Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ Rise of the Ultimate Dragon ( Chapter 49 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Three of the final four were in their rooms adjusting their decks, hoping to decide some last minute calculations before their final duels. "Man, I've tried everything, but nothing is interesting with these cards." said Pashmina. "I guess there's really nothing left for me to try." The Pashmina looked over her spells, good setup there and went to her spare cards. The spare cards, however, spilled all over the place and one specific card landed in the top of the mess. Wait a minute... Pashmina took the spell and went through her cards. "Oh yes, this is a very powerful unexpected twist that I bet even Oxnard didn't figure out."
Oxnard was working on his cards as well, but not so much as Pashmina. "And this will do. Everything that was once devistating is now at its deadliest." he said. "It is time."
Jam was also checking his cards. "I wonder if I'll be able to pull off this combo with these cards..." he wondered alod.
"Hey Jam, you busy in there?" Stan's voice came from behind the door.
"Not too much, come on in." Jam said.
Stan walked into Jam's room. "You know, I would say that I didn't expect you to be this far in a tourney, but we both know it's a lie." he began. "Jam, you're gonna need all the skill you can muster for these last battles."
"Nah, I'll just wing it like I always do." Jam said.
"Here, add this to your deck, you'll need it."
Stan pulled out his rarest dragon and handed it to Jam, but Jam didn't take it. "Pass, I'm good with the cards I have." Jam stated.
"That deck of yours needs a lot of help, not that I'm doubting it or you. But you barely got through Hiei."
"This is the last dragon deck that I'll ever make, Stan. No more dragon decks after this one." Jam told Stan.
"You're kidding me."
"Serious. I appreciate your wanting to help me, but this is something I have to do on my own with my own cards. No favors or holding my paws for this moment here, just my own wheel and deal going."
"I see. Well, I still have faith in you." Stan extended his paw. "Hit it hard, Jam."
"I plan to." and the two of them shook paws.
After the time limit, the finalists gathered into the drawing room one final time. "And now duelists, it's time for the final drawing of the tournament." said Croquet. "The two names that aren't called will face off against each other and you know the rest."
"Too bad that's not gonna happen." said Duelist Ham, then he turned to Jam. "You have my property, and I plan on taking it back."
Jam looked around. "I'm a little lost here." he said, playing the role of oblivious.
"Dragonlord, you're facing me this round, as I hearby challenge you."
"Forget what he says and start the drawing, Croquet." said Oxnard.
"Agreed." said Pegasus.
"Starting up the machine right now." said Croquet.
The four orbs swirled around and so began the final drawing. In a few instances, the first orb is chosen. "In the first match, we have The Deckbreaker." said Croquet."
Oxnard smirked. "I don't care who I face, it's just another deck about to be broken."
"Facing off against The Deckbreaker will be..." then the second orb rolls out of the machine, "Prehistorik Pashmina. Which means Duelist Ham and Dragonlord Jam will face off head to head."
"Aren't you happy that you finally got your way for a change?" asked Pegasus.
"Not quite, but it guarantess that my last Blue-eyes comes home." Duelist Ham answered.
"Deckbreaker," Croquet continued, "since your name was chosen first, you have the option of how the matches will play out."
Oxnard smiled. "Let's let Duelist Ham has his match first." Oxnard.
"Now I'm happy." said Duelist Ham.
"You have your titty to suck on again, you crybaby. Now drink up, you'll be weaned again very soon."
Meanwhile, things were beginning to grow impatient to the spectators. "They better hurry up with the last couple of matches." said Sparkle.
"Chill already, will ya?" questioned Pepper.
"No way, there are only three duels left. I say we get them done already so we can all go home."
"I agree," said Sandy. "Hillary gonna be pissed if she sees me not in my cage."
The monitors of the fun park shot on soon after that rant. "I know you all have been waiting for quite some time for these final duels, but rest knowing that it has been worth the wait." Pegasus told the viewers. "The next match is sure to be something.... at least I hope it will. So let's take you duelside."
The screen showed the next combatants. "Holy.... Jam's facing off against Duelist Ham." said Maxwell.
"Well, this should get interesting." said Pepper. "Jam's unorthadox style of dueling is sure to make a name for itself against the world champ."
"Jam's gonna lose." said Sparkle. "He'll probably get his hopes all hyped up before Duelist Ham just wears him out."
At duelside, the spectators gathered around. "This is gonna be sweet." said Stan.
"Where's Hiei and his crew, I thought they'd want to see this match?" wondered Cappy.
"Don't worry about us, we're right here." and here they were, with a returning duelist.
"Shouldn't you be sealed away, hothead?" questioned Howdy.
"Hiei managed to break the seal, so I'm out now." Tyrone answered. "Looks like I'm in for a real treat."
"We all are." said Hiei.
"All right, the first of the final duels will now begin. Starting things off will be Dragonlord Jam facing off against World Champion Duelist Ham." announced Croquet. "Now before we get things started, there's a matter of pre-duel business to be taken care of."
"This duel will be the duel I claim the final Blue-Eyes White Dragon." stated Duelist Ham. "Dragonlord, you will lose this duel. And when you lose, I will not only take the last of my dragons, but you will also recognize me as the new Lord of Dragons."
"Everybody wants my hard earned title." said Jam. "Fine, but you still have to go through my life points first. But let's make it better; winner not only takes the Blue-Eyes dragons, all four of them, but the winner takes the dragons from the loser's deck."
"I wouldn't have it any other way."
"And once you lose, you will never degrade another duelist for the rest of your carreer. It doesn't matter if they are world class, or regionally known, you will respect all duelists."
"Fine. I'll agree to your demands, even though you won't win."
"Good, now come forth and shuffle your opponent's decks." said Croquet.
"His deck is fine, but he's welcome to shuffle my cards." said Duelist Ham.
Jam and Duelist Ham step forward and Duelist Ham removes his deck. "Shuffle well, you're going to need it." said Duelist Ham.
"Fine." said Jam as he recieved Duelist Ham's deck. He then shuffled the deck which was soon returned to Duelist Ham.
"Are you sure you don't want to shuffle your opponent's deck?" asked Croquet.
"His deck is fine." said Duelist Ham as he returned to his side of the dueling arena.
Jam shrugged and took his place at the other side of the arena. "And now, let the duel for the Blue-Eyes What Dragons begin."
Duelist Ham and Jam drew their hands. "And here we go." said Boss.
"So, I will finally see the dragon lord's cards in action." said another dragon duelist going by the name of Nasaruda. "Show me, show me your true power."
"Aren't you taking this a bit too seriously?" asked Shena.
"Worry not about it. I will see whom I plan on beating in time."
"You sure are ready for this, aren't you?" asked Noretu.
"No matter, he won't tell you anyway." Locke stated.
Jam took the opening draw. "Well, let's get it on. I'll start out with a good friend of mine, the Blackland Fire Dragon." Jam played the very first dragon he ever got (1500/800). "I'll play these two cards face down and that's gonna do it for me."
Duelist Ham draws, then makes his play. "I'll place two cards face down and play my Z-Metal Tank in attack mode (1500/1300). It's your move."
Jam draws. "I'll summon Mirage Dragon this turn (1600/600). Blackland Fire Dragon, go in for the attack." Jam's dragon did as it was instructed.
"Now I reveal my Shrink card, cutting the attack power of your dragon in half."
"That's clever." (750 ATK)
"Z-Metal Tank, blast that dragon now!" Z-Metal Tank fired blasts from its two cannons to destroy Jam's dragon <7250>.
"Since I lost my monster, I might as well activate my Michizure." The Blackland Fire Dragon rises from the ground and bites into Z-Metal Tank, taking both monsters to the graveyard. "I'll set one card down and end my turn."
Duelist Ham draws. "I'll summon Ryu-Kishin Clown in attack mode (800/500). When this monster is summoned, I can change the battle position of your Mirage Dragon."
"Crud." Jam switched his dragon into defense position.
"Now I'll play Card of Sanctity 2, but don't think I was being grateful with you."
Both players draw a full hand, but the common card that both of them drew was the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Two of the four dragons have just been drawn and Duelist Ham was ready. "Now before I get rid of your dragon, let me make on thing clear, nothing in your deck will save you from the torture that I plan on giving you in this duel. Now I'll set these two cards down on the field and now I'll have my Clown take out your Mirage Dragon." Jam saw a second dragon destroyed. "My turn is over, but you can't draw anyway."
"No, but I will play my Graceful Charity." Jam resolves his effect. "Now I will play my Masked Dragon (1400/1100). Masked Dragon, attack that clown." and Jam's attack went towards Ryu-Kishin Clown.
"Activate Negate Attack!" Duelist Ham's trap ends Jam's battle phase.
"Well that sucked, but I'm not too mad. Your turn."
Duelist Ham draws. "Excellent. Now I'll sacrifice my Ryu-Kishin Clown and summon my Swordstalker." Duelist Ham's next monster hit the field (2000/1600). "Swordstalker, Vengence Strike!"
It's a shame I can't counter that. thought Jam as he sae another dragon destroyed <6650>. "I'll take this time to activate the Masked Dragon's ability and summon a fellow 1500- dragon from my deck to my field." and Jam looks at his deck, "you'll do. I'll summon Troop Dragon in defense mode (700/800)." Jam shuffled his deck.
Duelist Ham laughed. "What a weak deck, nothing but knockaround monsters. You really should redo that deck of yours.... oh wait, I forgot that you're running the Cyberdark monsters. and those cards need three-star dragons in order to work. What a shame."
"Just because my dragons aren't strong in your standards doesn't mean that they aren't strong." Jam retorted as he placed his deck.
"Well let's see how you do against my next card. Feel the wrath of the Deck Devistation Virus!"
Okay, now I'm in trouble.
"Papa, what does that virus do?" asked Kerin.
"The Deck Devistation Virus destroys all of Jam's weak monster for the next three turns." Hiei answered. "It costs a Dark monster with 2000 ATK, which Swordstalker fits perfectly. Now every dragon Jam has at 1500 and under dies from it."
"That's a big ouch, especially if Jam really is running how Duelist Ham just said he is." added Tyrone.
"And he is." Hiei said. "Up until now, there aren't any strong level 3 dragons as we've yet to come across them yet. Perhaps when the next set of cards debuts, we'll see some."
I'm gonna break into the story right here to simply hit up on what Hiei just mentioned. Even though the Tactical Evolution set is out by the time this chapter is written, this story's timeline only goes up to the Strike of Neos set (as a few duelists are using cards from it). Now back to the story.
"What a sad display of dueling." said Hilde. "You would be faring better than this, Hiei."
"Hey Jam, get in gear already!" Stan yelled.
"Shut your mouth!" Duelist Ham yelled back. "I will not have your backseat dueling when I'm dealing out my punishment. As for you, I get to see that hand of yours."
"That's right, you do get to see, but I have to remove my Troop Dragon first..." Jam placed his current monster on the field into the graveyard, then shows his hand to Duelist Ham.
Duelist Ham smirked. "So you do have my Blue-Eyes in your hand. Not that you'll be playing it. You also lose two more of your dragons as well."
Jam lost two of his own, Different Dimension Dragon and Petit Dragon. Hmm... what is your plan, Jam? wondered Pegasus.
"It's your move, weakling." Duelist Ham said.
Jam drew his card and smiled. "Your virus doesn't stop this one, say hello to my Luster Dragon." he said as he played his next monster (1900/1600). "Time to take out some life points, attack with Sapphire Blaze!" Jam's attack was launched.
"Dream on, loser. Activate Sakuretsu Armor."
"I knew you'd try that, so I'll counter it with The Dragon's Bead. This trap will negate your armor and I'll discard the Blue-Eyes to activate it."
This move stunned everybody. "I can't believe he gave up the Blue-Eyes just to use that card." said Sparkle.
"That was a bad move, Jam...." said Lapis
"Totally" addeed Sandy.
Duelist Ham took the shot <6100>. "He gave up the Blue-Eyes White Dragon to activate his trap card." said Boss.
"Sometimes you do what you have to in order to save yourself," said Seamore, "even if it means parting with your most powerful monsters."
"So he gave up the Blue-Eyes, big deal." said Stan. "Jam doesn't need the Blue-Eyes to beat this asshole."
"That's true, he still has Horus the Black Flame Dragon." said Hiei.
"Horus isn't in this deck." Stan told Hiei.
"You're kidding...." said Hilde.
"It doesn't matter though." said Boss. "One thing I know about Jam's deck, he always puts three high powered dragons in each of his decks. So he gave up one, which is probably hurtin' him inside, but he still has two more powerhouse dragons in his deck."
I wonder if he put the Tyrant Dragon in this deck... thought Hilde.
"Well, I managed to pull out a lucky shot this turn, but at least I have a momentary lead." said Jam. "Your move."
Duelist Ham drew. "Good, here is my second Blue-Eyes. Now I need to stall for time. I'll summon my Vorse Raider (1900/1200), cut up his dragon."
This time, Duelist Ham went for the suicide and it worked. "Well, this truly is quite the duel." said Pegasus.
"No it's not, I'm in complete control." said Duelist Ham. "Make your move."
"Fine." Jam said and drew, but this turn drew Firegrass. "Damn." Jam showed the monster to Duelist Ham.
"Another weak monster dies from my virus."
"Just go."
Duelist Ham draws. "Now I discard my Thunder Dragon. This lets me pull two more from my deck and add them to my hand..." Duelist Ham shuffles his deck, "I'll now fuse together with Polymerization and for the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100)."
"Lovely, more bad news."
"Now attack, my Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon!"
The attack was headed for Jam. "I reveal my Poison of the Old Man." Jam takes the hit, which knocks him on his rear. But he soon stands up afterward. "I'll reduce the damage I took by upping my life by 1200, so I only lost 1600 life <5050>."
"So you saved your life points, that only delayed your inevitable." said Duelist Ham. "My virus still plagues your deck for one more turn and I bet you'll draw a monster anyway. Now make your move."
Jam draws. "Sorry, this card's a spell, Smashing Ground to be exact." A giant fist comes down and crushes the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon. "And that's it for me... and your virus."
Duelist Ham draws. "Perfect, I now hold all three of my Blue-Eyes what Dragons. But with my Polymerization used already, I can't fuse them together and destroy him. I'll play Swords of Revealing Light and end my turn."
"Swords? Well that can mean only one thing... the three cards in your hand are the Blue-Eyes White Dragons."
Duelist Ham laughed. "Yes, I hold all three of my Blue-Eyes and I plan on punishing you for discarding the fourth one, so get ready for the pain, because it's coming."
Jam draws. Great, I drew my Card of Sanctity 2, but that also helps him out.
Play it, you don't have much choice. and there was Horus by Jam's side again.
It's a bad idea....
Polymerization was already used on the Thunder Dragons, so you have nothing to fear. He still needs at least three monsters to get those dragons out, so wear his life points down.
"Okay Horus, I trust you. I will activate Card of Sanctity 2, but only because I need more cards in my hand." said Jam and both duelists take their cards. "Now I'll bring out my Chthonian Dragon (2000/0). Next, I'll set two cards down and end my turn."
"I'll set this card face down and end my turn." Duelist Ham made his play.
Jam draws. "I'll place this monster in defense mode, then I'll reveal my Stamping Destruction to destroy your swords."
"Oh no..." Duelist Ham faked <5600>.
"Chthonian Dragon, attack Duelist Ham directly."
"That's right, get your attacks in while you can." Duelist Ham took another shot <3600>.
"My turn's over." Jam's Chthonian Dragon is destroyed.
Duelist Ham draws. "I reveal my Heavy Storm."
All set spells and traps are destroyed. "Now I'll use Mobleman of Crossout on your face down monster."
"Fine, it's my second Troop Dragon anyway, I only had two of them. So no skin off my back."
That exact card was cut up and duelist Ham continued his move. "Now I'll summon Enraged Battle Ox to the field (1700/1000). Now attack with Enraged Axe Crusher!"
Jam took quite the cut from that axe. "Ouch." <3350>
"Your move."
Jam draws. "I play Spear Dragon (1900/0). Destroy his monster now."
Duelist Ham lost his monster, "I'm still going to win." he said <3400>.
Spear Dragon Switches to defense mode. "I'll set one card face down and end my turn."
"Duelist Ham is acting like he doesn't even care." said Hilde.
"He's waiting for something, but what is it?" wondered Aqua.
"You've lost your mind, Duelist Ham. Perhaps it's because you're starting to get the fact that you're gonna lose." said Stan.
"Bitch, please." said Duelist Ham as he drew. "I'll set one card face down and end my turn."
Jam draws. "I'll place Spear Dragon in attack mode again, then I'll place this monster in defense position. Now attack him again."
"Good." said Duelist Ham and he took another shot to his life points <1700>.
"Your turn."
Duelist Ham draws. "You should be glad that I'm being so lenient. But only a fool would rush to victory." he set a card face down.
"That's a bad bluff." said Jam.
"Whatever, just move."
Jam draws. "One more time I'll switch my Spear Dragon into attack mode. Now it's time for me to end this game... Spear Dragon, let's take this victory."
Jam's dragon attacked, but things didn't go as they had planned. "Jam's gonna win." said Stan.
"This is game right here, baby." said a happy Boss.
"Activate Mirror Force." said Duelist Ham.
"No way!" Jam yelled.
But it was to no avail, Jam saw his Spear Dragon Destroyed. "You see, not so fast." said Hiei.
Duelist Ham Laughed. "You didn't think you were gonna win that easily, did you?" questioned Duelist Ham. "I'll admit that I can't play my Blue-Eyes yet, but it doesn't matter. You won't get an easy win from me."
"Well, you ruined my mood, so go ahead and move."
Duelist Ham draws. "Your move."
Damn, I'm just about out of options here. Jam draws. "I summon Koumori Dragon (1500/1200), now attack Duelist Ham."
I think I've let him have his fun long enough in this duel. thought Duelist Ham, then he took his hit <200>.
"My turn is over."
"Yeah Jam, you beat this asshole!" Stan cheered. "You see that, Duelist Ham, even without the Blue-Eyes and with low level monster, you still got beat by a better dragon duelist. Now give up and leave your Blue-Eyes at the door."
Duelist Ham laughed. "Dream on, you hack." he said then drew his card. "Just the card I was waiting for. Now it's time for me to bring out the hurt, just like I said I was. So I'll begin with Hammer Shot."
A giant hammer comes down and destroys the Koumori Dragon. "One thing I learned from you when you first took the lead is that you don't need many attacks to take control of a duel, just one good one. Now I will activate a card that many of you weak ass duelists haven't seen before. You should be honored that you're going to see this card, so don't you dare blink... and tell the kiddies to look at the screen, because this next move is about to seal my vitcory." Taking the advise of Duelist Ham, everyone around the fun park looked at an available screen. "Are you ready, because this is where your demise begins, Dragonlord."
"Is that so?" asked Jam. "Well let's see this rare and powerful card."
"I guess even I can't muster up suspense like you.... Now I activate the card that will bring forth your destruction, Ultimate Dragon Ritual!"
Upon the activation of this spell, everyone went silent. Ultimate Dragon Ritual? thought Hiei. That sounds like it can... but that's impossible. It can't bring that out, can it?
"Hey Nas, have you heard of this card?" asked Locke.
"I haven't heard much on it," Nasaruda answered. "All that I know is that it's the most powerful ritual spell in all of Duel Monsters."
Jam was at a loss for words. It really does exist.... was all his mind could think.
"Shocked are we?" asked Duelist Ham. "You've probably never even heard of this card."
"Actually, I have heard about the rumor of this ritual," Jam answered, "but I didn't think anyone actually had it."
"Well let me explain how this works: In order to activate the effect of this card, this card's controller must offer up 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" monsters as tribues."
"But only one monster can come from three Blue-Eyes..." said Cappy.
"Yeah, and that's bad news for Jam." said Boss.
"Now I offer up Azrael, Ibris and Djibril, my three Blue-Eyes White Dragons and bring forth the weapon of destruction...." said Duelist Ham as he sacrificed his three dragons. "Now, bear witness to the rise of the most sinister monster I can ever assemble, treated as a ritual monster... Behold the power of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!" In a flash of light, Duelist Ham's most powerful dragon came forth with a blood-curdling roar (4500/3800).
"Holy.... look at the attack power of that monster." said Pashmina.
"Man, and I thought my Master of Oz was strong, but this dragon shits on my monster." said Cappy.
Everyone around the fun park looked on in awe. "Game over, baby." said Sparkle. "Even Jam can't stop that thing."
"This is totally bad." said Sandy.
"That's what Duelist Ham was waiting for...." Maxwell trailed off.
Duelist Ham laughed. "And to sweeten the deal, I'll reveal my face down Dragon's Rage." he said.
"Shit...." Jam said.
"Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, destroy his monster with Ultimate Burst!"
"This is gonna hurt."
The Ultimate Blue-Eyes fired its suped up Burst Stream of Destruction and theblast shook the entire area. As the smoke cleared, Jam monster was revealed. "You've attacked The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave (1300/2000)." said Jam. "Even though he has high defense, I still lost 2500 life points <850>, but I survived..... the.... shot...."
Duelist Ham laughed. "You survived this attack, but you won't survive again." he said. "You see, you never were in my league and you never will be. But since you won't surrender, I'll just take my Blue-eyes from you by force. Now make your final move."
Boss and the gang were in shock. "I can't believe it, Duelist Ham pulled out one hell of a trick." said Howdy.
"It's not fair, Jam was so close to winning this duel." said Penelope.
"This isn't right." said Dexter.
"It's over, even Jam can't stop that." said Seamore.
"Well Jam, you reign as Dragonlord ends today, but at least you can say you almost beat Duelist Ham." said Tyrone.
"You made a valiant effort, even with a crappy set of monsters." said Hilde.
"You got him down to 200 life points. It's not something to cry over, though I would if it was me." said Aqua.
"You did well, Dragonlord." said Hiei. "You may have lost, but you made it a close duel. Even without your title, you'll still be the Dragonlord to me. Well done, but Duelist Ham just wanted it more."
"You guys are sad." said Stan. "Don't listen to them, Jam! I still believe, just like every other dragon duelist you inspired believes. we still have the faith!"
"Faith has failed!" yelled Duelist Ham. "Your faith didn't help him, it only made him lose. You might as well give me the last Blue-Eyes and walk away.... if you can still walk away."
Jam gave no response. "Are you able to continue?" asked Croquet.
Still no response from Jam. "Last chance, then I win." said Duelist Ham.
Jam finally looked at Duelist Ham. "I still have a card to draw and 850 points to lose, so I'm gonna make my move." he said and then took his last card. Then he felt it, the ability he got from his cards kicked in once again. "Stan, you still believe, right?"
"Always." Stan answered.
"Duelist Ham... I told you before when we first crossed paths that you will never obtain the final Blue-Eyes. And I will make good on my promise."
"With a card you have yet to see, I doubt it." said Duelist Ham.
"This is the card that will bring your end. It's known as Dragon's Mirror." Jam played his card and true to his word, it was Dragon's Mirror, which appeared right next to Jam. "Now to those of you who need a refresher, this is how this spell works. Dragon's Mirror is like a special fusion for Dragon-type monsters, but since I have none on the field, I will fuse with dragons in my graveyard. The fusion materials used in this way are removed from play, but it's a small price to pay for me to finally silence you.
"Dragons from within my grave, lend my your power one last time, so we may claim victory. As I call upon thee, rise from the grave: Exploder Dragon..." Jam's Exploder Dragon came from the ground and appered next to Jam, "into the mirror." and in the mirror it went; "Masked Dragon..." Jam's Masked Dragon appeared, "into the mirror." and in that one went, as did the next ones; "Blackland fire Dragon..." in the mirror; "Mirage Dragon..." in the mirror; "and finally, my best card.... Petit Dragon, into the mirror." The Petit Dragon circled Jam before going into the mirror. After this happened, the miror started cracking.
"What's going on?" asked Duelist Ham.
"What's going on isn't your concern. Your concern should be about what's going to finish you off. The being that truly is the real ultimate dragon, now come forth!"
The Dragon's Mirror shattered and from it came a flash of black light. This light soon took form of a dragon and this dragon let out a mighty roar. No way... it can't be that.... thought Hilde as she fell to her knees.
Hiei saw this action. "Is there something I should know?" he questioned her.
"Impossible... it's just not possible...." was all Hilde said.
"What the hell is that?" asked Duelist Ham.
"This..." Jam began, "is a being that only the true Lord of Dragons can call upon. An entity that only obeys the Lord of Dragons... it goes by many names, but you will know it only as one. Behold, the Five God Dragon!" Jam's dragon roared upon its introduction (5000/5000).
"The dragon made from the five dragon gods...." Hilde saind trembling. "I thought it was only a myth, but it's real...."
"Duelist Ham, this attack is for all that you have disrespected, disgraced and had no mercy for. And with this attack, you lose. Five God Dragon, destroy!"
The Five god Dragon launched its attack at Duelist Ham, making an impact that shook the entire blimp. The blimp of course went to the ground and the dueling arena was covered in smoke. "Man, talk about power. That blast did a lot of damage." said Cappy.
"I sure did." Boss agreed.
As the smoke cleared, everyone saw the sight that none of them expected to see. The Five God Dragon, which towered over Jam, stood tall on the field and three Blue-Eyes White Dragons lay fallen on the field <0>. Never again, shall you disrespect another duelist. thought Jam.
Pegasus rose his arm. "The winner, and still Lord of Dragons, Dragonlord Jam!" he announced.
Applause could be heard by everyone duelside and even those watching in the park applauded to a spectacular ending. "Saddle up duelists, we're leaving." said Nasaruda.
"But what about the rest of the tournament?" asked Locke.
"I won't repeat myself." and Nasaruda begain walking away.
"What a shame..." frowned Locke.
"Let it go." said Noretu. "We'll deal with them in due time."
Jam walked over to Duelist Ham, who was on his knees. No words were exchanged, but Jam took the Blue-Eyes White Dragon's from Duelist Ham's graveyard, then walked off. "Well sir, he's been beaten." said Croquet.
"Yes," said Pegasus, "and I made sure that this match was broadcast around the world. Everyone saw Duelist Ham's defeat and the champ himself has finally been put in his place."
Jam had lept to the ground below. "Man Jam, that was AWESOME!" said Stan. "I never expected you to play that monster... you are the man!"
"Eh." was all Jam said as he walked by. "Pashmina, DB, best of luck to you both."
"Jam, you beat the world champ. Aren't you happier than this?" asked Boss.
"Titles mean nothing, Boss. To me, Duelist Ham was just another duelist. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have a nap." and off Jam went.