Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ first round, pt. 4 ( Chapter 44 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Hiei took Petal to his quarters and placed her lifeless body on his bed. "It's going to be all right, Hiei." said Aqua.
Hiei gave no response, but he simply sighed.
"Petal always did mean a lot to him." said Hilde.
"Yeah." said Aqua.
"I've managed to look into the card database. Apparently, that Wingweaver card the champion uses comes from Pharaoh's Servant."
"Man, that's a long ways back. You probably can't even pull that card from the Dark Beginning boosters..." said Aqua.
"Or the Dark Revalations ones."
"So what else does it do?"
"Nothing, like the Summoner mentioned, it's a normal monster... all it has is power."
"Did you happen to look up Mokey Mokey as well?"
"Ancient Sanctuary, but you can also get it in Dark Revalation 2. It's a pretty much shit card, but I did come across a card that can make it quite unfathomable."
"Go on."
"A spell called Mokey Mokey Smackdown. When another fairy aside from it is destroyed, that shit card gets a 3000 ATK boost for the turn. Not a pleasant boost up for something that isn't too strong."
"Is that all you guys think about?"
The Shadow Clan members see Jam standing in the doorway. "Even the card that many people least expect to seriously hurt them will be the card that can hinder them the most." he continued.
"I need to know something." said Aqua. "Is it true, do all of you FB duelists hold a dragon?"
"A great majority of us do." Jam answered. "Which dragon each of us holds however, is a different story."
"Well, I too hold a dragon, one that will make Horus quiver in its wake." said Aqua.
"So did Seamore, and you saw what happened with him. Powerful cards aren't everything, but it's your weakest monsters that when played properly, can be the most devistating. The Beastmaster is testament of this.
"When he dueled one of the most interesting duelists using rock monsters, all that the Beastmaster used were monsters that had about two-four stars, he didn't even sacrifice for a stronger monster that duel. But even with that done, he managed to destroy many of the most powerful rocks in duel monsters... and with 'weak monsters' as you call them. If you are true duelists, ten you would know that there are no weak monsters, but they are monsters that need to be played properly to unlock their potential. Petal didn't understand this when she was struck down by the Mokey Mokey monsters that Bijou holds. Horus is a strong dragon in my possession, but you can ask the rest of the duelists that know how I duel them, there is one other dragon that I have that's even more devistating than Horus... and it's not only under 1000 ATK and DEF points, its level is also low." Jam began to walk away. "Take the remainder of this break to greive, Pegasus will continue the first round soon."
Meanwhile, Hitomi was in tears and Maxwell and Sandy were trying (and failing) to calm her down. "Come on, Hitomi. You need to get a hold of yourself." said Maxwell.
"MY Petal's gone..." Hitomi wailed. "I searched too long to find her and now this... Bijou, this is all your fault."
"I personally don't think Bijou had anything to do with this." said Sandy.
"I think it was Petal's card Voltanis that did this to Petal." said Barrette.
"Cards don't kill, hamsters do! I'll never forgive you, Bijou!" Hitomi yelled out while her tearducts flooded.
"How are you taking this, Hermana?" asked Sparkle.
"Much better than Hitomi is, and that's all you need to know." hermana answered.
Pegasus called the remaining duelists to assemble for the next drawing. The game creator cleared his throat, "In spite of everything that has happened in this first round, the tournament will continue as scheduled. Now let's get on with the selection of the next duel." The machine was turned on and the remaining six orbs were waiting to be chosen. I wonder where duelist sixteen is? thought Dexter... I haven't seen him or her during any of these selections, I wonder why...
The first orb was chosen. "First up is duelist #18, Commander Charge." announced Pegasus.
Howdy was quiet. I wonder who I'll face... he thought.
The second orb was chosen. "Well, this should be interesting. Facing the commander will be duelist #12, Duelist Ham."
Duelist Ham chuckled, "It's about damn time." he said. "I was hoping to face this mystery duelist, number sixteen, since that person hasn't even shown up for any of the drawings. Oh well, he won't get beat down by my deck. But instead, I'll get to cut off this Full Charge Assault. Let's begin and end your funeral quickly."
Cappy felt bad for Howdy. Man, I'm glad that's not me... he thought.
So the world champ is finally gonna duel. Let's see what he's made of so I can prepare to destroy him. thought Boss.
Duelist Ham and Howdy got to the field and shuffled their decks quickly and this was now on the monitors of the theme. "Holy crap, it's Duelist Ham." said Maxwell.
"I heard rumors that he was in the are, but I didn't know he was in the tournament." said Sparkle.
"This is bad. Howdy's gonna get beat." said Barrette.
"So will everyone else." said Sandy.
"Duelist Ham in the finals... we all know who won this tournament." said Hermana.
The decks were given back to each duelist. "Charge, if you plan on surviving this duel, you had better come at him hart and fast." advised Dexter.
"Tell me something I don't know." said Howdy.
"You don't know how badly you're about to get beat, but I'll let my cards tell you that first-hand." said Duelist Ham. "You're all gonna get beat, it just depends on how long you'll be lucky to survive. So go ahead and move, you hack of a duelist."
"Man, you really are arogant." said Howdy as he drew his card. "I'll set two cards face down and summon Thunder Nyan Nyan in attack mode." Sparks appeared from Howdy's side of the field, followed by the appearence of a drum set, then the girl they belonged to (1900/800). "Now show me what you got."
"Cocky, but your sorry move won't help you against me." Duelist Ham said as he drew his card. "Now watch and learn. I'll begin with Heavy Storm." The powerful storm whisked through, destroying Howdy's cards. "Now it time for the pain, I summon the Lord of Dragons the the field (1200/1100). With The Flute of Summoning Dragon, I will bring out the monsters that seal the fates of all duelists. Azrael and Djibril, come forth my Blue-Eyes White Dragons."
"You've gotta be kidding me...."
"Tell that to them (3000/2500 x2)."
Everyone watching was in awe. It was only his first move and Duelist Ham called two of the legendary dragons to the field. Shit, he doesn't waste any time..... thought Boss.
Man, I'm so glad that's not me. thought an even more relieved Cappy.
How much does that suck.... thought Hilde.
Jam just shook his head. "That's the world champ." he said.
"And I thought I felt bad from losing in two turns against Pashmina..." said Stan.
"One card face down. Now Azrael and Djibril, attack with Burst Stream of Destruction!" commanded Duelist Ham and his dragons obeyed." One Burst Stream destroyed Thunder Nyan Nyan, but the other hit Howdy with such force that it knocked him out of the arena. Hie head ended up hitting the wall and was knocked out cold. "Howdy..." the hams ran over to him.
Croquet checked Howdy. "He's alive, but unconscious. He'll be unable to continue dueling, the match is over." said the official.
Duelist Ham shrugged. "Look at that, I win by DKO, Destructive Knock-out." he said brushing off his shoulder. "This just goes to show you that you can have great strategies, powerful spells and traps, even Emperor Gods, but nothing stands up to the destructive force known as the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon."
Sadly, Pegasus lowered the dueling field. So much for that.... he thought.
Everyone in the park saw that and was in shock. "What was so uncool." said Sandy.
"Man, the Blue-Eyes lives up to the description on the card." said Sparkle.
"What description?" asked Barrette.
Maxwell pulled out a piece of paper, "It reads, 'This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale.' If Howdy ever wakes up, he won't be too pleased to found out that he lost his duel."
"He's lucky to lose that way, but I won't be able to say that for anyone else who duels him." said Hermana.
Meanwhile, it was time for the next duel to begin and everyone was ready and awaiting. "Now it's time for the final drawing of the first round." announced Pegasus. "The two duelists that I don't call out will be placed into the last match. The first round will soon come to a close."
"Before you decide to go on with the next drawing, there's something we need to clear up." said Duelist Ham. "You've mentioned that there are eighteen duelists here, but I've only seen seventeen. I want to see this last duelist before we draw."
"You've already won, so it doesn't concern you." said Pegasus.
"Don't give me that bullshit, Pegasus. Bring out that sorry excuse of a no-show out here now."
"I'll act like I didn't hear that last rant. Now here we go." and the randomizer went again.
"Four orbs left, two duelists to choose from..." said Jam.
"We're gonna find out who battles next anyway." said Dexter.
After a bit of shuffling, the first orb is chosen. Pegasus looks at the orb, "Coming up next is duelist #5, The Beastmaster." he announced.
"Looks like you're finally up, Capster." said Jam.
"Yeah." said Cappy. "I'm just glad it's not against Duelist Ham."
"One choice left..." Pashmina trailed off.
The second orb was chosen and glanced at by Pegasus. "Facing off against our Beastmaster is duelist #16, The Deckbreaker." he said. "Well, everyone wanted to know about our mystery duelist, and now it seems like he, or she, will be dueling next."
"Well, Aqua, since you weren't called..." said Hilde.
"I know." said Aqua. "This means I'll be in the last match against Dino Girl."
Outside, Hitomi finally calmed down... somewhat. "You know, you really can turn on the waterworks." said Barrette.
"I'll take that as a compliment." said Hitomi.
"Hurry up you two, or you're gonna miss the next battle." said Sparkle.
Barrette and Hitomi rejoin the gang. "So who's up next?" asked Pepper, who had just shown up with everyone else.
"Cappy's up next," Sparkle answered, "and he's up against some duelist called the Deckbreaker."
"That's a bold name." said Maxwell.
"Lives up to it from what I've heard." said Barrette.
The hams turn to Barrette. "Is that so?" asked Sandy.
"From what I've heard, this Deckbreaker has a Chaos Destruct deck, but I don't believe that one bit. There are those duelists who said they were completely shut down by this duelist, so now we're gonna find out for ourselves."
"If he ever decides to show up." said Sparkle.
Cappy was standing alone in the dueling arena. "I wonder what's taking so long for this guy to show up?" asked Cappy.
"This is ridiculous..." said Duelist Ham. "Someone get this hack already."
"If this keeps up, I'll win by default." said Cappy.
"You wish."
Everyone looked down the hallways and saw the cloaked Hamster walking toward the dueling arena. "It's about time you showed up, where were you all this time?" questioned Duelist Ham.
"Sleeping." the cloaked hamster leapt into the dueling arena and took position across from Cappy. The Deckbreaker revealed everything needed, including a black duel disk in gold trim.
"Well, that's an interesting duel disk." said Pegasus. "I take it that both of you are ready to go.... so let's get these decks shuffled." Both decks are exchanged and shuffled, then returned to their owners. The two duelists return to their sides of the arena. "Well, I guess we're ready to go then..." said Cappy.
"Not quite, I have something to say first." said the Deckbreaker.
"We don't have time for this." said Duelist Ham.
"I can make time, go ahead." said Cappy.
"Okay." The Deckbreaker removed the cloak covering our mystery hamster, exposing the Deckbreaker's identity.
Interesting. thought Jam.
The hams watching were stunned as well. "The Deckbreaker is... Oxnard?" Sandy was confused.
"Oxy...." Pepper was out a loss for words.
"Well, I never expected this."
Yes, The Deckbreaker is Oxnard. "For far too long, I've been placed in situations that could have been easily solved by my dueling. But instead, I didn't duel, and it has cost me a lot. It cost me my place to play, my own soul, even the three rare cards my girlham gave me because some theif ripped them to shreds."
Pepper felt sad. "My cards..." she trailed off.
Oxnard continued. "After a wake-up call from a near death experience and a few friends, I've come to this conclusion: You can be prey, or be a predator. And since I've become predator, deck have done one thing... break. Now here I am, ready to make more deck damage. With this said and done, you have two options, Beastmaster: Be the victor, or be the victim. DIAHA!" and Oxnard's duel disk activated.
Boss and the crew were confused, "Diaha?" they questioned.
Jam laughed. "It looks like Ox picked up some egyptian as well." said Jam.
"I guess it means they same old thing we always say..." said Penelope.
"Very good." Hiei said as he finally showed up. "Let's see this Deckbreaker in action."
"Nice to see you're feeling better." said Aqua.
"Not exactly, but let's see his dueling skills."
Cappy and Oxnard draw their hand of five cards. "If you plan on moving on, you better play your cards right." Oxnard warned Cappy. "I won't show you any mercy just becuase you made mistakes."
"Fine, now I'll go first." said Cappy.
"No complaints here."
Cappy took his card and looked at his six card hand. Man, nothing but monsters... and only two I can play off the bat. I'll need my Blade Rabbit though, so I'll just use the one I drew. The Beastmaster was ready to move. "Okay, I'll place this monster face down and end my turn. It may not pack a punch, but the 2100 DEF points of my Soul Tiger will buy me some time while I prepare for an offensive."
"That's your beginning move... what a shame." said Oxnard as he drew his card. "I'll set on card face down. Now since you probably have a nice deckmaster, I will introduce you to mine. I call on the powers of my Mystic Swordsman." Oxnard's monster took to the field (900/0). "Now attack his monster." Oxnard's monster went in for the kill.
Hah, it only has 900 power, he's gonna take battle damage and I'll have the lead. thought Cappy.
But the last laugh wasn't his, as he saw his face down Soul Tiger was instantly destroyed. "Hey, wait a minute..." Cappy was a little upset.
"I forgot to mention," Oxnard began to explain, "anytime the Mystic Swordsman attacks a facd-down monster, he can automatically destroy it without applying damage or flipping the monster up."
"Man, that's not right."
"Special abilities are incredible, aren't they? Also, he's a LV monster, and since he's destroyed your monster, he jumps up from level 2 to level 4 (1900/1600)."
"Whoa, that's a big jump."
"And a lovely jump it is. Your turn, Beastmaster."
Okay, so the Mystic Swordsman can destroy set monsters without fail. My Blade Rabbit can't touch that, so I'll need to think of another strategy. Cappy took his card. "This'll work. Okay, I won't be fooled twice. Rampaging Rhynos, let's go." Cappy's new monster appeared in front of him (1500/1500). "Axe Rush!" Cappy monster charges forward.
"I saw your duel where you used this card, but it won't save you. Reveal my Book of Moon, now your Rhynos is flipped face down."
"Aw man..." Cappy placed his monster in set position. "Your turn."
He hasn't touched the other cards yet... what a shame. They must be monsters, or those pathetic Ojama monsters. Oxnard took his card. "Let's go in for the kill, attack him." Cappy's face down Rampaging Rhynos was destroyed. "I'll set this baby face down. Now it's time for me to have the full power of my Mystic Swordsman at my disposal."
Oxnard removed his deck from its clip and pulled out Mystic Swordsman LV6 and placed him in position where the previous LV4 was, signaling the end of his turn as it was called to the field (2300/1700).
Cappy drew his card, it was the Catnipped Kitty (0/500). "I can't do anything with you except defend.... One monster in defense mode and end my turn." he made his play.
"How sad, all you can do is defend yourself. Are you even trying?" Oxnard taunted.
"Of course I'm trying, I just have to think, that's all."
"Well while you think, you can watch my Mystic Swordsman in action as he destroys another monster of yours."
Cappy's feline was destroyed. "So much for that." Cappy trailed off.
"Now here's the kicker, This time around, the Mystic Swordsman has an extra effect. So the monster that I just destroyed will now go to the top of your deck."
"Come on..."
"Now what, you should be happy you get your monster back. But then again, it gives me the pleasure of destroying it again. Oh, it's your turn."
Hiei laughed. "He's toying and destroying him, I like this duelist." he said.
Cappy drew his Catnipped Kitty again. "I have no choice..." he said to himself silently.
"Hold tough, Cappy! Don't let him get into your head!" Boss called out to him.
Oxnard laughed. "Head games, that's overrated. Why play head games when deck games are so much better? I don't need, nor do I want to get into your head. All I have to do is what I've always done since I started dueling here, and that's simply to get into your deck. Once I've gotten to the point where my opponent's cards work against him or her, I've already won."
"You really are a twisted duelist, you know that, Oxnard?" asked Cappy."
"No, dear Beastmaster. I'm not a duelist, I'm The Deckbreaker, the one with the purpose of simply destroying your cards. That is how I function, now finish your move, my Mystic Swordsman is waiting to attack you again."
Cappy grits his teeth. "I summon Catnipped Kitty in attack mode (0/500). As much as I hate doing it, I gotta take damage to have a shot at an offensive. Your move."
Oxnard chuckled. "You finally understand... but you won't get an offensive, rookie. I'll guarantee you that, but you're welcome to prove me wrong... or right." he took his card. "Drillroid in attack mode (1600/1600). Tunnel your way through that cat and into the Beastmaster's life points!"
Drillroid went in for the attack and dropped the Catnipped Kitty worse than a bad habit <6400>, but he wasn't done yet. "Mystic Swordsman, cut into his life points."
"Aack!" Cappy was knocked flat on his back <4100>.
Oxnard laughed. "You're practically halfway defeated and you've barely done anything. Oh wait, you haven't done anything yet, except lose horribly."
"You don't have to be mean about it..." said Cappy.
"This is the tournament finals, you ameteur. Mercy isn't an option here, boyâ, because they won't give it to you. You had better get it in your head quickly that not every duelist you face will be merciful. Look to your right, do you honestly think that you'll get mercy from any of them at this level of gameplay?"
"Some of them might..."
"You need to come out of this fairy tale you're dueling in, quicker than not at all. I good majority of the duelists in this tournament are playing for keeps here, which means you have no option left except follow suit.
"You don't have to take my word for it, you've seen it yourself what has happened: We have two duelists that are nothing but empty shells, one duelist unconscious and another one dead, all of this in just the first round. Since you don't want to answer this wake-up call, I'll see to it that you stay asleep. Now move, because you'll be out of your misery soon."
The gang couldn't believe what they're hearing. "I never thought I'd see Oxnard this mad." said Boss.
"That ain't Oxnard, that's Deckbreaker talkin' right now." said Dexter. "Love it, or loathe it, he's right. Just about everyone here is playing for keeps, including some of us."
"I never thought I hear Oxnard speak like that." said Sandy.
"He's nuts, the guy lost it sense those cards got ripped up." said Barrette.
"Oxy... why are you acting like this..." Pepper was feeling sad.
"I like it." said Sparkle. "It's about time Oxnard found a 'no-holds barred' side. It suits his Deckbreaker name perfectly in my humble opinion."
Oxnard's lost his mind... thought Cappy as he drew his card. "I guess I'll have to snap him out of this. Finally, a trap. Now it's offensive mounting time. I'll set one card face down..."
"It's about damn time." said Oxnard.
"Anyway, I'll summon my trusty Blade Rabbit in attack mode (400/300). Now you may go."
"That won't save you." Oxnard drew his card. "Yes, but I will wait for it. Time to make some Rabbit Stew, you know how to destroy 'em, Drillroid." Oxnard's monster goes in for the attack.
"Not this time, reveal my Zero Gravity trap card. This baby switches the positions of all monster on the field." said Cappy.
"Nice move." said Aqua.
Capy's Blade Rabbit begins its signature head shake, causing its buck teeth to make noise. "And that sounds means it's time for my Blade Rabbit's special ability. And to those of you watching, this is how it works:" Cappy began to explain. "Whenever Blade Rabbit is switched from attack to defense position, he can automatically destroy one opposing monster."
"Lovely..." said Oxnard.
"Blade Rabbit, cut up that Mystic Swordsman." Cappy's monster Destroys the Mystic Swordsman. "And with your Drillroid already done with its attack, you won't be attacking me again."
"Well, look at you. All happy that you got rid of my Mystic Swordsman..." said Oxnard. "But you see, your little effect was just action done in vain. Reveal my face down Level Modulation."
"What does that do?"
"Well first off, you get to draw two cards."
Cappy draws his cards. "Go on."
"Now I can bring back a LV monster from my graveyard."
"A LV monst... NO!!!"
"Now I'll bring back the monster I just lost, my full-powered Mystic Swordsman." Oxnard's monster returns to the field. "I'll set this face down and that's my turn."
"Man, that was cold blooded." said Stan. "In one move, Oxnard shot down Cappy's great play."
"It's like noting ever happened... except the Drill on defense." said Boss.
"I'll sacrifice my Blade Rabbit and summon Roc from the Valley of Haze (2400/1400)."
"Nice, now I reveal my Threatening Roar."
"Aw man..." Oxnard's trap effect resolves. "Just go."
Oxnard takes his card. "I like the fact that've given up, it means I don't have to use my Heavy Storm. Now I shall do as I said and see that you keep sleeping, and it begins with Dark Core."
"Man, not that card."
"Yes." Oxnard discards a card. "With the card I've just discarded, the Dark Core kicks in and removes Roc from the Valley of Haze from play." A giant rip in reality appears and sucks up Cappy's monster, then it fades away. "Now I'll sacrifice my Drillroid and summon Sabre Beetle (2400/600). Together, my two monsters total 4700 ATK to your 4100 life, but this terrible dueling strategy was more of a waste of time than an actual play around. But I guess that's what happens when you don't want to wake up from your fairy tales. So now you'll stay asleep in them!"
Oxnard's monsters attack Cappy, reducing his life points to zero. Oxnard had won the duel, but Cappy fell to his knees crying. "Damn Oxnard, you didn't have to be some cruel... it's just a game."
"Aw, look at you cry..." Oxnard taunted Cappy. "If this was just a game, Hamtaro would still be moving around and we wouldn't have a dead duelist. But I guess you're just sad that you didn't have a happily ever after. The fairytale duel is over, boyâ. Get up and walk away with your shattered dreams and broken deck." and Oxnard left the dueling arena.
Cappy just sat there crying. "It's not right.... I didn't deserve to be beaten with such cruelty..." he trailed off in his cries.
"Come on, Cappy. Let me help you out..." Stan offered.
Aqua laughed. "Good, get that baby out of the arena." she said.
"What's your problem, can't you see Cappy's really down about losing?" asked Pashmina.
"I don't care about how he got beat, nor will I care about it. But if you're so woried about how he lost, you can share his pain after you lose to me. Now let's get going, our audience doesn't have all day."
It was now time for the last duel of the first round. Reguardless of the fact that Pashmina felt bad for her friend, she still took to the arena to face her opponent. "You really have a lot of nerve. Don't you have any remorse for what has happened so far in this tournament?" asked Pashmina.
"Not to that crybaby." Aqua answered. "The Deckbreaker said it best about the Beastmaster's strategy, it was a waste."
"You didn't have to just up and be rude about him leaving though."
"I don't give a damn. His defeat isn't my problem, I'm dueling for Petal now... and if you think you'll win against me in two turns, despite such an incredible strategy that you have, you had better think twice. I have the advantage in this duel."
"And why do you say that?"
Both girls walk up and exchange decks. "Because you haven't seen me duel yet and I've already seen your strategy. It's very effective, but don't think that it'll save you against me."
"You're worse than Petal was."
Both girls return the decks and take their places. "Enough talk, Dino Girl, now it's time for you to shut up and prepare to lose."
"No way, not to you, I won't."
"All right ladies, let's get this show on the road." said Pegasus.
"Don't expect any courtesy from me, I'm going first." said Aqua and drew her card. "I will set two cards and one monster face down, that ends my turn."
I won't lose to this rude ass broad. thought Pashmina as she drew her card. "I'll also set down two cards, then I'll call out my Gilasaurus for special (1400/400). Attack, my Gilasaur." Pashmina's monster goes in for the attack and Aqua's monster is revealed.
"Nice try, unfortunately, but my Yomi Ship stands." said Aqua (800/1400).
"Hmf. I'll summon my Kabazauls and end my turn." Pashmina's second monster hit the field (1700/1500).
Aqua drew her card. "I'll save this for later. I summon the Unshaven Angler in attack mode (1500/1600)..."
Nah, I'll wait. thought Pashmina.
"Now destroy her Gilasaurus."
Pashmina saw her dinosaur destroyed. "Eh <7900>."
"Your move."
Pashmina took her card. "This'll work for me later. Kabazauls, destroy her Unshaven Angler."
Kabazauls has a powerful sneeze that blows Aqua's monster to bits <7800>. "Your turn." Pashmina ended her move.
Aqua drew her card. "Hmm... my new toy. I'll save you for later and then destroy her. It's time I took out on of your cards with Mystical Space Typhoon." Aqua announced her move.
"No such luck." said Pashmina as she discards one of the three cards in her hand, "I'll counter it with Magic Jammer."
Aqua saw her spell destroyed. "Move."
Hmm... Aqua is waiting for me to destroy her Yomi Ship, which destroys the monster that attacks it. Pashmina took her card. "Let's have a little fun. Here's a monster you're familiar with, my Granadora (1900/700). And to those of you who are just tuning in, When Granadora is summoned to the field, I gain 1000 life points <8900>. Kabazauls, attack!"
Pashmina's dinosaur sneezed at Aqua's Yomi Ship, and both monsters, due to the Yomi Ship's effect, were destroyed. Pashmina went on. "Granadora, it's your turn. Direct attack!"
"It's okay..." Aqua takes the direct shot <5900>. "Don't enjoy your lead."
"Why not? It's your turn, by the way."
Aqua took her card. "Gora Turtle, come forth (1100/1100). This'll stop your Granadora while I buy some time, now make your move."
Pashmina took her card. "Well, while you buy your time, I'll sell you trouble. I'll sacrifice my Granadora..." Granadora is tributed, "since it was tributed, Granadora's effect doesn't cost me life points. Now I'll summon Dark Driceratops (2400/1500). It's on you."
Aqua took her card and then laughed. "Well Dino Girl, my time was well bought, but you'll get no sale out of me. I activate the spell card Big Wave Small Wave."
A giant tidal wave came up and destroyed the Gora Turtle, wiping her monster zone clean. "I'm well aware of how that tsunami works." said Pashmina. "Since one water monster was destroyed, you can call out on water monster from your hand."
"Yes, but this monster is a new one in my arsenal and quite powerful." said Aqua. "From the depths of the sea, comes a monster of great power that harnesses the power of the tides. I call upon the power of my Spiral Serpent!"
A small wave appeared and toon turned into a trunade. Then in a burst of water appeared Aqua's new monster (2900/2900). "Holy..." Boss couldn't even finish his line.
"Now my monster, destroy that dinosaur with your dreaded Spiral Wave!"
With a powerful channeled blast of water, the Spiral Serpent destroyed the Dark Driceratops <8400>. Aqua laughed, "With the many destructive forces of the deep at my disposal, there is more than enough reason for you to know that the water is my kingdom. I am Aqua, The Queen of Tides! Now move, let's see if you can survive my aquatic fury now..."
I have a monster in my hand that can take on that monster, but I need two sacrifices to call it to the field. Pashmina thought, then drew her card. "I'll play Black Stego and end my turn." Pashmina's monster appeared on the field (1200/2000).
Jam noticed the familiar enemy. Pashmina used this monster against me, let's see how it fares this time. he thought.
What did he mean by that.... thought Hiei.
Aqua looked at the previous play. Why would she summon that onster instead of setting it? wondered Aqua. She does have a card face down, though... I won't be zealous about a careless attack, since my Spiral Serpent can drown that thing easily. She took her card. "I might need this later. Your turn." she said to Pashmina.
"No attack this time, what a shame..." Pashmina taunted.
"Why attack you now, my monster has enough force to stop yours at anytime. Besides, I don't fall for traps."
Yeah, keep thinking that. Pashmina took her card. "Bingo, just what I need. I'll set this monster face down and end my turn."
Now that I will destroy. Aqua took her card, "I'll set one card face down. Now attack her face down monster, my Spiral Serpent."
"I was hoping you'd do that." Aqua's monster attack the face down monster. "Say hello to my Cobra Jar (600/300)."
"So what does this thing do?"
"When flipped, the Cobra Jar brings out a Poisonous Snake Token (1200/1200). Now my Jar dies off like normal."
"What a waste, noe move."
Pashmina takes her card. "Now I'll sacrifice my Black Stego and my monster token and summon my Raging Earth to the field."
"Raging Earth, what is that?"
"Take a look."
Pashmina's new monster takes to the field (2000/1500). She then continued her turn. "I'll also special my second Gilasaurus," this monster appears on the field. "Since Gilasaurus is special summoned, you can summon a monster from your graveyard."
"Interesting." said Aqua as she removed her graveyard. "Normally, I would bring out my Gora Turtle, but its effect works on all monsters on the field... no matter. I'll bring back my Yomi Ship and summon it on the defense." Aqua discards her graveyard again.
"That's it for me, your turn."
"Good." Aqua takes her card. "For its name, that Raging Earth doesn't live up to his reputation. Spiral Serpent, destroy the Raging Earth."
Pashmina saw her monster get destroyed <7500>, but a smile was on her face. Then it turned into laughter, "Aqua, I thank you for taking that monster out like that, now I can activate it's special ability. When Raging Earth is destroyed in battle, it destroys ever monster on the field that's not of the Earth element... mainly, yours."
An earthquake happens, sending shockwaves that destroyed the Yomi Ship, but the Spiral Serpent got an easier fate as it was removed from the field. "I've activated my Spiritual Water Art-Aoi in combination with my Spiral Serpent. Let's see that card in your hand..."
"Fine." Pashmina shows the card to Aqua.
"Spell Economics.... what a throw-away, I thought I got ried of a monster. You may discard that card now." Pashmina discards her spell. "One monster in defense mode and that's my turn."
"Pashmina's got a good shot now." said Boss.
"I wouldn't be so sure..." said Jam.
Pashmina drew her card. "Attack her monster, Gilasaurus." she ordered and her dino agreed.
"I hate the fact that I have to use this monster, but you've attacked my Weather Report (950/1500)."
Pashmina shrugs. "Well, I lost a little life, but at least I didn't have Swords in play." <7400> "Your turn."
1400 isn't too strong, so a good monster can stop it. Aqua drew her card. "I summon Oxygeddon in attack mode (1800/800). This will destroy your monster."
"Perhaps, but not this turn. Reveal Forced Back."
Pashmina's trap creates an explosion which sends Oxygeddon to Aqua's hand. "Huh... your turn."
Pashmina draws her card. "Your turn."
"Good, now let's do it like this; Premature Burial <5100>, bring back my Spiral Serpent. Now I'll re-summon Oxygeddon and switch my Weather Report into attack mode. Now it's time to drop that life of yours, Oxygeddon, you attack first," <7000>, "Weather Report, attack directly <6050> and to finish it off with a Spiral Wave, putting you in your place!"
The blast of water knocks Pashmina flat on her ass <3150>. "Man, that's not good." said Boss.
"Excellent work, Aqua." said Hiei. "Your victory will be complete on the next move. Your dueling skills have improved very well since those training spars and it shows."
"Of course they have and I'm not through with her yet. It's a shame that you didn't give me more action out of this duel, but I forgive you. Your defeat arrives after your next move." said Aqua, signalling the end of her turn.
Damn. thought Pashmina. She's lucky that I can't bring either of these powerful monsters out from my hand... If I get the chance, this will be a completely different card game. Oh well, at least I made it this far... I'll lose fighting, just as everyone else will. Pashmina drew her card. "Hmm... maybe not. I'll set this face down and end my turn."
"Resorting to face-downs... what a shame." Aqua draws her card, "I'll switch Weather Report to defense and end my turn."
Hiei wasn't too pleased with this move. You should've attacked, Aqua. Hiei told her mentally.
Relax, will you? Aqua shot back at him. I won't fall into a trap. Besides, it's not like she can stop me anyway.
Hope and pray that this cation doesn't lead to an error in judgement. You needn't reminding of the Ultimate Tyranno this duelist possesses...
She still has to call it out first. And to do that, she needs two cards; whether it be two monsters to sacrifice, or a reptile and that Ultra Evolution Pill. Two cards won't happen anytime soon.
Pashmina draws her card. "I activate Graceful Charity." Pashmina resolves this effect. "One card face down and that will do it."
Attack her already.
No backseat dueling, this is my show. Aqua draws her card, "Pashmina may be strengthening her defenses, so I will strengthen my offenses. I have no use for Weather Report, so I'll sacrifice it for my Terrorking Salmon (2400/1000). Your move."
Pashmina takes her card. "Your turn."
Aqua draws her card. Enough stalling, finish her! Hiei ordered.
I don't take orders from you, except during roleplay. Aqua told Hiei. Aqua looks at her hand. "I'll attack with my Spiral Serpent." Aqua's monster attacks, finally shutting Hiei up.
Pashmina takes the shot, but activates a card before the attack floors her. As she stands up, the card is revealed. "This is my Survival Instinct, which allows me to remove dinsaurs in my graveyard from play to increase my life points."
"So what?"
"I remove six dinosaurs from my graveyard, each one giving me 400 life."
"So you reduced your damage, big deal."
"It is a big deal, because it keeps me alive <2650>."
"So you saved yourself, for now... Make your move."
Pashmina draws, Please let this be a monster... she looks at her card, "You should've finished me off when you had the chance, now you will pay for it with my Lightning Vortex!"
Pashmina discards and down comes the lightning, destroying all of Aqua's monsters. Cheers came from Boss and the gang, "Yes, Pashmina's back in business." said Stan.
Hiei was clapping as well. "Very nice move, Pashmina. You needed it more than you probably know." he said.
"Hey, where's my support at?" Aqua was a little agitated.
"Your opponent summed up my answer for me. This is what you get for not destroying her with your Spiral Serpent and Terrorking Salmon. As much as I shouldn't be saying it..."
"Well don't say it." Aqua cut Hiei off.
"If you two are done, I have a move to finish." Pashmina reminded Aqua.
"Well, finish it already."
"One card face down and that's gonna do."
Aqua wasn't pleased with what had transpired, but she drew anyway. "So you've destroyed my monster, I still have the lead and I still have you beat. Sea Serpent warrior of Darkness, I summon thee (1800/1500). Attack her directly!"
Pashmina took the the direct shot. "Crud, so much for me bluffing you out." she said <850>.
Aqua laughed. "I'm done with second guessing what you could use to stop me. I also will say that announcing your hopes has ended everything. And to think that I had to worry about that Ultimate Tyranno of yours, but now there's nothing for me to worry about. Your final move."
Well, it was nice dueling her... Pashmina took her card. At the sight of this card, she began laughing hard. "If you thought that my Ultimate Tyranno was your greatest threat, I've got bad news for you... You're about to meat the real nasty member of my deck. One that even you know about well, Dragonlord, since this is the same monster that has befallen you in our duel."
"You can't be serious." said Jam.
"Very. Come out to destroy, Tyranno Infinity!"
"Here comes the pain."
Pashmina's trump card took to the field and roared hard at Aqua (?/0). "Now lemme explain how this guy works. Tyranno Infinity gains 1000 attack points for every dinosaur removed from play."
Aqua's expression turned to panic. "1000 points..." she said. "So that means that.... NO!"
"That's right. When I used my survival Instinct, I removed six dinos from play, so Tyranno Infinity towers over your monster (6000 ATK). But look at it this way, at least you survived this attack."
Pashmina's dinosaur rushes in and eats Aqua's monster, giving off bone-crunching chomps <900>. "You're lucky, 'majesty'." said Jam. "You lost a monster, but I took a direct bite from that fella."
"Well, Aqua, looks like I will be granted one more turn." said Pashmina. "So let's see how you combat me."
"Aqua's about to lose." said Stan.
"Finish her on your next turn, Pashmina." said Boss.
` Aqua drew her card. "One monster face down and I end my turn." she made her play.
Pashmina drew her card. "I'll set this face down and attack your monster." Aqua's face-down monster was stepped on. "Your turn."
Without saying a word, Aqua placed a monster face down. "Go."
Pashmina drew another card and simply pointed at her target, which her dino stepped on. "Your turn."
Aqua drew her card. "One monster and one card face down, that's it for me."
"I guess this is what happens when you are rude to fellow duelists, serves you right." Pashmina drew. "I play Heavy Storm." All spell and trap cards on the field are destroyed. "Now it is time to summon my Hyper Hammerhead in attack mode (1500/1200). Aqua, I owe you one for letting me win this duel. Despite being rude, you have an interesting sense of just. Instead of getting rid of me, you managed to show Hiei exactly what I'm somewhat capable of. You threw this match, despite giving me a good one, just so he could learn about my deck... clever. Tyranno Infinity, destroy her monster." Aqua's monster, which turned out to be Hydrogeddon was destroyed. "Hyper Hammerhead, go in for the win."
Aqua took the last hit like a trooper, reducing her life points to zero. "Your winner, Prehistorik Pashmina." announced Pegasus. "And with this victory, the first round of the finals have come to a close. We will take two minnutes to regroup and then the second round will begin."
Both of the girls left the lowered dueling platform and the remaining duelists retired to their rooms for the break. After a while, Pegasus went to see Boss. "What's up?" asked the mage user.
Pegasus came in closer to Boss. "I will make my point clear, but keep this between you and me." Pegasus whispered to Boss. "Duelist Ham must lose this tournament. If he is allowed to win, his ego will never go down."
"That's for damn sure, but why come to me about it?"
"Because I believe that you have the power to stop Duelist Ham in your deck. Should you face him and win, I will reward you handsomely."
"Shut his deck down with every legal means you can muster."
"Trust me, only a certain few have stronger heka than my own. But I will do my best... and then some."
"Please do, I know I'm not the only one that's tired of his arrogance." and Pegasus left Boss' room.
Tournament Standings
Duelist #01 Aqua, The Queen of Tides
Duelist #02 Dragon Soldier Hiei
Duelist #03 7 Seas Seamore
Duelist #05 The Beastmaster
Duelist #06 Deras Gata
Duelist #07 Dragonlord Jam
Duelist #08 Hilde, Master of Dragons
Duelist #09 Duel Angel Dijou
Duelist #10 The Fairy Enforcer
Duelist #11 The Summoner
Duelist #12 Duelist Ham
Duelist #14 Prehistorik Pashmina
Duelist #15 The Brave Hamtaro
Duelist #16 The Deckbreaker
Duelist #17 Heroic Penelope
Duelist #18 Commander Charge
8 duelists remain...