Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ how did this happen..... ( Chapter 51 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Still shocked at his loss, Duelist Ham's stare was blank. He couldn't believe it, how could he lose to someone not even close to being of worldwide status? "Hurry up and leave, there are duels to be had." Pegasus said.
Without replying back, Duelist Ham took to his feet, brushed himself off and left the now lowered dueling field.
As he left, Oxnard took his position on the dueling field. "It's time for me to bring a second extinction to dinos." he said.
"Don't expect me to lose without you receiving damage." said Pashmina as she took to her position.
"Now the final duel of this round will commence and the loser shall face the Dragonlord in the final match of the tournament." said Croquet. "Whenever you're ready, come forth and shuffle your opponent's deck."
Both duelists shuffle their decks and returned to their side of the dueling arena. "Ladies first," said Oxnard. "Diaha!"
"Damn right." said Pashmina, then she made the opening draw. "For my first move, I'll special summon my Gliasaurus." Pashmina's monster come to the field (1400/400). "Now I'll back him up with Element Saurus (1500/1200), then I'll throw this number face down and that's it for me."
Oxnard draws. "I'll place two cards and one monster face down, that ends my turn."
Pashmina draws. "Hmm..., I'll need this later. Gilasaurus, attack his monster." Pashmina's dinosaur destroys Oxnard's monster. "My turn's over."
Oxnard draws. "One more monster face down and that ends my turn."
Pashmina draws. "Okay, this time it's my Element Saurus that will go for a shot. Attack!" The Element Saurus breathes fire at Oxnards monster, covering it in flames. Once the flames died out, the monster was revealed. "Aw crap."
"Too bad, you've Attacked Roulette Barral this time (1000/2000)."
"Not strong enough <7500>. I'll switch my Gilasaurus into defense and end my turn."
Oxnard draws. "Now it's time to activate the Roulette Blaster." a six-sided die appears in Oxnard's paw. "I'm sure you know how this works by now, so let's get rolling."
Oxnard tossed the dice, but the first role ended up as a "1". "Too bad, you busted that role." said Pashmina.
Oxnard rolled again, this time hitting a "3". "No busts this time around," said Oxnard, "now destroy Gilasaurus with Roulette Blaster!" The Roulette Barrel fired at Gilasaurus, destroying it in the process. Oxnard went on. "Now I'll summon Jetroid in attack mode and end my turn (1200/1800).
Why would he summon that? thought Pashmina. Oh well, I'm not falling for that trap. she drew her card. "Now I'll summon Hyper Hammerhead to the field (1500/1200. It'll cost me 500 life points, but at least I'll make it so that I don't have to deal with that Barrel."
"I'll take this time to activate my Threatening Roar." Oxnard's trap roars out at Pashmina.
"Whatever, your turn."
If she thinks she's gonna get rid of my Roulette Barrel with that thing, she's wrong. Oxnard draws. "Sweet. I activate my Dark Core spell card."
"Aw man, not that. There goes one dino removed from play."
Oxnard discards a card. "Dark Core, remove Hyper Hammerhead from play." Oxnard's spell swallowed Pashmina's monster. "Now, it's Blaster time again."
Oxnard's first roll is a "2", then he picks up the die and rolls a "6". "Oh well, can't destroy monsters all the time, my turn's over."
Pashmina draws. "Yes, here's where the fun can begin. Now I activate Big Evolution Pill." she announced her play.
"Don't you mean Ultra Evolution Pill?" Oxnard asked.
"Nope, this is a whole new type of vitamin for my dinos. First, I offer up a dino I control, my Element Saurus will do. Now I can summon any level dinosaur straight to the field for the next three turns, even high-powered ones."
That's not cool. Oxnard had a sweatdrop on his face.
"Now I'll play my Magical Mallet. I'll add the three cards in my hand to my deck and shuffle it, then draw three new cards." Pashmina follows suit. "Well let's see if you can break my Black Tyranno!" Pashmina's monster comes to the field (2600/1800).
"Man, that really isn't cool."
"Black Tyranno, destroy the Roulette Barrel." and with one swip of its tail, the Black Tyranno got rid of the Roulette Barrel.
Bijou and the girls cheered on Pashmina. "Go Pashmina!" yelled Penelope.
"Take it to ze Deckbreaker." said Bijou.
"Wow, that's a strong card." said Kerin.
"Pashmina's deck is even more impressive as I see the cards played from it." said Hiei.
"We might have to put an S on her risk rating if she keeps putting plays like this together." said Tyrone.
"Nice move, Pashmina." said Seamore. "And she still has two turns to summon strong monsters freely."
"This'll really test the mettle of our Deckbreaker, won't it?" asked Boss.
"Damn straight." answered Dexter.
"You better hope and pray I don't draw Ultimate Tyranno in my next two turns, otherwise I'll be the one breaking you." Pashmina gave a warning to Oxnard.
"Whenever you're done..." said Oxnard.
"Go right on ahead."
Oxnard draws. "I'll summon Pixie Kinght in attack mode (1300/200), then I'll set one card face down and end my turn."
Pashmina draws. "Now I'll summon Dark Driceratops (2400/1500). Black Tyranno, have a helping of Pixie Knight."
Oxnard saw his monster eaten. "No problem <6700>. Now I get a spell card from my graveyard placed on top of my deck, due to my fallen Pixie Knight's ability. Now normally, you would choose the spell I get back, but there's only one spell in my graveyard, Dark Core. So on my next turn, I'll be drawing it."
"Well then, I might as well take out your Jetroid then. Attack now, Dark Driceratops."
Hmm, not this turn. Oxnard saw another monster destroyed <5500>.
"Your turn."
Oxnard drew his Dark Core. "Now I'll use Call of the Haunted and bring back Jetroid, then end my turn." Jetroid returns to Oxnard's field.
Pashmina draws. "It's time to attack. Black Tyranno, feast on that Jetroid." and her dino follows suit.
"I was waiting for you to attack that, now I can activate my Sakuretsu Armor."
Sakuretsu Armor was activated and Pashmina's monster destroyed, but she then noticed Oxnard's card was face down. "Hey wait a minute, how come your card is face down?" she questioned.
"Because that card wasn't played." Oxnard answered.
"So where did your trap come from?"
"My hand. Jetroid may seem weak, but it's special ability to let me activate traps from my hand whenever it's attacked is a lovely thing."
"Can I get a ruling on this?"
"Sorry Pashmina, but that's how Jetroid's ability works. The Deckbreaker made a legit move." said Pegasus.
"Man, no fair... that card cheats big time."
"Ah, shut up already." said Oxnard.
"Activating traps from the hand when it's targeted, that's a pretty useful card." said Sparkle. "I might have to add that one to my deck."
"That ability is too powerful, it should be banned." said Barrette.
"That is something clever to use." said Pepper.
"Well, I still have one more monster, so I'll attack with Dark Driceratops." Pashmina said and her second dino went in and attacked Jetroid.
I can't protect Jetroid this time... oh well. Oxnard saw Jetroid destroyed again <4300>.
"Your turn."
Oxnard draws. "I'll place one monster in defense mode and end my turn."
Pashmina draws. "I'll place a monster face down, now attack his monster, Dark Driceratops."
"What sucks is that that monster does piercing damage..." Oxnard saw his monster destroyed. "My Mask of Darkness may be gone and I lose 2000 life, but at least I get a trap from my graveyard returned to my hand." and Oxnard took his Sakuretsu Armor <2300>.
"Your turn."
Oxnard draws. "I play Swords of Concealing Light." Pashmina's monsters are flipped face down. "Your turn."
Pashmina draws. "Let's relieve you of your swords with Mystical Space Typhoon."
"I'll counter that with Spell Shield Type-8."
Pashmina saw her spell negated, "I'm done."
Oxnard draws. "I'll place this card face down and end my turn."
Pashmina draws. "Next turn, I'll be free. But in the meantime.... I'll set one monster down and end my turn."
Oxnard's draw ends his Swords of Concealing Light. "Now, we're in business. I summon Drillroid (1600/1600."
No, I think I'll save my card for later.
"Drillroid, attack the card on the right." Drillroid destroys Pashmina's face down Dark Driceratops. "Your move."
"It's funny how you refer to yourself as the so-called Deckbreaker when you really haven't damaged me at all this game." Pashmina draws. "Don't get it wrong, you've destroyed my monsters, but the only damage I took from this duel is from my own mistake of attack. Sad how you're meeting your match."
"Keep thinking that, Dino Dame. Now finish up so I can move."
"I'll place one card face down and end my turn."
Oxnard draws. "I summon Banisher of the Radiance to the field (1600/0)..."
"I'll activate my Forced Back Trap card, negating it's summon and returning it to your hand."
Oxnard's monster returns to his hand. "Anyway, I'll summon Banisher of the Radiance in attack mode."
"Can I get a ruling on that move?"
"You said it yourself, Forced Back negated my monster's summoning. I'll use a similar example: Spear Dragon attacks an opponent and the opponent uses the Draining Shield trap card. Since this card negates the attack, Spear Dragon doesn't change into defense position."
"True," said Pegasus, "but Spear Dragon's attack has been wasted and it doesn't get to attack again. Even though your monster's summon was negated, your regular summon has still been used."
"Hmf... Well, okay then. I'll take that, but I hope that you'll look into that matter later."
"Believe me, I shall."
Oxnard sighed. "Plan B then. Drillroid, attack the monster dead in front of you."
Pashmina's monster is destroyed. "Even though my monster is still destroyed, I still get to activate my Cobra Jar's ability." A small snake appears where the Cobra Jar once was.
"Yes, the poisonous snake token... Go ahead and move."
Pashmina draws. "And now, I'll place my poisonus snake token into attack mode (1200/1200), then I'll flip up my Gale Lizard (1400/700). When Gale Lizard is flipped, its special ability kicks in. Gale Lizard, flap your wings and return Drillroid to his owner's hand." A strong gust of wind blows Drillroid back into Oxnard's hand. "I'm very disappointed in you, but at least you took out my monsters. Now it's time for me to end your misery. I summon Des Feral Imp to the field (1600/1800)."
"Some Deckbreaker you are, but I guess this was just a bad hand. Either way, you still lose the duel. Poisonus token, attack his life points." Pashmina's token bit into Oxnard <1100>, then Pashmina continued her move. "Your turn Des Feral Imp, attack him!"
"Des Feral Imp can say hello to my Book of Moon."
Pashmina flipped her Imp face down. "No matter, Gale Lizard has 1400 ATK points to your 1100 life, so you still lose. Gale Lizard, attack for game."
And with this attack, Oxnard's life points hit zero. The girls were cheering at the fact that Pashmina had won the duel and everyone else was just happy that the long duel was finally over. "And here you have it, Dragonlord Jam will face off against the winner of this duel, Prehistorik Pashmina!" announced Pegasus.
Oxnard dropped to his knees, Why.... why did I still hold back after all this time? he wondered. NO, I didn't hold back, I never did in this whole tournament... Looks like I'm still a victim to the cards, even after a strong showing.
"Everyone gets a bad draw, Oxnard." said Pashmina. "You just have to remember that not everything will go your way sometimes. You have a good setup of cards, but you still need to improve on them. Not everyone is a predator, nor is everyone prey, you'll understand in time."
"I guess we get a rematch between Pashmina and Jam." said Sandy.
"We sure do," said Maxwell, "we sure do."
"Pashmina may have the win over Jam, but once that Five God Dragon hits the field, none of Pashmina's dinos will stand a chance." said Sparkle.
"Pashmina will do fine." said Pepper. "I mean, she held her own against Bijou and she was the former champion."
"Yeah, but this time is where it really counts."
"I still say Pahmina's Ultimate Tyranno will stop the Five God Dragon."
"Well, we're gonna find out real soon." said Hermana."
Pegasus stood there in thought. So it's come to this, a rematch of dinosaurs and dragons. Pashmina managed to be Horus this time, but things are going to be a whole lot different this time around. Can the dino hold true, or will Jam's new dragons bring justice to his older ones? I can't wait for this rematch to throw down and I'm sure that those who saw these two duel the first time can't wait either.