Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ dueling against the best.... ( Chapter 47 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Fun Park was still amazed at the result of what just happened, Jam had the fourth Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Some of Jam's followers were happy with the result of that match. "You see that Aibon, that is real dragon power." said Nonno.
"That was something, all right." said Gucci. "But I never thought that Jam would have the last White Dragon..."
"The name says it all, girl friend."
"Yeah, but why reveal it instead of keeping it secret? I believe Deras Gata on a card of such a high rarity." said Aibon. "If it was me instead of Jam that had the last Blue-Eyes, I'd make sure no one knew about it."
"I guess Jam give the limelight to every dragon he owns, even if it is rare and legendary." said Merika.
Meanwhile duelside, Hiei finally stood on his feet. "Well, I am a ham of my word, even if I was beaten in such an ironic twist of fate." he said. "You now run the Shadow Clan, but now that this is all said and done..."
"Silence yourself, Hiei." said Jam. "I need not be lectured, especially by your likes. I have a ruling to make: You and Kerin are far too alike as far as your dueling mentalities go. Duel Monsters in not a game of war and the cards are not weapons of war as you claim them. This game is not about power as others claim it. Yes, this game almost destroyed the world, but times have changed. The only problem is that not everyone has changed with the game as well. Duelists must realize that this is not the sort of thing you play for power."
"Enough." Duelist Ham cut in. "That last thing we need to hear is this nonesense about this and that. Next thing you know, you'll probably go on about the 'Heart of the Cards' bullshit. If this game wasn't made to become powerful, then it wouldn't have been made.
"Duel Monster has always been about power, no matter how you slice it. It's about who is strong enough to utilize their power and survive. And this crap about the cards having spirits and that these spirits exist in modern time today is even more bullshit."
"Then why don't you tell us the 'real reason' why everyone's cards involving the Winged Kuriboh went blank." Jam said as he gave Duelist Ham a deep glance.
"Cheap holographic effects."
"Cheap effects... that's your answer to everything. Truth is you don't know why all of the Kinged Kuribohs went blank-"
"And you do?"
"Like I said, its spirit was taken from the cards. Keep in mind that each of these spirits were once placed in stone tablets after they were expelled from living beings. Every monster, spell and trap is derived from the spirit of an individual. Even the modern monsters of today that range from TLM until now."
"Enough, there's still one more duel left, so hurry up and get down so we can move on with this tournament. Hell only knows that this tournament is taking too long to complete."
"Fine, I'm already declared the winner anyway." Jam jumped from the elevated dueling field.
Duelist Ham simply watched Jam leave as the dueling field was lowered. "Hiei, are you hurt?" asked a concerned Aqua.
"Just my pride." Hiei answered as he stepped down. "It seems that even I wasn't the one who could defeat the Dragonlord."
"So how do we get the hell out of here anyway, Pegasus?" asked Hilde.
"How can you want to leave when we're up in the sky?" asked Seamore
"I'm no longer here in this tournament, so I don't have any reason to stay here anymore. And now that Hiei's out, I'm even more ready to get the hell out of here."
"But we can't leave." said Aqua, "Petal and Tyrone are...."
"I hear your concern for Petal, but to hell with Tyrone. I'm ready to leave. No offense to you Crawford, but show me the door."
Oxnard shrugged. "Well, I guess we better get this show on the road." he said and entered the dueling arena. "You will delay our match, no further. Prepare to be broken, Summoner."
Boss stepped into the arena, "I will not be broken by anyduelist, not even you." he told Oxnard.
"Well, if you two are ready to go..." said Croquet.
"Yes." Boss and Oxnard answer.
"Then let the last duel of the second round begin."
Boss and Oxnard draw their hands. "Well, you can go first." said Boss.
"Fine, I will." said Oxnard, then he drew. "I will begin by setting two cards face down and end my turn."
Boss draws. "I will also set two cards face down. Next I'll summon my Rapid-fire Magician and end my turn." Boss' monster takes to the field (1600/1200). I better be careful about attacking Oxnard, he plans on shutting down every possible shot I make, so I'll sting his life points by effect damage.
Oxnard draws. "I play Dark Core." Oxnard discards a card in his hand to the graveyard, and a black hole appears, sucking up Boss' mage. "Luckily for me, the Rapid-fire Magician's effect only works when you activate spells, so there's no skin off my back. Your move."
Boss draws. "I'll set one card face down, then I'll summon my Rogue Doll in attack mode (1600/1000)."
"Tch, aren't you a little old to be playing with dolls?"
"Jealous because of her heka, are you?"
"Not in the slightest."
"Your move."
He's summoning monsters, but not attacking me. Looks like I'll have to draw him out. Oxnard draws. "Now I'll reveal my Karma Cut trap card."
"And what does that do?"
"Think of it as the trap version of Dark Core."
Oxnard discards a card, creating an area of distorted space around Boss' Removing it from play. He then continued his turn, "I will now begin to dominate you. I'll remove two insects in my graveyard from play, my Sabre Beetles to be exact and now I'll summon one very nasty critter. Behold the power of Doom Dozer."
A giant red and black millipede appears on Oxnard's side of the field (2800/2600). "Doom Dozer, direct attack!"
Crap, I can't stop that. thought Boss. He is then trampled by Oxnard's monster <5200>.
"Since my Doom Dozer inflicted battle damage, the top card on your deck is sent to the graveyard, so get rid of it."
"Lovely." Boss throws the top card into his grave.
"Your turn."
Boss draws. "I didn't expect him to get such a strong monster out on the field so quickly.... I'll reveal my Call of the Haunted to bring back the Gemini Elf that was discarded by way of your Doom Dozer (1900/900). Now I'll place this face down and end my turn."
That just might be a problem. Oxnard draws. "I'll place this monster in defense position. Doom Dozer, trample his Gemini Elf!" Doom Dozer goes in for the attack.
"I knew you'd do that. Now I'll reveal my Magical Dimension, which I'll use in combination with my Gemini Elf." Boss' monster is then tributed.
"So what, it's not like you have a good monster anyway..."
"And that's where you're wrong. Now I summon the Dark Magician of Chaos." and Boss' new monster took to his side (2800/2600).
"Yeah, now it's about to get interesting." said Pashmina.
"And don't forget, I still get to destroy one monster and I'll destroy your Doom Dozer."
Oxnard saw his monster destroyed. "Crap, I forgot about that." he said with remorse.
"What's wrong, mad that I got DMoC on the field so soon?"
"Just move."
Boss draws. "Dark Chaos mage, prepare to attack. But first, I'll activate my Magician's Circle."
"So, that works for both of us."
"Then bring out a mage." Boss and Oxnard pick up their decks, "I'll take the one off the bottom of my deck, my Silent Magician (1000/1000)."
"Well that's a relief for me, because I thought you were gonna bring out something more troublesome."
"I'm not that predictable." Boss shuffles his deck.
"You aren't that smart either. I choose Pixie Knight (1300/200)." Oxnard shuffles his deck.
"Good card, too bad you won't be using her effect. You forget, Deckbreaker, When DMoC destroys monsters, they're removed from play instead of going to the graveyard." Boss' wizard attacks.
"O-kay, I did forget about that." Oxnard saw his Pixie Knight destroyed <6500>.
"Now to deal with your other monster with my Silent Magician. Attack!" Boss' second mage attacked.
"So what, you only destroyed my Mask of Darkness, which allows me to pull a trap in my graveyard to my hand. And there's only one trap there, Karma Cut." Oxnard adds Karma Cut to his hand. "You see, you may have two magicians on the field, but you're gonna lose one soon and the other one later."
"Shit, I forgot about that. If DMoC didn't have that ability, he would've gotten back Dark Core, but that trap is like Dark Core. Nice play. My turn's over."
Oxnard draws (1500 ATK). "I have to remember that Boss' Silent Magician gets a 500 point boost from her spell counter everytime I draw a card. I can get rid of it before that mage gets too strong, so I'll use Karma Cut and remove DMoC from Play. One card face down and I'll end my turn."
Come on, Space. Boss draws, "I play Malevolent Nuzzler, boosting up my Silent Magician even further (2200 ATK), now I'll have her attack your life points."
Boss figured that Oxnard would use his Karma Cut, but he let the attack connect <4300>. "He didn't use it, oh well. My turn's over."
Oxnard draws (2700 ATK). "Now I'll play Karma cut." Oxnard discards a card.
"That's good, but who are you gonna use it on?"
"Your Silent Magician, of course." and the Silent Magician was removed from play. "Your turn."
Boss draws. "You're lucky, and I'm not gonna risk an attack, so I'll just stand pat for now. My turn's over."
"I don't get it, why didn't Boss attack?" asked Cappy.
"Probably because of the face down card." answered Pashmina.
Oxnard draws. "Let's bluff him. One more card face down, your turn."
Boss draws. "Okay, I'll go for it. I'll activate Nightmare's Steelcage." A giant cage drop onto the field. "Your turn."
He helped me out, so I hope I can use this against him. Oxnard draws. "I'll place one monster face down and end my turn. Bye-q, DMoC."
Boss draws. "Yes. I'll set one card face down and end my turn."
Oxnard draws. "I'll place another monster face down and that's gonna do."
The Nightmare's Steelcage disappears, then Boss draws. "This'll work for his Mystic Swordsman. Once card face down, now it's killing time. Dark Magician of Chaos, destroy the monster on the left." Boss made his attack, only to see a familiar face. "Hahah, the Old Vindictive Magician."
"That's right, and he'll be taking DMoC with him."
"Damn, I can no longer use for him now..." both wizards are removed from play. "I'll summon the Mystical Elf and end my turn (800/2000)."
Oxnard draws, but this card is a monster in which he sets face down. "That's all I've got."
"What a shame." Boss draws. "I'll place my Mystical Elf in defense mode and end my turn."
"Well, so much for my chances of destroying her, huh?"
"Damn straight."
Oxnard draws. "Let's go for a lure out. I'll flip up my Roulette Barrel (1000/2000)."
"Man, you are off your game. you had that set on the field, but you didn't attack her when she was in attack mode?"
"Anyway, I'll use its ability..." a six-sided die appears in front of Oxnard. "To those of you who don't know, I get to roll this die twice and then I can choose either result and destroy a monster on your side of the field equal to one result. I got two shots a a four, so let's roll."
Oxnard throws for his first roll and it lands on a "2". "No biggy, I still have another shot." he said, then rolled again. This time, a "1" was rolled.
"What a shame, you lost twice." said Boss.
"I guess I did." said Oxnard. I really thought that would work... oh well, your turn."
Boss draws, "I end my turn."
"Smart, you didn't fall for the trap." Oxnard draws. "First, I'll place Roulette Barrel in defense mode, now let's try this again..." Oxnard's first roll this time is "3". "So close..." his second rolls ends up as a "4". "Gotcha, now it's time to bid your Mystical Elf to the graveyard. Firing Roulette Blaster!"
Oxnard's monster shoots at the Mystical Elf, creating a bunch of dust on Boss' battlefield. After the dust settles, Oxnard saw that his plan had failed. "And that's why I used the effect, because I knew you had something like that ready and waiting."
"Yeah, and I was hoping that I didn't have to use this Magical Dimension in that way."
"Yeah, so what are you bringing out this time?"
"An old friend of mine, the Dark Magician." and Boss has his deckmaster on the field (2500/2100). "Now it's time to bid farewell to your Roulette barrel." and Oxnard's monster was destroyed.
"My turn's over."
Boss draws. "Nowhere to hide now, Deckbreaker... It's time, Mahad. Behold the Dark Magic Attack spell."
The Dark Magician destroys Oxnard's set spell and traps, leaving his monster alone on the field. "Hah, looks like I'm the one doing the deck breakin' around here." said Boss. "Mahad, hit him where it hurts."
"Of course," said the Dark Magician. "Let's see you break this, Dark Magic Attack!" and the shot tagged Oxnard's monster.
"And you've triggered my Needle Worm."
"Needle Worm, ah man. Now I lose five cards..."
"That's right, so get rid of them."
Boss lost the following cards: Lightning Vortex; Magic Cylinder; Spellbinding Circle; Dark Magician Girl; and White Magician Pikeru. "You know, four of those five cards hurt me to discard, they were really good cards," said Boss, One of them was your student, Mahad.
Do not despair, we will avenge Mana... Boss' Dark Magician reassured him.
"Your turn, Deckbreaker."
Oxnard draws. "I need to buy time. I play Swords of Revealing Light." Swords fell from the sky, freezing the Dark Magician. "Now I summon Drillroid."
Drillroid came to the field (1600/1600), but it fell into an abyss. "I like Drillroid, I also like to use my Bottomless Trap Hole on them too."
"Damn you..." Oxnard was irate.
"That one was for the Beastmaster. You will atone for your disrespectful actions this duel, Deckbreaker. Now face me."
"Just move."
"Fine, I will." Boss draws. "I'll place one card face down and end my turn."
Oxnard draws. "I'll set this card face down and end my turn."
"Running away, are ya?" Boss draws. "You won't be able to run for long, though... Make your move."
Oxnard draws. "I summon Chiron the Mage in attack mode (1800/1000), now I'll activate his ability... By discarding this spell from my hand, Chiron can destroy a spell or trap card you control. And I'll have him target the one you just dropped."
"Well, let me chain it, Divine Wrath. I'll discard my Sword of Deep-Seated... and like we all know, Divine Wrath Negates and destroys one effect monster, so say so long to Chiron." A bolt of lightning crashes down and destroys Chiron the Mage, then Boss continues. "And since this is the Sword of Deep-Seated, it's placed on the top of my deck. Now when you're done, your Swords will also fade away. Then I'll draw the sword and power up my Dark Magician."
"Well, looks like I couldn't stop you after all. My turn, as well as the effects of my Swords, are through."
Oxnards Swords go away, then Boss draws his sword and equips it to the Dark Magician (3000 ATK). "Now it's time to damage your life points which puts you in critical. Dark Magician, use the Sword of Deep-seated and cuts his life points down."
The Dark Magician swung the sword, only for his attack to be blocked. "Summoner, why don't you do me a favor and have your mage put on my Sakuretsu Armor." said Oxnard.
"Hamgoof..." said Boss as he saw another of his powerful wizards be destroyed."
"And since both your mage and your sword go to the graveyard, your sword is placed on top of your deck, so you'll draw it next turn."
"True, but I can still set one card face down. It's your turn."
"I must say, this is quite the duel we're having here. I mean, I'm trailing by 900 life, but this duel is quite the struggle."
"You're right, this is probably the best duel I've had all tournament."
Oxnard draws. "I summon Dimension Jar (200/200). Normally, I would set this monster, but I'm gonna go for the free shot, even if it only gives you 200 damage." which Boss had no problems taking <5000>. "Your turn."
Boss drew the Sword of Deep-seated, "Go."
Oxnard draws. "I summon Jetroid (1200/1800), now I'll attack with my Dimension Jar."
And I gotta take all of this. thought Boss <4800>.
"Jetroid, direct attack." Boss lost more life points <3600>. "Your move."
Boss draws. "Just what I needed. I activate Monster Reincarnation, switching my Level Modulation with the monster in my grave that I'm about to summon. Come on back, Gemini Elf." Boss' monster came back. "Now destroy the Dimension Jar."
This time, Oxnard took some damage <2600>. "Well, so much for the lead."
"Your move."
Oxnard draws. "I'll switch my Jetroid into defense mode and end my turn."
"I bet you would." Boss draws. "Gemini Elf, attack now." Boss' monster attack.
"Now I'll activate my Jetroid's ability. When it's targeted, I can play traps from my hand, and I play Call of the Haunted."
"That doesn't save your Jetroid..."
"You're right, it doesn't." Jetroid is destroyed. "Now I will use my trap and bring back my Roulette Barrel." and Oxnard brought back one of his monsters as well.
"Now since that thing has 2000 DEF pints, my Gemini Elf can touch it. He's gonna use the effect to try to roll another four again, so I'll wait until after that effect is used before I equip the Sword of Deep-seated again. Your move."
Oxnard draws. "I only got one turn to make this work, so I better make it count. I'll activate my Roulette Barrel again." and Oxnard got the die again and prepared to throw. Here we go... His first roll was a "3". A bit bummed, he took a deep breath, then rolled again, only to get a "2". "I'll switch my Roulette Barrell into defense mode, then I'll place this monster on the defense as well and end my turn."
Boss draws. "Hmm, Ebon Magician Curran. Now if I gave her the Sword of Deep-seated, I can attack his face down monster and use Curran's effect to damage his life points slowly. It's 300 life per monster, so I can wittle him down with Curran, then destroy any monster with the Gemini Elf.... but that would give him a shot at the Roulette Barrell's ability again. Or, I can give the sword to Gemini Elf and have my mages drop both of his monsters... Nah, I'll kill him slow... Now I'm gonna make you choose again. I'll star off with Ebon Magician Curran (1200/0) and I'll give her the Sword of Deep-seated (1700 ATK). Now attack his face down monster, Gemini Elf." Oxnard saw his monster destroyed. "Your turn."
That was foolish, why did he mess up by doing that? I get it, he wants to gamble on me making the wrong choice with Roulette Barrel to give him back his sword. And if I don't, I'll take direct effect damage from that black rabbit mage there... Fine, I'll make you regret that move. Oxnard draws. "And there it is... you were really stupid. That Sword of Deep-seated should've went to the Gemini Elf, that way, you could've cleared my field of monsters, but you decided to let me try to conflict myself over my Roulette Barrel to take your chances. Dumb... now I play Lightning Vortex." Oxnard discards a card and a bolt of lightning destroys Boss' mages. It also puts the Sword of Deep-seated on top of his deck. "Fool, that bad choice of judgement has cost you the duel, now I have two free shots to tear up your life points." Oxnard switches his Roulette Barrel into attack mode. "Roulette Cannon, fire!" Boss took the shot and lost life points <2600>. "Now I have the lead, it's your turn."
Boss drew the Sword of Deep-seated. "Your turn."
Oxnard draws. "Roulette Cannon, Fire!" Boss takes another shot <1600>, "I'm done."
Boss draws. "Ah Lily... I can't boost you because I don't have enough life points, not will the Sword of Deep-seated give you the power to stop that cannon... I have no choice. I place a monster in defense mode and end my turn."
Oxnard draws. "I'll place this face down. Now let's fire that cannon of mine."
Oxnard fired the cannon again, but the attack was blocked. "Sorry, you cannon isn't strong enough to take out this spellcaster." said Boss.
Boss flipped up his monster and it was another of Boss' powerful mages. "The Injection Fairy Lily (400/1500)?" Oxnard was stunned <2100>.
"Aw, your attack failed, too bad."
"Just go."
"I will."
Luckily for me, he doesn't have the life to boost up Lily's attack by 3000, otherwise I would be in serious trouble.
Boss draws. "This might help me. I'll place this face down and end my turn."
Oxnard draws. "Just because I don't have the attack power to destroy Lily, doesn't mean that I don't have other options." Oxnard picked up the die. "If I roll a three out of these two shots, I can still destroy your nurse." Oxnard rolled and there was the "3". "You see, Lily's already gone... but I still have to roll again." and the second roll was the same result. Oxnard walked up to Injection Fairy Lily. "You are so much cuter than the Dark Magician Girl, not to mention you're a lot more useful. But you're all finished here now, and because of one faulty mistake, your Summoner has failed all of you. I'd kiss you, but I prefer real women over holograms. Roulette Cannon, fire!" Oxnard moves out of the way so his monster can destroy Lily, which he watches as he returns to his side of the field. "Bye-q, Lily."
And just like that, Lily was gone. "My Lily..." was all Boss could say."
"Roulette Cannon, fire!" shouted Oxnard as he say Boss get dropped by his monster yet again. <600>. "You were saying something about doing the deckbreaking... oh yes, I was breaking your deck! Look at your cards... Dark Magicain, gone; Silent Magician, removed from my sight; DMoC, thwarted by one of your own mages; and finally, Injection Fairy Lily... let's just say she doesn't like getting her shots. Your deck may have the best wizards in it, but it couldn't stand up to me. Your Council of Divine Magic... hmf, I shut it down. It took longer than expected, but I still broke your 'League of Extraordinary Spellcasters' and your deck has the strongest wizards in the game... but it didn't mean a damn thing.
"Eventually, you tried to avenge one of your own and just like him, you failed to withstand the powers of the Deckbreaker. You held out for quite a long time, but you got broken. Now before I blast you one last time, you still have a move to make, so I need to activate a card really quick. Monster Reincarnation..."
"No way, activate Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell. I'll discard my Double Attack to activate it."
"Fine, so I can't use Monster Reincarnation for the rest of the duel. No matter. It's your final turn now, make it count."
Boss drew his card. "I summon Pixie Knight in attack mode. Attack the Roulette Barrel."
"Reveal my Book of Moon, flipping your Pixie Knight face down."
"Crap... I'm done."
"That you are." Oxnard drew. "I summon the Mystic Swordsman (900/0). Attack now!" Oxnard's deckmaster ran in for the attack.
Damn... and the Mystic Swordsman can automatically destroy face down monsters without flipping them up, so I don't get the effect of my Pixie Knight. Boss saw his monster destroyed. And with only 600 life points, I won't be able to withstand the Roulette Barrel. I lost... Boss thought as he awaited defeat.
"Roulette Blaster!" Oxnard gave the last order and the attack was coming for Boss.
Cappy, I let you down. I couldn't avenge you like I wanted to, I failed. Boss took the last blast that drained his remaining life points.
"And your winner, the Deckbreaker." announced Croquet. The dueling arena is lowered. "Then end of this duel signifies the climax of this tournament. The final duelists have now been chosen:
"Duelist #7, Dragonlord Jam; Duelist #12, Duelist Ham; Duelist # 14, Prehistorik Pashmina; and Duelist #16, The Deckbreaker."
"Nicely put, Croquet." said Pegasus. "Four talented duelists, three battles left to take place and one new champion to crown, the final duels will begin soon, dueling fans. So stay tuned..."