Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ first round, pt. 3 ( Chapter 42 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Penelope was in her room, She was still mad at how her duel with Boss ended up with her losing. It's not fair, I had Boss beat. she thought. I had Stratos out and he desrtoyed a monster, I even had Boss dow to 1900 life points. Then he adds one card face down in addition to the face down card he has and Spellbinding Circle, then sets a monster. I then call Elemental Hero Burstinatrix and destroy his monster, which turned out to be that Unhappy broad that automatically ends battle phases when she's destroyed. Then on his turn, he brought forth the monster that saved his skin....
"If you thought My Cosmo Queen was powerful, you'll love this next monster. Say hello to my Allure Queen."
I didn't think too much of her, since she was only 500 ATK and DEF points, but Boss fooled me....
"My Allure Queen has the ability to use her charms to control one of my opponent's monster that equal to or lower than her level...."
And just like that, he took Burstinatrix away from me. I would've attacked, but he would've triggered his trap, so I waited. I then found out that when the Allure Queen has control of a monster during the controller's standby phase, it levels up, and she did.
"I'll now reveal my face down Emergency Provisions, destroying my other face down card and my useless Spellbinding Circle. Each card destroyed in this matter gives me 1000 life. Now I'll use the power of my Allure Queen's charms to take over your other monster."
Penelope shook her head. Once that happened, he called out Queen's Bodyguard and ended his turn. He even had all the cards that he needed. With only 1000 points, the Allure Queen was weaker than my monster that I drew, Elemental Hero Sparkman, so I had him attack her... But, the joke was on me as Sparkman's attack was blocked. "As long as the Allure Queen has her bodyguards on the field, she can't be targeted and your attack was actually directed at the guys." And since they were 100 opints dtronger, I lost Sparkman... and the duel shortly after. Boss leveled his Allure Queen to the max and played the spell that sealed my fate, Double Attack. The spell was used on those Bodyguards and he gave up Neo Aqua Madoor in the process. With two strikes from the Queen's Bodyguard, and then the Allure Queen herself attacked me, my life points were finished.....
I know it was a legal move, but damn it... that duel was mine!
Suddenly, two raps came to Penelope's door. "Who is it?"
"It's me, Pashmina."
Penelope wiped away her tears and went to Pashmina. "Hey..."
"Still upset about your match with Boss, I see." Pashmina said.
"I really worked hard in the duel this time...."
"You should be proud that you were so strong in your duel against him. That was a very impressive show."
"And besides that, you got blessed by the Dark Magician afterwards. Not too many people get that. Now c'mon, the next drawing is about to start."
The crew met up in the lottery room once again. "I'll give you credit, Penelope." said Petal. "A duelist like you is one of a kind, you should feel glad that you held your own against some powerful mages."
"I am strong, aren't I?" asked Penelope.
"You're strong... not as strong as me, but you're strong."
"All right everyone," Croquet began. "I'm sure you know how the drill works, so let's get this underway." The machine booted up and the orbs inside of it were scrambled once again. After a while, the machine did a first, it pulled two orbs at once. "Well, two orbs this time. Interesting, this must mean a good match is chosen. Well, the orbs belong to the following duelists: Number fifteen, The Brave Hamtaro; and number two, Dragon Soldier Hiei. Duelists, prepare for battle."
As everyone went to where the battles were being held, Croquet and Hiei were on the battle platform. "What's taking Hamtaro so long?" asked Pashmina.
"He probably wants to hide in his room, rather than face Hiei." Petal said. "If he was smart, that'll be the best solution for him."
Hamtaro was in his room tweaking his deck, when Stan walked in on him. "Making last minute checks with an open door isn't too wise." he said.
"Whoops..." said Hamtaro. "Oh well, I needed to find my guys, that's all."
"Hamtaro, take it from experience, this Dragon Soldier is no joke. The guy pulled Black Luster Soldier on me during his opening move and practically slaughtered me when I dueled him. Believe me, you better not take him lightly."
"I don't plan to and with this soldier, I won't have to worry about him." Hamtaro showed Stan the three cards of one of his most trusted monsters, the Silent Swordsman.
"Get this guy once for me."
"Sure, no problem."
Momentarily, Hamtaro made it to battle. "You must forgive me, I had to make some improvements and adjustments to my deck." he explained.
"Good, but it won't help you against me." said Hiei.
"You should've just stayed in your room and cowarded this out, because you're gonna lose." said Petal.
"Hiei... know that my tardiness was not out of fear." said Hamtaro. "But know that we have a score to settle and it'll be settled here and now. You're going to answer to what you did to our clubhouse, bet on it."
"Bet on it, then so be it."
Hiei flicked his amulet and it hit the ground, instantly creating the Nyte duel seal. "I need not shuffle your deck, it's fine how it is. Being a soldier, I fear no adversary."
"You, a soldier? What kind of soldier harms innocent bystandars? You're nothing but a thief! I'm a far better soldir than you'll ever be."
"Really? Then draw your cards and prepare for war!"
"You want a war, you got one."
"Then begin the battle!"
Hamtaro and Hiei drew their hands and the duel was on. "I don't need first turn honors, so you can have them." said Hiei.
"Fine, suit yourself." said Hamtaro and drew the first card. "A hand full of monsters... well then, let's see what he's got. I place one monster in defense mode and end my turn."
"What a foolish start." Hiei drew his card. "Now watch and learn, this is how a soldier really moves. I'll begin with Nobleman of Crossout, say so long to your monster." The soldier in Hiei's spell went in to slash Hamtaro's monster, but as the Nobleman's sword connected with the card, its effects were blocked.
"Don't you know, some monsters are Crossout-proof. And unfortunately for you, my Mid Shield Guardna is one of them (100/1800)."
Well, I wasn't expecting that. thought Hiei.
"What a waste of a good spell card, oh well..."
"Clever... On to plan B, I summon the Marauding Captain in attack mode (1200/400)."
Hamtaro shrugged. "And what else are you gonna summon?"
"This, I also summon Big Shield Guardna in defense mode (100/2600). I will then set one card face down and end my turn."
Hamtaro took his card. "First, I'll flip my Mid Shield Guardna face down, then summon Warrior of Zera (1600/1600). My turn is over."
Hiei drew his card. "This card won't help me. I'll set this down and end my turn."
Hamtaro drew his card. "I play Smashing Ground, no more Big Shield." Hamtaro's spell destroyed Big Shield Guradna. "Zera, attack the Marauding Captain." Zera goes in for the attack.
"I activate my Negate Attack."
Hamtaro's strike ended. "My turn is over."
Hiei took his card. "I'll play Graceful Charity." Hiei's spell resolved. "I'll set one card face down and now sacrifice my Marauding Captain. Now I summon Kaiser Glider (2400/2200). Now destroy Zera!"
Hiei's dragon destroyed Hamtaro's warrior <7200>. "So the casualties begin, make your move."
Hamtaro took his card. "Finally a trap. I'll set on card face down, now I'll attack with Prenumbral Soldier lady." Hamtaro's monster appears to the field (2100/1400).
Hiei took a look at that card. "And what do you plan on doing with that card?"
"Attack of course, now destroy his dragon."
"Just this once, I will spare your monster. I activate Draining Shield." Pernumbral Soldier Lady's attack was blocked. "As you know, the attack points of your monster are added to my life points <10100>."
"Well that's a bummer, I end my turn."
Hiei took his card. "It's time for me to strike back. Kaiser Glider, destroy the Pernumbral Soldier Lady!"
Kaiser Glider's attack made a lot of dust around Hamtaro's side of the field, which brought a smile to his face. "So much for that. So what say you now, Hamtaro?"
"Gibbous Moon Strike!"
Prenumbral Soldier Lady charges from the dust and her sword slashed Kaiser Glider, destroying it in the process. A lot of people watching this were confused at the turn of events, even Hiei was stunned himself. "You have some explaining to do." said Hiei.
Hamtaro had a smirk on his face. "Your monster was simply too weak." he answered.
"Last time I checked, my dragon had 300 more offense points than your Soldier Lady."
"I love it when my opponent's are wrong. Whenever she's against a Light based monster, like your Kaiser Glider, Prenumbral Soldier Lady gains 1000 attack points in battle. Making her attack strength 3100, seven hits higher than your dragon, so you lose life points."
"Clever, very clever <9400>."
"Not as clever as my next move." Hamtaro took his card. "Say hello to Mataza the Zapper (1300/800). Now it's time to dish out some more damage. Mataza, direct attack." Mataza's steel sword cut into Hiei's life points and he took it like a trooper <8100>. "Prenumbral Soldier Lady, attack now with Crescent Moon Slash!"
Hiei took this shot like it was nothing also. "Is that it <6000>?"
"No, it's time for Mataza to attack."
"Yes, again." Hiei took a third shot, but he wasn't too pleased this time <4700>.
"Mataza can strike twice in one battle phase. Now, you can move."
"Hmph." Hiei drew his card. "Your glory ends here, I play Swords of Revealing Light."
Swords fell from the sky to Hamtaro's side of the field, but they vanished before they could hit the ground. "Nice spell, but another wasted card. My trap is known as Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell."
"Nice move, Hamtaro!" shouted Boss.
"I simply give up this spell card to activate it, Fusion Sword Murasame Blade. Now this suped-up Magic Drain has negated and destroyed your swords. And not only that, but you can't play Swords of Revealing Light for the rest of the duel."
"Where did this trap come from?"
"Invasion of Chaos. That play was for you Summoner, thanks for the idea."
Okay, now I'm mad.
"You really are a phony soldier, this is just too easy."
"I give you an inch and you take a mile. You'll regret biting more of the sunflower seed than you can chew."
"Jokes on you, faker. There hasn't been the sunflower seed I couldn't finish. And I know, I had to finish my seeds before my buddy Oxnard got to them."
"Fun time's over. Activate Lightning Vortex, this will rid me of your monsters." Hamtaro's monsters were destroyed. "I give you what I thought was mercy, only to find that my generosity was taken for more than granted. But don't worry, you're going to have to earn every last bit of damage starting on my next turn, so move."
"Aw, are you mad? Some leader you are..." Hamtaro took his card. "I summon Disk Fighter to attack your life points (1000/1000)." Disk Fighter throws a disk which cuts into Hiei's life points <3700>. "Well, I guess That's it for me. Now take your turn, I have more damage to give you."
Hiei took his card. "I play Card of Sanctity 2."
"Cool, that helps me out as well."
Both duelists draw six cards and Hiei continues his move. "Next, I'll play Card Destruction."
"Man, and I had some really good cards in here too." Both hands are discarded and new hands are drawn.
Jam watched carefully at this turn of card play. What is he up to? he wondered.
Good, everything I now have is in my grasp. It's time to defeat this fool. thought Hiei. "I summon The Trojan Horse and I'll go in for the attack (1600/1200)."
Hiei's horse trampled Hamtaro's monster. "Oh well, I've got plenty of life points." he said. <6600>
"I will set one card face down, then finally play a spell that I love playing so much. Know the name well, Dragon Lord, for you too shall fear what I will bring forth: Emblem of Dragon Destroyer."
Wait, that's the spell that brings out Buster Blader.... Hamtaro thought.
"This is bad, very bad." said Stan. "I despise Buster Blader with a passion."
"That that's what that was all about..." Jam trailed off.
"I will take Buster Blader from my graveyard and add it to my hand, thus ending my turn. The end is near for you, Hamtaro."
"I can't draw, but I can still play cards." said Hamtaro. I'll set two cards face down, then summon my Axe Raider to the field (1700/1150)."
"Axe Raider, that's a rare card..."
"Axe Raider, show The Trojan Horse the power of your Crushing Axe!" Hamtaro's monster goes in for the attack.
"Foolish soldier you are. Reveal my Sakuretsu Armor trap card, putting an end to your monster."
"Damn it...."
Hamtaro saw his Axe Raider Destroyed. "What a sad way to waste a strong monster."
"Just move."
"Fine, I will not only move, but I will expose you as the pitiful solder that you really are." Hiei took his card. "I reveal my face down card, Premature Burial."
"And with it, I will bring back my Skilled White Magician <2900>."
"There's a Skilled White Magician?" asked Cappy.
"Yes there is, Cappy, and it's not good for Hamtaro." answered Boss.
"Jam, what does the Skilled White Magician do again?" Stan whispered to Jam.
"It brings out Buster Blader." Jam whispered.
"Then why is The Trojan Horse out..."
"We're gonna find out."
The Skilled White Magician appears on Hiei's side of the field (1700/1900). "Prepare for defeat." said Hiei. "Now I play Giant Trunade." All spell and trap cards return to their owners' hands. "Are you ready, this is where your demise begins..."
This is bad.... thought Hamtaro. He then noticed out of the corner of his eye the concerned look on Bijou's face.
Hiei noted this glance as well. "A look of concern to the champion, why?" he questioned. "Oh, I get it now... She is your maiden, one you didn't get to touch before heading off into your doom. I, however, enjoyed my maiden's touch and it was quite satisfying." Aqua blushed slightly. "Now I sacrifice The Trojan horse and summon Gilford the Legend (2600/2000)."
Man, and I thought I had Buster Blader to worry about, but he had to pull this guy... thought Hamtaro. I... I have nothing on the field to protect me.....
"Look at your face, it's priceless." said Hiei in a mocking nature. "The sight of another lost duelist who will lose his soul. You know how this monster works, so let me explain it to those that don't. When Gilford the Legend is summoned, he brings as many equip spells that can be given to warriors as possible. And since all five of my slots are open, I can bring back five spells to equip to him. So I will choose the following equip spells to power him up with: Lightning Blade (3400); two Fusion Sword Murasame Blades (5000); and finally, two Axes of Despair, making him a powerful monster to slaughter your life points (7000). But this is where it gets lovely, every time a spell is activated, a Spell Counter is placed on Skilled White Magician. And since he only needs three of those five, it only makes things sweeter. Now I'll sacrifice My spell-boosted Skilled White Magician and summon Buster Blader to the field."
Hiei's new soldier hit the field, standing next to Gilford the Legend (2600/2300). He then used his powers to make sure that the eyes of Hamtaro's friends couldn't stray away from the upcoming assault. "And now, I will give both of my monsters the pleasure of attacking you." Hiei said.
"You're a cruel bastard, Hiei." said Boss. "Gilford alone has enough power to bring Hamtaro's life points to zero, there's no need to go through with this overkill."
"That's where you're wrong, Summoner. This is punishment; punishment for taking my rare act of kindness, turning it into a ploy of deception and spitting it back into my face. Punishment for biting and eating the sunflower seed that couldn't finish. Punishment for having such a brave charade and foolish strategy in battle, and finally... punishment for dare calling me a fake soldier when in all truth, he was the farce that was discovered. Because of this, I will make sure that your friends and everyone watches this live execution."
"Shut up and attack me already." said Hamtaro.
"You're about to lose your soul and you don't want to say good-bye to your maiden? So be it then, I shal send you to limbo where your soul will remain forever. Buster Blader, Ruin Ray Slash!" Buster Blader lunges forward and cuts into Hamtaro <4000>. "Now it's time to deliver your last blow. Gilford the Legend, strike him down with Strike of Legends!"
Gilford pulled out his sword and went in for the kill. The hams watched as Hamtaro was slain by Hiei's monster and after the attack landed and ended, the amulet began making energy waves on the field which were eminating from Hamtaro's feet. Begone, fraud. was all Hiei thought and the gang simply watched as Hamtaro's sould was sealed in Hiei's amulet. The amulet itself went into the air and landed in its owner's paw. "As for the rest of you members of Forbidden Brown that dare stand in my way, you shall join this fool's fate, trapped within my Nyte Amulet." he said as he jumped from the dueling platform and slowly walked off. The dueling platform was lowered and Bijou went to Hamtaro's shell of a body. "Hamtaroo...... eet's not fair.... he didn't have to be cruel about it." Bijou cried.
Jam went over to Bijou. "Crying won't get Hamtaro back, Bijou. Don't give Hiei the satisfaction of your shed tears." he told her.
"I... I..."
"We have a medical room where we can put Hamtaro." said Croquet.
"Cool. Yo Boss, a little help here..." said Jam as he was trying to comfort Bijou.
"Of course." said Boss as he and Dexter took Hamtaro's body and carried it off.
"Lead the way, Croquet." said Dexter.
"Follow me." said Croquet and he lead Boss and Dexter to the medical room.
"We'll be right back, duelists..." said Pegasus and the screens around the ham park turned blue again.
Jam was in the room with Bijou as Pegasus' medical machines worked their magic on Hamtaro. Despite being an empty shell, his status was stable. "As you can see, this is the same type of equipment that Nurse Ham uses." said Pegasus. "Hamtaro will be monitored and should his condition change, we'll know about it."
"Good looking out, Pegasus." said Jam.
"Of course, I take care of my guests."
"Croquet, I'll have you monitor Hamtaro's condition. Notify me should his condition chanes."
"Of course, sir." said Croquet. "With this said, I'm going to take a break before the next drawing." and Croquet left the room.
"I've some things to prepare, so I'll lend you your privacy." said Pegasus as he left the room.
Hiei soon entered the room just as Pegusus left it. "Coming here to gloat, are we?" asked Jam.
"Hmph. My heart may be ruthless, but it is not cruel." Hiei answered. "I'm here to give you a warning, Dragonlord. I will finish what we started before this tournament finals began."
"Just get out, such disrespect is not needed at this time."
"Disrespect for that farce? Nonesense. And to you, Champion Bijou... cease your tears."
"You have nerve for zis slap to my face." said Bijou. "Get out!"
"Whatever, but you shouldn't be crying. After all, that's just another casualty of war." and Hiei left the room.
"War.... war....."
"You need solace time, so it's best to-" Jam tried to say.
"Don't leave too, Jam." Bijou cut him off.
"....Fine, I'll stay a bit longer."
Bijou walked over to where Jam stood and just hugged him. "Why must zeese cards be treated like tools of war? That era is long since gone, duels are just a game now..."
Dear Bijou, this war is just remade, but it still exists. thought Jam.
"Is all he sees during duels is war? Why does he consider it war in ze first place... Hiei eez mad."
"No, just hardened." Jam felt Bijou's tears stain his fur.
"What do I do now, I have nothing left to keep myself sane from all of ze madness."
"You are wrong, Bijou."
Bijou turned around, just as Jam looked in that same direction to see one of Bijou's many fairies. "Holy...." Jam trailed off.
"You're...." Bijou trailed off, "an Agent."
"Yes, I am Mars, Agent of Force."
It's one of the Archlords.... thought Jam.
"Bijou," Mars began, "you have one thing left, something you haven't used in quite some time. You ability to enforce justice, this is what you should use."
Bijou's mind went blank. "I... I understand."
"And I agree." Horus soon appeared next to Mars. "Mars, I have convened with Venus and we are both in agreement. That amulet disrupts the laws of Life and Reincarnation, which is unacceptable. Bijou, awaken your sense of enforcement and reclaim justice. Assemble the Trial and restore order, for it is your duty as champion."
"Call upon the Angles of War and strike down those who disrupt these laws." said Mars. "Cast those that are wicked their judgement and do it by all means... and do it immediately!"
"Oui, yes." said Bijou. "Howevaire, I need one card and zen... zen it will begin again."
"So be it, Bijou." said Horus and Mars and the two went away."
"Jam, give me Hamtaro's duel disk." said Bijou.
Jam grabbed Hamtaro's duel disk and handed it over to Bijou. "Is there something needed in here?" he asked.
"No, someone is required." Bijou went into Hamtaro's graveyard pile and took out the one required card. "Warrior of Zera, I will need your strength, lend eet to me for this task. This I beg of thee, please assist in these trials."
"I guess you needed that card." said Jam.
"Of course." Bijou stated. "Protect his deck, Jam. Keep his infantry from harm for me."
"Of course."
Meanwhile, Boss and Dexter just stood there in the lottery room. "Looks like Hiei's posing his threats towards us like he owns the place." said Boss.
"So he has," said Dexter, "but as long as I have something to say, this soldier won't get far."
"And just what makes you so sure about that, Gata?" Boss and Dexter turn to see Petal. "Hiei is a soldier and a great leader, one who has no problems purging away the the duelists who have no true mettle. Hamtaro was one of these hopeless wimps that just got crushed."
"Watch your mouth, little girl." warned Dexter. "You will address me properly, or you will remain silent."
"You need to work on your intimidation tactics, because that was horrible."
"You had better quit while you're behind."
"What's going on here?" Aqua enters the room.
"That brat is running her tongue too far." Boss answered. "You might want to check her."
"Hmf, after what I've seen, she will destroy you in a duel, Summoner."
"She better hope and pray to make it to round two."
"I fear no duelist, Summoner. Not you, not Gata." said Petal. "I'm an enforcer, despite my short size and young age. And I've taken souls from worthless duelists who have done nothing but poser around just as you two did. Your deck is a disgrace, Summoner. Not the one you used, I'm talking about the one you're known for."
"Gata..." said Boss. "I want your opinion, what is your take on time control?"
"Personally, time control is quite a powerful thing." Dexter answered.
"Yes, it is a lovely thing, and something I have come to adapt to." Boss turn to Petal. "You said earlier during my duel with Penelope that these cards don't have souls, not their own free will. If that is what you truly believe, then so be it."
"Don't try to change the subject, Summoner. You're still an unworthy duelist."
"It is you that is unworthy, little girl."
"What the..."
"Wait, who said that?" asked Aqua.
"I did."
In a quick burst of life, Both Aqua and Petal saw the keeper of that voice, it was Boss' Time Wizard. "The Time Wizard...." Aqua was at a loss for words."
"What trickery is this?" Petal questioned.
"None." the Time Wizard answered. "Our existence is parallel to that of your own."
"It's time we took our leave." said Dexter and he walked away.
"The cards live, little girl." said Boss. "You just have to be able to see them live to understand it all." he took his leave. "Time Wizard, give them a ride."
"Yes, a ride." said the Time Wizard and began to work his want.
"Forget that..." said Aqua and began to leave the room quickly.
"Time Freeze."
Before she could get out of the room, Aqua was paralyzed in time. Petal ran over to Aqua. "Aqua, are you okay?" she asked, but go no response. "Aqua... Aqua... Aqua!" Petal turned to the Time Wizard. "What did you do to her?"
"Nothing, I just froze time around us." answered the Time Wizard. "We cannot be seen, nor heard. It's like we're invisible, but don't worry... here comes everyone now."
The crew gathered in the room along with Pegasus. "Well everyone, I trust this hasn't gotten a bit too much for you." he said.
"Let's just say things could be better." Howdy answered.
"True, but I still have a tournament to run, so let's get rolling." Pegasus boots up the machine. "Since Croquet is busy at the moment, I will handle the drawing of this next round. Now, let's see wat terribly delicious duel will be concocted this time." As the orbs swirled around inside of the machine, the duelists watched as they went and one was selected, making its way out for announcement. "Ooh, this next match will have the ninth duelist, which of course is our current champion."
"That's Bijou, but where is she?" asked Pashmina.
"Probably still with Hamtaro." Cappy answered.
"Actually, she's building her deck right now." Jam said. "I will inform her now that she's up next." and Jam left the room.
The second orb made its way to Pegasus. "Taking on our champion will be number ten. And I like the name of this duelist, The Fairy Enforcer."
"Hmph, fairies..." said Duelist Ham. "What a bunch of reject monsters."
"Watch your mouth, Duelist Ham. There are some very powerful fairies out there in the game today." said Pashmina.
"Yeah right."
"You need to invest in some Enemy of Justice cards, that set has plenty of them in it."
"Whatever. As strong as the fairies are in that set, and out there period, none of them compare to the power of my Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Now enough stalling and let's get this over with."
"Well said, Duelist Ham." agreed the Time Wizard and with a bit of distortion, reappeared in the room with Petal and a now free moving Aqua.
"What the, it's the Time Wizard." said Duelist Ham, half sarcastically shocked, half unphased.
"This young girl here is The Fairy Enforcer. Knowing that, the next duel can commence properly." and away the wizard faded from sight.
"Tch, Time Wizard... what a weak card."
"My Time Wizard is quite the unique monster, you jerk." said Boss. "And what it lacks in offensive power, Time Wizard makes up for in ability. One that can wipe out your Blue-Eyes."
"If you can call it properly, that is..."
"It doesn't matter." said Petal. "I've waited a long time to have my duel against Bijou. My reason for working so hard in this tournament is to overthrow her pathetic deck. There is only one true fairy master and that's me. Summoner, Gata, take notes on how I rip a whole beatdown on your champion. I am Petal, The Fairy Enforcer, you new master fairy duelist."
In the dueling arena, Petal stood there waiting for Bijou. Hiei, do you honestly believe that Bijou stands a chance against Petal, not to say I'm doubting her abilities? Aqua thought.
Personally, I was hoping that this duel would happen later, as to give Petal an insight on how the champion duels. Hiei's thoughts answered Aqua's.
You really didn't want her to duel Bijou, did you?
At this moment in time, no. Eventually, yes.
I hope Bijou plays Shinato, just to shut up Duelist Ham. thought Boss. As pwerful as the Blue-Eyes is, it's still weak compared to That monster. Shinato is 3300 strong and has defense to withstand a blast from that legendary dragon. Hopefully, Bijou is in her right state of mind to duel... and that worries me.
Bijou was in her room, shuffling her deck. but as she tried to put them together, her cards flew everywhere. She sighed as she picked up her cards, "Who am I kidding, I'm not ready for a duel now." she said to herself. "Either way, I have to duel. Champions have no excuses not to defend zeir reigns. Pull yourself togezaire, Bijou."
"Hey, Bijou. Are you in there?"
Bijou turned to the door. "Dexter?"
"Reguardless of what has happened, know one thing. You are not beaten yet." Dexter tried to explain. "All of this is in your head, champ. Now look, try hard and clear your mind. Unless you do, you won't be able to do anything. Also, if you need a little help, use these." Two packs of sleeves slid under the door. "Now, hurry up and ready the last bits of your deck and come duel. Petal won't take a forfeit, so you'll have to face her."
Bijou walked over and saw the new sleeves. They were pearl white and has an angel's halo in the middle of them, which of course had small angel wings. Bijou took the sleeves and ran over to her desk, then pulled out the box of tournament cards Pegasus gave her. Of all the packs, one was still unopened, one from the eighth tournament. She took the pack from the box and looked at it. Dexter's right... I won't let what has happened to Hamtaroo affect me. she thought. If I am to save Hamtaroo, I must duel my way to Hiei.
"We will help you, Bijou."
Bijou looked up to see her three weakest, but most faithful fairies. "You guys..." she said. The three fairies are a monster called Mokey Mokey.
"Go ahead, open it." said one of them.
"Yeah, open it." said the second one.
"I can't, I just don't feel right." Bijou said.
The third one was holding one of the new sleeves. "Hey, I like the way this glows." it said.
"Heke?" Bijou looked in her left paw to see the sleeves were in fact glowing, then into her right into her right paw which held the booster pack. "I don't get it." she was confised.
"You have a gift, a gift no one else has." the third one told her. "Remember, the Dragonlord told you that."
"Open the pack already." the other two said.
"All right, I'll do it." Bijou opened the packed. And as it opened, a beam of light shot out of the pack, then took its form.
Bijou's Mokey Mokey trio was in shock. "It's her... the fairy that never runs in battle." they said in unison.
Bijou was amazed. "You.. you're-"
"Yes, and I am here to fight by your side. Now, prepare to duel. Surrender and retreat are not options."
After placing all of her cards in those new sleeves, Bijou went to the battlefield. "Well, you finally decided to take your sweet time to get here." said Petal. "What took so long anyway."
Bijou made up a nice lie. "I was masturbating."
Boss and the gang fell over from this response and Pegasus had five sweatdrops on his head. "Well, there's our current champion for you." he said. "Duelist she is, comedian she's not. Okay ladies, now that we're both here, I'm sure you have a few words to exchange..."
"I know I do." said Petal. "You probably were getting off since your boyham isn't in the proper mood to lay pipe."
"And just what do you know about pipe laying?"
"Plenty, thanks to those two." Petal points to Hiei and Aqua. "Those two are so into it, that it keeps me up at night. Sometimes the pipe laying makes her squeal like a rat, which makes my damn ears ring."
Hiei was laughing inside. "I do not squeal like a rat." said a cherry red Aqua in her defense.
"You should've heard them before the tournament started, makes me feel like taking the Beastmaster to heaven."
Cappy began whistling as starts to walk away, but Penelope grabs him. "Is there something we need to know?" she questioned him.
"I offered cotton candy, not to lay pipe." said an embarrassed Cappy.
"Enough of this raunchy shit, hurry up and begin dueling. I'm growing impatient!" yelled Duelist Ham.
"Know your place, Duelist Ham. This is not your tournament and you have no pull on me, reguardless of your international dueling status." said Petal.
"No one wants to hear about the sex life you wanna have, or the sex lives of the other duelists. They wanna see dueling, not softcore porn, you sexually frustrated brat! This is a tournament, not an episode of 'Who Wants to Bed Somebody?' you fairy weilding wannabe."
"Unfortunately, I agree with Duelist Ham." said Pegasus. "Let's get back on dueling now."
The area soon calmed down and Bijou was taking a few breaths, as she was still unsure of dueling. Why doI have to be like a coward now... thought the champion.
"Well champ, I hope you're ready to lose." said Petal.
"It's nice to know you're confident." said Bijou.
Suddenly, Bijou's Winged Kuriboh appeared next to her. It looked worried a bit, but remained playful. "Well, looks like your friend is here to support you." said Pegasus.
"Eh..." Bijou snapped out of her state and saw her winged friend. "Oh yes, I guess I forgot all about you, haven't I?" Bijou finally smiled.
It's the Kuriboh again... thought Petal. "Well, if you think that little flying furball is going to save your spirits, think again."
Bijou and Winged Kuriboh turn to Petal. "Ze Winged Kuriboh is a trusted friend, one who always makes me smile." Bijou explained.
"Well then, let's see how long you smile when I've taken you prisoner." Petal took out her Nyte amulet.
"Wait, you have zat too?"
"Of course, but I've learned how to use it differently then most of the Clan members. As for you, there will be no happy times this duel."
Petal flicked her Nyte amulet forward and it struck the Winged Kuriboh, bouncing off the little thing and activating. As this happened, the Winged Kuriboh was trapped in a seal. "Kuiiiiii!" was all it managed to cry as it was sucked into the coin-like amulet.
"Winged Kuriboh, no!" Bijou cried in vain.
"Did I just see what I thought I saw?" asked Boss.
"She used the Nyte amulet to seal away the Winged Kuriboh." said Cappy as the amulet fell to the ground on the dueling platform.
Petal laughed. "Well, I can't believe that it actually worked. I'm honestly shocked at this." she said. "You were right after all, the cards really do have souls. I guess I owe you my faith for this turn of events."
"Interesting, so the duel monsters themselves can be sealed away. I wonder why I haven't thought of doing that before..." said Hiei.
"Yeah." added Aqua.
Bijou looked at the cards in her side deck, and the first card she saw stunned her. Dexter also felt an odd surge, one that didn't feel quite right. "Something's wrong." he said.
"What are you talking about, Gata?" questioned Hiei.
Dexter looked though his card book and saw it first hand. "I knew something was disturbed when the Winged Kuriboh was sealed, but I didn't expect this."
"Didn't expect what?" asked Boss.
"My Winged Kuriboh card... it's blank." Dexter answered.
"What do you mean tye card is blank?" questioned Duelist Ham.
"If you have a Winged Kuriboh card, you won't like what you see."
"His card isn't the only one that's blank." everyone turned to Jam, who was holding both of his Winged Kuriboh cards. "As you can see, both of my WKs are blank. Dear girl, you will pay for what you've done."
Everyone in the fun park who had a Wniged Kuriboh or was selling one all had the same thing happen to them, the cards were blank. "Holy crap, the picture's gone!" hams began to get confused.
"Your Winged Kuribohs are fake, it's the only way the card's picture can be blank. What a waste of nonesense." said Duelist Ham.
"Surely you have one, Duelist Ham. Why don't you look at it and show us your real one." said Dexter.
"Fine, I will." Duelist Ham sets his briefcase down, opens it up and begins looking for his Winged Kuribohs. A stunned reaction hit his face as he saw all three of them. Impossible....
"That non-ruthless look in your eyes must mean that even your Winged Kuriboh are blank as well."
Petal looked at her Winged Kuriboh card. "Huh, so mine is blank as well. Who cares about one lousy card, let's just adjust our decks and get on with the show." she said. "I've waited long enough to overthrow you from the fairy throne, and I plan to do it here and now."
"Silence your tongue, you little bitch."
That runed a lot of heads. Jam simply remined neutral as a good majority were shocked. "Was that... did Bijou say that?" asked Pashmina.
"Yes, she did." Dexter answered with a smile on his face. "So, it's true after all..."
"What's true after all?" asked Cappy.
"It all goes back to our stands, Beastmaster." Dexter began to explain. "As you pointed out to Roc Solid, our stands are parts of our souls. The Ka being the part of the Ba that leaves the body, taking form of either spirit or demon. However, there's more to our Ka, or stands than what it's worth. The Ka that makes our stands is a portion of ourselves represented by a specific duel monster card. To Bijou, her Ka is the Winged Kuriboh.... and the Winged Kuriboh is the embodiment of Bijou's joy and happiness. When one's joy and happiness is locked away, so is all of the good, which in turn lets all of the bad surface."
"So you mean to tell me that The Winged Kuriboh is the embodiment of Bijou's spirit Ka, but also the goodnes in her as well?" asked Boss.
"In a sense, yes." Dexter laughed. "With the good portion of Bijou locked away, in addition to the stand that represents this, it only leaves the demon portion. I wonder what duel monster would be the demon form of her Ka..."
Interesting... so they know about Ba and Ka, in addition to use it in the form of the duel monster cards? This group is quite more resourcefull than I had imagined. thought Hiei.
"Now ladies, let's finish up and get these cards shuffled." said Pegasus.
Bijou meets Petal and the fairy users exchange decks. "Hope and pray that my greatest monster doesn't slaughter you." said Petal.
"You should be the one who needs praying." said Bijou.
The girls receive their decks and head for the ends of the platform. "Now let's get this underway." said Pegasus. "So, who will go first?"
"Challengers, of course." answered Petal as she took her card. With the champion enraged, I will destroy her easily. In addition, I will use my talents to overthrow her. Speaking of which, let's see what's in her hand. Using her powers, Petal began to read all five cards in her hand, then the top four cards of her deck. "Nothing I can't handle. I'll begin with my Shining Abyss in attack mode," Petal's monster appears on her side of the field (1600/1800). "I'll set one card face down and then play The Sanctuary in the Sky and end my turn."
The dueling arena was changed to the sky and a floating island appeared on the field. This is gonna be a long duel. said Boss. Both Petal and Bijou use fairies and that field make it so no one loses life when fairies do battle.
"And the challenge is set." said Dexter.
Bijou took her card. "I will place a monster in defense mode." she began. "Next, I'll set two cards and end my turn."
Petal drew her card. "Well now, here's Ruin, Queen of Oblivion. I want to see what the champ has before I play you and from what I've seen, nothing interesting yet. Shining Abyss, attack now." Petal's monster goes in for the attack, but it's blocked.
"You've attacked my Kelbek," said Bijou (1500/1800), "now your monster is returned to your hand."
"I'll leave my Shining Abyss on the field and consider it my summon. One card face down and I will end my turn."
Bijou took her card. "First, I will switch my Kelbek into attack mode and summon my Dancing Fairy in attack mode as well." Three monsters appear next to Kelbek (1700/1000). "Dancing Fairy, attack the Shining Abyss." Bijou's monsters go in for the attack.
Petal smirked. "I reveal my Sakuretsu Armor trap card, ridding you of your dancing fairies."
"Certainly." Petal takes her card. "Now it's time to bring forth the End of the World. With the offer of my Shining Abyss and Layard the Liberator, I call out one of my best fairies. Ruin, Queen of Oblivion!"
Petal's monster are offered up and the sky around the dueling area grows dark. A blast comes from the sky and with it, brings forth Petal's monster (2300/2000).
"Pretty decent fairy." said Cappy.
"Not really." said Boss.
"Now I call upon the Hysteric Fairy to join Ruin's side (1800/700). Hysteric Fairy, destroy Kelbek." Kelbek is destroyed and Petal's fairy returns to her hand. "With no monsters to defend you, you're now at my mercy. Ruin, Direct attack!" Ruin charges for Bijou, and strikes the champion with her red staff. <5700>
"Yes, go Petal!" cheered Aqua.
"Nice." said Hiei.
"Yeah, I'm bad." said Petal, then she turned to the champion. "That was only a taste of what I plan on doing to you."
Bijou laughed. "Ruin.... what a waste of two tributes." said the champion. "As for you hurting me, give me more."
Petal had an odd look on her face. "More?"
"You heard me."
"Fine. I don't care anyway, none of the monster in your hand will stop me anyway. In fact, the only thing that can attempt to save you is the Enchanted Javelin you have face down."
Bijou was stunned. "Wait a minute... how did you..."
"I already know about what's in your hand, what you have face down, hell, I even know that Reload will be the next card you draw. I'll be able to pick you apart without even having to have you play.
"I've seen your cards, I know what coming next, but I don't know what I'll do to counter you yet. But enough about me, it's your turn. Go ahead, draw your Reload."
Bijou took her next card, and it was Reload. She's reading my deck.
Petal, what are you doing? You shouldn't be reading your opponent's cards. Hiei told her.
I will win this duel my way and use my talents how I see fit. Petal told Hiei.
We do not duel like this, stop at once.
After I get Bijou to surrender.
Jam didn't like the deal going on at the moment. Mind readers are a real pain... thought the Ra's hamster.
"Well, I will play my Reload then and jumble you up." said Bijou as she began to resolve her effect.
Works for me, I'll be able to scan her when she's done. thought Petal. Bijou placed her deck and drew three new cards which Petal scanned, following the top four cards of her deck. Hmm... Polymerization in her hand... nothing there to fuse. As for the next four cards, she'll draw Majestic Mech-Ohka in two turns. She'll probably last that long, but I better find a way to destroy her Enchanted Javelin in the meanwhile.
"Well, I don't care if you can read the cards I'm about to play or not, but it won't help you against me." said Bijou. "I'll place a monster on the defense and end my turn.
Spirit of the Harp is what she set down. Nice defense, but not enough to stop my Ruin. And her next card won't help her out, so I'm looking good. Petal took her card. "I'll set this face down and bring back my Hysteric Fairy. Ruin, attack her monster and destroy it."
Bijou saw her monster destroyed. "So much for my Spirit of the Harp..." she trailed off.
"Now attack her life points directly." Ruin continues onward.
"Activate Enchanted Javelin." Bijou's trap blocked Ruin's second attack.
"No matter, Hysteric Fairy, your turn to attack."
"At least it's not so much as the other monster..." Bijou got planted on her rear from the next attack <3900>.
"You're just about halfway finished and I'm in complete control."
"Funny, that's not what I call control."
"You're just mad because you're losing."
"You're right, I'm that I'm losing a duel to a scared little girl."
"Scared? I'm not afraid of any duelist... yourself included."
"You don't have to lie to kick it, little girl."
"You're just jealous of my powers, that's all."
Bijou shook her head. "You are naive. You wait such a long time to duel me and when you finally get your chance, you look at my cards as we play. You may see control, but I see otherwise... I see fear. Fear to face my cards as they come, so you use whatever powers you have to look at my cards like a coward. It amazes me that you've actually gotten here in ze finals legally. What a shame... I get kicked out by a frightned little cheater. Having you disqualified will be meaningless, so I will allow you to cheat. But I managed to do one thing about my turn as you scanned my cards, I planned to thwart you."
"Enough talk, just draw."
"Fine." Bijou drew her card. "You already know what this card is, so I will simply place it face down on the field. Now I'll activate my other face down card. It's called Graceful Charity." Bijou resolves her play. "And next, I'll pull out Majestic Mech-Ohka (2400/1400)."
"So you'll destroy Ruin, big deal."
"Well, how about you scan my cards again?"
"There's no point in scanning your deck now, I'm about to win."
"Good. Ohka, destroy Ruin!"
Petal saw her ritual monster destroyed. "Well, I didn't lose life points, but you didn't get a lead anyway. Once your turn ends, Ohka will be destroyed since you didn't sacrifice for it. And there's nothing in your hand to fuse with anyway."
"Foolish girl, I can fuse with what I have, just not a fairy. Well, my turn as well as my monster, is done." Ohka is destroyed.
Petal takes her card. "I guess I'll be generous and give you a chance to come back in this game. Hysteric Fairy, direct attack!"
"Cancel that attack, this duel is being restarted." said Pegasus.
"No, this duel will continue." said Bijou.
"What are you doing, Bijou? This duel isn't fair to you and you still want to go through with it, why?"" asked Boss.
"Because it's something known as merit. True duelists need not tricks, powers, or other means to cheat. So let her have her duel, but know that I will not stoop to her level."
Pegasus sighed. "Very well, continue the attack."
"Merci." Bijou took another hit to her life points (2100).
"I'm done with my turn." said Petal.
Bijou took her card and looked at her hand. Now it's my turn to take hand here. thought Jam and began acting on his own.
"I'll place this monster in defense mode and end my turn." said Bijou.
"Well, it's time to wrap this baby up." said Petal as she drew her card. "Hello Voltanis... it's a shame that I won't be using you to crush Bijou in this duel, but I guess it's not your fault. It's time for my Hysteric Fairy to destroy another one of your monsters."
Petal's Hysteric Fairy goes in and attacks Bijou's monster. "Man, this is starting to get terrible for you. What a waste of time." said Aqua.
Bijou finally had a smirk on her face. "The monster you destroyed is a fairy known as Agido. Furthermore, Agido died in battle, so I may activate its ability which I like to call Fairy Dice." Bijou explained.
"Fairy Dice?" asked Petal.
A six-sided die fell in front of Bijou. "Now pay attention, dear viewers. My result of zis roll will allow me to special summon a fallen fairy from my graveyard whose level is equal to what I roll. Howevaire, should I get a six... I can bring out a high powered monster."
No big deal. The only thing she has are four stars fairies... except for that Majestic Mech-Ohka, whose a six. Petal thought. She'll shoot for a six so she can use Ohka again.
"Well, this is about to get interesting." said Boss.
"I hope Bijou gets a six. Her chances of turning this around will be much better if she has that Majestic Mech on the field." said a concerned Cappy.
"You said it." said Pashmina.
Petal laughed. "Go ahead and roll, because I doubt you'll get your six." she said.
"Well, let's find out." Bijou took the die into her paws. "Let's go, dice roll!" and the Fairy Die was tossed.
The die itself rolled and rolled and finally came to a stop. To the dismay of the spectators, six didn't come up. "Ha, ha, you rolled a four." said Petal.
"You're right, I did roll a four," said Bijou, "so I will now welcome back my Agido." Agido was played in attack mode (1500/1300).
"You've gotta be kidding me." said Petal.
"No, Agido has four stars. And since it was destroyed in battle and sent to the grave, I used its effect to bring it back. Giving me one more try at the fairy dice."
"That's not gonna save you, but it is your turn anyway."
Bijou took her card. "Now I activate Polymerization."
"What are you talking about, you don't have anything to fuse?"
"Zat's where you're wrong, little cheater. I had one monster in my hand that you've seen already, but you didn't know that I could fuse with eet. And just like a fellow duelist of mine would say, 'A good ally is one that your opponents will least expect.' little one. Isn't zat right, Jam?"
"Chew datz, Champ." Jam nodded.
"What's going on here, I don't get it?" asked Hiei.
"Watch and learn." Jam told the dragon soldier.
"It's time to call upon the powers of an old friend." said Bijou. "Fairy Dragon, Winged Dragon of the Fortress, combine your powers and become one." Bijou's two monsters formed another, more powerful one. A long, gold colored dragon with blue eyes, talons and fangs. "So, how do you like my dragon? (2300/2000)"
Jam laughed. "So that's how it's made... Boy is this a sight for sore eyes."
"This is the first time I've ever seen this dragon." said Hiei.
"Same here." said Hilde.
Petal was stunned. "A dragon... You called out a dragon..." she was at a loss for words.
Jam was gigging at the sight of Bijou's dragon. "I never thought I'd see this guy again." he said.
"You've seen this dragon before?" asked Stan.
"Yes, but only once. This is the second time I've seen this dragon and man it's been too long."
"Well, what the hell is it?" asked Boss.
"That lovely golden beauty that Bijou has pulled out is called the Kaiser Dragon. I saw another duelist play it in my travels across the world and he told me it was a fusion of two dragons. However, he never told me which two dragons made it, but I know now..."
"I knew Bijou had the Fairy Dragon, but this?" asked Boss.
"So lemme get this straight, this is a dragon-type monster?" asked Petal.
"Of course." Bijou answered.
"But you're a fairy duelist...."
"Oui, yes. You know zat we duelists of Forbidden Brown have our own unique decks, but just about every one of use carries at least one dragon. It was from an earlier adventure where we went through ze Dragon Games. True, zere are two dragon duelists in our house, but pretty much all of us boast a dragon, with the exception of a certain few."
"This is something I was not aware of." said Hiei.
"Well, update your information." Bijou shot at Hiei. She then turned to Petal. "As for you, it's time to get rid of a few opposing life points. Kaiser Dragon, attack with Inferno Stampede!"
With three shots from the Kaiser Dragon, the Hysteric Fairy was destroyed. Even though Petal didn't lose life from that assault, she wasn't out of the champion's crosshairs yet. "Scratch one monster." said Cappy.
"Agido, direct attack." Bijou continued her battle phase.
Petal took the attack head on. "Oh well, I guess even you need to wear my life down." she said <6500>.
"You're going to lose all of your life points." Bijou corrected Petal. "It's not about knowing the cards of ze duelist you face, but knowing about ze duelist him/herself. And before we're done, you will see why I am, Duel Angel Bijou!"
"Well since your done, I'll take my turn." said Petal, then she drew her card. "Well, too bad for your bringing out such a nice dragon. I activate the spell card Fullfillment of the Contract <5700>."
"What's that card do?" asked Cappy.
"It's pretty much Premature Burial for ritual monsters." answered Boss.
"Very good, Summoner." said Petal. "And with it, I return my Queen of Oblivion. Welcome back, Ruin." and Petal ritual fairy returned with a laugh. "Now to hit you while your down with Mystical Space Typhoon." Petal's spell destroys Bijou's face down card.
"So much for that card." said Bijou.
"My last face down card is called Rush Recklessly."
"Damn, Ruin gets a 700 ATK point boost this turn."
"It's good to know you have heard how this card works (3000 ATK), too bad your dragon isn't fairy-type. Now I can damage your life points and destroy both of your monsters. Ruim, you know what to do."
Ruin goes in and cuts down the Kaiser Dragon, then uses her effect to destroy Agido, wiping Bijou's field empty again <1400>. "It's a shame that you're about to lose, but it's your own fault. Pegasus offered you a restart to this duel, but you didn't take it. And because of this, my victory over you will be official and I'll move on to the next round."
Bijou shrugged as Petal laughed at her. "Well, now zat you're done, it's time for another roll of the Fairy Dice." the champion explained. "Should I lose against you, though I will no longer be champion, I will still be respected as a duelist who continued to play a fair game... even if my opponent used unfair means."
"It doesn't matter what you roll, so go ahead and toss the dice."
"Fine, dice roll!"
Bijou tossed the die and it began to roll. Many of the duel hams had their fingers crossed, but Bijou didn't need such luck. "You're welcome to give up at any time, Bijou." said Petal. "Hiei may not take a surrender, but I have no problem with it."
"Nevaire." Bijou answered. "I have faith in my angels..." Bijou's roll stopped on a six, "and my faith rewards me with the roll zat I needed."
"So you rolled a six, congrats. But Ohka won't last against me for long."
"Ohka is not who I plan on bringing to my field, little girl."
"It's not?"
"Graceful Charity works in many smart ways with the two cards you discard, so allow my to show you one of zem. Wingweaver, rise from the grave!"
Light shot up from the ground of Bijou's side of the field. "What's a Wingweaver?"
"One of my more formidable fairies, but you'll see her for yourself."
When the lights faded away, Bijou's Wingweaver was ready for battle (2750/2400).
"Man, that's a real sight for sore eyes. Wingweaver is one of Bijou's most powerful fairies, and is a hard to come by common card to boot." said Boss.
"It's comeback time, baby." said Cappy.
Petal was actually stunned. That's a pretty strong fairy... she thought.
"Well, you still have a turn to make." Bijou reminded Petal.
"I don't have anything to stop that... I got nothin' left..."
"I wonder what ability Wingweaver has..." said Aqua.
"Wingweaver is a normal monster." said Boss. "Probably the strongest normal fairy in the game."
"If you're done running your mouth..." Bijou said.
"My mistake." Boss gave his apology.
"Beackseat dueling isn't needed, I can hold my own." Bijou took her card. "I'll need this later. Wingweaver, how about shedding some light against Petal's defenses...."
"This just might hurt." said Petal. As Wingweaver fired its attack, Petal braced herself for the impact. Though she prepared for it, the attack still knocked her on her little rear. "What power. Even with Ruin destroyed, I still got knocked back."
"And to think zat you might get hit directly next time." said Bijou. "My move is done, so make yours."
Petal took her card. "All I can do is defend myself. I play Shining Abyss in attack mode and end my turn."
"Eet's always good to have more zan one Shining Abyss..." Bijou took her card. "Say adieu to your second Shining Abyss."
"Here we go again." Another blast knocked Petal back, but she landed on her feet this time.
"Your move."
Petal drew her card. "I'll set one card face down and end my turn."
Bijou took her card. "That will do for now."
Petal took her card. She was wise not to attack me, because I just set down my Negate Attack. Now, my Voltanis is set up to destroy her. She looks at her draw. Lightning Vortex.... not quite yet. I need a monster on the field and I currently have only Voltanis. As much as I dislike it, I'll have to take a shot.
I wonder what she's up to... thought Bijou.
"Nothing left here, so it's your move." said Petal.
Bijou took her card. "Well, I guess I'll go out on a whim here. Wingweaver, direct attack." Bijou's monster prepares to attack. Now, let's see what zat face down card is...
Wingweaver attacked Petal, but to Bijou's disbelief, Petal took the blow <2950>. "Interesting, I thought she would've activated her card." said Boss.
"We'll see." said Jam.
Petal was coughin from the blow. "Damn, that fairy's strong." she said.
"All ze better to destroy you weeth." said Bijou. "Ze last car I'll play is Fusion Recovery. It allows me to retun my Polymerization to my hand, as well as one of my two dragons used for fusion. I'll take my Fairy Dragon through this effect and end my turn." Bijou's card returned to her hand.
"Interesting." Petal took her card. "It's my turn to have Graceful Charity." Petal resolves her card. "I'll set one monster in defense mode and end my turn."
Hmm... it must not be a fairy... Bijou took her card. "Well, looks like I'll get to attack you again, but I'll bring out my Fairy Dragon first (1100/1200). Fairy Dragon, attack her face down monster."
The Fairy Dragon attacks Petal's monster, flipping it up. "Thank-q, now I can activate the effect of my monster Skelengel here." Petal said and then draws a card. "I'm done."
Bijou continued her turn. "Wingweaver, direct attack!"
"You're lucky that I can't stop this."
Petal took another direct shot, putting her life points in critical <200>. "Are you beginning to understand now why I am as I claim?" asked Bijou. "Starting over isn't something that would normally happen. One guarantee about we duelists of Forbidden Brown is zat some of us die hard. On my next attack, I weel finish you off and once you're through, I shall move on."
"Are you done yet?"
"Go ahead."
"Good." Petal took her card. "I summon Royal Knight to the field (1300/800). Royal Kinght, destroy her Fairy Dragon."
Bijou simply watched as her dragon was destroyed. "Well, I guess that slightly hurts." she said <1200>.
"And to those of you who don't know, my card's ability kicks in. When my Royal Kinght destroys a monster and sends it to the graveyard, the defense points of the monster are added to my life. Since the Fairy Dragon had 1200, I get a much needed life point boost <1400>."
"So you got a little life, not like you'll get saved." said Bijou.
"Well if you think you can stop me, feel free to try right now."
"Watch me." Bijou drew her card. "I'll set this face down, now it's time for-"
Before she could announce her move, a voice called out to Bijou in her mind. No Bijou, wait for it.
The voice was familiar, but the champion couldn't quite place it. Bijou took a breath. "No, zat will be all, your move." Bijou decided to trust her message.
"Damn it, I need her to attack me. My move." said Petal as she took her card. Now she was puzzled, she had everything in her hand to finish Bijou off, but conflict had settled into her. If I use lightning Vortex now, I can destroy her monster, then have my Royal Knight go in for the kill. But she dropped a card face down. If I do that, then attack into a trap, I'll have wasted my opportunity to drop Bijou. It's settled, I need to use my powers to see what that card is that she just set. Petal began to scan the card. Once I know what this card is, I'll no longer need my powers to defeat her...
Upon getting the identity of the card, she saw Horus the Black Flame Dragon in front of a black-faced card. You will not discover this card's identity, you fiend. Horus told her. Your actions will advance you no longer.
Petal stopped scanning. I'm being blocked.
"You certainly are taking your sweet time with your move." said Bijou.
"Just go." said Petal.
Bijou took her card. "Go."
Petal took her card. "I have no choice, but I won't attack her either. You've had your chance, now it's time to get rid of it. I gave you the opportunity to attack me, but since you won't, I'll punish you with Lightning Vortex."
With the discarding of a card in her hand, Petal's spell destroys Bijou's Wingweaver. "Man, that's not good, Bijou's wide open to an attack now." said Boss.
"This is bad." said Cappy.
Petal laughed. "You're lucky that you have your face down card, otherwise you'd be done for. So take your turn."
Bijou took her card. "Well, I guess I can't fool you, now can I? Not too many people get to destroy my Wingweaver, but don't believe you've won just yet. It's time for a little bit of fairy justice.and it begins with ze card I just drew. I summon Warrior of Zera in attack mode."
Bijou's monster took to her side of the field, but when it was summoned, it didn't look quite right (1600/1600).
"Hey, wait a minute...." Petal trailed off.
"Check that out, that monster looks like Hamtaro." said Cappy.
"Not looks like, Cappy. That is Hamtaro." Jam corrected.
"Impossible, I sealed his soul." Hiei was irate at the sight. "What is he doing on the field?"
True to the words, Hamtaro was dressed up at the Warrior of Zera. "Hiei, you did seal away my Hamtaroo," Bijou explained, "but you didn't seal away all of his soul. Zis card is ze one part of Hamtaro's soul that he placed into ze card. He gave me Zera, but it also held the part of his soul that no one can claim except for moi. Living proof zat ze cards do in fact have a soul."
"So your boyham is here in a card to save you, not." said Petal.
"Petal, I want to thank you for what I'm about to do next. You and your field spell."
"You mean my Sanctuary in the Sky?" Petal was confused. "What are you getting at?"
"A story about a fighter, actually, about ze card I just played. Zera is a warrior who is often plagued by evil temptation, because of this, it cursed him, changing him into a creature that only knew how to destroy. He became the creature and destroyed an innocent village. When he returned to normal, he saw what he had done and vowed to never to become ze evil he was. So with his vow, Zera resisted the creature the only way he knew how... combat."
"Get to the point, I wanna make my move."
"Fine. One day, after hearing the rumors he journeys to a place that changed his life. Where, you ask?" Bijou pointed to the Sanctuary of the Sky. "Zere. He then faced many agents and passed the trials of good and evil and was graced with the powers of The Sanctuary. Zera, raise your sword and invoke the power of the Sanctuary."
Hamtaro raised his sword and cried out to the sanctuary. "Hey, what's the deal?"
Light beamed from Petal's field spell card onto Hamtaro, encasing him in light. "Zera was gfranted the powers of those agents." Bijou continued. "He was given the power of the Sanctuary and it changed him." Hamtaro's light shell faded away, and he was given a whole new appeareance. "With the Sanctuary's power, Zera became known as... Archlord Zerato!" Bijou's new monster lowered his sword and looked upon Petal (2800/2300).
"Man, what is this?" asked Petal.
"Zerato's transformation from warrior to fairy, but I've said enough already. Make your move."
Petal drew her card. "Your turn."
All she will do is draw, so it's time to finish her off. Bijou drew her next card. "You're waiting for somezing, but I won't let you have it. Zerato, destroy her monster." Zerato flies in for the attack.
"As touching as it is to have powered your boyham, I'm putting a stop to all of this now." said Petal. Activate Negate Attack." Zerato's attack was stopped.
"Nicely played..."
"No, now it's time for me to really activate your doom. Negate Attack is a counter-trap, and now that it resolved, I can sacrifice my Royal Knight."
"You must be kidding..." said Bijou.
"Sorry, I'm not anymore. With my Royal Knight sacrificed, I summon the monster that will destroy you. Behold the one known as Voltanis the Adjudicator!"
In a flash of light, Petal's monster appeared onto her side of the field (2800/1400). "Well, looks like you have a monster that can challenge mine point to point." said Bijou.
"He can... but he won't." said Petal. "I summoned Voltanis this way because his effect's requirement was resolved. Now I can activate the other part of his ability, for every fairy I sacrificed to bring out Voltanis this way, I can destroy one card on your side of the field. Voltanis, destroy Archlord Zerato!"
"You can't be serious."
"Unfortunately for you, I am serious."
And just like that, with a volley of light crystals, Archlord Zerato was destroyed. Boss and crew just watched in awe at what they just saw. "No, Bijou's monster is gone." said Cappy.
"Man, that's it... it's over for Bijou..." said Pashmina.
"That's a very interesting fairy." said Jam.
Bijou was at a loss for words. "My monster... he's gone..."
Petal laughed. "It looks like you're ready to quit." she said.
"No, but I am done."
"Done like dinner." Petal took her card. "It's funny how my monster is called the Adjudicator. The word itself means to judge and settle, and with this attack, it will settle the fact that I am the better fairy duelist. Sure you can argue that I used more than conventional means, but a loss is a loss, no matter how you slice the pie. Voltanis, finish her!" Voltanis launched its attack at Bijou.
"I can't watch." said Cappy.
"You better, or you might miss something." said Jam.
"All right..."
Voltanis showers Bijou's side of the field with crystals, causing explosions that cover her side of the field in smoke. Petal makes a hip thrust, "I win. This duel is finally over." she said. "What are you waiting for, announce me as the winner already, Pegasus."
Pegasus grits his teeth. "Hmm..." is his response.
"Hurry up already." Petal was becoming impatient.
Suddenly laughing could be heard. And as the smoke cleared, there stood Bijou laughing and she wasn't alone. "You didn't think you won, did you?" she asked.
"Wait a minute...." Petal noticed Kuriboh on Bijou's side of the field. "How did you..."
"My face down card is a quick-play spell, one zat even stopped Jam in his tracks. It's simply known as, The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh."Bijou had a sile on her face. "As you can see, ze card itself is also different. Normally, it would shoe both Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh on ze card. But since you sealed away his friend, only Kuriboh can be called... and this card can call either Kuriboh from not only the hand, but also from the deck, where he was." Bijou shuffles her deck. "I can either special summon Kuriboh to the field, in defense mode in zis case, or add him to my hand. Either way, he blocked your attack, no matter how you slice ze pie." Bijou placed her deck in the clip of her duel disk.
"Damn you and your little bastard Kuriboh.... my victory was taken from me." Petal was irate.
"Just like you took ze Winged Kuriboh from us. To Kuriboh, Winged Kuriboh wasn't just a playmate, but also a partner. You could say zat Winged Kuriboh is Muriboh's mate. Well Kuriboh, you salvation isn't going to go in vain, I guarantee you. See you soon, mon ami."
"Kuri, kuri." nodded Kuriboh and off into Bijou's graveyard it went.
"Kuriboh saved you this turn, but I will have me victory." said Petal. "You only delay your defeat. Now hurry up so I can move again and make you lose."
Bijou took her card. "It's time for me to play Polymerization again, but I will make a fairy for my second fusion. Mokey Mokies, combine your powers and create ze Mokey Mokey King."
With the combination of the three Mokey Mokey cards, Bijou created the Mokey Mokey King, which is a bigger form of the Mokey Mokey. "That thing's huge." said Petal.
"Not really." said Bijou. "Behold the power of my Mokey Mokey King (300/100)."
"Power?!" Petal laughed. "You call that power? That monster is weak!"
"Well zen, destroy it if you can."
Petal took her card. "Voltanis, destroy that Mokey Mokey King."
"Now matter, no damage will come to me since ze Mokey Mokey King is a fairy."
"A pathetic fairy to boot."
The attack hit Mokey Mokey King, but it simply stood there. "What's the deal, I destroyed it?" asked Petal.
"Just watch." Bijou answered. The Mokey Mokey King split up into its fusion materials (300/100 x3).
"When Mokey Mokey is removed from ze field, all the Mokey Mokey in my graveyard are special summoned to my field and here zey are."
"Even when broken up, they're still weak."
"Are you done?"
"Yeah, I can't destroy them this turn. Make your move."
Bijou drew her card. "I play Giant Trunade."
The storm swept Petal's field spell into her hand. "That helped me out, now I can destroy you next turn."
"You won't get a next turn, this duel ends with my move."
"Really, and you have what to stop me?"
"My Mokey Mokey trio will finish you off."
"Yeah right, I'll swat those little weak pests and rid you of your life points. You truly are an idiot and your idiotic monsters are proof on how stupid you and your reject monsters truly are."
The Mokey Mokey trio became mad. "You disrespectful little bitch. Mokey Mokey is not the monster you make mad and you will soon see why.
"First I'll activate Triangle Power." Bijou's spell created triangle beams around the Mokey Mokey.
"What does Triangle Power do?"
"Triangle Power boosts the attack and defense of all level one normal monsters on my side of the field by 2000 points this turn (2300/2100 x3). Sure, this spell destroys zem at the end, but my outcast fairies have nothing to fear."
"So those wimps are at 2300, they are still 500 points too weak. Your runts look even more stupid."
The question mark halos on the Mokey Mokey turn to exclamation points. "I have one more card to play, and it will avenge all the comments you've made. Mokey Mokey may be ze weakest fairy, even weaker zan Winged Kuriboh, but their true power comes out when zey are mad. And their anger will be amplified by my last card, Delta Attacker! Mokey Mokey trio, assume the Delta formation." Bijou's monsters formed in the shape of a triangle. "Delta Attacker gives three normal monsters of ze same name the power to attack my opponent directly."
"Wait... directly?"
"Yes, and combined with thr fortified Triangle Power, the attack strength is 6900 points. More than enough to finish you off, plus make you learn to never disrespect my fairies."
"No, it can't end this way..."
"Mokey Mokey trio, attack Petal directly with Delta Outcast Strike!"
The Mokey Mokey monsters fly toward Petal in the delta formation. Petal could only watch as the three monsters flew past Voltanis and towards her. It's not fair, this duel was mine. she thought. The attack hits Petal, knocking her flat on her back. Pegasus rose his left arm, "I am happy to announce the winner of this duel, Duel Angel Bijou!" the inventor of the games was quite content.
"This can't be, it just can't be. I should've won this duel." said Petal. "I was robbed and it's not fair."
Bijou laughed. "It's funny how a cheater who loses whines about being fair." she said. "But for someone who used illegal means to attempt to win, you still lost. This loss serves you right for having cheated in ze first place."
"Shut up, you robbed me of my victory."
"I've had enough of your demeanor, now you will face your punishment like ze cheater zat you are."
"Tch, whatever. I lost... you won... the duel's over and that's all that matters. Well, try not to lose against Hiei later on in the finals." and Petal began to leave the platform.
"I'm not done with you yet, little girl."
"Oh, but you are done."
Before Petal could leave, a wall of crystals blocked her path. Wait a minute, these are Voltanis' crystals... she thought.
"Merci, Voltanis." said Bijou as she took out a plastic case which held cards in it.
"Of course, I do live up to my name after all." said the Adjudicator.
Petal turned around. "Wait a minute... Voltanis, did you just..."
"Of course I did."
"This is incredible, Petal's card recognized Bijou and obeyed her..." said Aqua.
"I wouldn't go that far, Aqua." said Hiei.
"Neither would I." said Dexter.
"I am ashamed of you, Petal. Why would you seal away your own?" asked Voltanis.
"I didn't think it would work." Petal answered. "Besides, the Winged Kuriboh is just a weak card."
"Just as you said Mokey Mokey is a weak card, yet you were defeated by weak monsters..."
"I was robbed by runts...."
"You have no respect for fairy monsters, all you see is power. Because of this, you never consider their true strength."
"Normal monsters have no strength at a low level."
"Yet you were proved wrong by the finishing attack..."
"And what is this of your misbelief that cards have no souls?"
"Okay, I get it now... this is just some cheap effect made by the duel disk technology to help me learn about a valuable lesson. I get it, but you didn't have to go through all this to do-"
Petal piped up. "You're right about on zing, Voltanis truly is the Adjudicator." said Bijou.
Voltanis continued. "You are a disgrace to your name. You are no Fairy Enforcer, enforcers of fairies do not desrespect their own as you have done. You have no respect for said fairies who are, as you would say, 'weak'... If you have no respect for them, why should I believe you have respect for me?"
"It's not like that..."
"I've heard enough. Bijou, are you ready?"
"Of course." Bijou answered and held the small amount of cards. "The cards I now hold are a series of cards known as The Judgement Hand. Each card represents a different fate. Now normally, I would shuffle the cards before all else, but I will give Voltanis this honor." Bijou hands the Hand to Voltanis who shuffles the cards.
"I don't understand." said Aqua.
"You will." Jam told her.
After a while of shuffling, Voltanis cut the cards and gave them to Bijou. "I am content with this Hand. Let the sentencing of this punishment, whatever it speaks be carried out immediately." Voltanis said and then disappeared.
Bijou placed the deck face down in front of her as the Hand itself stayed in the air. "I will now spread each card flat, then place them in a spin, then one card will stop." Bijou explained. "The card that stops will be your judgement and the other cards will file beneath it. The card will be drawn, shown, explained, and finally cast its judgement upon thee."
"Whatever, just get it over with." said Petal.
"So be it."
Petal watched as Bijou did as she explained. When the cards spun around and came to a stop, the others stacked under it. "I will leave now, but I figure some of you might want to look away." said Jam as he walked off.
"What are you babbling about?" asked Hiei.
"This judgement isn't a pleasant one."
Bijou drew the card. "The card I hold will be your judgement, and just as Voltanis said, the punishment will commence immediately." said Bijou.
"Yeah, yeah, just show the damn card." said Petal.
Bijou looked at the card. "Oh my... I wouldn't have dared issued this fate upon you, but alas, this is Voltanis' cast of your fate."
"Show the damn card already."
"Very well." Bijou placed the card on her duel disk and it appeared in front of everyone.
"What is that?" asked Cappy.
Not what, who." corrected Dexter, then he laughed. "Yes, I enjoy this sentencing."
"What are you babbling about?" asked Howdy.
"Judgement...." Bijou began. "Judgement has chosen Doma the Angel of Silence."
"Ooh, I'm shaking." taunted Petal.
"As you should be. Now let me read you what this card says: 'This fairy rules over the end of existence.' In The Judgement Hand, Doma's judgement means 'death'."
"Death..." Petal laughed. "Wow, this really is a nice joke, it's a good one right?"
"Death has no humor, you really are about to die." The eyes of Doma's shoulders widened as they gazed at Petal.
"Kuh... I can't move."
"Because you turned your back on ze fairies you used, it's a sad and an ironic punishment zat a fairy, the fairy of death will be your maker. Howevaire, I will let you take this time to say your last words before you are executed."
"Enough, this ends now>" said Hiei as he drew his sword and lept towards the dueling field
Hiei was ready to intrude, but a barrier around the dueling arna knocked him back. A forcefield that I can't penetrate... Impossible. he thought.
Petal saw this failed attempt at a rescue. "Hiei..." It finally hit her, she really was about to die. "I... I'm scared. I... I'm really gonna die, aren't I?"
"Damn straight." Bijou answered Petal. "Doma, judgement has spooken."
Doma went in with his weapon ready. As Petal saw her impending doom approach her, tears began to fall from her eyes.... and then the weapon of Doma slashed her body. Hiei, forgive me.... I failed you..... and Petal fell to the ground. It was at this time that the dueling arena was lowering and as it lowered, Hiei ran to Petal's fallen frame. "Petal.... Petal.... speak to me..." he said.
"Waste not your breath," Bijou said as she was walking off the platform. "Petal cannot hear you, she is already gone."
"Murderer.... you had no right to do this to Petal."
"So you have a weakness after all.... But don't cry, Dragon Soldier, especially when fate was handed to her by her own monster." Bijou closed her eyes and walked off. "After all, she was just a casualty of war... You told me that yourself reguarding Hamtaro, and now you know how it feels when these casualties hit home."