the field." Sparkle removes cards from play and the field returns to normal. "So with that said and done, I take two cards." and Sparkle was happy with what she got, as it was needed. "Now I'll activate my Lightning Vortex. So much for your Incinerator."
All of Tyrone's monster were destroyed. "Oh well."
"My turn is over."
Tyrone took his card. Hmm, Gravity Bind. This'll come in handy later. he thought as he set it down. "Your move, honey."
"Don't call me that, I'm not your girl."
"My mistake, babe."
"Don't call me that either."
"Will you just move...."
Sparkle takes her card. "Not what I was hoping, but you'll do. I'll summon Rallis the Star Bird to the field." Sparkle's new monster appears on the field (800/800).
"That's an interesting bird." said Tyrone.
"Well, it's good to know you like it. Now have a taste of its Astral Wing!"
Tyrone takes the attack and brushes off his shoulder. "That's not too strong, so it didn't hurt <6700>."
Rallis leaves the field. "My turns is over."
Her monster is gone... odd. No matter, I'll just continue to wittle her down. Tyrone draws his card. "Now for something with a decent amount of power, I'll summon Invasion of Flames to the field (1300/1200). Now, burn her life points!"
Sparkle was consumed by the flames and her life points went down <7200>, giving Tyrone his first lead of the game. "If you think I'm afraid to get burned, you better think again." said Sparkle.
"That's good, because you're gonna burn." said Tyrone. "Your move."
Sparkle took her card. "Well Tyrone, it's time for me to return to whooping you down. And since it's my battle phase, it's time for you to lose some life points."
"Too bad you don't have a monster to do it with."
Rallis the Star Bird returns to the field. "You didn't forget about this, did you?"
"Huh... looks like that wasn't a one-hit-wonder after all."
"Well you're a lucky fellow. Just because you missed Rallis so much, I'll keep from attacking you, so I'll just give you the turn now."
"That's generous...." Tyrone takes his card.
When I dueled last time and used Rallis, I wasn't able to fully bring out it's potential. But I plan on doing so here in this duel.
"Thanks for your blind kindness, now you'll see me destroy your monster." said Tyrone. "Flames, burn that Star Bird."
As the flames went in and engulfed Rallis the Star Bird, bringing a smile to Tyrone's face. But his smile turned into shock as the Flames dispersed and a glowing Rallis remained with wings outspread. "What the hell..."
"Nice, but not strong enough." Sparkle smirked.
"Rallis is 500 points weaker than my Flames..."
"Sorry, but you're mistaken. Your monster is actually weaker than my bird and that's why your all burned out."
Tyrone grits his teeth. "Explain yourself."
"It's called Star Enhancement, Rallis' special ability. Rallis gains power when it faces opponents."
"Where did it come from?"
"Are you not hearing, it's called Star Enhancement you dumbass. The stars are what power up Rallis."
"Stars... you mean the level of the monster."
"Well now, you should get a smiley face for finally figuring it out. For every star of the opposing monster's level, Rallis' Star Enhancement powers it up in battle by 200 points."
"My monster had three stars... and Rallis got a 600 point boost."
"Which means it became 1400, strone enough to take the heat."
"Clever monster you got there <6600>."
"No, Rallis is just fireproof."
"Tch, just go already."
"Aw, beat by a wittle birdy..." Sparkle taunted as she drew her card. "I'll put this monster on the defense. Too bad your lead was short-lived, now I'll send it off with another Astral Wing."
Tyrone shakes off another attack <5800>. "And now the bird leaves."
"Yes it does, but at least I'm not wide open to an attack this time. It's your move." Rallis leaves the field.
Tyrone takes his card. "You should learn about the power of my monsters, something you'll learn real quick. But first, I'll play Card of Sanctity 2."
"I've heard about Card of Sanctity having a different effect, but I didn't expect it to have another card."
"Yes. Card of Sanctity originally lets each player draw until they had six cards, but the errata was changed from this. Crawford has the original version of this card and with it, he made a second Card of Sanctity. Think of it as a returning favor for not attacking me two turns ago."
Nice, but I won't be able to draw on my next turn... but if I get the cards I need during this, I won't have to worry about it. Both players draw cards until the six card limit is given. Bingo, thanks a lot.
"Now let's do it like this. First, I'll summon my Ultimate Baseball Kid in attack mode (500/1000). Now I'll summon my Blazing Inpachi in attack mode as well <5300> (1850/0). With another Fire monster on the field, my slugger here get 1000 attack points (1500ATK). Now it's time for my 'Little Slugger to take out your monster. Hey, Charcoal Inpachi, be a sport and help him out, would you?"
The Blazing Inpachi tosses a small, burning log over to the Ultimate Baseball Kid, who then hits the "ball" at Sparkle's face down monster. "Nice hit." said Tyrone.
"Sorry, but you hit a fould ball." said Sparkle as she flips up her monster. "You triggered my Tornado Bird. and it's time to sweep your playing field."
The effect of the Tornado bird returns Tyrone's traps to his hand, but it also blew out the flames of the Blazing Inpachi. "Well, looks like I put the fire out on that wood of yours." said Sparkle.
"So what, his attack is still just as powerful, even without the flames."
Sparkle got attacked by the burned out Inpachi and was sent on her rear <4350>. "Lovely, your burned out inpachi look like the Charcoal Inpachi."
"Of course it does." said Tyrone. "Hey Baseball Kid, do you mind?" Tyrone's Baseball Kid pulls a baseball from his pocket, tosses it into the air and hit it at the burned out Inpachi. The impact of the ball hitting the monster brought the Inpachi's fiery blaze back. "That's better, go ahead and move."
"Since I can't draw, I might as well skip ahead to my battle phase. Rallis, come on back." Rallis returns to the field. He placed three cards face down, one of them is probably that Ultimate Offering, so the question is about the other two cards. "I'll play Card Destruction since I don't trust your hand."
"It doesn't matter, I have what I need on the field anyway."
Both players discard and draw a new hand. Sparkle with five cards and Tyrone with three. "I'll set these two cards face down and end my turn." Sparkle finishes up her play. You may vae everything you need on the field, but I have everything I need in my graveyard. Now it's all good from here and this duel is about to be over.
Tyrone takes his card. "I think you'll dislike plan A, so I'll use plan B instead. So I'll activate the power of my Ultimate Baseball Kid. Blazing Inpachi, it's time to give our slugger a hand." The Blazing Inpachi jumps into the air, turning into a big fireball which falls toward the ground. "Now it's time for my attack, catch!" The fireball is hit by the Ultimate Baseball Kid and sent flying over Rallis the Star Bird. and damages Sparkle's life points <3850>.
Sparkle didn't like being hit, but she took it like a trooper. "That was a cheap shot." she said.
"And now to help out my sligger even more, I'll summon Homunculus the Alchemic Being in attack mode (1800/1600)." said Tyrone.
"That's an odd monster."
"Yes, and he can change elements for his special ability. Homunculus, change your element to Fire." and just like that, the monster changes before Sparkle's eyes (1500 ATK). "That will do."
Sparkle drew her card. "I'm through playing around with you, so I'm about to end your pain. So first, I'll activate my Icarus Attack trap card. I'll tribute Rallis the Star Bird to activate it."
"Good, because I'm tired of that thing."
"Well in the process, I'm going to destroy two cardson the field. Mainly, your monsters." Lightning falls from the sky and destroys Tyrone's monsters. "Now I'll reveal my face down card, a doombringer for you known as Hysteric Party."
"How does that work?"
"First, I discard a card." Sparkle does so. "Now I can special summon everey card possible in my graveyard with 'Harpy Lady' in it."
"Come again?"
"Well the actual saying is, 'Special summon as many Harpie Lady cards from your graveyard as possible' with the emphasis on 'Harpie Lady', so here we go."
This is where the trouble comes in.
"First comes the original Harpie Lady, then Harpie Lady 3, Harpie Lady Sisters, Cyber Harpie Lady, and finally, Harpie Lady 1."
"Lovely, all the Harpie broads at once."
"Not really... and now I explain the power of Harpie Lady 1, who boosts all the power of the field's wind monsters by 300 points (1600/1400 x3) (2100/1300) (2250/2100)."
"That's not cool." Tyrone had a fat sweatdrop on the back of his head.
"No, but it'll put your fire and your lame ass fiery puns out for good. Harpie Sisters, attack his life points!" Sparkle's monster goes in for the blow and it knocks Tyrone flat on his rear <3050>.
"Too bad, now attack my Cyber Harpie."
"Not this time, Activate my Gravity Bind."
The Cyber Harpie was stopped in her tracks. "Well fine, be that way. Since I can't attack you, I might as well get things ever more deadly on you."
"You can actually make things worse?"
"Of course, and it all starts with my Tribute Doll."
"I'll offer up my Harpie Sisters and bring out the real pain. It can't attack, but I'll give you even more problems with Harpie's Pet Dragon!"
Harpie's Pet Dragon appears in the place of Harpie Lady Sisters and Tyrone just stands there in awe. Thank god none of those monsters can hit me. he thought.
"Now here's the deal, every Harpie Lady on my side of the field gives my Pet Dragon 300 ATK and DEF points. But the kicker is that this dragon is also a Wind monster, so the effect of Harpie Lady 1 works on the dragon as well, making her one powerful dragon (3500/3700). My turn is done, and you will be soon."
Tyrone calmly takes his last card. "I'll activate Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy my Gravity Bind." Tyrone's Space resolves.
"You are one dumbass duelist, now my monsters are free to attack you."
"Your monsters won't attack this turn. In fact, you are about to get one hell of a burn."
"You don't have anything in your deck that can stop me, you're good as gone."
"I know losing will be hard on you, even after such a great play that you made against me. But you have lost this duel, Duel School."
"This duel and your seals are mine, slave. Now finish your turn."
Tyrone shakes his head. "This duel will bring me victory, not you. And it all begins with this card, the ritual spell Incandescent Ordeal. In order to activate this spell, I need an offering of a monster of at least seven stars... my Flame Orge is that high, so it'll do."
Tyrone discards his Flame Ogre from his hand to the graveyard. "Now it's time for you to meet the seven star monster of your destruction. Behold the power of the Legendary Flame Lord!"
In a burst of fire, Tyrone's side of the field was set ablaze, and when the flames subsided, there stood the Legendary Flame Lord in all its glory (2400/2000).
Sparkle looked at the monster and laughed at Tyrone. "What a waste," she boasted. "For all your troubles of destroying your own salvation, you brought forth a monster that isn't strong enough to take out my Harpie's Pet Dragon. She laughs at the power of your pathetic pyro-type Flame Lord."
"The Legendary Flame Lord isn't a pyro monster."
"It's not?"
"No. This monster is a spellcaster, a mage, and one that's powerful enough to use my last card. The spell known as Diffusion Wave-Motion!"
Diffusion Wave-Motion on that monster.... NO!
Tyrone laughed. "It has quite the life point cost, but it's well worth paying just to finish you off <2050>."
Sparkle dropped to her knees. And that spell lets him attack all of my monsters.... I have no cards in my hand and nothing on the field to stop him. I can't believe it, I'm gonna lose my monsters.
"Looks like you've finally inderstood that you're finally about to lose and I'm gonna get three more seals. But don't worry, I'll be nice enough to let your dragon be the last to die. I hope you're hungry, because I'm gonna serve up some meat... and it's gonna be Extra Tasty Crispy too. Ohhhh, tes-ti-fry!" he then laughed. "Legendary Flame Lord, it's time to attack. Diffusion Wave-Motion, Heat-up style!" The Flame Lord launched its attacks and Tyrone explains the aftermath. "First, we'll destroy Harpie Lady 1." the sounds of a screaming Harpie could be heard. "With her gone, all the other monster lose their power boosts. The second wave destroys the remaining Harpie Ladies." more screaming Harpies. The dragon was left alone with sadness in her eyes, she never got the chance to protect her masters and will soon die with them. "And finally, the Harpie's Pet Dragon. It never got a chance to battle, but it's going to burn just as the Harpies that gave it strength did." The dragon simply cried out to Sparkle as it was fatally burned, leaving only it's scarred chains on the field.
Sparkle just held back her tears as she clenched the chain that was once around the neck of her dragon. "My Harpies, my Dragon, they're all gone..." she trailed off. That's when she noticed her life point counter begin to drop.
"Now, the kill report." said Tyrone. "Harpie Lady 1 had 16 in power, minus the 24 in power of my fiery Flame lord, so you lost 8; Cyber Harpie was at 18 at the time of her demise, so that's another 6; the Dragon was at 20 at her death, so that took another 4; and what hurts is the Harpie at 13, which makes eleven. But since there were two of them, it doubles to 22. So we have, '4+6+8+22=40', x100, which totals up to 4000 damage. Meaning, you have lost the duel... and rather painfully too."
Sparkle fell to her knees, dropping her three seals in the process. "I... I lost." she was at a loss of words as well. "I never knew that powering up Harpie's Pet Dragon could have such a dangerous consequence... Not even Bijoy could dish out a blow like that, it really hurt to lose so bad. And I was in control of the duel to put the 'Nail in the coffin' to boot..."
Tyrone took the three seals and added them to his own. "Well Duel School, I'm glad you gave me a worthy duel. That academy has done well with an early graduate like yourself, you really were at the top of your class... And because I'm in such a great mood after that lovely duel, I won't even hold you up to your end of the bargain and simply take the seals only. Well, catch you later, Sparkle." and off Tyrone went.
{Back to the current time}
For what is was worth, that duel was all mine, but he took it from me. Sparkle continued to muse in her mind while dealing with her mouthful. I guess I shouldn't be so mad, but I am. It's bugged me so much that I even tracked this guy down to do this... and it left a bad taste in my mouth. And to make an ironic twist, Tyrone placed his paws on Sparke's head, giving her another taste in her mouth. She shuddered at this ironic twist, I thought the loss to this guy tasted bad, but this is sour....
Tyrone removed himself from Sparkle's mouth. "Sorry about that, but I didn't wanna muck up that purty face of yours." he said.
Sparkle went over to the side and was spitting out what was in her mouth. "Damn, that's sour." she said as was getting the irony from her mouth.
"Of course she won't swallow it. You know, you didn't have to go through with it." He stood up.
Sparkle took to her feet after him. "I might not have a win, but I do have my word. Something I will always keep to, no matter what."
"I can respect that."
"Are you happy now?"
"No, not really, but I am content with this deal."
"I guess you'll want my sould now, right?"
"Nope, taking your soul and leaving your body here is like leaving your for dead. I'm not like that, I'm not even so great of a duelist in the crew either. But I seek strong duelists to improve on my own strength and after I've won, I just move on. This makes Hiei very mad that I don't take souls."
"Why don't you?"
"Because if you take someone's soul, they won't get to improve. Hiei wants to take your souls as you are strong, to be a strong duelist. However, Rufus and I see the error of that logic.
"Taking a duelist's soul and trapping it in an amulet, then harnessing the power of the amulet to become a better duelist by being infused with their tactics? That's not strength, and it doesn't improve your own skill. Sparkle, I could've made our duel one where the loser gets trapped in an amulet, one that you would've lost, but if that happens, your potential would be wasted."
"I shouldn't have lost, I even have a victory over the Dragon Lord, Jam."
"But it didn't help you, did it?" Tyrone walked out of the brush. "You have a long way to go with your dueling skills, Sparkle. Your potential should become greater, not trapped away and wasted. Well, good luck to you." and off Tyrone went.
Sparkle was confused, but she went her seperate way as well. I don't get it, but at least I'm still around. Well, I got some time to make up for.
Stan and Bijou were having a break with sunflower pop. "Man, this is harder than I thought it be to find." he said.
"Ditto, mon ami." agreed Bijou.
"Hey you two." Hitomi joined Stan and Bijou at their table. "How are you doing?"
"We're searching." Stan answered.
Hitomi glanced at them. "I will take you there, whenever you're ready."
Bijou was confused. "Sweet, thanks." said Stan.
Sandy had caught up with Maxwell and Barrette and those three had a chat. "So do you think the finalists have been decided?" asked Barrette.
"Nah, we would've heard it by now." Maxwell answered. "So I guess there are still seats open."
"I hope some of us got into it." said Sandy.
Jam walked through the lane, content and cautios of himself and the area he was in. This tournament has been great so far, I hope everyone else is doing okay. he thought. His eyes then caught a glimpse of a familiar face, bringing a sile to his. "Hey Pashy, how have you been?"
Yes, it was Pashmina and she was standing across the hall from him. "Hey Jam, it's good to see you're well." she greeted him with a smile.
Jam walked in closer to Pashmina. "So, how has this tournament been in your opinion?"
"I'm enjoying myself a lot, but I've always enjoyed myself here at this fun park. There are so many people here with skill levels that vary, you know?"
"True, very true. It's nice to know you're doing well."
"Hey, like you said... 'I can hold my ownquite nicely.' and it's good to see your fun expression."
"Yup. Well, I will be on my way, so see you around."
But as Jam walked by Pashmina, she stopped him and even pushed him backwards with her left arm. A definite first from her... "O-kay..."
"Sorry Jam, but I can't let you pass. Not yet, anyway."
Pashmina took a breath. "Throughout this tournament, I've come across some interesting duelists. Each of them with different strengths, weaknesses and strategies that have only done one thing... deem myself unworthy. However, I won them and held my own in the process."
"Not so... Then, a question came to mind. 'How will you fare against a truly amazing duelist?' Because of this, I need an answer... an answer only you can give me."
"Normally, I wouldn't do this, but I'm at a standstill. I have two seals left to obtain and I need to know if I can truly stand on my own against an extraordinary duelist. You're name naturally comes to mind, as facing you will determine if I can truly hold my own. Face me, Jam! Let me find my true power as a duelist! Show my the will of my cards!"
"To hold your own against me... the true test of your mettle and merit, this is the reason for your entry into the tournament, it is what you seek..."
Silence...... "Agreed. I shall determine if you can truly hold your own."
"All I need is two seals."
"Two seals it will be."
Monitors from all over the fun park lit up, Jam and Pashmina's duel is to be watched by everyone, and those duel hams who were at a screen were stunned to see it. "No way?!"
"All right then, Pashmina. I will face you in this duel and you will obtain what you seek." said Jam.
"Don't hold back on me, for I won't give you any mercy." said Pashmina.
"Nor do I intend to." Both duelists toss two seals. "This is it, Pashmina. Winner goes to the finals, show me your power."
"Time to duel, Dragon Lord."
"Man, Pashmina's really gonnd duel Jam." said Cappy, who was watching at a monitor.
"So, who do you think will win this duel?" asked Hitomi.
"No offense, but Jam has this thing won." answered Stan.
"I do not know." answered Bijou.
"Jam versus Pashmina? This I gotta see." said Barrette.
"I wanna say Jam will win this duel, but I don't know who to route for." said Maxwell.
"My seeds are on Pashmina." said Sandy.
Pashmina has really come a long way as a duelist it seems. thought Jam. I haven't really seen her use the deck she has now, but I do know one thing, Pashmina has seen me duel a lot.
Well, I'm not afraid of you, Jam. thought Pashmina. I know well about your dragonic strategy, but even with knowledge on how you duel is under my belt, it doesn't tell me anything. But I better get a good lead before he brings out Horus. No, I won't think like that. Bring out that Black Flame Dragon, it won't get far.
Outside of Seiyaryu, I haven't a clue on what Pashmina uses in her deck. I'll have to wing it as I go along and not get caught up or careless.
"Are you ready, Jam?" asks Pashmina.
"Sure am," Jam answered, "and you know how much of a gentleham I am, so girls go first."
"Alright, let's get this show on the road." Pashmina makes the opening move. "I'll begin with my Gilasaurus in attack mode." Pashmina's monster takes to the field (1400/400). "I'll bring out my second Gilasaurus and then summon the Uraby Raptor in attack mode (1500/800)."
"Whoa, three monsters off the bat." said Cappy.
"Wait a minute, can Pashmina really do that?" asked a confused Barrette.
"The summoning of a Gilasaurus can be treated like a special summon." Maxwell explained. "Since this is the case with both of them, she can still conduct her normal summon, as she did with the Uraby. And since this is the first move of the duel, no monsters are in either graveyard yet, so the special summonings didn't have a cost effect of Jam summoning a monster."
"That's pretty smart if you ask me." said Sandy.
"I'll now play my Spell Economics and combo it with Chain Energy." Pashmina continued. "Finally, I'll set this card face down and end my turn."
Damn, that was one very interesting move. Jam thought as he took his card. "Not only has she summoned three monsters on the field, she's also set up a nasty defense to protect them. Okay, let's see here... Mirage Dragon can easily drop all of her monsters, but that doesn't concern me. The concern is the Chain Energy spell, which forces 500 life out of me every time I play a card from my hand, reguardless if the card is summoned either way or set. Pashmina's Spell Economics keeps her from paying life point to activate her spells and is her shield to Chain Energy. She's made a very tough move for me to combat, but I better focus on protecting my life points, even though it'll cost me life in doing so.
"I'll summon Mirage Dragon in attack mode." Jam's dragon takes to the field as he takes damage (1600/600) <7500>. "I'll set two cards face down <6500>, now attack the Uraby with your Illusion Scythe!" Mirage Dragon attacks.
Well, that's a clever monster, but its effect doesn't bother me or my face down card at all. Pashmina thought as her Uraby is destroyed <7900>.
"My turn is over." Jam announces the end of his turn.
Pashmina draws her card. "I'll just set this down and defend with my Gliasaurus brothers, your turn."
Luckily for me, I can play cards from the field without being damaged from Chain Energy. I better get something that will destroy it and fast. Jam drew his card. "I'll reveal my Dragon's Rage trap card. Now you can't run from taking damage. Mirage Dragon, attack either of those monsters with Illusion Scythe!"
Pashmina lost another monster <6700>. "Man, I guess I should've been careful for what I wished."
"You told me not to show you any mercy, Pashmina. My turn is over."
I'm not really worried, Jam. Pashmina took her card. "I'll activate my Spirit Barrier trap card and end my turn."
"Wow, and I thought it couldn't get any worse." said Hitomi.
"I don't understand." said Bijou.
"I do." said Stan. "Spirit Barrier keeps its controller from taking battle damage as long as you have a monster on the field."
"So you mean not only does Jam have to worry about losing life every time he plays a card, but now he has to worry about doing damage to Pashmina?" Barrette asked.
"Exactly." Maxwell answered.
"That is totally evil." said Sandy. "She's forcing Jam to fight her."
"Evil it may be, but it's clever as hell."
Jam took his card. "Perfect, I'll play Stamping Destruction." he said.
"I'll counter that with Magic Jammer." Pashmina said as she discarded the card in her hand."
"At least I didn't lose life since my spell was negated. I'll set this card face down <6000>, now attack her monster!"
Pashmina saw her third monster destroyed. "Too bad I didn't lose life." she said as if taunting him.
"Ain't that for sure. My turn's over."
Pashmina took her card. "I have complete control over you, so I will now piss you off even further. I'll summon my Black Stego in attack mode and end my turn." Pashmina's new monster takes to the field (1200/2000).
"Have you noticed every monster Pashmina's brought out in this duel?" asked Hitomi.
"Oui, yes." Bijou answered. "Everymonster she's played is a dinosaur
"It's obvious, Pashmina's running a deck of dinos... not a bad type choice either." said Stan. "I use a few of them, but Pashmina's the first duel house duelist to compose a deck of them."
"Dinos versus Dragons...." said Hitomi. "Talk about your war of the worlds."
Jam took his card. "I must say, you've made quite the pickle for me to get out of, but it all ends here." he said.
"I doubt it, Jam." said Pashmina. "But then again, you still haven't pulled out your good cards yet."
"Now I'll activate my face down Dust Tornado."
"Nice card, one I can't stop. But you have a choice to make, Jam. I know you don't want Spell Economics, it's not going to affect me too much since I haven't been playing too many card anyway. So it's the other two continuous cards that you plan on destroying. But which poison do you want to cure... the one that will keep me from being damaged or the one that will keep you from being damaged?"
"No brainer, Pashmina. Destroy Chain Energy." Jam's trap destroys the spell that wittles away at his life points.
"Was that really the one you wanted to get rid of?"
"Yes and no, but I'm glad I can play without having to get damaged every card." Jam places a card down in resolve to the secondary effect of the Dust. "Now let's drop another dino with Illusion Scythe!"
Jam's Dragon attacks and it connects, however nothing happens at first glance. Then he notices the opposing monster, "Pashmina, something is different about your monster."
"You're right, it's in defense position." Pashmina stated.
"Hold up, you summond that thing in attack mode, now it's on the defense?"
"The Black Stego switches to defense mode when it's targeted by an attack, it's its special ability. To defend at the first sign of danger, lovely huh?"
"Maybe for you, but I lost life points <5600>."
"Aw, did my dinosaur hurt your feelings?"
"First I had to deal with a spell that damaged me every time a made a play from my hand, then I had to deal with and still have to deal with a trap that keeps her from taking battle damage, and now I have to deal with a monster that can instantly defend when it's attacked? Man, this duel is starting to suck... Good strategy by Pashmina, but she's starting to piss me off. Just go."
He's getting mad, good. Pashmina draws her card. "Now let's change the pace here. So I'll put my Black Stego on the offensive and I'll summon a monster to bring the fight for a change, like my Saberasaurs (1900/500). Destroy his Mirage Dragon!" Pashmina's new monster prepared to charge.
"Activate my Threatening Roar." Pashmina's Saberasaur was stopped before it could move. "Not this time, but that is a nice dino."
"My turn is over."
Jam took his card. "I'll sacrifice my Mirage Dragon and summon the Black Dragon Jungle King in attack mode."
"That's a new dragon."
"No, it's one I haven't used in a while (2100/1800). And I'll combine this one with Dragon's Gunfire."
"Not that card..."
"Black Dragon Jungle King, use the powers of Dragon's Gunfire and destroy Saberasaurus."
The jet black dragon fired a fireball from it's mouth, destroying Pashmina's newly summoned monster. Jam's dragon then attacked the Black Stego without even being commanded. Though the Black Stego was destroyed, the Spirit Barrier kept Pashmina from taking damage. "Your move." Jam was done with his turn.
"Stan, have you seen zat dragon before?" asked Bijou.
"I have now." Stan answered.
"Well, Jam's out of a tight spot, let's see if he can stay that way." said Barrette.
"I think it's too late for Jam." said Sandy.
"We'll find out." said Maxwell.
Pashmina drew her card and was pleased to see it. And just like that, I've drawn my trump card. But since I have no monsters on the field, I'll take battle damage. No matter, Jam needs a break. "Nothing for me to do here, so it's on you." Pashmina turned play over.
"Didn't get a monster I take it." Jam said
"Unfortunately, not." Pashmina said.
Something just doesn't feel right and I've sensed it since two turns ago. Jam thought as he drew his card. "It's probably just me, but I'm gonna take this time to get a lead. Now my Black Dragon Jungle King, attack Pashmina directly and let's get the lead in this duel."
Jam's monster charged Pashmina and struck her down <4600>. "It took you my bad luck to finally get the lead and it's about time."
"Let's just say I've had a chance to cool down some. Your move."
Pashmina draws her card. "This might help. I'll play graceful charity." Pashmina resolves her spell. "Gotta love the joys of Graceful. I'll summon my Hyper Hammerhead in attack mode and end my turn." Pashmina gets a new dinosaur onto the field (1500/1200).
"Hmm, that's an interesting looking dino." Jam took his card.
"At least I have a monster on the field."
"Not for long, you won't. I'll set this card face down and attack with my dragon."
Jam's Black Dragon Jungle King bit the Hyper Hammerhead in the heck and proceeded to chomp through it, but the dinosaur slammed its face into the side of Jam's monster, sending it back to Jam's hand. "That really is an interesting monster." said Jam.
Pashmina's dinosaur is destroyed. "I know, cool, huh?" she commented.
"My turn's over."
Pashmina drew her card. "I'll play this card face down and end my turn."
"My turn." Jam takes his card. "And here's Horus LV6 to appear and assist me. But first.... I need a sacrifice to get you here. I'll play my Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy your Spirit Barrier." Jam's spell activated. "And that takes care of the last of your defenses. Now you have nothing left to protect you from losing damage, and my turn is over."
Pashmina takes her next card. "I still have my monsters to protect me, Jam. For instance, take my Kabuzauls (1700/1500). Attack his life points."
Kabuzauls sneezes at Jam, sending him flying, but he lands on his feet <3900>. "That was nasty."
"At least there's no snot. But aside from that, it's your turn."
Jam takes his card. "I now have my sacrifice. I summon the Cave Dragon in attack mode (2000/100)."
"Ha ha, you have no other dragons on the field, so he can't damage me."
"Why am I still worried about this duel? Not alone he can't, but that is where my face down Dragon's Gunfire kicks in."
"Damn it, not another one."
"Aw, is my dragon hurting your feelings?"
Jam's spell kicks in and damages Pashmina for 800 damage and knocking her to a knee <3800>. "Well Pashmina, you're doing well against me, I'm impressed with your deck in spite of myself. Go ahead and move."
Kabuzauls is too weak to stop his dragon, so I'll have to wait until I can damage Jam's life points. Pashmina takes her card. "I'll play Mystical Space Typhoon on that face down card that you haven't used in so long... matter of fact, you still haven't used it. Oh well, you won't get to now anyway."
Space destroys the face down card. "So much for my Dragon's Bead..."
"So much for my turn, I'm done."
"And now..." Jam draws his card. "It's time to take some of the hell you've given me."
"Is that so, well show me the hell I'm about to have."
"I'll sacrifice my Cave Dragon. And now, it's time to summon Horus the Black Flame Dragon."
No... not now....
The hams caught sight as they saw Jam play his deckmaster to the field (2300/1600). "Jam finally got Horus onto the field." said Maxwell. "Looks like Pashmina's really in trouble, now."
"I doesn't matter, I still say Pashmina's won this match." said Sandy.
"We're gonna find out." said Barrette.
"Horus, destroy Kabuzauls!" Jam yelled and his dragon followed suit.
"Well, I'm glad I didn't defend with this monster." said Pashmina <3200>.
"Booyah baby, I knew this was gonna happen." said a happy Stan. "Just like I said, Jam has this one in the bag."
"A moment's glory will soon turn to broken pride." said Hitomi.
"What does that mean?"
"Just keep watching."
Jam simply stretched. "I'll admit it," he began, "for quite some time, I've been worried about something in our duel, Pashmina. But until now, I've decided that my instinctive worrying that I was doing was simply jitters for dueling you for the very first time. I guess you can say I'm excited."
"Congratulations." said Pashmina.
"Pashmina, reguardless of what happens here, you truly can hold your own. I hope you are happy with what you have sought, because you have found that you can manage all by yourself in a duel. And to think that you were so afraid to duel to the point that you would only set monsters on the field except for one. I'm proud of you."
"I'm proud of you too, Jam. You're the first one that's actually been able to survive my Spell Economics/Chain Energy combo, I knew you would give me my test that I needed."
"Well Pashmina, it has come to the end of my turn and it is time for Horus to attain his final stage. So now it's time for the full power of Horus the Black Flame Dragon. (3000/1800)"
Pashmina smiled, "I was waiting for that...."
"You were?"
"With the summoning of my opponent's monster, my trap card activates. Now I reveal my Compulsory Evacuation Device, returning Horus to your hand."
Jam returned Horus LV8 to his hand. "Well, that was cold, but it was clever."
Pashmina took her card. "No Jam, that was the kicker of our duel."
"I will now activate the card I drew, the spell card Soul Release."
Jam suddenly turned silent as Pashmina began her play. "I will now use this spell and remove five cards from play, but I will remove from my graveyard instead of yours. I remove Kabuzauls, Hyper Hammerhead, Black Stego, Giasaurus and Saberasaurus from my graveyard." these five monsters were ejected from the duel disk Pashmina was using. "Now I'll summon the monster you should've trusted yourself into believing... Tyranno Infinity!"
Tyranno... In... fin... ity?
Pashmina's new monster roared onto the battlefield, and as it was played by Pashmina, the observers simply cringed. "Oohhh...." Barrette winced.
"Aw man, that's gotta suck for Jam." said Cappy.
Stan shook his head while Bijou continued wincing. "That's what you meant, huh Hitomi?" Stan asked.
"Yup." Hitomi answered.
"Ouch... this duel is thruvo." said Maxwell.
"Maxy, remind me again how Tyranno Infinity works." said Sandy.
"Tyranno Infinity's power depends on the number of dinosaurs Pashmina has removed from play...."
Back at the duel, Pashmina continued. "With each dinosaur monster removed from play, Tyranno Infinity recieves 1000 ATK points for. This is why you were worried, Jam."
I'll never doubt my instincts ever again. Jam thought.
"And Pashmina just used Soul Release to remove five of her dinos from play." said Barrette.
"Which means, Tyranno Infinity has, despite 0 defense, 5000 attack points." Maxwell finished explaining.
"I told you Pashmina won." said Sandy.
"Horus ze Black Flame Dragon was also returned to Jam's hand to make eet worse." said Bijou.
"Jam has nothing to defend himself from Pashmina's attack... it's over." said Stan.
Jam was stunned. How could I have been so blind, so unknowingly walking into danger? he thought. Everything was a farce. Knowing that I was trying to get rid of the slow killing Chain Energy and the life point blocking Spirit Barrier, I was foolishly trying to take out her defenses. Not knowing that I was silently fueling the weapon of my own destruction. She managed to sidetrack me with spells, traps and monsters all while keeping hidden the fact that I was burying myself this whole time. Pashmina practically made me her bitch by stringing me along in three ways with wittling spells, protective traps and confusing monster effects. Pull me like a marionette and strung me along while keeping me oblivious to the danger I never saw coming. She did it so well that she made me even doubt myself and go against my own instincts.... Pashmina.... that was a cold strategy you used, but it was well played.
"Tyranno Infinity, attack now!" Pashmina ordered and her monster charged Jam.
I lost, I deserved to lose... and I'm proud you done it. Jam welcomed the attack with open arms. Well played, Pashmina... well played.
The attack knocked Jam into the air and he was sent flying. But as he was knocked away, two of his seals drifted towards the ground. He lost this duel to Pashmina, but he wasn't mad at the skill that beat him. Pashmina took her two seals and added them to the other eight that she had. "And that means I now have ten seals." she said to herself. "I would worry about Jam, but he's been around the world many times. So he'll be okay once he lands, and as for me, it's off to find the finals."