Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ first round, pt. 1 ( Chapter 39 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

By the time you read this chapter, the newest set of duel monsters called Force of the Breaker should be out by now. Keep in mind that the story is up to the Cyberdark Impact set and hinting on a few cards from Strike of Neos, but the Duelist series' of the GX Academy are being played with as well. Enough of that crap, let's get back to the tournament... I'm already behind in this story as it is. =(
The last duel that happened between Howdy and Tyrone had the hams of the fun park talking up a storm. Everyone was in agreement, the second duel was much better than the first duel of Round 0 and everyone was ready for the first round to officially begin. Bijou approached her sister duelists, "Are all of vous ready for zis tournament to get underway?" she asked.
"Ready as I'll ever be." answered Pashmina.
"With ze way you dueled against Stan, you shouldn't have any problems in ze tournament."
"Speaking of Stan, where is he anyway?" asked Penelope.
"Good question, I didn't see him watching the duel between Howdy and Tyrone." said Pashmina.
"Probably in his room." answered Bijou. "I mean, where else can he have gone?"
Bijou was right, Stan was laying down in bed. His loss to Pashmina still haunted his thoughts. Two turns.....
Three raps came to his door. "Hey, Stan. It's Jam, are you awake?"
Stan got up to open the door. "Yo." he greeted.
"Does that mean I'm not invited?" asked Jam.
"Yeah right, come on in."
As the two had the closed door of the room, Stan took to his bed while Jam sat in a chair. "How ya holding up, you weren't there for Howdy's duel?" asked Jam.
"I'm okay." Stan answered. "I'm already aware that Howdy won."
"Well, that saves me the time of telling you."
Stan turns over. "Jam, I've decided to no longer duel."
Jam piped his head in interest. "Really?"
"Yes. That last duel made me think a lot..."
"So you're done with dueling?"
"No, I'm just gonna take a break from dueling. I don't plan on quitting, but I really need to look into my heart a little more."
"Because I've lost my way of dueling as of late. I forgot about the passion I had when I dueled, so I need to simply rest up and try to rekindle it later. I've tried to rekindle it now and it's only been hurting me."
"A wise decision."
Stan turned on his belly. "Do you think I'm losing it, be honest?"
"Everyone needs a break, Stan. You and your dragons have been in many tournaments and it's been taxing on you all, so I don't blame you for wanting to rest."
"Thanks for understanding."
"No problem."
"Tell the others that I'm feeling better, but am just a bit tired."
"Sure. Enjoy your rest, Stan."
The sixteen finalists gathered for the next drawing and Croquet was there at the machine. "Welcome, finalists." he greeted. "Now that there are sixteen of you, we can truly begin the first round of the tournament. Let me direct your attention to this screen."
The duelists looked at it. "It's a tournament grid." said Cappy.
"And it's blank to boot." added Penelope.
"Exactly." said Croquet. This is what you will see to determine the turnout of each duel played henceforth. Keep in mind each match will still be picked at random by the machine and the winner will advance to the second round."
"What happens in the rare event of a tie?" asked Bijou.
"Like that'll happen." smirked Duelist Ham.
"Should the probability of a tie occur, a 'bye' will be given." answered Croquet. "Hwever, there hasn't been a tie in any of Mr. Crawford's dueling tournaments. And now it is time for the first match to be decided."
The machine was fired up and the orbs were shuffled. All too soon was the first orb selected. "Opening up the first round will be Duelist number six, Deras Gata." said Croquet.
"Dueling so soon?" asked Dexter. "This is definitely a first for me."
Good, now I can see Gata's dueling skills first-hand. thought Hiei.
The second orb is selected moments afterward. "Facing off against Deras will be Duelist number eight, Hilde, Master of Dragons." said Croquet.
Hmm... thought Hilde.
"Duelists, prepare for battle."
Meanwhile, Pepper had managed to catch up with Barrette and the rest of the gang. "That duel with Howdy and that Mr. Inferno was really something." said Sandy.
"You aren't kidding, girlfriend." said Barrette. "I probably wouldn't have been able to counter that Emperor God the way Howdy did."
"Tyrone has become a much stronger duelist since I last saw him duel." said HItomi.
"Why is that?" asked Maxwell.
"He wasn't really one of the best duelists in the Shadow Clan, in fact... he actually sucked ass. But after that duel, Tyrone has truly shown some skill."
"Forget his skill." The hams turned to see Sparkle walking up to them. "His skill is a joke and I'm glad he lost to Howdy."
"You never change, do you?" asked Sandy."
"When the next duel gonna happen?"
Suddenly, the monitors picked up and Pegasus was shown. Greetings my fellow duel watchers." he began. "Now I would like to inform all of you how much you're thirsting for action... You crave for its divine elixir, so now it is time for you to sip from its challace once again. Now let's go live to the opening duel of the first round. Our duelists this time are Deras Gata and Hilde, Master of Dragons. Let's watch this duel as it's about to start."
Dexter and Hilde return each others decks and proceed to their opposite sides of the field. "Gata, prepare yourself. I shall show you my power, the power that only a dragon master can weild." said Hilde.
Dexter laughed at Hilde. "Pathetic... your name is a disgrace to the Dragon Games." he said.
"And just what the hell do you know about the Dragon Games?"
"Worry not about it, but don't expect to defeat me with such a pitiful assemblance of dragons."
"Enough, this duel shall begin with me." Hilde took her first card. I've heard enough of this insolence, you will throw me no further.
You had better keep your cool, Hilde. Hiei told her mentally.
Do not pester me while I duel, just watch.
I suggest you finish him quickly, Hilde. I need not remind you about how well he can call upon some very powerful in only an instant.
This Deras Gata.... Duelist Ham thought. I've heard that this duelist has a rare dragon in his possession from the rejects of this tournament. It's a good chance of him having the last Blue-Eyes, my Blue-Eyes, so he had better play it.....
"Let's see if she's improved since our last encounter." said Jam.
"Hey Jam, I don't see Stan anywhere." said Pashmina.
"He's tired, but okay. I checked in on him before this selection."
"That's good to hear."
"He also give his apologies to you, Pashmina."
"Tell him he's forgiven."
"Gata, let's see your strength." said Hilde. "I will set three cards face down and attack with my Dragon Zombie." Hilde's monster rises from the ground (1600/0). "Turn over."
"The Dragon Zombie.... the result of the cruel demise of the Crawling Dragon. A mediocre beginning." said Dexter, then he took his card. "I will begin with two cards and one monster face down, that ends my turn."
Hilde takes her card. "That doesn't scare me. Dragon Zombie, attack with Deadly Zombie Breath!"
Hilde's monster attacks Dexter's face down monster, but when the mist of the attack clears, she sees the monster that Dexter had hidden (1000/1800). "Damn, my monster came up short." she said.
"Not only that, but my opponents always pay a price for flipping my Poison Mummy." said Dexter.
"What the..." Before hilde could say anything further, poisonous mist came from the mummy and blankets Hilde's side of the field <7300>.
Dexter laughed. "Don't worry, that was only a warning of what I have planned for you."
"Getting back to my turn, I sacrifice my Dragon Zombie and summon Kaiser Glider in attack mode (2400/2200). That will end my turn."
To everyone's amazement, Kaiser Glider begins roaring out. Moments later, it was destroyed. Everyone was confused, including Hilde. "What just happened to her monster?" asked Penelope.
"It looked like the... monster was destroyed." Boss had a hard time answering the question.
Something's rotten here. thought Hiei. I have no idea on what, but something is definitely wrong.
What was that all about? Probably a fake card. Dexter thought as he drew his next card. "Well, that was something.... I will sacrifice a monster as well and summon Ryu Kokki in attack mode (2400/2000). Now attack her my undead minion."
Ryu Kokki launched its attack and it connects with Hilde directly, sending her to the ground <4900>. "This is weird." said Cappy.
"Yeah, there should've been a monster on Hilde's side of the field." said Penelope.
"I find it odd that Ryu Kokki is still standing, but I guess I'm going to keep from complaining." said Dexter. "Go ahead and move."
"You aren't the only one." said Hilde as she took her card. "One monster in defense mode and I'm done."
Dexter took his card. I will call forth the powers of Double Coston this time (1700/1650). Ryu Kokki, attack now!"
As the zombie attacks Hilde's face down card, it is instantly destroyed. "Well, another dragon bites the dust..." she trailed off.
"Double Coston, direct attack." Hilde is hit with Dexter's second zombie <3150>. "The only thing I can think of is that your duel disk is on the fritz. A shame that it's come to this... well, not really. Your turn."
"Stop this duel." Pegasus says and makes his way up to the arena. "Present your duel disk to me, young lady. Before you take your turn, I want to run a diagnostic on it."
"Fine, go ahead." said Hilde as she removed her duel disk from her arm and gave it to Pegasus.
Pegasus ran a thorough diagnostic on Hilde's duel disk. Once the diagnostic was completed, he returned to the arena. "I give my sincerest apology dear readers, but I'm afraid I'm going to disqualify you, Hilde."
"Disqualify me?!" Hilde wasn't too pleased. "There had better be one damn good reason for-"
"Your duel disk has been tampered with illegally." Pegasus cut off Hilde. "After a throrought diagnostic, it revealed an illegal update in your duel disk. The update however, caused a critical error in its programming. Naturally, I had it removed, but the decision still stands."
"Pegasus, you rotten bastard.... I did not alter my duel disk illegally."
"Then explain this microchip that was removed from your duel disk?"
"What the..."
"All of the duel disks come with their own standard card reading microchip, emblazened with my signature seal. When tampered with, the encryption coding of each duel disk identifies any and all errors and malfunctions. This chip is the same size as that very hip, but this one is black, while the ones that are normally in the duel disks are green.
"This duel disk has been tampered with illegally, therefore marks you for disqualification by the rules of this tournament."
"That's not even fair..." Hilde trailed off.
"It's ironic how a cheat like you would complain about being fair when you're caught in the act.
"It doesn't matter, because I would've defeated you anyway." said Dexter. The dueling arena was then lowered. "I do believe it's time for the next pick."
The duelists gathered for the next drawing. "All right, since we've had two disappointing duels, I hope that this next duel goes through fully." said Croquet and the machine was booted again.
Deras Gata didn't get into the duel long enough to play that rare dragon I heard that he has. thought Duelist Ham. If he does have my final Blue-Eyes, I will guarantee that it will be stripped from his undead dueling paws.
One of the orbs was chosen from the machine and Croquet took it into his paw and looked at the number. "Next up will be Duelist #17, Herioc Penelope." he announced.
Well, time to earn my dues.... Penelope thought.
The second orb was chosen from the machine. "Her opponent in this first round will be Duelist #11, The Summoner. Prepare for battle."
"Heheh, this is gonna be fun." said Boss.
Oh yeah, definite earning of dues in this match. thought Penelope.
So, he calls himself 'The Summoner', does he? thought Hiei. Now I will see just how strong this duelist/treasure mine is.
As the duelists headed to the arena, both were silent as they stepped into the dueling arena. They both took opposing sides of the field and Pegasus announce the match. "Well, looks like Penelope is my first opponent." Boss said to himself.
"It appears so, but I never thought your opponent would be a child."
Boss looked to his left where his stand took the form of the Dark Magician. "Does Penelope trouble you, Mahad?" Boss asked his wizard.
"Not at all, but such young duelists in this day and age....." the Dark Magician just looked at Penelope.
"Of course.... It's fine if you wish not to battle, I won't have you enguage her."
"I guess I'm easily read, aren't I?"
"Even you wouldn't dare harm a child, it is against egyptian law."
"You understand..."
"Of course. I will withdraw you from this duel, but your observation is still needed."
"Your sight is mine to have."
Boss snapped back into reality. "Duelists, come forth and shuffle each other's decks." said Croquet.
"Hold on, I need to switch my deck." said Boss. "Not to worry though, I have it with me."
Croquet wasn't pleased with this sudden decision by Boss. "Fine, but don't take too long with your adjustments." he said.
As Boss went through with the changing of his deck, Penelope simply watched and wondered why. Well, I might as well switch with my side deck while he's busy. she thought and switched cards from her main and side decks.
Croquet saw Penelope switching through her cards as well. At least we don't have to lower the arena. he thought.
Pay attention, Mahad. I want you to see that even though Penelope is still quite young, she uses quite the unusual heka. Boss told his stand.
Noted. responds the Dark Magician.
"I'm set." said Boss.
"Same." says Penelope.
Both duelists finally come forth and shuffle their opponent's decks, then recieves his/her cards and returns to their position on the field. "Duelists, begin when ready." said Croquet.
"Well Penelope," Boss began, "when we last dueled you had two other duelists along with us as it went on. Things are now head to head, so don't expect an easy victory like from last time."
"I'll have you know, that I'm a much stronger duelist since we last faced off." said Penelope. "Things will definitely be different this time around."
"So be it, but I too have strengthened my deck. In order for you to proceed into these finals, you must get past my council. Now, show me what it takes and if you can surpass The Council of Divine Magic."
"Duel Start!"
Both duelists draw their hands. Okay, there are three monsters I need to worry about: Boss mentally noted. First, is the same card Hamtaro uses, Elemental Hero Bladedge, which armed with Fairy Meteor Crush; second is that Destiny Hero-Defender. 2700 defense on a normal summon is a real hazard; and finally, thanks to what Cappy told me, is that Elemental Hero Neos, who can match my Dark Magician head to head (2500/2000 v 2500/2100). Since Mahad is observing in this duel, I'll need to rely on my other mages. Not that it's a problem. Well, now I will finally use my secondary deck of mages.
"Let's begin, shall we?" Penelope states and draws her first card. "Even if he's switched out his deck, I still have to remember that Boss still has the most powerful wizards in all of duel monster in his possession. And his mastery over how to use each one is even more deadly, so I better strike hard, fast and maintain an early lead. For my first move, I'll set two cards face down and summon Elemental Hero Wildheart in attack mode." Penelope's monster takes to her side of the field (1500/1600). "That ends my turn."
Boss takes his card. "I'll set two cards as well, but I'll place a monster in defense mode and end my turn."
Penelope takes her card. "All right, let's go for it. Wildheart, attack!" Penelope's monster goes in for the attack.
Wildheart may be immune to traps, but that doesn't matter this time. thought Boss.
Wildheart's sword connects with the face down monster, but it's blocked and Boss' monster is revealed. "Hey, isn't that the Dark Magician Girl?" asked Penelope.
Wildheart is returned to Penelope's side of the field. "Nope, it's an upgraded version known as Magician's Valkyria (1600/1800)." Boss explained. "Her 1800 DEF points can withstand the sword of your Elemental Hero Wildheart."
"Man, that's a bummer to such a decent monster that I have <7700>. Well, my turn is over."
"Boss has quite the interesting assortment in wizards." said Cappy.
"But of course, wizardry is his forté." said Dexter. "There's a reason why he's known as, The Summoner."
And I will soon see why. Hiei added mentally.
Boss took his card. "I'll place Valkyria on the attack, now it's time to get rid of one of your many heroes. Now attack with Mystic Scepter Blast." Magician's Valkyria launches her attack.
Penelope's monster is destroyed <7600>. "Reveal my Destiny Signal. Whenever one of my monsters, or in this case heroes dies in battle and becomes graveyard-bound, I can call upon the power of one low leveled Destiny Hero."
"You actually have one in your hand?"
"No, but I can choose between hand or deck." Penelope takes out her deck and looks simply at the bottom card. "Well, the last card of my deck is what I need, so now it's time for you to contend with Destiny Hero-Defender in all his glory." Penelope shuffles her deck, then place her chosen hero in defense mode (100/2700).
The Dark Magician was amazed. Incredible, such high defense on a weak monster... he thought. It would've been interesting to have someone like him to protect Egypt with...
"Just lovely.... smart, but lovely. Since you wanna do that, I will force your strategy." Boss smirked.
"You're welcome to fail at that." Penelope shot at Boss.
"Funny, because I have a friend here that says otherwise. Let me refresh your memory about Ebon Magician Curran (1200/0), now make your move."
"That's a smart move right there." said Pashmina.
"I'll say," added Cappy, "letting Curran's ability damage Penelope's life points for every monster she has on the field is a nice way to get around the defenses of Defender."
"Let's see Penelope get around this." said Howdy.
Well, I dislike that little girl, especially when I have one of my best heroes on the field. thought Penelope. I better get rid of her quickly before I start to suffer a lot more than I can take. Penelope drew her card. "Well, you must think you've got me pretty well figured out, huh Summoner?"
"Pretty much."
"Well let me introduce to you someone I think you'll find interesting."
"Penelope, I have a basic idea of the Hero monsters by now and there isn't one that I don't know about."
"Well let's see if you know about the one I just drew. Introducing, Elemental Hero Stratos."
With a gust of wind hitting the field, the arrival of Penelope's new monster comes out to play (1800/300). Pegasus was thrilled to see this monster as well. Very good girl, young Penelope. he thought. I knew you would add this card to your deck, but I didn't expect you to play it so soon. Now, let's see if you can handle his powers...
Hmm, I've heard of this card. thought Hiei. I guess now I will see how it's played.
The others watching this at the park were also amazed at the summoning of this card, especially one duelist who had just managed to tune into this duel. "Elemental Hero Stratos...." Rufus was impressed. "I guess this is one of those 'special' Heroes that I've heard whispers of. Now I can see what new toys I can use..."
"Elemental Hero Stratos is the first of a new series of Elemental Heros that work with both the E-Heroes and D-Heroes." Penelope explained. "Now I will use the effect of destroying one of your face down cards, but I will let Stratos choose. Stratos, destroy whichever one of those two cards you believe threatens you more."
This action stunned Petal. She's letting her monster choose which card to destroy, why? It's the choice of the duelist, not the choice of the monster...
These wannabe duelists let their monsters choose in their place? thought Duelist Ham. What a joke, this will never work.
"Aqua, I don't get it." said Petal.
"Welcome to my ship, Petal." said Aqua.
Stratos revs up the turbines on his glider and destroys one of the spell/trap cards on Boss' side of the field. Of course the reaction was astonishing to some, but the Duel Hams were used to this sort of thing by now. "Time out, just what are you trying to pull here, Pegasus?" Duelist Ham questioned.
"Whatever do you mean, 'Duelist boy'?" asked Pegasus. "You already know that back in the past, these monsters were real."
"Don't give me that 'The monsters were once living beings' bullshit, Pegasus. Pieces of paper do not have minds of their own!"
"I agree with Duelist Ham." said Hiei. "Cards don't have artificial intelligence, so I believe it the programming of the duel disks."
"And that 'Heart of the Cards' nonsense doesn't work in real life." added Petal.
"Duel Monster, whether be they modern or of old all have their own livelihoods." Stan managed to finally come out of his resting. "It's not about A.I., heart of the cards, or duel disk programming, the cards themselves are alive."
"Welcome back, sleepyhead." said Jam.
"Thanks." Stan said to Jam. "If you take the time to actually understand your monsters, you'll find out that each one has their own unique spirit, their 'soul' to be precise."
"Blasphemy!" said Petal. "There's no way in hell or otherwise that a 3