Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ revalation ( Chapter 46 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Everyone was stunned to see that Dexter left the dueling arena. "What the hell is wrong with him?" asked Pepper.
"I can't believe he left the dueling area after he destroyed the three Blue-Eyes." said Barrette. "What was that all about?"
"Idiot! Dexter, you're stupid for doing this!" Sparkle was mad.
"Maxy, why did Dexter leave the duel?" questioned Sandy.
"I don't know." Maxwell answered. "I guess he just doesn't want to duel anymore...."
Pegasus was disappointed at what he just witnessed, What a shame... he thought as he saw the one duelist that probably would've defeated and silenced the arrogance of Duelist Ham. He sighed as he came forward. "Regrettably, since Deras Gata left the arena before the end of the duel, I must disqualify him. Duelist Ham moves on to the next round." he said. "Know that even the so-called 'Low-ranked' duelists of Forbidden Brown will show even someone like you mercy."
"Mercy? Nonsense!" Duelist Ham retorted. "He left because he couldn't finish what he started, and as such shows surrender. Mercy... pft, mercy my ass."
"That was your ass, Duelist Ham. Be thankful that I don't overturn this decision."
"Go ahead, I dare you to reverse it."
Pegasus backed away. Your arrogance isn't worth my time.
"Just as I thought, all mouth and no action. Now get us down from here so that we can move on."
The dueling field was lowered and the two stepped down. "What a shame, and this duel just started to get interesting too." said Pashmina.
Well, looks like Deras Gata is more powerful than I had imagined he'd be. thought Hiei. I guess giving him anything lower than an S risk is beyond foolish.
Stan, Boss and Bijou managede to pull Jam aside. "Okay, I want some answers reguarding the almighty Blue-Eyes." said Boss. "What's the deal and why does he use those nicknames?"
"And we don't mean what's just on the text of the card, either." added Stan.
Jam took a deep breath and began to explain. "There once was a dragon, rare and powerful in all the land that was known to destroy all who bettled against it. This Dragon of course had blue eyes and white scales, but what few understood is that the Blue-Eyes White Dragon was considered a deity to a small town of people. They were The People of White Dragon, and the dragon graced them with fortune and protection. Now lemme fast forward it to the point: This dragon once thrived, however, people began to hunt and kill them, leaving only four of them left. Three adult dragons, two of which were mating parents, the third fully matured and then the last one, still going through it's thousand years. The three adult dragons were named by the people, who could tell them apart. Their names were Azrael, Ibris and Djibril."
"So you mean zat.... Duelist Ham is calling those three dragons by their original names?" asked Bijou.
"Exactly." Jam answered.
"So what about the fourth one?" asked Boss.
"The fourth was was yet to be named when the first three were killed by dragon hunters, leaving the last one alone. What the inscriptions said next about the Blue-Eyes, was worn away from the stone... however, I met someone in my travles whose family line knew of this, so this is what I was told. It was rumored that these dragons had the ability to take another form, an ability that last one learned early on. The fourth one, of course, was in the form of a little girl. The spirits and power of the fallen three found their way to the girl giving her great powers within her soul, which is why it was said that the Blue-Eyes had the power to rival the gods. It was even believed the Blue-Eyes could defeat the Egyptian Gods. The girl, who grew to a maiden met a young man who fell in love with the girl, who of course was poor. And by using her heka, summoned the White Dragon to protect him... but it costed her life.
"As a result, the young woman, prmoised to always protect him, and her ka, which of course was the Blue-Eyes itself was always true to him. From that day forward, he became the keeper of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon."
"Interesting." said Boss.
Pashmina went to visit Dexter. "Hey, are you okay?" Pashmina asked Dexter with the usual concern.
"Worry not, I am fine." Dexter answered.
"Tell me, why did you leave the dueling arena, you could've won?"
"My objective wasn't to win, Pashmina. I had the goal, which I completed, was to slay the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. With the three of them destroyed by my power, I had nothing left as my purpose for that duel was completed. So I left, letting him move on in these finals."
"I... don't undersstand."
"The power I weild with my Beserk Dragon in uncanny, and I reminded all of you of the force that it brings and dominates with. As we have been duelists, many powerful monsters in this game have fallen to my Beserk Dragon. The resume is impressive, Pashmina: Black Luster Soldier-Envoy the Beginning; Silent Magician LV8; The Masked Beast; Theinen the Great Sphinx; Ancient Gear Golem; a 4000 strong Chimeratech Overdragon fought on my way getting here; a 4200 strong Megarock Dragon; a 5000 strong Great Maju Garzett; and now, Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3.
"There have been many duelists weilding the most powerful monsters in the game, but when facing me and my Beserk Dragon, none of them survived. Any duelist can move mountains: Jam has moved them; Bijou has moved them; Boss has moved them; Cappy has moved multiple mountains in one duel; even you have moved mountains and they were in water..." Dexter held the Beserk Dragon card. "We do no move mountains, we make them crumble instead. I needn't victory to achieve goals, but now I have earned quite the reputation."
"I... I understand now." Pashmina fixed her brown scarf. "You never wanted to win against Duelist Ham, you wanted to destroy the three Blue-Eyes."
"Exactly. And in doing so in one shot, Duelist Ham has been brought down in level. The tournament moves on, Pashmina. See to it that you make yourself known."
"Right." Pashmina left Dexter's room and went to see the next drawing. Truth is, I'm dueling so courageous is not only for myself, but also for you, Dexter. I will do my best so to not fail you.
It was time for the second drawing to commence. Croquet managed to be present this time around and booted up the machine. "It's time for the second duel of this tournament." he said. "You should know how this works by now, so let's get it on." The orbs swirled around in the machine as the remaining duelists watched and waited. Let's see who will survive long enough for me to destroy them. thought Duelist Ham.
This time, two orbs popped out. "Well, this is odd, both opponents' orbs were chose at the same time." said Croquet. "No matter, that just makes things easier for me." Both orbs are glanced upon, "I now announce that Duelists Nine and Fourteen will face off, so prepare for battle."
Jam chuckled. "That means it's the girls that will battle this time." said Jam.
Without delay, Bijou and Pashmina were in the dueling arena and it was lifted. "So who do you think will win this one?" asked Stan.
"Hard to say." Boss answered.
"Not really," Jam answered, "your winner will want it more. But I wonder how this will go anyway..."
"Okay ladies, if there are any adjustments needed to happen to your decks, do so now." said Croquet.
Both girls dip into their side decks and switch cards around, then approach each other and shuffle the decks. After the decks were shuffled and given back, and the girls returned to their sides of the field.
"Pashmina, do you remember our very first duel against each other?" asked Bijou.
"I remember." Pashmina answered. "Neither of us really knew what we were doing, but man have things changed since then."
"Exactly, so don't expect me to lose easily. I have a championship that I plan to keep, even if I must claim victory over one of my best friends."
"Ditto that, and I'm not gonna let you win this duel easily."
"Since you're coming after my crown, you will move first."
"Agreed, now let's get it on."
Both girls drew their five cards and the duel was underway. They knew that this would be the most challenging duel they could give to each other, and neither one was going to back down now. With that, Pashmina took her draw and made the opening move. "I'll summon Black Stego in attack mode and end my turn." Pashmina's monster took to the field (1200/2000).
Bijou draws. "I will set two cards and one monster face down, turn over."
Pashmina draws. "Well Bijou, it's time to give you some really big problems. I'll sacrifice my Black Stego and summon Frostosaurus in attack mode (2600/1700)."
Bijou's eyes dropped. "What ze hell is zat?"
"Ooh.... that is nasty." said Boss.
"Can I take a look at that card?" asked Pegasus.
"Go ahead." Pashmina handed the card to Pegasus.
Pegasus took a look at the card. "Ah yes, how I love this monster." the card was returned to Pashmina.
"I like it too, one tribute with tremendous power. It's lovely."
"2600 ATK in one sacrifice... that's gonna be a problem." said Bijou.
"If you think that's bad, wait until you see him in action. Now attack her monster with Glacial Rampage!"
Bijou's monster was destroyed. "Man, that wasn't pleasing."
"Your turn, champ."
Bijou draws. "I place one monster in defense mode and end my turn."
Pashmina draws. "You can't hide forever, Bijou. And I'll make sure you're exposed with my Chain Energy."
"Activate Magic Drain. You will not wittle me down easily, so you better try a different approach."
"Fine, I'll take your life points by force. Sabersaurus, come forth (1900/500). You better think of something, because you're gonna get hit hard on my next turn."
Sacre Bleu... I don't think I can combat Pashmina now. Bijou thought and then drew. "I'll set one card face down. Next, I'll sacrifice my face down monster and summon Majestic Mech-Ohka (2400/1400). Now attack the Sabersaurus!"
Pashmina saw her monster get burned away <7500>. No matter, I hold the weapon of ultimate destruction in my hand, Tyranno Infinity. So continue to destroy my dinosaurs, once I pull one of two cards, this duel will be mine.
"Your turn." said Bijou.
Pashmina draws. "Time to get rid of your monster. Attack with Glacial Rampage!" Pashmina's dinosaur charges Bijou's monster.
"Foolish, reveal Rush Recklessly. This spell boosts my fairy by 700 points this turn (3100 ATK)."
"Ohka, counterattack with Majestic Flare!"
The monsters go head up and Pashmina loses the face-off. Bijou simply smiled. "Your icy dino has been melted." said Bijou.
"Yeah and it sucks." said Pashmina <7000>. "One monster in defense and that's my turn."
Bijou draws. "Shining Abyss in attack mode (1600/1800). Let me show you how to take life points by force. Attack her monster, Shining Abyss." Bijou's first monster takes out Pashmina's monster, "Ohka, attack her directly!"
Pashmina took a direct shot, landing flat on her rear <4600>. "Man, this isn't cool."
"Your problem is your strategy. How do you expect me to lose when all you've done is have your monsters destroyed?" And that's when it hit Bijou. Wait, in her duel with Aqua.... Zat Tyranno Infinity. She needs dinos removed from her graveyard to power up her monster. If Pashmina gets it on ze field, I'll truly be in trouble. No matter, I'll finish her off before she summons it.
"I'll admit it, this isn't going as planned." said Pashmina.
"My turn is over."
Pashmina draws. "I need to buy time. Graceful Charity to begin with..." Pashmina resolves her effect. "I'll set one card and one monster in defense mode and end my turn."
Bijou draws. "I will set on card face down, now I'll attack with Shining Abyss."
"Time to lose some life points, as I flip up my Des Feral Imp (1600/1800)."
"So I finally lose life points after all <7800>, but I still have another monster to attack you with."
"Not before I add a card from my graveyard to my deck." Pashmina adds Graceful Charity to her deck and shuffles it.
"Now, let's get this over with, so take your turn."
"No attack, oh well." Pashmina draws. "I'll set one card face down and end my turn."
Bijou smirks and then draws. "Time to brighten up this duel, I activate Luminous Spark." The spell engulfed the field in bright light. "Do you need some sunglasses? This card is a field spell and it tweaks my Light monsters (2900/1000) (2100/1400). Now let's begin your takeout, shall we? Shining Abyss, destroy." Des Feral Imp is destroyed. "Too bad most of your deck is full of Earth monsters, now I can really damage your life points. Ohka, direct attack!"
As Bijou's monster attacks, it's met with and restrained on a trap. "How do you like my Nightmare Wheel? Think of it as my way of saying, 'Don't get too cocky.' champ."
"Hmf, whatever, just move."
Pashmina draws. "The good thing about Nightmare Wheel is that is works like another trap you're used too, Spellbinding Circle, but for every standby phase I have, like the one that just happened, you lose 500 life points."
"Lovely <7300>."
"Now I activate the spell card Soul Release."
"Soul Release?"
"Yes, the sealer of your fate, and with it, I remove four of my own dinos in my graveyard from play."
"No way."
"And now, here comes your destruction. Let me reintroduce you to Tyranno Infinity!" Pashmina's monster hit the field (4000/0).
"So pretty... activate Forced Back. There will be no Tyranno Infinity this turn."
"No matter, I'll just bring it back next turn. Make your move.
Bijou draws. "Damn, this can't help me. I'll place Shining Abyss in defense mode, and sacrifice Majestic Mech-Ohka to set this monster on ze field. My turn is over."
"My turn." Pashmina removed her trap card from the field and then drew. "First, let's welcome back my Tyranno Infinity (4000/0), now attack her Shining Abyss." Bijou watched as her fairy was eaten by the dinosaur. "Well, look like you won't be stopping my hungry dino anytime soon, so I'll end my turn."
I have one monster zat can stop her Tyranno Infinity, but I have to pull it first. Bijou draws. "I end my turn."
Pashmina draws. "I'll activate my Magical Mallet. With it, I will place one card in my hand back into my deck, shuffle and draw one card." Pashmina resolves her effect and looks at the card she just drew. "Now I will summon Granadora to the field (1900/700). you remember my Granadora's effect, right? <5600> Granadora, destroy her monster." Granadora goes in for the shot.
"You've destroyed Marie the Fallen One." said Bijou as she buried her monster."
"No matter, her effect won't save you from Tyranno Infinity. Take a bit out of her life points."
The bite from Pashmina's monster made Bijou double over on the ground <3300>. Such pain, I can't believe how much I'm hurting right now. she thought.
"When you get back up, you can take your turn."
It took a while, but after two minutes of laying on the ground, Bijou found the strength to rise to her feet and draw. "First, Marie the Fallen one gives me 200 life points <3500>, then I'll place one card face down and end my turn."
Pashmina draws. "This just keeps getting better and better, but I will use caution this turn. That's it for this turn."
Bijou draws. Upon touching the card, a familiar cry is heard. "My card... First, my life points <3700>."
"You still don't have enough life points to save you from my monsters, so hurry up and finish your turn." said Pashmina.
"I'm not beaten yet, but I have the monster that will bring your dragon down. Behold the power of Kuriboh."
To everyone's amazement, Kuriboh comes to Bijou's field (300/200). "Kuriboh?" Pashmina was confused. Wait, that's right, The Winged Kuriboh was sealed by Petal. No matter, it still won't stop me.
"Kuriboh, I will give you the power to fight. Activate Riryoku. I will use zis spell card and cut your Tyranno Infinity in half (2000 ATK). Now Kuriboh, power up and attack the Tyranno Infinity!" Kuriboh powered up and charged Tyranno Infinity (2300), but instead of exploding, it stopped and launched its needle-like fur destroying the dinosaur. "Your Tyranno Infinity is destroyed."
"I can't believe it, my Tyranno is gone." said Pashmina <5300>.
"Yes, and now my comeback will begin. Your move."
Pashmina draws. "Well, here's that Graceful Charity again." Pashmina resolves her spell. "I must commend you on destroying the Ultimate Tyranno, and with a Kuriboh to boot. However, your comback was made in vain. Reveal my face down Fossil Excavation. So I'll discard one card, Magic Jammer will do. And now, I can bring back one dinosaur in my graveyard. The sad part is, there's only one dinosaur in my graveyard."
"Damn it...." said Bijou.
"Now let's welcome back my Tyranno Infinity!" Pashmina's monster returned to the field for a third time. "Now, attack and destroy that Kuriboh, Granadora."
"I can't stop your attack, but I will activate Gift of the Mystical Elf and since there are three monsters, I gain 900 points. <4600>"
The attack connects. "You still lose the duel, but you will first lose 1600 life points. Bringing you to 3000. And now My Tyranno Infinity, at 4000 life points will devour you. Tyranno Infinity, swallow her whole."
Pashmina's dino ran towards Bijou and took another bite into her, but this time, lifted her into the air and tossed the now former champion into its mouth and even crunched her up. And as Bijou's life points hit zero, she was swallowed by Tyranno Infinity. "The winner, by a distrubing means, Prehistorik Pashmina." announced Croquet.
"Well, this is a definite first." said Pegasus, "I didn't expect a duelist to actually be eaten by a duel monster."
"I sure hope she's all right." said Cappy.
"Can holograms digest hamsters?" asked a confused Penelope.
Suddenly, Tyranno Infinity roared out, then Released Bijou as excrement. Everyone watching this got grossed out. "That is so uncool." said a disgusted Sandy.
"Panda's made these effects a little too realistic." said Maxwell.
"And she's all slimy and everything..." said Lazuli.
Jam shook his head. "Well Bijou, it's official," he said, "you're the prettiest piece of shit that ever hit the floor."
"I can't believe she's gooey." said Aqua.
"Pashmina, this was uncalled for." said Bijou.
"Well look on the bright side," said Pashmina. "At least you don't stink, even though you're truly in a real shitty mood."
"This is a disgrace." said Duelist Ham. "Holograms actually being able the turn duelists into shit. I motion that we make another kind of movement."
Everyone gathered for the next drawing. "Okay, let's get this started." said Croquet as he botted up the machine for the final time this round. "As you should know, there are only two name left to be pulled, leaving the last two left as the last match of this round. Good luck to the remaining four duelists..."
"It doesn't matter who I face, all decks will be broken." said Oxnard.
"Maybe of these four rejects, but you'll never break my deck." said Duelist Ham."
Oxnard walked up to Duelist Ham and looked him dead in the eye. "Your deck isn't worth breaking anyway. Your duel is already over, so shut up and wait."
"Enough, both of you." said Croquet. The first orb rolled down the line. "The next to duel is Duelist two, Dragon Soldier Hiei."
The room got quiet. "Now, this is going to be fun." he said.
The second orb was chosen and made its way to Croquet's paw. "Fun you say? Well, I'm sure you will enjoy your duel with Duelist seven, the Dragonlord. Now prepare for battle..."
"Well, looks like I'm next to face the Deckbreaker." said Boss.
So I have to face Boss.... Oxnard thought. "Hold it."
Everyone turned to Oxnard. "Is there a problem?" asked Croquet.
"If it's all right, I wish to have my match first."
"Not negotiable. All tournament rounds will play in drawn order."
"Is that so... You're a lucky duelist, Summoner. You have been spared one duel before your demise, so thank Croquet for showing you mercy."
"Tch. Only fools rush into battles, Deckbreaker." said Boss.
"True, but only cowards run away from battle."
Touché. thought Jam.
Boss shook his head, "Jam, what say you about this?" he asked.
"Don't ask me, I'm in no hurry to duel." Jam answered. "I don't know about Hiei, however..."
"Nice try, but I'm not falling your your word manipulation, Dragonlord." said Hiei.
"Manipulation... I figured that you might want to get a little more insight on what makes the Deckbreaker. Perhaps you don't need to see how to find a way to defend against it, but since you don't-"
"Silence your tongue." Hiei cut Jam off. "As valiant a soldier you have shown yourself to be, Deckbreaker, I will simply tell you an old ode of war. 'Soldiers do not go to war, war comes to soldiers.' War hasn't found its way to you yet, for it must past me in order for you to see it. Now let's go to war, Dragonlord... your destined duel awaits." and Hiei walks away.
Jam shook his head. "Forgive me DB, I tried... but 'soldier boy' won't have it."
"Finish him quickly, I have decks to break." said Oxnard.
"Unfortunately, it's not gonna happen that way..."
Hiei and Jam stand against each other in the dueling arena, both of them ready to face the other. I've waited quite some time for this to happen. Even after what transpired between us earlier today in the park, I will not be the one to back down. Hiei thought.
"The third duel of this quarter-finals match will begin." said Croquet. "Before you two go on, I have a few words to say to both of you. Pegasus has well informed me of your previous struggle with swords, and though it wasn't able to continue, you will be able to finally finish what you two have started."
"Damn right, we shall." said Hiei. "This will be my finest hour, the duel in which I end the house of Forbidden Brown."
Jam laughed. "So you've beaten and sealed away the leader of Forbidden Brown," he said, "but do you honestly think that I will lose so easily?"
"Wait, Hamtaro leads Forbidden Brown and not you, the one who used Exodia to defeat Slifer the Sky Dragon, The God of the Obelisk and The Sundragon Ra?"
"I only founded Forbidden Brown, I don't run it."
"Enough talk, get on with the duel!" yelled Duelist Ham.
"Croquet, did someone say something, I couldn't hear anything because of my headphones."
"I didn't hear anything." Croquet answered.
"Hiei, don't forget about our agreement." Hilde reminded.
"Of course." said Hiei. He then turned to Jam, "I will hand over Horus the Black Flame Dragon to you, then I shall have all access to his cards."
Jam shook his head. "You know what, I'm tired of this bullshit." Jam takes out all of Horus' cards. "You guys make me sick, all this hassle over one monster... three cards.... this is a shame."
"You're still gonna lose, Hiei!" yelled Stan. "There hasn't been a duelist yet that can take Horus the Black Flame Dragon from Jam. You will fail, just like everyone else has! And even if you manage to win, Horus will never leave Jam's side."
"Stan, that's enough." Jam turns to Hiei. "You and your your Shadow Clan have made enough trouble for me and my friends already. And personally, I'm done with the lot of you. So this is what's gonna go down..." Jam places Horus' cards in a small box, then puts the box down behind him. "I've been champion dragon card duelist before Horus, I'll be champion dragon card duelist after Horus. Those three cards are the ultimate rare version of that 1st Edition dragon, claim victory and the cards are yours. But upon your defeat, you will surrender the Shadow Clan to me."
Everyone was shocked. "He can't be serious." said Aqua.
"You... you are mad." said Hiei.
"Damn right I'm mad." Jam continued. "My hams lost everything because of your greed: You've destroyed their safe haven; took away their cards; compromised thier safety; you've even engangered their very well being, not to mention their lives.
"As overseer and guardian, I will not rest until restitution is obtained and the ones responsible are dealt with... whichever comes first, or both. As their leader, you take responsibility over their actions, but unlike you and your Clan, we of Forbidden Brown deal with things properly. But since you don't want to be civil, then I will resort to unjust means to get my point across." Jam reached into his pack and pulled out and sunglow colored brooch. "This stone... from this stone is crafted the ultimate judgement of Osiris, the sun god. This is the Seal of the Sun." Upon its explination, all of the duel hams' duel disks began to glow.
"What in the..." Pashmina was confused.
Dexter removed the card from his field spell zone. "Interesting, these seals are responding to that rock." he said.
"So that's where this came from."
"Seal of the Sun, show thy judgement."
Jam tossed the brooch into the air, which burst into light. Then from this light revealed quite the shocking twist of fate. "Holy crap, who is that?" asked Boss.
"It's... it's Hiei's daughter, Kerin." Aqua answered... "But... I thought she was dead."
"My god..." Hiei was stunned. Indeed it was his daughter, taped mouth and hanging from a flaming chain. Her muffled screams could be heard. "You're mad, let her go this instant."
"Unfortunately for you, that is beyond my control." said Jam. She faces judgement now, judgement that I decide upon."
"Let her go now!" Hiei yelled.
"Not the proper thing to say, especially since she hangs above limbo."
"Hold it, when did you run into her?" asked Aqua.
"After I had my swordsmanship with Hiei here. She's quite the toon duelist. She thought that the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon could stop me, but with the Lord of Dragons and my Manga Ryu Ran, I proved to be a fortress. The duel was fine, but then she made a very big mistake. She tried to get away after stealing the very cards I have to ante for this duel. Normally, I'm to cut off her arm, but I chose to seal her away."
"You will pay for this." said Hiei.
"As for you, we will have our duel. However, this will be a normal duel. No seals, no Nyte crap, a regular duel with everything we've anted up."
"And should I choose against it."
"Then this little girl will die."
"Nonsense. You told me yourself that you cannot kill."
"Killing someone and casting the judgement of death on someone are two different stories. Bijou cast death's judgement on Petal, now does this young soul have to suffer the same fate?"
"Quit your stalling, Hiei!" Hilde yelled. "Accept his challenge, defeat him and end the Forbidden foundation, then relish in the bounty of his dragons!"
"Do it, Hiei. He'll probably send Kerin to her death even if you refuse." Aqua told him. "Don't throw this away now, not after you prepared so long to finally duel him."
"Shuffle your deck and prepare to lose." said Hiei.
"Yes, the deck. I have some improvements to make..."
Hiei made his adjustments, as did Jam. Jam even added two cards to his fusion deck. And then the two met up to shuffle the other duelist's deck. Interesting, these are new sleeves. thought Hiei. Though they are still black, the deck he had before had a black dragon on them eluding a golden aura, but this dragon is purple, exuding a red aura.
Now, let's see you face my mercy... thought Jam.
The decks were returned and both duelists returned to their side of the arena. "Interesting, this is a new deck." said Hiei. "Are you sure you can handle me with it?"
"The deck is new, but the trust and respect of the dragons are still the same." Jam answered.
"Let the duel begin." said Croquet.
"You're first, 'soldier boy'. Show me what you got." said Jam.
"You'll regret that." said Hiei and both duelists drew their hands
Well look at that, All my power is right here. interesting. Jam thought.
Hiei made the opening draw. "Nothing. I'll begin with Card Destruction."
Jam was shocked. "You're kidding me...."
"Too bad, draw a new hand."
"Oh well, and I had a good hand too."
Both duelists discard and draw a new hand. Afterwards, a new hand was drawn. The two looked at their hands, Jam not please while Hiei was content. "I will place one monster in defense mode and end my turn.
Jam draws. "No attacks this turn, so I will summon the Koumori Dragon," Jam's monster takes to the field (1500/1200). "I will set one card face down and end my turn.
Hiei draws. "The time has come for me to announce your demise. Emblem of Dragon Destroyer! Now I will take the Buster Blader in my deck and add it to my hand." Hiei resolves this effect and continues. "I'll summon Warrior Dai Grepher on the offensive (1700/1600). Now slay his dragon!" Hiei's monster cuts up the Koumori Dragon <7800>. "One card face down and that's my turn."
"I do not fear Buster Blader, Hiei."
"Don't worry, you will in time."
Jam draws. "I better keep him from playing it as long as possible. And this will help me. First I'll play Stamping Destruction."
"Feh." Hiei saw his card destroyed <7500>.
"Now let's deal with your monster. Luster Dragon in attack mode (1900/1600). Destroy Dai Grepher with Sapphire Blaze."
Hiei saw his soldier destroyed. "Yes, delay your demise as long as possible <7300>."
"One card face down and that ends my turn."
Hiei draws. "I play Swords of Revealing Light."
Swords of white light landed on Jam's side of the field. "This early, I must really have threatened you."
"Shee-it, you threaten no one. One monster in defense mode and that ends my turn."
Jam draws. "My turn is over."
Hiei draws, "I could summon Buster Blader now, but with only one dragon in the graveyard, he wont be of any use to me quite yet. Hmm... I think I will sting your pride."
"Go ahead."
"I'll flip up the monster I set last turn."
When the monster was flip summoned, Jam wasn't too happy with it (700/800). "Ah man, not the Dragon Manipulator..."
"Dragon Manipulator?" asked Cappy.
"When it's flipped, think of its effect as a Change of Heart for an opposing dragon-type." Stan explained.
Hiei continued. "Dragon Manipulator, take control of Luster Dragon." Using the ability, the Dragon Manipulator charmed Jam's Luster Dragon to Hiei's side of the field. "Now, Dragon Manipulator, comand the Luster Dragon to attack Jam's life points!"
"Wow, you're using my name now."
"Let's see if you find your monster's betrayal amusing." The Luster Dragon attacked Jam directly <5900>. "Now attack him, Dragon Manipulator!"
Jam took another shot. "Well aren't you enjoying yourself... <5200>."
"Yes, I am. Oh, you can move now."
"First, my dragon." Luster Dragon returns to Jam and then he draws. "I'll sacrifice my Luster Dragon and summon Kaiser Glider to the field (2400/2200), that ends my turn."
Hiei draws. "Kaiser Glider can't be destroyed in suicide battles, so I better come with something stronger than it. I will switch my Dragon Manipulator into defense position, then set one card face down. You should be lucky that I'm not in the mood to finish you so quickly."
"No, you just aren't stupid."
"Go ahead and move."
I wonder why he's waiting. No matter, I'll eventually shut down his defenses. Jam draws. "My turn, as well as your swords, are done. Now I can mount an counter attack."
"Mount one, it won't save you."
"I don't get it, why didn't Hiei pull out Buster Blader?" asked Cappy.
"Maybe it's because of Jam's face down cards." Pashmina guessed.
Not even close. Stan thought. Buster Blader gains more power, 500 ATK to be exact, for each dragon buried in Jam's graveyard. So far, there are only two dragons in Jam's grave, so it's only 1000 poits more. Hiei wants to stak Jam's grave before he pulls Buster Blader without the possible parade rain that Jam can bring.
Hiei draws. "I will set one card face down and end my turn."
Jam draws. "Now I'll summon Mirage Dragon (1600/600), then I'll reveal my Dragon's Rage. Now let's do some damage, Kaiser Glider. Destroy the Dragon Manipulator."
Hiei saw his dragon destroyed, "Oh well." he shrugged <5700>.
"Mirage Dragon, attack his face down monster with Illusion Scythe!"
"Fool, you're attacking my Big Shield Gardna (100/2600). Too bad you lose."
"O-kay..." <4200>
"Aw, do you feel bad that you lost the life points?"
"Actually, I'm relieved that I was right about that card. Because if it was something that I could've destroyed a while ago, I'd have been mad." Jam admitted. "Your turn."
Hiei draws. "First, I will switch my Big Shield Gardna into defense position, then I will place one card face down and end my turn."
Unless I get rid of that Big Shield Gardna, he'll keep putting it in defenst position and that will get me nowhere. Jam thought then drew. "And here I've drawn one of the three monsters that will help me win against Hiei. Kaiser Glider, attack Big Shield Gardna."
Knowing he would lose life points this move, Jam's dragon connects with the Big Shield Gardna <4000>. A small sacrifice to make so that the monster could be switched into attack mode. "Now destroy the Big Shield, Mirage Dragon. Illusion Scythe!" Jam's second dragon launched its attack.
Hiei smirked. "You fell right into my trap..." he said.
"Too bad you can't activate it." Jam countered.
"True, but my Book of Moon is so much better."
Using the Book of Moon, Hiei turned his Big Shield Gardna face down just in time for Jam's dragon to attack it. As a result, his second attempt at dropping the monster failed and more life points were lost <3000>. Hmm... I'll make a mental note to use that move. thought Duelist Ham.
Very effective play. thought Oxnard.
Jam was quiet for a moment. "Huh, that was definitely a new one." he said. "Instead of flipping down my dragon, you flipped down your monster so you can utilize its defensive strength twice in one battle phase. That's actually very clever of you to do. And they say you can't learn new tricks in the duels you face...."
"You will have a hard time getting rid of me, Dragonlord." said Hiei. "You're pretty much halfway beaten and your dragons are halfway mine."
"I will set one card face down and end my turn." Jam sets his card, I've attacked with both of my monsters, so that means I'm open to an attack. But just in case he targets my Mirage Dragon, Dragon Soldier Hiei's gonna get quite the shock.
Hiei draws. "As much fun as it was to play around with you, it's time for me to no longer prolong your inevitable."
"You only have one monster on the field, so you can't pull out Buster Blader. And that means I have nothing to worry about, Hiei."
"On the contrary, you do have a problem. One that can be summed up with few words: Black Luster Ritual!" Hiei revealed his face down card.
Jam's pupils shrunk. Shit, I forgot about him.... no problem, I got it covered. his thoughts had panic to them.
"I will offer up my Big Shield Gardna and the Luster Dragon in my hand, totaling ten stars and now I will bring forth you doom." With his tributes accepted, one of Hiei's strongest monsters takes to the field (3000/2500). "Looks like things will come full circle after all. I used the Black Luster Soldier on your inferior Dragon Brother and now I will use it against you. And the easter egg was that you forgot that I could weild this warrior as your worries were towards Buster Blader, but I guess I don't blame you for that."
Man, I did it again. Jam thought. I worried about one problem that it sidetracked me from a problem that was even worse than the one I tried to prevent. I made this same mistake against Pashmina, worrying about her Chain Energy, only to get dropped by Tyranno Infinity. I guess I really haven't learned from that mistake yet after all....
"It's time we got back the use of our traps, Black Luster Soldier. Destroy his Mirage Dragon with Chaos Blade Strike!"
"Jam can't afford that shot." said Stan.
"Do something, Jam." shouted Cappy.
"Kill it!" yelled Hilde.
As the attack connected, a cloud of dust engulfed Jam's side of the field and the sound of a destroyed monster was heard. When the dust settled, everyone was shocked to see the Mirage Dragon was still there. "Wait, what just happened?" asked Aqua.
Hiei noticed it off the bat. "My target was the Mirage Dragon, not Kaiser Glider."
"True, but that's what this trap is here for." Jam began to explain. "This old school trap is called Shift, it switched the target of your attack from Mirage Dragon to Kaiser Glider. I still lost a monster and life points, but not as many <2400>."
Maxwell continued to explain Shift to the gang. "Shift also works if the monster is targeted by a spell or trap effect, not just being a battle target."
"Just where does that card come from?" asked Sandy.
Jam was also asked the same question. "All the way back in Pharaoh's Servant, it's a rare card to be exact." Jam answered. "Some of the most interesting traps are the old ones, you know."
"Redirecting attacks... I guess Mr. Gata isn't the only one who can do it." said Hiei. "But I gues inspiration is the first step to creation. You've saved your dragon this turn, but I will have your dragons at duel's end, even that rare one that I just destroyed. Make your move."
Jam draws. "Well, speaking of rare... Hiei, I noticed how you like my White Horns Dragon when I played him against Seamore. I want to say thanks for liking him. But White Horns isn't the only new face in my deck. So I'll first set this face down, now it's time to bring out a new friend of mine. I summon the Chthonian Dragon." Jam's new dragon took to the field (2000/0).
"So exactly what does this monster do?" asked Hiei.
"Don't worry about that, but I will tell you that this is a valuable dragon, in addition to being strong."
"Strong it may be, but not stronger than my monster."
"Well then, we'll just have to see. By the way, it's your turn."
Hiei draws. "Your attempts at luring me away from your Mirage Dragon have failed. This time, I will get rid of it with my Black Luster Soldier. Put that Chaos Blade to work." Hiei's monster ran in for the attack, but as he swung his blade, the Chthonian Dragon intercepted it with its forked tail. "You must be joking."
"Nope, you just fell for another good trap of mine. This one is called Covering Fire. As you can see, One of my dragons blocks your attack, which keeps the target from harm. But ths display hides the true meaning of this trap." Jam's dragons begin to glow. "As you can see, my dragon's are preparing to counterattack you."
"The Chthonian Dragon not only blocks the attack of the Black Luster Soldier, but it also is lending its power to my Mirage Dragon, boosting it by 2000 points (3600 ATK). Now counterattack with Illusion Scythe."
Hiei saw his soldier destroyed, and this move brought cheers from Boss and the gang. "Now how about that for a move?" asked Stan.
"Yeah, that's what I call smooth." said Cappy.
"Awesome." said Penelope.
Hiei shrugs <5100>. "Well, that's was something interesting." he admitted. "This new deck of yours is prooving its worth quite well, but don't expect to get too far."
"Does that mean you're done?"
"Yes, I'm through with my turn."
"Good," Jam draws. "I'll place my Mirage Dragon in defense mode, now I will have Chthonian Dragon attack you directly."
Hiei took the damage like a trooper. "You still won't win." he smirked <3100>.
"But we have a game, one that you won't win easily. And with that, I end my turn." With the end of Jam's turn, his Chthonian Dragon is destroyed.
Hiei laughed. "That's your new dragon, what a shame. It's not even worth its rarity." he drew his card. "And now it is time to begin your demise... and this time I mean it. First I will finally reveal my trap card Pitch-Black Power Stone."
"O-kay, go on."
"Now, I'll play Graceful Charity." Hiei resolves this effect and laughs at his results. "Now, to begin bringing the fear. I summon Skilled White Magician in attack mode (1700/1900). Now Dragonlord, this is where my Power Stone comes into play. When it's activated, the Pitch-Black Power stone creates three spell counters and I can transfer one of them each turn to my Skilled White Magician, starting now." Hiei's monster is give one of the trap card's three spell counters to his monster.
"That's bad." said Boss.
"Very bad," added Stan, "if that mage gets all three spell counters, Hiei can bring out Buster Blader."
Hiei laughed. "Now let's review," he began. "Koumori Dragon, Luster Dragon, Kaiser Glider, Chthonian Dragon.... well, that's quite the boost for Buster Blader. And with your Mirage Dragon added to the mix, you probably won't be able to stop him once he's on the field. So I will place this card down just in case you plan on taking my mage out before he gets all the counters. And while we're on the subject of take out, destroy that dragon!" Jam's monster was destroyed. "Now that's a 2500 ATK point boost in addition to his own strength. My Buster Blader will see 5000 points when he gets to the field."
Actually, he'll be stronger than that. When Hiei used Card Destruction on the opening move, so there's a total of eight dragons in my graveyard.
"My turn is over, but soon... this duel wil follow." Hiei laughed. "And with your defeat, I will have not only saved my Shadow Clan, but I will also have done the impossible, I will have taken Horus the Black Flame Dragon from the Dragonlord and broken Forbidden Brown."
"Remember Jam, only one spell counter can be moved from that stone to his White Mage, so you have this turn and the next turn to get rid of it!" Stan yelled.
As right as you are, Stan, you're wrong about my time. Jam thought as he surveyed the field. I only have this turn to destroy that mage. Because that Pitch-Black Power Stone is just one way of putting counters on his mage, the other is by playing a spell card. If a spell is activated, his mage automatically gets a counter, which means that all he has to do is draw a spell card, play it, then move one of that black rock's counters onto his mage and he's all set.
So far, the key to my victory lise with my three key monsters, one of which I already have and the other two are still in my deck. The good thing is that my three strongest dragons are buried, but they are also my weakness right now. I have to keep from putting dragons in my graveyard and only four monsters in my deck at this time aren't dragon-types, so those are really bad odds. Jam draws. "Yes, this stops his mage, but I better prepare just in case I fail at stopping Buster Blader. The plus side is that I have two monsters in my hand that aren't dragons. I'll place this monster on the defense, now I'll play Smashing Ground. Though my spell gives your mage a counter, it doesn't matter since it's being destroyed anyway." A giant fist comes down and crushes the Skilled White Magician, which results in cheers from the gang. "Yes, Jam did it." said a happy Cappy.
"Good move," said Penelope, "now Jam's in the clear and doesn't have to worry about Buster Blader at all."
"I knew Jam could do it." said Bijou.
Jam gave a sigh of relief. "Well Hiei, you gotta give me credit." he said. "You put me in one hell of a tight spot, but I managed to avert a really big disaster."
"You didn't avert a damn thing." said Hiei.
Boss and the gang stop cheering. "How so?"
"To be honest with you, I had hoped that you would destroy Skilled White Magician, but I didn't expect you to do it on your next turn. Bravo, but your attempt was all in vain. It's time to reveal my face down card, Miracle Restoring."
"Miracle Restoring....." Jam turned silent and his eyes simply went into a lifeless stare."
"Well, judging by your expression, you know how this card works, so I will explain it to your friends." Hiei turned to Boss and the gang. "When I played my Graceful Charity, I pulled this trap card. And knowing that Jam would try with all means to stop me from tributing Buster Blader, I placed him in my graveyard. Miracle Restoring requires two spell counters to activate, and those spell counters are on my stone. And with them, in addition to Miracle Restoring, I can revive my Buster Blader from the graveyard!"
Hiei laughed loud as his Buster Blader rose from the ground and stood before the Dragonlord. "No, it was a trick." said Boss.
"You can also use Miracle Restoring to revive your Dark Magician, Summoner, but I will be happy to face you should you survive your duel against The Deckbreaker." Hiei continued. "Now," he turned to Jam, "Are you about done with your turn, Dragonlord?" Jam's state of shock kept him from replying, so he simply extended his open hand to Hiei instead. "Good, now bear witness to the fall of the Dragonlord." he drew his card. "Hilde, Horus is within my grasp and just as we agreed, his cards are yours."
"Excellent." said Hilde with an evil smile. She was happy to hear the good news.
Pegasus wasn't too pleased, I guessed I expected too much of this duelist. he thought. Perhaps things would've been different if he had played Hiei with his original deck....
"Hiei, the time has come. Finish Jam off, do it for Kerin." said Aqua.
"Yes." He grinned evilly. "Now tell me, though I count five... how many dragons are in your grave?"
Jam sighed, "I have eight." he answered.
"Eight?!" Boss and the gang shouted.
"Lovely... that's enough that even you cannot stop me (6600/2300). Buster Blader, Ruin Ray Slash!"
"Luckily for me, my monster is a plant called Firegrass." Jam saw his Firegrass destroyed.
"You can't delay your defeat for too much longer. And since you never surrender, I'm going to enjoy defeating you. Now make your move."
"Of course I don't surrender, I have faith in my dragons." Jam drew his card. "My turn for a little Graceful Charity." Jam took his three cards and saw his salvation, he got the second of his cards. now he just needed one more. "Hmm, 'Desperate times call for desperate measures' is what they would say, but I'm not one of them. So I will entertain you with another dragon, but this one is more than worth his weight in gold. But I'll play this monster face down, even though Buster Blader will be boosted up eventually." Jam sets his card down.
"You must be desperate, that dragon probably pales in comparison to Buster Blader."
"So says you. My last card will be face down, and that ends my turn."
"Maxy, what does Jam have planned?" asked Sandy.
"I don't know" Maxwell answered.
Back arenaside... "Anyone wanna take a guess at what this dragon does?" asked Boss.
"I would, but I know I'd be wrong." Cappy answered.
"Well, we're gonna find out." said Pashmina.
Stan just looked at the face down card. There's gotta be some killer effect to that dragon, that's the only reason why I believe Jam would play it. he thought. Maybe it has something to do with getting rid of Buster Blader...
Hmm... what is Jam up to? wondered Pegasus.
Hiei draws. "Well Jam, it's time for me to finish our duel. With this attck, the game ends and your dragons will belong to me." he said. "Buster Blader, it's time. Ruin Ray Slash!" Buster Blader lept into the air and came down with his sword swinging down hard on the face down dragon, creating more dust over Jam's side of the field. Buster Blader returned to Hiei's side of the field. "Don't think that that monster will save you, Dragonlord."
"We'll see." said Pegasus.
To everyone's shock, the dust settled to reveal Jam's dragon (1000/0). "What kind of dragon is that?" Hiei questioned. "Do you want to tell me, Pegasus."
"I will not." Pegasus told Hiei. "I am happy to see it, however."
"I'm happy I drew it." said Jam. "You're gonna have to hold your victory speech a little bit longer, Hiei."
"Because of that?"
"Yes. This is the Exploder Dragon, a dragon that's worth more than his weight in gold. Now direct your attention to the spiked egg that it holds... truth is, that's a bomb. When the Exploder Dragon dies in battle, it throws this bomb at the monster that destroyed it."
"So you see, my Exploder Dragon is a dragon monster version of the Man-Eater Bug. Exploder Dragon, activate Dragon Bomber and destroy Buster Blader."
Jam's dragon throws its egg bomb at Buster Blader, destroying it, then the dragon goes to the graveyard itself. Boss and the gang cheer again for Jam as he finally got rid of Buster Blader. "Well played, very well played." said Pegasus who clapped for Jam.
Impossible, but he did it. thought Hiei. "Even when I think I've learned your dragonic strategies, this happens." he said. "I need to know, where do you find these dragons?"
"Well, some of these dragons find me, but the Exploder Dragon... that one was a gift. You see, there was a vendor who I get my cards from who was robbed one day, the thief ran off with boxes of duel monster cards, he even had the shopkeeper's wife as a hostage and threatened her life if he didn't meet the demands. After the demands were met, he ran and I followed him. In the end, I was able to subdue the thief and I brought him to justice. That same guy is also her selling duel monster cards in the ham park, and when I went to visit him, he gave me a package of cards. It was his wif'es way of saying thanks for saving her and he gives me discounts on the cards I get from him.
"That booster had the Exploder Dragon in it, as well as some other dragon cards."
"No matter, I'll place this face down and end my turn."
Jam drew and it was the last card he needed. "First, I'll reveal my Mystical Space Typhoon." Hiei's card was destroyed. "Now I will reveal my Polymerization and fuse together the three monsters in my hand: Cyberdaark Horn; Cyberdark Edge; and Cyberdark Keel. Now my monsters, combine and create Cyberdark Dragon." Jam's three machines bound together and created the monster Jam needed to win the duel against Hiei, the Cyberdark Dragon (1000/1000). "This is the monster that will finish you off, Hiei."
"Not with a meer 1000 points." Hiei retorted.
"My monster is stronger than that. Cyberdark Dragon, it's time to activate Dragon Dive!" Jam's monster went into Jam's graveyard slot.
"Dragon Dive?"
"I will explain. When summoned, the Cyberdark Dragon can activate its Dragon Dive ability. It dives into my graveyard and searches for a dragon-type monster that is buried in there."
"This is a weird ability."
"Not really."
"What was that?"
"That sound means, the Cyberdark Dragon has chosen its dragon host. It will then attatch itself to the dragon in question and rise from my graveyard. Okay, come on out!"
When Jam's monster reappeared attatched to its host, all eyes were stunned at what it chose. "Am I seeing things?" asked Boss.
"No you aren't," Stan answered, "it's the Blue-Eyes White Dragon."
"No way, Jam has the last Blue-Eyes." said Cappy.
Hiei was at a loss for words. "The final Blue-Eyes..." he trailed off.
"Well, Cyberdark, you made quite the fine choice." said Jam.
"When did you get that?" Hiei questioned Jam.
"Actually, I found it from one of the vendors here, of course the vendor believed it was fake, so he gladly gave it to me. But unfortunately for him, this is the real deal. The search is over, everyone." Jam took a bow.
Duelist Ham was pissed. NO! He had my dragon all along.... his thoughts were enraged.
"Now lemme explain the second effect of the Cyberdark Dragon." Jam continued. "The Cyberdark Dragon draws the attack strength of the monster it's attached to and adding the host's ATK points to its own, but that's not all. Cyberdark Dragon gets an extra 100 ATK points for every monster in my graveyard. And my graveyard holds nine dragons, one plant and three machines... leaving us with a grand total of 5300 ATK points. And with no monsters or set cards to protect you, it's all she wrote."
No, my dragon.... Hilde thought.
"Cyberdark Dragon, use the powers of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and hit Hiei in his heart. Cyberdark Burst Stream!"
The Cyberdark Dragon did as ordereed and The Blue-Eyes fired at Hiei. The attack was a different color thanks to the Cyberdark Dragon, but Hiei was still hit hard that he dropped to all fours. "You winner is the Dragonlord." announced Pegasus.
Boss and the gang cheered. "Yeah, justice." said Cappy.
"Sweet justice." added Penelope.
"That was a fine duel." said Howdy.
Jam picked up Horus' three cards. "Hiei lost..." Aqua trailed off.
"M... m... my clan..." Hiei trailed off.
"You mean my clan." said Jam. "We made a deal, remember?"
Hiei sighed. "Yes, we made a deal. We, the Shadow Clan are now yours."
Jam was quite content and the smile on his face said it all. Finally, he has obtained the restitution needed to Hamtaro and the hams.