Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ The Fellowship of the Duelists ( Chapter 38 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Time has passed in this tournament, and as such, duels were won and lost. Pegasus and Croquet stood at the secret location of the finals waiting.... waiting..... "Sir, I'm beginning to believe that no one will show up." said Croquet.
"Nonesense," Pegasus reassured his security, "two duelists have already found this location. However, they didn't have all of their seals. This tells me that our location isn't unknown."
"But I'm starting to think that no one else will find this place."
"Perhaps it's because you lack a soldier's training."
Hiei, Aqua and Petal were the first to arrive. Croquet felt a bit bad, but Pegasus had an amused look on his face. "Welcome duelists, it's good to see you have found this place." he greeted.
Hiei walked up to Pegasus. "Of course, this tournament may have a hidden location to its finals, but nothing can hide from me." the dragon soldier told the creator of the cards.
"I'm glad to hear it."
Hiei walked over to Croquet and pulled out a nini bindle. "Inside contains thirty seals for myself and my party. Count them."
Croquet opened it up and counted all thirty seals. "As they are, welcome to the finals." he told Hiei.
"Indeed." Hiei returned to Aqua and Petal.
After a bit, Howdy returns to the hidden location. "Hey pegasus, I'm back just as I said I'd be." he said as he stepped out of the bushes.
"Ah, you have returned." said Pegasus.
"Of course." Howdy sees Hiei and his party. "I may not be first, but at least I'm here... oh, and I brought a few buddies along too."
"And just where might they be?"
"Right here." answered Hamtaro as he came out from the brush.
Boss and Dexter soon appeared next to Howdy and Hamtaro. "Well well, look who else is here." said Dexter.
"Deras Gata...." Hiei walks over. "So, you've made it here after all. My sources were correct in your participation."
"Your sources.... I'm aware of your sources." said Dexter.
"Wait a minute, isn't that Hermana over there?" Hamtaro finally points out.
"Yeah, that does look like Hermana." said Boss. "Why is Hermana with your likes anyway?"
"That's not Hermana."
Everyone turns to see Hitomi standing there with Bijou. "You're in this too?" asked Hiei.
"Unfortunately not." Hitomi answered. She then looked over and saw Petal. "How did you... is she?"
"Fine. I had to free her from that madham, but she's doing okay."
Petal ran over to them. "So I finally meet you." she said.
"Petal, it's been a... I mean..." Hitomi was at a loss for words.
"Bijou, I knew you'd make it. Now I might be granted the opportunity to drop you where you stand in the dueling world."
"Petal, show a little respect for your own family." Hiei said as he turned her to face Hitomi.
Petal looked at Hitomi. "You... look like me."
"Think of her as your mother." said Hiei.
"And think of me as someone ready to get some back pay."
In comes Stan after the girls. "Stan's here too." said Howdy.
"Things will be different the second time around, Dragon Soldier." Stan said.
Hiei laughed. "To think that a third-rate duelist like you made it to the finals." he said. "Well Aqua, even ametuers can get into the finals, can't they?"
"Well said, only I can say it a whole lot better than you." Up walks Duelist Ham. "Compared to me, all of you are third-rate. However, one of you just might prove to be second-rate after all."
"He must be talking about me." whispered Howdy.
"He meant Bijou, 'Sparky'." Dexter whispered back.
"Shut up, dead boy."
"Well now, isn't this a terribly delicious turn of events?" asked an even more amused Pegasus.
"Save it, let's just get on with the show, already." said Duelist Ham.
"Have a little patience you arrogant bastard!" Boss roared at him. "Six duelists still haven't shown up yet."
"You had better watch your tongue, you ingrate. I don't answer to anyone, especially some dueling hack like you."
"I got your hack right here..."
"You really need to chill." advised Hamtaro.
"Well, look who decided to come out to play." Hilde walks up and joins the list of finalists. "Duelist Ham, I didn't expect someone of your dueling status to show up at a local tournament, let alone compete in it. Is this community service for crimes, or a publicity stunt?"
"Bitch, please..." Duelist Ham didn't even turn his head.
Boss was stunned. "That's Duelist Ham?" he whispered to Hamtaro.
"Yeah." Hamtaro whispered back. "The best duelist in all of Japan... and maybe the world. Nice way to greet the best duelist you'll ever get to meet."
"Pegasus J. Crawford, you still have that messed up hairdo as we last met." said Duelist Ham. "Just what exactly are you planning anyway?"
"It's a tournament, my boy." Pegasus answered.
"My question is why someone so powerful wishes to duel with hopefuls like us?" asked Petal.
"Your youth will be forgiven to such a pathetic question." Duelist Ham answered.
"You certainly aren't in a good mood." said Pegasus.
"Let's just say my tournament experience wasn't so pleasing."
"Of course it wasn't, look at the level of duelists here compared to you. You didn't actually think someone could stand up to you as you hunted for seals?" questioned Hilde.
"Of course not, but it would've been nice to consider someone to be my 'apprentice' in this tournament."
Nice lie, shithead. thought Petal.
Pashmina, Cappy and Penelope arrived soon after. "Hey everyone, how's it going?" asked Cappy.
"We're all introducing ourselves." answered a sarcastic Stan.
"That's cool, I'm jst glad we found this place."
"Same here." agreed Pashmina.
Petal looked at Cappy and hid behind Aqua. The white hamster simply noticed this and kept an empty mind. "Jitters already?" she asked.
"No, nothing like that at all." answered Petal.
"Oh, my mistake then."
It's the Beastmaster.... His deck may not be too strong, but he's a cute one....
"Well, I begin to grow weary of this waiting around, can't we enter this blimp already?" asked Hiei.
"As much as I hate to admit it, you do have a point." answered Pegasus.
"But there are still two duelists left to show up." said Penelope.
"That's their problem." said Duelist Ham.
"Man, I thought it was just me..." Jam finally walks up. "Worldwide dueling stature and downgrades a mere child duelist? You really are an asshole."
"He made it after all." said Hiei.
"Of course he made it." said Hilde.
Jam looked over to see Hilde. "Hey you, how have you been since our last duel? I've had a few setbacks, but I made it."
"Nice lie." said Hilde.
Pegasus cleared his throat. "As much as I'd like for this to go on, we must be going unfortunately." he said as he entered the blimp. "All duelists must present their seals to croquet as they board. I will see all of you later on."
Croquet stood there and simply looked at the fifteen hamsters. "All right, let's present seals and begin boarding." says the security advisor. "Form a single file line and we can leave after everyone is boarded safely."
"Cool, let's get going." said Stan.
Bijou cuts in front of him. "Champions, and especially lady champions go first." she says.
"World Champions before local ones." Duelist Ham says as he bogards Bijou.
"You are a rude one."
Duelist Ham leads the line and gives his seals to Croquet, then boards the blimp. Bijou follows suit and the rest do as well. Finally, Jam was the last of the duelists to present his seals to Croquet and then he entered. As Jam went inside, Croquet boarded the blimp. "It's a shame that we're one duelist short..." he said. He suddenly turns around to see a hamster in a black claok running to the blimp. Before Croquet can respond, ten seals were presented to him. Croquet let him enter as agreed and closed the door. Well, looks like we have a full tournament after all.
With the door closed, the blimp was slowly taking off, which was a downer because another duelist with ten seals made it to the location. "Damn it, it's taking off. I'm too late."
"No, you just need to improvise." said another finalist in his predicament.
The two duelists manage to grab hold of a landing gear as it was going into a blimp (different ones, mind you) and were entered into the blimp.
Croquet sees the cloaked hamster and decides to chat. "Here, take this room, #16 and I'll inform you on the progress in time." said Croquet.
"Understood." said the black cloaked hamster and the individual went into the room.
"By the way, there's one last thing I need of you."
Meanwhile, the other fifteen duelists were in a room together. Most of them were seated, but a few were still standing. "I guess we wait here until Pegasus figures out what to do next." said Stan.
"I hope this isn't too long." said Hilde.
"Fools rush into battle, so rest while you can." said Hiei.
"It's nice to see that you made it, Jam." said Stan.
"Ditto to you, Stan." Jam said.
"I'm glad I have some friendly female company." said Bijou.
"You said it." said Pashmina.
"Yeah, it's good to know we're all here." said Penelope.
Howdy and Dexter were enjoying the food. "It's good to duel on a full tank." said Howdy.
"I'll eat, but I don't plan on stuffing my cheeks." said Dexter.
Hiei stood against the wall, he was silent and had a full view of the room and his opponents. So I guess it'll only be fifteen duelists competing in this tournament. Someone will get a bye while the rest of use compete. he thought. No matter, I need no byes to get through this tournament. And the great thing is that all of my potential targets are in one place: The Dragon Lord; Boss; Duelist Ham; Bijou, the current champion; and even an easter egg of Deras Gata. I didn't expect to be treated to such a bountiful medley of duelists, but I got it. My conquest of this tournament will be a rough one, but I shall endure... like I always have.
After a while, pegasus entered the room. "Greetings finalists and welcome." he began. "All of you are here because you simply are strong and seemingly unstoppable duelists."
You got that right. thought Duelist Ham.
"As you can see, these finals are aboard my custom airship, Duel Hidenberg. It will test your wits as well as how you will play your cards. I'm sure to see some terribly delicious duels in this tournament, so I wish all of you the best of luck... to those who need it anyway."
The door opened up and Croquet walked in. "Mr. Crawford, we have a problem." said Croquet.
"Let go of me you suit." Croquet was pushed away and Tyrone walked into the room.
"Tyrone? What are you doing here?" asked Hilde.
"Tch, what does it look like? I'm here to compete." Tyrone answered.
"Sir, I found this stowaway sneaking around where he shouldn't be." Croquet explained. "I wish to know what we should do with him."
"You're a dumbass, you know that..." Tyrone said.
"Watch your tongue you scoundrel, or I'll lock you up in the brig."
Tyrone walked over to Hilde. "You liar, you said all sixteen duelist were here. But I only see fifteen other duelists in this room, aside from myself that is."
"The last duelist is currently resting, he ran towards the door just moments before takeoff and was winded."
"Man, I knew I was too late." In walks Seamore.
"Seamore, you're here too?" asked Hamtaro.
"I snuck on board with this guy by holding onto a landing dock while it retracted into the blimp and found my way around."
"Well, it looks like we have eighteen duelists instead of sixteen." said Duelist Ham.
"Whatever, I got my ten seals right here." said Tyrone as he showed his seals.
"Same here." Seamore followed suit.
Pegasus was simply amused even further. "Well now, you have proven your worth... even if you did sneak in. Reguardless, you two will get your chances to compete in the finals as well."
"But sir.." said Croquet.
"Come now, Croquet. Have a heart... besides, these two have earned it after all." Pegasus said and had a muffled giggle.
"Well, I guess it's lucky for you two that Pegasus is so kind." Croquet left the room.
Pegasus continued. "Anyway, welcome to the finals.
After the bit of explaining, Croquet returned holding a bag as all duelists ere given a piece of lead. "Okay finalists, in this bag are seventeen orbs." Croquet explained. "Each of you will reach in and pull out one of these orbs until all seventeen are distributed. The orbs simply pop open and reveal a stip to write your names on. Each orb is the exact size and weight, similar color of white and have a number on them. Once you have written your name on the paper strip, place in into the ball and give it back."
"Each strip with your names on them will be of course how I will announce you to the rest of the theme park, as every round of the tournament will be watched by everyone. And I'm sure each of you have dueling a dueling alias, or something you wish to be referred to." Pegasus informed.
"Our current champion will have the first draw."
"I will let ze stubborn champion draw first, zen I shall take my orb." said Bijou.
"Very well. Duelist Ham, the first pick is yours."
"Good." said Duelist Ham as he reached in to pull.
"Keep your numbers secret only to you. And just so you know, orb number sixteen has been removed from the bag." said Croquet.
"Whatever." said Duelist Ham.
Actually, I currently have the sixteenth orb, Croquet thought. It belongs to the duelist known as the Deckbreaker.
As all orbs are given and tagged, all the duelists soon gave them back. The duelist on their orbs are listed like so:
Duelist #01: Aqua, The Queen of Tides
Duelist #02: Dragon Soldier Hiei
Duelist #03: 7 Seas Seamore
Duelist #04: Dragon Brother Stan
Duelist #05: The Beastmaster
Duelist #06: Deras Gata
Duelist #07: Dragonlord Jam
Duelist #08: Hilde, Master of Dragons
Duelist #09: Duel Angel Bijou
Duelist #10: The Fairy Enforcer
Duelist #11: The Summoner
Duelist #12: Duelist Ham
Duelist #13: Mr. Inferno
Duelist #14: Prehistorik Pashmina
Duelist #15: The Brave Hamtaro
Duelist #16: The Deckbreaker
Duelist #17: Heroic Penelope
Duelist #18: Commander Charge
Pegasus cleared his throat. "With that said and done, each of you is to retire to your rooms." said Pegasus. "You each have fifteen minutes to rest up and go through your decks to make any final changes you need. Good luck to all of you, and see you soon." With that said, each duelist went to their rooms to rest and prepare for the tournament.
Preperations were underway for each duelist and things simply took to their own ways. As every duelist had things on their minds, preperations were the primary concerns. Penelope was busy going through her booster packs and in one of them, managed to pull the card she was looking for. Perfect, I wanted this D-Hero and now I can add it to my deck. she thought. I may not be able to call it properly, but I will at leat say that I have it. Two raps came to Penelope's door. "Just a minute." Penelope put her cards away, then went to open the door. "Is something the matter?" she asked.
Croquet was standing in front of her. "Mr. Crawford wanted me to personally deliver this card to you." he explained. "Add it to your deck and good luck in the tournament." Croquet took his leave after that.
"I wonder what this card is..." Penelope went back to her table and unwrapped the packagin of the card, then began to read it to herself. "Elemental Hero Stratos: When this card is normal or special summoned, select and activate one of the following effects: Destroy spell or trap cards on the field equal to the number of Elemental and Destiny Hero monster you control except this card; Add one Elemental or Destiny Hero monster from your deck to your hand. 1800/300." Penelope added the card to her deck. "I might have a use for you...."
Bijou went to visit Jam. "Hey, what's up, champ?" asked Jam.
"I need an extra dragon." Bijou answered.
"Is that so?"
"Oui. You wouldn't happen to have Winged Dragon of ze Fortress 1 would you?"
"I think so, lemme check my bag." Jam looked into his pack and pulled out varoius cards at his disposal. "Let's see, that one is 2.... 2.... 2.... ah, here we go. Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1." Jam hands the card to Bijou.
"Merci, you are too kind."
"You know, I would've let you have a better dragon than that."
"Of course, but the low leveled ones are more important than ze high-powered ones."
"True. So do you think you can keep your title?"
"Only time will tell, Jam." and Bijou left Jam alone.
"That's our champ." Jam put the extras back and found a copper colored packet in his bag. He then took it out and looked at it. That's right, this is those cards from that one shopkeeper who is selling at the fun park. His wife gave this to me as a way of saying thanks for saving their lives and business. I guess I'll open it up and see what I've got. Jam opened the packet and it contained four cards, though they were backwards. He turned them around and had quite the grin on his face. Bingo, these were the last cards that I needed. They are also the key cards of my new deck. It's time for me to begin creating the final dragon deck I'll ever make.
Hiei was busy mating with Aqua in her room and Petal was simply standing outside of the door. I hope I don't get this way whan I'm older. she thought. She then sees Cappy as he enters his room, a slight blush comes across her face as he goes inside the door. Moments later, she decides to walk over to his room and gives three raps. No response... She gives three more raps and Cappy comes to the door this time. "I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but I'm resting at the moment." he told her.
"I thought I'd just wish you good luck." said Petal.
"You too." Cappy closes the door behind him. "Let's go for cotton candy later...."
"Sure." Petal's face turns red and she goes back to Aqua's door.
"Aw, somebody's got a boyfriend." Tyrone teased her.
"Sh'right." said Petal. "I'm not horny like you are..."
"I already had my action today, but I would like to get some from that cutie wearing the scarf."
"Like she'll put out for you."
"I don't see why not."
"Because that one's already taken." the two turn to see Howdy. "I know, I was after her for a long time. She with four-eyes now, but it's cool."
"Four-eyes?" Tyrone was confused.
"He means Deras Gata." Petal cleared up.
"Good girl, you're learning." said Howdy. "Well, hope to duel you soon." and Howdy entered his room.
Dexter, Boss and Hamtaro were standing together in the area with a weird machine in the room. "It's agreed, the Shadow Clan goes down here." said Dexter.
"I agree," said Boss. "I personally had to deal with one and had him dispoed of."
"Same here." said Hamtaro. "I feel bad because this guy was a good duelist. Hopefully I'll be able to duel him again."
"Making friends with the enemy won't help you." said Dexter. "It's a good thing I still have this around." Dexter held the Seal of the Sun.
"I almost forgot about that thing, I put it somewhere..."
"Mine's already in my deck." said Boss. Let's see it those others can be of any use."
"We'll find out." said Dexter and Hamtaro.
As time expired, the duelists gathered into a room where each duel is to be decided. Ironically enough, it was the same room that Boss Dexter and Hamtaro were speaking. Croquet emptied all the orbs into the machine and started the machine. "Okay everyone, it's time for the dueling to begin." said Pegasus. "Now, as there are two more duelists then planned, we are going to have a bonus round, one that will happen now." Pegasus placed his paw toward the machine. "As you can see, all of your orbs are being scrambled in this machine. As they spin two orbs will be chosen and the duelists will begin their duel immediately. Fourteen of you will have a first round bye whil the other four will compete for the last two spots. So consider this as a Round 0, so to speak."
"Without any further delays, let's begin the duels." said Croquet.
The orbs flund around and one of them was chosen. The chosen orb rolled down the trail and took a stop. "All right, the first duelist to compete is Duelist number four, Dragon Brother Stan." Croquet announced.
"Looks like I get to duel first." said Stan.
"And now, the machine will pick Stan's opponent."
The machine chose another number and it rolled down the trail. This is it, give me Hiei.... Stan thought.
The orb came to a stop. "Stan will face off against Duelist number fourteen, Prehistorik Pashmina. Duelists, prepare for battle."
The duelists were lead to the dueling arena and as they were, all the monitors of the fun park turned on and lit up the screens. "Greetings fellow watchers, the finalists are now beginning to go through and have the finals." Pegasus announced to all guests of the fun par. "Each and every last duel of the finals will be broadcast for your viewing pleasure, so that you can see... and cheer on each of them. Because we had a few extra duelists show up, we're conducting this mini stage of the tournament first. I'll now leave you to watch Round 0 of the tournament."
Pashmina and Stan stood at opposite sides of the arena. "The first battle of this tournament will begin." Croquet announced to the viewers. "In this opening round, Dragon Brother Stan will face Prehistorik Pashmina. Duelists, come forward and shuffle your opponent's decks."
"Wait, we shuffle our opponent's deck?" asked Stan.
"That is correct."
Both Stan and Pashmina removed their decks, gave their cards to their opponent and shuffled the opposing players cards. The decks were then returned and the duelists take to their respective places. "Duelists, begin when ready." said Croquet and the playing field was elevated.
"Well Pashmina, you certainly have come quite the long way in your dueling. I hope you have done your homework." said Stan.
"Don't worry, I can hold my own." said Pashmina. "I'll also insist you take the first move."
"Are you sure about that?"
"Very." Pashmina nodded. "If things go well with this duel, I'll have done a first in beating both Dragon Brothers in one tournament."
"Wait, Pashmina beat you in a duel?" asked Boss.
"Yeah, I lost. It was one hell of a duel too, so I'm not mad." Jam admitted.
So this girl beat the Dragonlord, did she? thought Hiei. I must see how her strategy fares.
"This girl interests me." said Aqua.
"Yes." agreed Hiei.
"I plan on keeping an eye on her."
"You aren't the only one." said Hilde.
"Don't expect me to go easy one you." said Stan.
"I don't." said Pashmina. "I'm gonna show you the powers of my cards."
"Cool. Hey Jam, any words of advise?"
"Yeah, I got some advice," Jam answered, "don't get sidetracked."
"Pay attention, because you're next on my list, Hiei."
"Dream on you hack!" Hiei shouts to Stan.
"Here we go, time to show and tell Pashmina."
"Let's duel!" cried Pashmina.
The duelists draw their hands and Stan takes his card. "Aw, this is gonna be quick. First thing's first, I'll summon the Lord of Dragons (1200/1100). But it doesn't stop there, because I'll now play The Flute of summoning Dragon and bring two more monsters out to attack." Stan's Lord of Dragons blows into the flute. "Say hello to Divine Dragon Ragnarok (1500/1000) and Armed Dragon LV5 (2400/1700). Next, I'll play Polymerization and fuse Ragnarok and my Dragon Lord..." Stan's two monsters became one. "Say hello to King Dragun (2400/1100)."
"That's a new one." said Pashmina, impressed by Stan's new monster.
"Not only that, but he has the Dragon Lord's protective abilities. However, he also has the same abilities of his flute, so I can bring out another monster. Say hello to the Rare Metal Dragon." Stan's new dragon appeared next to King Dragun (2400/1200). "I may not have any cards left in my hand, but a line-up like this more than makes up for it. Your turn, Pashmina."
"Wow, three monsters at 2400 on the first turn, amazing." said Penelope.
"Zat is amazing." Bijou agreed.
That move might have been great back in the days of dueling, but now it's a gamble. thought Howdy.
"That's an incredible play, Stan." said Pashmina. "But like the saying goes, 'Anything you can do, I can do better' Stan."
"Well, show and tell."
Pashmina took her card. "I'll begin with Graceful Charity." Pashmina resolves her spell. "Now for my play. I'll set one card face down and summon Granadora in attack mode." Pashmina's monster takes to the field (1900/700).
"That can't stand up to my dragons, Pashmina."
"When Granadora is summoned, I gain 1000 life <9000>." Pashmina continued her move. "Now I'll play Ultra Evolution Pill. In order for this to work, I need a reptile to offer, like my Granadora. And since Granadora is sacrificed instead of being destroyed, it's damaging effect doesn't apply. Now I can summon a dinosaur monster from my hand, one that's powerful."
"I have an idea on what you plan on bringing out."
"Your idea is wrong, now say hello to my Ultimate Tyranno!"
"Ultimate Tyranno?"
Pashmina's new monster came out with a thunderous roar (3000/2200). I was looking for this card, now I can see how it works. thought Jam.
Pashmina continued her turn. "Looks like your dragons don't seem to like my new toy, Stan. But the worst thing for you is that my Ultimate Tyranno must attack all of your monsters."
"Must, what do you mean, must?!" Stan was in a state of panic.
"It's not optional. Ultimate Tyranno, rid the field of those dragons!"
In one swat from its tail, all three of Stan's monsters were destroyed <6200>.
Hiei tried to hold it in, but it was no use. He burst into laughter and pointed at Stan. "That's what you get, you third rate hack!" and the Dragon Soldier continued to laugh at him.
"Man, that's gotta suck." said Cappy.
"I'd be crying if that happened to me." said Penelope.
Bijou shook her head. Pashmina is going to be toug to beat with a play like zat one. she thought.
Damn, it's only the first move... thought Jam.
Tyrone was jumping around. "Man, somebody call yo mamma and tell her the goose is done like dinner. Oh, testifry!" he shouted.
"What a shame." said Hilde. "Her talents had to be wasted against someone that is so inferior..."
"Man, I can't watch." Seamore said as he turned away from the duel.
"That is some fucked up shit." said Howdy.
Talk about pride being stung, thought Boss. Stan is swolen inside...
"My turn's over." announced Pashmina. "I know this is the first tournament I've entered, but I seriously hope you've got something that can stop me."
Stan drew his card, which happened to be Lightning Vortex. "My turn's over." he said sadly.
Pashmina drew her next card. "I'm very disappointed in you, Stan. All you gave me was two turns, two lousy turns....." she began to cry. "I expected at least five turns, but you couldn't even give me half of that? Jam gave me a better fight than this and it was much closer!" Pashmina wiped away her tears. "It's time for me to end your pain. I'll reveal my face down Fossil Excavation trap card. It's basically a Call of the Haunted for dinosaurs and I'll bring back my Dark Driceratops (2400/1500), then I'll summon my Saberasaurus in attack mode (1900/500). Altogether, these three monsters have a combined 7300 attack strength, 1100 more points than your remaining life. This, I can truthfully say, is the worst duel in my life... and I don't know what hurts more; winning against someone I considered a very strong duelist that let me down, or being let down with a disgraceful duel that was only two turns long. Either way, you've made me feel like crap as the end result. Dinosaurs, feast upon his life points."
All three dinosaurs dug into Stan, ending the duel. After the blows were dealt, the dueling arna was lowered. "And the winner of the first match, Prehistorik Pashmina." announced. "Viewers, standby for the next duel." and all the monitors went blue.
"Man, I'm glad we decided to watch this duel." said Maxwell.
"Pashmina is lethal..." said Sandy.
"Hey you guys, what I miss?" asked Barrette.
"The duel's over, Pashmina won."
"You're kidding me. I leave when Stan has three monsters on the field to pee and return to see that the duel is over?"
"Stan got beat in two turns, you didn't miss anything good."
Back on the blimp, Hiei was laughing up a storm. "Stop laughing already, Hiei, it's not funny anymore." said Aqua.
"Yes it is." Hiei said, still snickering. "Not only did you lose to a rookie, but you lost in two turns, plus she had more than 8000 life points."
"C'mon, he's not worth laughing at." said Hilde.
"He's not even worth mocking or frowning upon." added Tyrone.
"You're right." Hiei finally regained his composure. "A duelist like you should duel players that aren't a bunch of weaklings!" and off the Shadow Clan members left.
What none of the duelists realized was that one specific set of hamsters were observing these duels... and one hamster, of a spring green color, took quite the exception to the following duel. "This Prehistorik Pashmina...." he trailed off. "She managed to destroy that duelist in two turns..... Such rutheless power in her monsters..."
"Babbling as usual, I see...." Another hamster, a female this time who was powder blue walked next to him. "You're always looking for new challanges, as well as new challengers, aren't you, Locke?"
This male hamster, dubbed as Locke turned to the girl. "Tia, you jest me." he told her. "Any duelist that can take someone out in two turns is extraordinary in their own right."
Tia simply shrugged. "What-ever."
"If you two are done...." Tia and Locke turn to see another "ally" of theirs. He was tall, brown, and had a third eye that was opened. "For now, our purpose is only to observe these duelists of Forbidden Brown. In time, we shall enguage them... so just relax and take down their strategies in preperation to counter them."
Dexter went into his room and looked at his spare cards. Pashmina's Ultimate Tyranno is intesively powerful. he thought. Too powerful for my likings... This tournament may have me face some powerful monsters here, and because of this.... because of this.... I too, must ensure balance in power to my favor. Dexter found his most powerful monster of his assortment. If I dare stand a chance against something of that much force, I will need to harness the true powers of my undead deck. Prepare, for the Undead Duelist shall rein dominance in the hands of one true force of destruction.
As Dexter revamped his powers, the rest of the participants took to the lottery room. "Before we begin the next drawing, I want to congratulate your most impressive and highly unexpected victory. Words cannot descriabe the power used by you in that duel, Pashmina." said Croquet.
"Thank-q." said Pashmina.
How this girl managed to defeat both Dragon duelists of this Duel House is beyond reasoning... Hilde thought. Rookie or not, this "Newtype" must be dealt with.
A two-turn victory over that chump Dragon duelist isn't all that impressive, thought Hiei, but to defeat both Dragon Brothers in one tournament is a feat on its own. I will risk you "B" for now, but I may change it as your strength grows.
As these thoughts went on, the first orb rolled to a stop. Croquet looks at the orb, "Duelist number thirteen, Mr. Inferno."
"Well, I guess I gotta earn my stripes." said Tyrone.
"The machine will now begin the pick of his opponent." Croquet continued. Moments later, the second orb was chosen. "Mr. Inferno will face off against Duelist number eighteen, Commander Charge. Duelists, prepare for battle."
Boss gives Howdy an odd look. "Interesting stage name for yourself, Commander." he compliments.
"Don't knock what you can't beat." said Howdy.
"Lovely, two arrogant duelists are about to duel each other..." Hiei trailed off.
Sparkle was sitting down on a bench, she had watched how badly Stan lost to Pashmina. "Well, let's see who's going to battle next." she told herself.
The monitors turned on and Pegasus' words could be heard. "Welcome back, viewers. It's time for the next duel... I'm hoping that this one is actually long enough to watch. Take it away, Croquet."
"Next up is the final duel of Round 0." Croquet announced. "Next up, Mr. Inferno will face off against Commander Charge. Duelists, come forward and shuffle your opponent's decks."
Tyrone and Howdy shuffel their opponent's decks. "Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh." Tyrone chuckled as he shuffled Howdy's deck.
"You mind sharing what's so funny?" asked Howdy as he shuffled Tyrone's deck.
"Charge... you remind me of a sparring duelist of mine. His deck is just like yours, full of Thunder-type monsters."
"You're mistaken, Mr. Inferno. I'm not like your friend and neither is my arsenal."
Both decks were returned to their owners. "Funny, I think you're exactly like my sparring buddy."
"You'll learn the hard way, just like the others have."
"It doesn't matter, I'm gonna burn you anyway."
Tyrone and Howdy turned to face each other on the dueling field. "Well, let's see how well Tyrone duels against Commander Charge." said Aqua.
"Yes." agreed Hiei.
Howdy looked at Tyrone. "There's a lot about me that you need to learn." he explained. "I may not seem like much, but my power never gives in to any duelist."
"Well, there's always a first for everything." said Tyrone. "And I to, am not as weak as I seem. You and your deck of Thunder monsters can't touch my everlasting flames." Tyrone held up his left paw, it soon set ablaze.
"My friends know me by name, which of course is Howdy. But you will know me as the one who weilds a deck like no other."
"We shall see."
Tyrone dropped his flaming paw, creating a ring of fire that soon surrounds the two duelists. He soon laughed, "It's time to duel, and time for me to burn your thunder based deck."
"Enough talk. Drop this guy, Charge!" Boss called out to Howdy.
"Agreed." Howdy said, then turned to Tyrone. "Mr. Inferno, it's time you felt the unyielding power of the Full Charge Assault!"
Both duelists draw their hands and the duel is a go. This flame ring must be his version of a Nyte duel. Howdy thought. No matter, I'm not losing anyway.
"Since you're quiet, I'll go first." said Tyrone.
"Bring it." said Howdy.
Tyrone drew his first card. "I don't trust that hand you have, so I'll play Card Destruction off the bat." Both duelists bury their hands and draw five new cards. "This is much more like it. Now let's officially start things. I'll attack with Darkfire Soldier #2." Tyrone's monster takes to the field (1700/1100). "Next, I'll place two cards face down and end my turn."
"Nice, but you still have a lot to learn." Howdy drew his first card. "I'll activate the spell card Battery Charger." he began. "It costs 500 life to active <7500>, but it allows me to bring out one of my trusted monsters. So saw hello to Batteryman C in attack mode." Howdy's monster takes to the field (0/0).
Tyrone laughs. "You're gonna fight me with that, you really are a joke!"
"No, I'm going to fight you with this; Machine King Prototype (1600/1500). This is where things get interesting, because my Batteryman kicks in. Giving my machines 500 points for whatever position C happens to be in, and since this Batteryman is attacking, he give the Machine King Prototype 500 ATK points (2100 ATK). Now my Machine King, drop that Darkfire Soldier."
Howdy's monster destroys the Darkfire Soldier <7600>. His turn goes on, "I'll finally play the spell card Stumbling and end my turn."
Hmm... as long as Batteryman C is on the field, his Machine King Prototype will get a power boost. Looks like I'll have to drop it, then. Tyrone draws his card. "Time to say good-bye to your battery. Blazing Inpachi, time to burn up the field (1850/0)." But the joke was on Tyrone as his monster didn't have exactly the turnout he wanted. "Wait a minute, you're in defense mode...."
"Exactly. Stumbling makes any all monsters summoned switch into defense mode." Howdy explained.
Tyrone growled. "Just go, you ruined my plan."
Clever. Knowing that his Batteryman C has no points to defend itself, Commander Charge uses a spell to prevent monsters from attacking. thought Hiei. Not a bad strategy. And since Tyrone's Impachi has no points to defend, it'll be destroyed this coming turn.
Hmm... I might have to side deck that card. thought Aqua.
Howdy took his next card. "I'll now play, Batteryman D." Howdy's new monster take the field and the defense (0/1900). He continues his turn, "Machine King Prototype, attack!"
"I'll reveal my Backfire trap card." said Tyrone. He then watches his monster get destroyed.
"One more monster of yours bites the dust." said Howdy.
Suddenly, flames come from Tyrone's trap, blowing Howdy off his feet <7000>. Tyrone laughed. "No skin off my back, but you had to pay for that one." he said. "Each time one of my Fire monsters is sent to its grave, you lose 500 life points. So even if a monster dies out, it's flames will burn you anyway. Making you suffer even more while nothing at all happens to me, haha."
"Man, talk about rotten." said Howdy.
"Not really, it's clever. But then again, you just crashed and burned anyway, even if you did successfully strike my monster down. Now I'll quote one of the 'Heated Scriptures' to you."
'Heated Scriptures'?
"Thou shalt not burn thyne own ass. Testifry!"
"Man, and I thought my metaphors were bad. That was just horrible."
"You're only saying that because you just got burned."
"Even in the finals, this asshole is annoying." Sparkle said as she stuck out her tongue to the monitor. "You better not lose to this guy, Howdy."
Howdy looked over to his friends. "Aren't you guys glad my material isn't that bad?" he asked them.
"Yes." the gang answered.
"Everyone's a critic." Tyrone said with a shrug. "If you're done...."
"One card face down, your move."
Tyrone draws his card. "I'll Begin with one monster face down, then I'll remove my Darkfire Soldier #2 in my graveyard from play and special summon Inferno in defense mode to end my turn." A flaming beast appears to defend Tyrone's Life points (1100/1900)."
Howdy makes his move. "My next monster is a favorite of one of my sparring partners, Roulette Barrel." The new monster appears next to Batteryman C in defense position. "Since this new monster is a Machine, it also gains 500 ATK points from C (1500/200). This new monster also activate my Machine King Prototype, giving it an extr 100 ATK points (2200 ATK). Now I'll activate the special ability of my Roulette Barrel." a large die drops to Howdy's side of the field. "I'll roll this die and if the roll is right, I can destroy a monster on the field equal to the level of the number rolled."
"Interesting...." said Tyrone.
Howdy picks the die up and rolls it, giving him the result of "3". "Too bad, my Inferno's a four-star monster." said Tyrone.
"I get two rolls, you idiot." said Howdy and tossed the die again. This time, he rolled a "6".
"What a shame, you lose again."
"Yeah, I do."
"Craps isn't for guys like you."
"No matter, Machine King Prototype, attack his face down monster."
Tyrone's monster, which turned out to be Charcoal Inpachi was destroyed. And as it was destroyed, Howdy took the burn. "Oh yeah, I forgot about that card <6500>."
Tyrone laughed. "You might wanna think about smarter dueling." he said and then drew. "Now it's time to deal with your Machine King with Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective (2000/0)."
"Looks like your forgot about my Stumbling card. You'll have to wait another turn now."
"Not really, I have that planned. My other face down card is called Torrential Tribute."
All monsters on the field are destroyed by Tyrone's trap, but it was the after effect that got Howdy, as Backfire burned him again <5500>. Tyrone laughed at Howdy. "For someone who's bringin the charge, you sure are seeming to do yourself more harm than me. You really are a sad duelist, you know that?"
"All right, now I'm mad." said Howdy.
"Good, you can get mad and get burned, testifry!"
Howdy took his next card. "You know what, I had my kid gloves on because I can already see through your sorry strategy."
Tyrone snickered at Howdy. "You're only saying it's sorry because you're losing to it." he shot at his opponent.
"No, I'm saying it because the only good play you've had is Card Destruction. What a sad way to fight, when all you've done is let your monsters go to waste and have me damage myself. Some strong duelist you are, you're just a sham."
"I wasn't a sham to the top graduate of Duel School."
"Wait a minute.... you mean-"
"Yep, Sparkle is her name. She thought she could whoop me with a suped-up dragon and the birds that go with it, but I dropped all of her monsters in one shot. And I'll drop you the same way, just you wait and see."
"Dream on."
"Hurry up and finish your move, it's not like you have a monster to do anything anyway."
Howdy looked at the card he drew. "That's where you're wrong, for I have something that's about to damage the hell out of you, but first, I'll reveal my Mystical Space Typhoon." Howdy's spell destroys his Stumbling card, then he sets a card face down."
"Too bad you don't have an actual monster."
"That's where you're wrong, for I have a personal favorite monster to dish out your pain, the Thunder Dragon."
Thunder Dragon? wondered Tyrone.
Howdy explains as he makes his play. "When one Thunder Dragon is discarded from my hand, I can pull two more of them from my deck. Next, I'll use Polymerization and bring forth one of my more powerful monsters in the assault... the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100)."
O-kay, that can do something....
"Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, show this guy some real power!"
Howdy's dragon firees bolts of lightning at Tyrone, knocking him flat on his rear <4800>. "Winning duels is done by actually attacking your opponent, not by wasting monsters like you have been doing. Now take your turn, and actually fight back for a change!"
"Agreed." said Hiei. "You're wasting time, Inferno. Stop stalling and duel!"
"Man, everyone's a critic." said Tyrone as he took his next card. "I'll help you out with my Card of Sanctity 2." Both duelists fill their hands with six cards. "Hahaha, hello baby. You're just what I need to finish this fool, but I will wait until the timing is perfect before I have you desolate this ingrate. I'll play my Raging Flame Sprite in attack mode (100/200). Next, I'll set these two babies face down. Attack him directly my Flame Sprite!"
Tyrone's monster attacks Howdy, who simply shrugs off the blow. "At least I can't say you didn't fight back." said Howdy <5400>.
"No, you can't." said Tyrone, "and my monster's attack boosts his power (1100 ATK). "Your move, too bad you can't draw."
"Too bad your monster ain't sticking around this turn. Attack his sprite, my dragon." Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon prepares to attack.
"Not so fast, activate my Gravity Bind. That'll stop your dragon in its tracks."
"I'll chain with my Dust Tornado." That's when it hit Howdy, I can't decide on which to destroy....
Tyrone laughed. "Well now, what decides to go? Two traps that help me hurt you.... which will you get rid of, though?"
"The obvious choice, I'm taking out your Gravity Bind." The storm destroys the Gravity Bind trap card. Afterwards, Howdy set a card in his hand down. "Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, destroy his monster!" Howdy's dragon drops the Raging Flame Sprite that Tyrone owns, damaging his life points further <3100>, then is burned by by Tyrone's backfire. A small price to pay in his opinion, since he took less damage than he gave <4900>. "My turn's over."
Tyrone drew his card. "I'll place this monster in defense mode and then invoke the powers of Level Limit-Area B."
As Tyrone's spell took activation, Howdy's Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon took to defense mode as it is a level 7 monster. "This will give you someting to think about, my Meteor of Destruction!"
"Ah, crap."
A flaming meteor fell from the sky, landing all over Howdy's side of the field, dealing 1000 damage to Howdy's life points <3900>. Tyrone laughed at Howdy, "I enjoy having you wallow in fear. And with that, I end my turn."
Howdy drew his card. Perfect, you're just who I wanted to see. he thought and looked at the opposing field. "Now it's time to deal with my problems.... If you think you have me restricted to limit, than you've got another thing coming."
"Show me." said Tyrone.
"Fine, but now it's time to introduce you to one of the strongest members of my assault force."
"Hah, don't kid yourself. Twin-Head over there is one of the strongest thunder monsters in the game, even more powerful than Sangaa of Thunder."
"Well I guess I'll just intorduce you to some real pain then, with the summoning of Batteryman AA."
With the summoning of Howdy's new monster, things were starting to shift in this duel. About damn time you summoned that thing. thought Boss.
This is where things begin to interest the rest of the watching duelists. thought Dexter.
Howdy's Batterman stands next to TTD. "Now here's where you go down: For every Batteryman AA on the field, they get 1000 points for the position they're in. And since this one is in attack mode, he has 1000 ATK points (1000/0). I don't normally risk shots like this, but I do have a slight lead to make a mistake. Now attack his face down card, my Batteryman!"
Howdy's monster attacks, flipping up the defensive monster Tyrone had hidden. "I have to thank you for the attack, Commander Charge, for you've triggered the effect of my Mask of Darkness." Tyrone said with a smirk on his face.
Well that was a real damper. thought Howdy. Tyrone begins to search his graveyard. I just destroyed that Gravity bind he had to and now he can get it back thanks to that Mask. Luckily for me, however, that is a Dark element monster and Backfire doesn't apply.
"I picked out what I plan on using against you, but don't worry, I won't make you suffer about it just yet."
"Whatever. I'll drop another card and end my turn.
Tyrone takes his card. "Well look at this, it's another Raging Flame Sprite. Let's have him attack you now."
Howdy take the weak attack without hesitation, I won't waste a trap on that monster. <3800>
"This little guy is amazing (1100ATK). Now that he's booster up, I can withstand and destroy your battery over there on my next turn, but I will set this baby down. Now go ahead and take your turn."
Howdy dres his card, nothing to save his monster. "I'll switch my Batteryman into defense mode and end my turn (0/1000)."
Tyrone drew his card. Interesting, upon switching the position of that Batteryman, the stats also switched position as well. Quite the unique card....
"I don't get it, didn't that monster just have 1000 attack points?" asked Petal.
"As the commander explained, Batteryman AA gains 1000 points for each one on the field, but that 1000 points determines on the position of the monster." Hiei clears up.
"I'm still confused."
"The Batteryman card stats are originally 0, but when they are placed into battle, the position changes by 1000 points times the number of Batteryman AA monsters on the field."
"I get it." said Aqua. "When it's attacking, it has no defense and when it's defending, it has no offense and the thousand goes to the current position."
"Oh... now I get it." said Petal.
"Thanks for clearing that up, Hiei. Well, even if your monster can flip its stats, you still can't stop my monster. Attack!"
Howdy takes another shot to his life points. "I really despise that monster." <2700>
Tyrone laughed. "Testifry! My Sprite will put you in critical condition the next time he attacks (2100 ATK). I guess you're starting to eat your words on me attacking you and it serves you right for dissing my strategy. Now take your turn."
"Okay, I'll admit it. I misjudged you, but you still aren't going to win."
Shows what you know. All I need is one more card to play and you're finished.
Howdy takes the next card. "I'll play my Graceful Charity." Howdy resolves this card's effect and sees a sight for sore eyes. "Batteryman AA, back on the attack (1000/0), now I'll play a second Batteryman AA on the attack. And with two of them, their power grows even more (2000/0 x2)."
"So what, you're still not strong enough to take my Raging Flame Sprite down."
"Well let's change that, with the spell card United We Stand."
The hams cheered as Howdy played his spell. "That's what I'm talking about." said Boss.
"Lay it down on this hothead, Howdy." said Cappy.
"Yes... get him, Howdy. Get him once for me!" yelled Sparkle.
"This isn't good." said Tyrone.
"Damn straight," said Howdy, "because my AA Batteryman now gets 2400 ATK and DEF points (4400/2400). 800 for each monster to those who are slow in wondering why. Attack his Flame Sprite now, my United Batteryman!"
The Batteryman AA goes in for the attack. "Lights out for that monster." said Cappy.
"Not yet." said Tyrone. "I'll use my Dimension Wall trap card."
"I'll chain my Mystik Wok to that."
The Raging Flame Sprite is destroyed and flames cover Howdy's sice of the field. When the flames clear, Howdy's Batterymen were on the field. "You truly are a tricky duelist to battle, but you're gonna need more than that to stop me." said Howdy.
"That's impossible!" yelled Tyrone. "That move should've won me the duel, yet you're still standing... how come?"
"That's a good question, explain what happened here Pegasus." said Hiei.
"Don't look at me, I'm as confused as you are." Pegasus lied to the group.
"Does anyone know what happened?" asked Croquet.
"Sure, I know what's going on." Jam answered. He then began to explain. "Here's what happened. The Batteryman AA at 4400 attack points goes in to attack the Raging Flame Sprite. Tyrone's Dimension Wall is activated upon the declared attack. Commander Charge chained his Mystik Wok to this trap. Now as you can see, the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon is gone. That's because it was the sacrificed monster from the effects of his spell.
"So here's the scenario, 4400-2100=2300. This damage, thianks to Dimension Wall, is directed from Inferno, to Charge. Queue Mystik Wok, and the Thunder Twin. It's 2800 attack points turned into 2800 life points for the Assault. 2300-2800= minus 500. Add 500 points of damage due to Backire and your result is zero. So at the cost of a powerful Dragon, Charge's life points remain untouched."
"Well said, Dragonlord." said Howdy. "However, you forgot one thing."
"And that is?"
"The effect of United We Stand. With my tributing of the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, my life points rose to 5500, but it also lowered the power of my monster from 4400 to 3600. 36-21x100=1500, plus 500 from backfire. This gives me a grand total of 3500 life points and my Batteryman stands at 3600/1600. Shocking, isn't it?" <3500>
Tyrone was very upset about what just happened. No! I had his soul... I really had him. That victory was mine.... he thought.
For a Thunder duelist, he's very resorceful. thought Aqua. Even I couldn't have come up with a counter like that.
Now that was some skill. thought Hiei.
"What's wrong hotshot, can't take the heat?" Howdy taunted Tyrone. "Or maybe you just need to be reminded of your 'Heated Scripture' from earlier. 'Thou shalt not burn thyne own ass.' And nothing hurts like an electrical burn, testifry now."
"Let's continue the duel." reminded Croquet.
"That's right, I still have another Batteryman AA to tear your life points down with. Attack now, my second Batteryman AA and burn 2000 more points away from his life!"
Tyrone took another shot, knocking him into the barrier of the fiery ring and making him drop to a knee <1100>. "If you can't stand the heat, put out the fire. But then again, these flames can't be put out, now can they?" Howdy taunted Tyrone further.
"You.... asshole...." Tyrone mumbled.
"For someone who likes to dish out burns, you cant stand taking them, but it's just what a sham like you needs. I'm about to snuff you out, but I'll wait until my next attack to do it. Go ahead and move."
Gravity Bind won't help me here... I need to buy time. Tyrone drew his card. "I'll activate Swords of Revealing Light." Swords fall from the sky and appear on Howdy's side of the field. And despite the wording of the card, these swords were flames.
He's stalling, but it won't save him. It only delays his demise. thought Howdy.
"You're waiting for something, but will you get it in time?" Howdy drew his card "7, perfect.... One turn down, two to go."
Tyrone draws his card. "I play Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy my Level Limit spell and end my turn." Level Limit-Area B is destroyed.
Howdy draws his card. "Another 7, that makes two. Now for that lovely set. One turn left to go."
Tyrone takes his card. "I'll play Graceful Charity." Tyrone takes and discards his cards. "These two cards go down and that ends my turn."
Howdy takes his card. "Looks like you couldn't get it done."
"Well, I'll activate my Gravity Bind now. Go on."
"I'm done. The swords are gone, but next turn is when you lose this duel."
Tyrone drew his card. "I'll reveal my Level Limit-Area A trap card and the, play Hammer Shot." Tyrone's spell destroys the Batteryman AA.
"So much for having the powerful monster on my side." said Howdy (1000/0).
"That's the least of your worries." Tyrone begins to snicker.
"What's so funny?"
"If you thought that you had me burned from that one play, think again. It's time you felt the real burn that my fire deck can pull out. Now it's time for me to bring out the ultimate monster and deal the true burn. Now for my tributes...."
"Tributes... what Tributes?"
"Behold..." Tyrone's fire comb flares up. "I'll sacrifice Gravity Bind, Backfire and Level Limit-Area A." Tyrone's traps burn up. "Now come forth, Uria, Lord of Searing Flames!"
The flame ring surrounding the duelists rises high, creating a dome of flames around the dueling area. And in an explosion of fire comes Tyrone's monster, giving out a thunderous roar. "W-w-w-what is that?" asked Cappy.
"It's... one nasty piece of work." Boss answered.
"Tyrone has an Emperor God." said Aqua.
"He's been holding out on us." said Hiei.
"Bow before my fury!" Tyrone yelled.
"He's weilding the Emperor God of fire." Howdy trailed off.
"Now here's the deal, for every continuous trap in my graveyard, this God gains 1000 attack points. And since three were just now buried, Uria has 3000 points (3000/0). Now his special ability kicks in, one you can't stop either. Uria can destroy one of your spell/trap cards each turn and you can't chain to it. Uria, destroy whichever one you like." Uria fired a jet of flames from its mouth, destroying the card. "Hah, Sakuretsu Armor. Uria, you can really pick your cards. Now Uria, destroy that Batteryman... Attack with River of Fire!"
From Uria's mouth came its attack which melted the Batteryman. As the flames cleared to reveal an empty side of Howdy's field, all eyes were glued to the match and their owners were silent <1500>. "Just like that, control is mine." said Tyrone. "And with six cards in your hand, you can't draw. You're out of options, Commander Charge. You're done for, and when you have no more life points, your soul will be mine. Move, for your soul shall be mine on the next turn."
Howdy smirked. "You think I'm afraid of that? My relentless power fears nothing."
"You better be afraid, because this power is incredible."
"Why, because it's an Emperor God? I fear no gods!" Howdy takes a card from his hand. "Spell cards,activate." Howdy placed his cards. "This power is known as 7." Three slot machine reels appear in front of Howdy, then one by one each reel stops showing the number seven.
"7, just what kind of trick is this?" Tyrone is confused.
"Before I go on, I want to show you something." Howdy opened up his side deck and pulled out a card, then showed it to Tyrone.
"Wait a minute, that's..."
"Raviel, Lord of Phantasms. Some fiend duelist of your run-ins going by the name of Kai used this very ultimate rare Emperor God card against me, and he lost! I fear no God card... Egyptian, nor Emperor. Now prepare yourself, for I will destroy you the same way Kai was destroyed. I'll sacrifice my 7 cards." Thunderclouds formed over the dueling arena.
"What the hell is going on?" asked Duelist Ham.
"I got a bad feeling about this..." said Cappy.
Wait... he's doing.... Not possible! Hiei thought.
"Now it's time for you to see your end. I call upon the power of Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder!"
Bolts of lightning fell from those clouds and in one blinding flash of light, came the last of the three Emperor God cards (4000/4000). "It's the third Emperor God." said Aqua.
"Not good, not good."
All three Emperors were played in my tournament. thought a very pleased Pegasus. Now can I throw a duel monsters tournament, or can I throw a duel monsters tournament?
Tyrone was in awe. No wonder he doesn't fear the Emperor Gods, he weilds one. he thought.
"The difference between these monster is 1000 points, but when this God destroys a monster in battle, you lose an additional grand. So this attack will damage you for two thousand of your eleven hundred life. And in accordance with the ancient scriptures, when a weilder of the Gods loses, he loses its power to the victor. And now for the finishing blow... Hamon, destroy Uria with Final Lightning!"
Hamon creats a giant, blue bolt of lightning and thows it at Uria, striking the fiery God down in a crash of thunder. The impact of the blow, shook up the blimp <100>. "Noooo!" Tyrone yelled.
"You're done." said Howdy, "I will, however, quote from the ancient scrolls before you recieve your killing blow. 'In the eyes of the almighty, those possessed by the lust of the wicked, fed by the greed of impurities and bred from the seed of unrighteous, shall perish before the power of the fury of justice. A righteous damnation awaits those of evil light, their darkness shall be purged from the world.' Hamon, strike him down!"
The second blow finished Tyrone off, creating a shockwave that was felt throughout the fun park. The ring of fire began to glow as it was the sign of its sealing. "That was well played, Commander." said Tyrone.
"Of course it was," said Howdy, "now depart to hell."
As the seal began to close in, the fiery duelist simply prepared to accept his fate. Hiei... I'm sorry. Tyrone thought. I've failed you again....
You've fought well, better than normal. Hiei told Tyrone mentally. This was no failure, take pride in this loss.
Thank-q, that means a lot....
With that, Tyrone's soul was sealed inside of his amulet. Howdy simply rose his paw in victory and Tyrone's soul-stripped body fell to the arena. "And the winner of the match, Commander Charge." announced Croquet.
Howdy walked over and took Uria from Tyrone's duel disk. "Let this be a lesson to all of you. Nothing in this game, whether it be soldier, zombie, dragon, fire, or whatnot, nothing can stop the power of The Full Charge Assault!"
The monitors of the fun park went on standby. "Man... Howdy's taking no prisoner this time around." said Maxwell.
"Totally." added Sandy.
"Wow, that's a lot of raw power." said Panda.
"You said it." said Rei, with her paws around Panda's arm.
Tyrone is placed in the infirmary on his own cot. "So Hiei, what do you think?" asked Hilde.
"Do I really need to explain it to you?" questioned Hiei.
"I don't need it explained, I've seen it first-hand." said Petal.
"We all have." added Aqua.
"Commander Charge is not only a powerful duelist, but an unorthadox one as well." said Hiei. "Add the factor of his owning the Emperor Gods and masterful use of Hamon makes him a serious threat."
"If he has the 7 continuous spells, he probably has three continuous traps as well." said Hilde.
"Charge has all three Emperor Gods in his posession, no doubt he will use his deck to accomodate all of them." said Petal. "Three fiends for Raviel...."
"Three continuous traps for Uria...." said Hilde.
"Three continuous spells for Hamon...." said Aqua.
"And all of them with the unique powerhouse of cards to back up those ultimate rare monsters." Hiei finishes up. "Commander Charge must be shut down and captured ASAP."
All four Shadow Clan members agreed, "Risk Rating, S+"
Howdy joined up with Boss, Dexter and Hamtaro. "One down, four to go. I trust you three can take out whichever one you face." said Howdy.
"Damn straight." said Dexter.
"Your heka is even more powerful than when you won your duel against me." said Boss.
"Glad to hear you say that." said Howdy. "As for the rest of you, I expect the same no holds barred dueling as you saw me and Pashmina enguage with."
"Don't worry, we won't even put on our kid gloves for these guys." said Hamtaro.
Penelope and Pashmina sat together. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Penelope.
"Yes," Pashmina answered, "this tournament is about to get personal. Stay on your guard, Penelope, because now it seems that everyone has a vendetta on everything."
"More than you can imagine." said Pegasus as he stands down the hallway from the two girls. He begins to walk away into his chamber. With this, the sixteen duelists have been chosen. From this point on, everyone will be taking their dueling skills to the next level. Who will win this tournament.... That answer lies within the cards themselves.
Tournament Standings
Duelist #01: Aqua, The Queen of Tides
Duelist #02: Dragon Soldier Hiei
Duelist #03: 7 Seas Seamore
Duelist #04: Dragon Brother Stan
Duelist #05: The Beastmaster
Duelist #06: Deras Gata
Duelist #07: Dragonlord Jam
Duelist #08: Hilde, Master of Dragons
Duelist #09: Duel Angel Bijou
Duelist #10: The Fairy Enforcer
Duelist #11: The Summoner
Duelist #12: Duelist Ham
Duelist #13: Mr. Inferno
Duelist #14: Prehistorik Pashmina
Duelist #15: The Brave Hamtaro
Duelist #16: The Deckbreaker
Duelist #17: Heroic Penelope
Duelist #18: Commander Charge
16 duelists remain