Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ the duel the Blue-Eyes died ( Chapter 45 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The break was coming to its end and Boss sat in his room looking through his council. I need to pull out all of the stops against whoever I end up facing this round. he thought. I'm already aware what Jam and Dexter are capable of and it seems that Bijou is also pulling out all of her plays as well. Pashmina's deck is also something, even more now with that other Tyranno in her deck and Hiei's also on the hunt for things. Then of course is Mr. Blue-Eyes White Dragon himself... and finally Oxnard's deckbreaking strategy. Whatever duelist I have to face, I'm not going down easy.
Hilde managed to catch up with Hiei. "Looks like you've been singled out, not a good sign at all." Hilde stated the obvious.
"Even so, I've yet to go down easily." Hiei reminded Hilde. "I lead this Clan and not even Duelist Ham will get a 'DKO' against me."
"Well, I personally would rather you face the Dragonlord over Duelist Ham."
"I have three potential targets on who to face this round."
"Well know this, I want Horus the Black Flame Dragon. Should you end up facing and defeating the Dragonlord, I want all the cards that deal with that dragon. The rest of his deck I will leave for your picking, but that dragon is mine and mine alone."
Meanwhile in the medical ward, Howdy finally came around and sat up. "Man, my head hurts...." He looks around to see his surroundings... "I don't remember being here, where am I anyway?"
Dexter walks into the room and looks dead at Howdy. "So you're up now?" he asked.
"Are you worried?" asked Howdy.
"Not in the slightest, even if you are in the medical ward."
"Medical ward?"
"Yes. You were knocked out of the ring, so to speak..."
"I guess I lost, huh?" Dexter nodded. "Oh well... I guess I wasn't ready for a duelist like Duelist Ham."
"Good to see that you have your memory."
"Tch, it'll take more than a trip to the medical ward and a really big headache to put me out of my misery. Don't you agree, Dex?"
"Of course."
"I may have lost to him, but you better not lose."
Dexter turned away from Howdy. "Get your rest, I must go and duel."
Dexter left Howdy to recover from his injuries. Your hard head, of course you don't have amnesia.... I have other issues to attend to, however.
The remaining eight duelists gathered for the next drawing. "Well, well, look who decided to finally show up for the drawings." Duelist Ham stated. "It's about damn time you showed up."
"So, when is the next drawing going to commence, I don't have all day." Oxnard completely ignored Duelist Ham.
"So all of you are who remain to be broken.... interesting."
"Welcome, all of you." greeted Pegasus. "This round will determine who goes on in the tournament to the semi-finals. I wish all of your duels to be strong ones." Pegasus fired up the machine and the eight orbs swirled around inside.
"Here we go, time to party." said Jam and he began to gig.
"Are you always excited when this happens?" asked Pashmina.
"It beats anxiety all the time. Besides, being a tightwad is bad for your health, Pashmina."
Wow, he didn't even call me 'Pashy' like he usually does.... Pashmina thought. I wonder how come?
Pegasus took the first orb into his paw. "Starting off will be number twelve, Duelist Ham." he announced.
"Good, now I don't have to wait so long." said Duelist Ham.
"Now let's see who goes up against him." said Pegasus.
Let me duel him, I fear no dragon. thought Hiei.
Please don't send me to my funeral.... thought Pashmina.
The second orb made its way into Pegasus' paw. "Facing Duelist Ham will be number six, Deras Gata. It's time to duel."
The two duelists were no later in the arena shuffling each other's decks and likewise returning them and heading to their respective sides. I normally would cast an onslaught of my deck's true power upon you, but I'll have to wait. thought Duelist Ham. From what I've heard, you possess a rare and powerful dragon in your deck, one that's probably my Blue-Eyes. So until you play it, I'll keep from destroying you.
Hiei was reading the thoughts of the duelists and simply shook his head. Gata does not hold the last Blue-Eyes White Dragon. he thought. However, I want to know just what is going on with you.
Dexter was also in thought. I'm tired of hearing this bastard speak like he runs the place. Winning this duel is not my option, nor tis my goal. My goal in this duel, one in which I already know I'll lose, is to survive long enough for Duelist Ham to bring out the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, so that I may destroy it. Once I have destroyed the legendary dragon, he can have the duel.
Jam was content at what he had heard. So Dexter wants to destroy the Blue-Eyes instead of claim victory over Duelist Ham... he pondered. Perhaps that is his victory.
"Let's get one thing straight, you had better be thankful that I'm deciding to be tolerant against you this duel." Duelist Ham told Dexter. "I want to make sure that you actually survive a duel with me, without having had your sorry ass knocked out of the ring."
"I do not fear your Blue-Eyes, I encourage it's summoning." said Dexter.
"You encourage my Blue-Eyes?"
"Exactly. You on the other hand, I couldn't care less of. Your arrogance means nothing to me, boy."
"Who the hell are you calling 'boy'?"
"You, and it's time that someone took you down a notch... or three."
"Be lucky I want to see your dragon, otherwise I would be ready to slaughter you."
"It'll take more than a blast from your Blue-Eyes to knock me out of the ring. So don't expect to send me sailing like you did my rival."
"Whatever, just move."
"Before this duel ends, you will fear my name."
"Drop dead."
"Such a nice compliment... especially since I am undead."
And with this all said and done, the duel begins and Dexter takes his opening turn. "I'll begin with Call of the Mummy. Now to you mortal know know not, or need a reminding of what this does, it allows me to special summon a minion of mine to my empty field. So I shall summon, Double Coston." Dexter's esper-like monster appears on the field (1700/1650). "But don't worry, they won't be here long, so I will sacrifice them.... Now my new monster shall com forth to battle you."
To everyone's dismay, Dexter's new monster came out from his chest, swirled around Dexter and took it's place on the field. What the hell.... thought a taken Duelist Ham.
The monster took form (2350/2400). "Don't worry, my Serpent Night Dragon won't hurt you... yet." Dexter said in a half intimidating, half assuring tone. "Your move."
Well, that's an interesting way to summon a monster. thought Pegasus.
Everyone else was shocked. "What the hell just happened?" asked Hilde.
"His dragon came from his heart." said Hiei. "Very unusual way to bring out your forces."
Boss just chuckled. Dexter's heka is very impressive. he thought.
Someone's developing their stand quite nicely. thought Jam.
"That was the most impressive form of intimidation I've ever witnessed." said Duelist Ham.
"Not really, I just have quite the handle over my stand." Dexter said. "Perhaps if you took into consideration over these 'fairy tales' as you call them, you might be able to find an inventive way of bringing forth your monsters."
"You wish," Duelist Ham draws, "now watch and learn. I'll remove X-Head Cannon and Z-Metal Tank in my hand from play." Both of these monsters appear on Duelist Ham's side of the field. "Now my monsters, combine and create XZ-Tank Cannon (2400/2100). As rare and powerful as your dragon is, it pales in comparison to what I can create. XZ-Tank Cannon get rid of that dragon." With a blast from its cannons, the Tank Cannon destroys the Serpent Night Dragon <7950>. "I will set one card face down and end my turn."
Dexter draws. "Well, I had better get on the defensive, though I don't need to. I'll place one monster in defense mode and end my turn."
"Running already? Too bad." Duelist Ham draws. "I'll wait for it. XZ-Tank Cannon, destroy his monster." XZ fires its cannons.
"Very good, but there are consequences to those who attack my Poison Mummy." Dexter's monster is shot, but it exhales a purple mist that hits Duelist Ham.
"What the..." Duelist Ham starts to gag <7500>.
"500 is only a flea bite to you, but at least it puts you on notice."
"Whatever, just move."
Dexter draws. "I will invoke my Call of the Mummy and bring forth my Patrician of Darkness (2000/1400), then I will set one monster and one card face down to end my turn."
Let's see Duelist Ham deal with that monster. thought Boss.
Duelist Ham draws. "I'll activate the special ability of my Tank Cannon. By discarding the card I just drew, my monster can destroy your set card." with this done, XZ fires at the set card.
However, instead of it being destroyed, it's revealed. "Since you're destroying it, I might as well chain it. My Jar of Greed."
Dexter takes his card, "go on."
"Now I'll summon Vorse Raider (1900/1200). Vorse Raider, destroy his face down monster." Vorse Raider threw his axe at Dexter's face down monster, but before the attack could connect, the Patrician of Darkness caught the axe. "What the..."
"Return to sender." ordered Dexter and his monster threw the axe, which ended up destroying the Vorse Raider.
"There had better be one hell of an explination for this." Duelist Ham wasn't too pleased.
"It's called a special ability and a rather nasty one." Dexter began. "The Patrician of Darkness can redirect every attack you make, which it did just now by redirecting your Vorse Raider's axe towards itself. This is genius, but I didn't expect you to consider it."
His monster can redirect my attacks? This is borderline cheating....
Boss laughed at Duelist Ham. "You aren't so tough when you can't target what you want. This serves you right, you arrogant bastard." said Boss.
"Speak during your own duels, spellcaster." Dexter told Boss.
"You must love having your friends do your own talking, it's a shame." said Duelist Ham.
"If that's the way you feel, you're welcome to attack again." taunted Dexter. "It's a shame your Tank Cannon's ability can't target monsters.... oh wait, that's right. None of your monsters can target me, my Patrician of Darkness tells your monsters what to attack. I'm in control of your monster now!" Dexter cackles like mad.
Hiei is amused with this turn of events. "Gata, you are a cruel son of a bitch." he said with a smile. "And to think, Hilde, this could've been you."
"STFU, Hiei." Hilde grunts.
"Don't enjoy this, Gata. One card face down and that's my turn." Duelist Ham finishes up.
Dexter draws. "Now I really get to torment you. First, I'll flip up my Spirit Reaper (300/200), then I'll summon his faithful Nightmare Horse (500/400)." Dexter snickers again, "I don't plan on enjoying anything, but I will relish this moment. Nightmare Horse, attack his life points."
"Dream on. Activate Negate Attack!" the Nightmare Horse was blocked.
"Man, I can understand if it was my Reaper, but to use a card like that on Nightmare Horse.... what a waste. But then again, your cards... and your turn."
Duelist Ham draws. "Excellent. I'll discard the Thunder Dragon in my hand, which allows me to pull the other two from my deck." Duelist Ham resolves this action and shuffles his deck. His deck is then returned to it's holder, "I will now play Polymerization and unleash the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon." Duelist Ham's new monster appears on the field (2800/2100). "Now attack the Spirit Reaper!"
Though Boss was hoping that this attack would get redirected, it actually went through. With that shot, Dexter lost life points <5450>. "Ow, that one had to hurt." said Pashmina.
"Are you done yet?" asked Dexter.
"No," answered Duelist Ham, "XZ Tank Cannon, your turn to attack Spirit Reaper."
"You better." Dexter's Spirit Reaper, as well as his life points, took another hit <3350>.
"I don't get it, why didn't he redirect one of the attacks to the Nightmare Horse?" asked Pashmina.
"Because Spirit Reaper can't be destroyed in battle." Jam answered. "Also, Nightmare Horse can give out direct shots, which is something he'll need since his monsters can't touch that Thunder Twin."
"Your biggest mistake was you playing your Serpent Night Dragon too early," said Duelist Ham, "and now that I've seen it, I no longer have to hold back on destroying your life points."
Hold back... Dexter smirks. "So, you thought I had the last Blue-Eyes, did you? Fool, even if I had that thing, which I dont, but-"
"Just move." Duelist Ham cut off.
Dexter dusts off his shoulder. "Fool, even if I had the last Blue-Eyes, I wouldn't put it in my deck. It would be put away for practically all eternity, just like any other smart person who would come across it. Your search is in vain, fool." he draws his card. "I'll place this face down, then place Spirit Reaper on the defense and attack directly with my Nightmare Horse!" This time, to his amazement, Dexter saw his Nightmare Horse connect <6900>. "That ends my.... no, not yet. I wanna see what's in your graveyard."
Pegasus walks up to Duelist Ham, who hands the cards in his graveyard over. The card creator walks over and hands the graveyard to Dexter and the undead duelist looks at the cards. As he pans through, he notices something, Duelist Ham... he buried a Blue-Eyes in his graveyard... Dexter thought. Wait, he did that when he activated XZ to destroy my Jar of Greed that was chained. Dexter returned Duelist Ham's graveyard to Pegasus. Well it matters that I have to have that dragon brought back in order to complete my goal. he then sighs, "I'm done."
Duelist Ham draws. "My second Blue-Eyes... I already have Ibris in my graveyard, so I will hold onto you, Azrael. Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, destroy the Nightmare Horse."
"Reveal Compulsory Evacuation Device."
Dexter activated his trap and the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon was removed from the field. "Hmph, clever... clever indeed." said Duelist Ham.
"Wait a minute, where did the monster go, it's not in Duelist Ham's hand?" asked Cappy.
"I'll answer that question." In comes Howdy. "When a fusion monster is returned from the field, it goes back into the fusion deck and not the hand. Duelist Ham still has the dragon, but it's in his possession elsewhere."
"Moving on, XZ-Tank Cannon, destroy that Nightmare Horse." Duelist Ham ordered and the monster fired.
"Redirect that attack." ordered Dexter. With that, Spirit Reaper took the hit. "This time, your attacks fails."
"Whatever, my turn's over."
Dexter drew his card, but it was the card he had needed, A Deal with Dark Ruler. "I would set this down normally and wait for a powerful minion of mine, but Duelist Ham will have his Tank Cannon destroy it if I did so. So I'll hold onto it. Nightmare Horse, direct attack!"
Duelist Ham takes the shot. "No skin off my back." he said <6400>.
"Not yet anyway, I end my turn."
Duelist Ham draws. "I must admit, your strategy is quite impressive. Having your Patrician of Darkness redirect all of my attack towards your defending Spirit Reaper to shied your Nightmare Horse while it wittles my life points down little by little is an effective strategy. But your free ride will soon come to an end. For now, I'll set this card face down and end my turn."
He's plotting something... but I better wear down his life points before he gets what he needs. Dexter draws. "I activate the Black Pendant, making my Patrician of Darkness drow stronger (2500 ATK). Now it's time to be rid of your Tank Cannon."
Dexter's zombie destroys Duelist Ham's machine, but he wasn't done with just that <6300>. "Now, direct attack. damage him further, Nightmare Horse!" and Duelist Ham takes another shot <5800>. "Finally, I'll set this face down and end my turn."
"Hmf, I despise that Nightmare Horse, but I'm letting you damage me even though I'm growing tired of it." said Duelist Ham.
"Mad because I'm closing the gap, are we..."
"Please..." Duelist Ham draws. "Now it's time to end your free ride, and it starts with my Ryu-Kishin Clown." Duelist Ham's monster appears on the field (800/500).
"Aren't you a little old for clowns?"
"Even so, this clown has an ability that dampens your plans. Once summoned, Ryu-Kishin Clown can change the battle position of one face-up monster on the field. Namely, your Spirit Reaper."
The effect begins to activate, but before being switched into attack position, the Spirit Reaper is destroyed. "Your spirit Reaper may be immune to battle, but effect will destroy it all the time. Now make your move."
"I plan to." Dexter draws. "I will switch my Nightmare Horse into defense mode. Now destroy his clown, my Patrician of Darkness."
Dexter's monster takes out the Clown, damaging Duelist Ham's life points <4100>. "Yeah, this duel is really on, now." said Cappy.
"Well played, Gata. Well played." said Jam.
"Of coure it is," said Dexter to Jam. Then he turned to Duelist Ham, "now it's your turn."
"Before I take my turn, I'll activate Gift of the Mystical Elf, this will reinforce my life points by 600 <4700>." Duelist Ham said, then drew. "Perfect, I play Card of Sanctity 2. You're welcome." Both duelists draw to a full hand, but Duelist Ham got everything he needed. "Get ready, because this is where I begin to finish you off. I'll begin with Premature Burial <3900>. With my spell, I will revive the monster of your demise. Rise from the grave, Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"
Flashing light came from the ground and then the Blue-Eyes appeared on Duelist Ham's side of the field (3000/2500). Dexter had a smile on his face, Good, I get to see it against me after all... he thought.
"I'm glad to see that you're happy that my Blue-Eyes is back," said Duelist Ham, "but don't worry, Ibris will be more than happy to wipe that smirk off of your face."
It's the second one. thought Jam.
"Ibris?" asked Boss and Stan.
"I'll explain later." Jam answered.
"But don't worry, I remember how you encouraged that my dragons come out this duel, so let me continue to oblige." Duelist Ham continued. "Next, I summon the Lord of Dragons (1200/1100) and I'll give him his Flute of Summoning Dragon." Duelist Ham's new monster plays the Flute. "With it, I'll bring out another Blue-Eyes. But the horror gets worse, as I play White Dragon Ritual and my Lord of Dragons is the perfect tribute..."
"Really now..." Dexter said.
"Now come forth, Paladin of White Dragon (1900/1200). But he won't be around for long, because I'm sacrificing him, so I can call out my third Blue-Eyes from my deck." Duelist Ham sacrifices his ritual monster, then pulls the last Blue-Eyes White Dragon from his deck and onto the field.
"Well, look at that, you summoned all three of them and emptied your hand, not wise." said Dexter.
"Yeah right. Though my newly summoned Blue-Eyes must wait this turn, the other two will clear the field of your monsters. It's a shame, your undead freak is too weak to take out one of my Blue-Eyes, let alone all three of them. Azrael, Ibris, attack now with Burst Stream of Destruction!"
Everyone watched in awe as the two dragons blew away Dexter's zombies <2850>. Though the Patrician of Darkness was boosted by the Black Pendant, its effect wasn't even an issue to Duelist Ham <3400>. As the smoke cleared, all that was seen was an empty field for Dexter. "Well, he's lucky the third Blue-Eyes couldn't attack, otherwise, this battle phase would've awarded the victory to Duelist Ham." said Hiei.
"Good riddance, this duel is over." said Hilde.
"And I really thought Duelist Ham was going to lose this time..." said Cappy.
"Dream on, you miniscule dueling wannabe!" shouted Duelist Ham. "You may have survived this turn, just barely, but this only proves that you got this far only because I let you. Even and undead freakshow like you can't stop the power of the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Let this be a lesson to you, never encourage the Blue-Eyes unless you can withstand its fury. And you obviously can't, nor can the rest of your cheerleader friends. Now get on your knees and bark like the dog that you are. Hacks like you, bah. Hurry up and kiss my feet, loser."
No respect at all... thought Pegasus as he shook his head.
"You failed to bring me down even half of a notch, let alone a whole one. Now be a good little bitch and come kiss my feet... howl for mercy like the dog that you are."
Dexter leered Duelist Ham coldly. "Never." he said. "I will never bow to your kind, nor shall I to your inferior dragons."
"Don't act like you have anything left, you can't even draw..."
"I will invoke the powers of Call of the Mummy for the last time... now I shall summon my Despair from the Dark in defense mode and end my turn (2800/3000)."
What a waste. Duelist Ham draws. "It's time to issue the Final Attack Orders!"
With the activation of this trap, Despair from the Dark is placed into attack position. "No, his monster can't defend him anymore." Pashmina cried out.
"Ibris, prepare to attack his life points directly," Duelist Ham's Blue-Eyes begin to power up its attack, "but first, Djibril will have a turn. Djibril, destroy Despair from the Dark with Burst Stream of Destruction!" And with a blast from the dragon, Dexter's las defense falls <2650>. "And now it's time for-"
"A Deal with Dark Ruler!" Dexter cuts off Duelist Ham.
"Hey..." Duelist Ham wasn't pleased.
"Fool, I needed that to happen. With with the destruction of my last deffense, so will rise your armageddon. Now, witness my true fury!"
The ground began to rumble around the dueling arena and after a loud crack, rose Dexter's most powerful monster. And it came with a purpose, the purpose to destroy. The Shadow Clan watched in awe as this... for better word, monster, towered on Dexter's side of the field. "What the hell is that?" asked Aqua, Hilde and Hiei.
Dexter's monster roared. "Behold the undead demise known as the Beserk Dragon!" he yelled (3500/0).
Duelist Ham was at a loss for words. Okay, I didn't think he'd pull out that. he thought.
"That's the Beserk Dragon?" asked Aqua.
"Oh yeah." Boss answered. "Say hello to the most devistating force in the array of the Undead One."
Dexter grinned with all evil intent. "Look at you, I can see and smell your fear." he began. "As you should be afraid, because you now face a being that even your legendary dragon cannot touch."
The Crush Card in my hand won't help here... I've got nothing to protect my Blue-Eyes with...
"I assume that your feared silence brings an end to your turn, so I shall take mine." Dexter drew. "This move is for disrespecting what cannot die and what shall soon be dead. Beserk Dragon, destroy!"
The attack from the Beserk Dragon was so great, the entire battlefield was covered in black smoke. Everyone, including those watching this in the fun park simply witnessed its power and waited. "Man, that was one hell of an attack." said Barrette.
"I wonder what will happen now..." said Lapis.
"We're gonna find out." said Pepper.
After a long while, the smoke finally cleared. And when it did, only the Beserk Dragon was left on the field. With the exception of Maxwell and Sandy, everyone's jaws that watched the monitors in the fun park were on the ground. "Where the fuck did the dragons go?!" was all that could be heard.
Inside of the blimp, the Shadow Clan's reactions were equally dramatic. "Unbelievable, and I saw it up close with my own two eyes..." Hilde was at a loss for words.
Aqua was cringing in fear as she clung to Hiei, who was simply in awe. All three gone in one shot.... was all the dragon soldier could mentally note.
Duelist Ham was also in awe. "Impossible..." was all he could say <1900>.
"The Beserk Dragon has the ability to destroy all who oppose it." explained Dexter. "Never in your dueling luster have you met the duelist that could bring down one Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but today, you faced the one who brought all of them to their death. In one blow, the three 'legendary dragons' met their demise by the wrath and the fury of the undead armageddon. Before the eyes of a legion of duelists, the world's best saw his monsters fall by the wrath of one who is unknown, undead, and now... unforgetable.
"This day, I have lived up to what I have told you. And as I hear the symphony of your three dead dragons as they song of pain and agony grace my ears, I shall leave you in your awe and despair. For in one attack, I have created the reputation that no one in all the world can take from me, the title that no one else can claim, 'Destroyer of Blue-Eyes White Dragon.' So i say unto the world, even the legendary dragon cannot survive my fury. Remember my name and fear it: I am Deras Gata... The Undead Duelist!" and with that, Dexter left the arena while it was still elevated. "Rest in Pain, Blue-Eyes White Dragon."