Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ a duel to remember ( Chapter 52 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Jam was still alseep, but he began to awaken from his nap. I wonder if everyone is done with the duel by now. his thought went as he wiped his face.
Meanwhile, the dueling field was lowered and Oxnard stepped down. There's more for me to do. he thought.
"Aren't you coming down, Pashmina?" asked Penelope.
"Nope, I'm gonna shuffle my deck and wait here for Jam." Pashmina answered.
"She's confident." said Dexter.
"She does have a win over Jam, dude." Stan said. "She has the right to be confident.
Bijou was very proud of Pashmina. Who would've expected Pashmina to be in ze final match of ze tournament? she thought. You wouldn't believe how a duelist like Pashmina, who started out doing nothing but setting cards and constantly loses duels would turn out to be quite a formidible opponent... Now she faces Jam again in her true test. I hope she has learned from ze last duel she had weeth Jam...
Jam stepped out of his room and yawned, then he saw Oxnard walk by him. He was still a bit upset at his match that he didn't even see Jam. "I take it you lost..." Jam stated.
Oxnard turned to Jam. "A minor setback, but it matters not." Oxnard answered. "I've proven my point in this tournament, so the end result is the same." and Oxnard returned to his quarters. "Try not to lose... again."
Jam shrugged and headed for the dueling field. Looks like I get to face off against Pashy again. I got careless last time and was shocked that the real threat ended my deck, but things are definitely different this time around. Jam looked at his new deck. I will not be sidetracked so easily with these dragons, Pashmina. Now I must prepare for my last test, as this deck is pretty decent. But I still need to see if I can pull up other various combos that have been installed into this deck. Well, I'm about to find out.
Jam walked out to see everyone looking at him, even Pashmina was and she was sitting in the dueling area. "Well, I guess you guys are probably talking about the last time Pashmina and I dueled in this tournament." he began. "We both had eight seals and the winner, which was Pashmina, went onto the finals. So what exactly can I say? Nothing really, I lost." He stepped up to the playing field, "I will say this, however. If a duelist doesn't lose, a duelist will never grow stronger... And you can take the Deckbreaker's word on this one. Sure, he's still a bit upset because his 'Predator Mentality' didn't see him through to the final round, but at least he'll get stronger as his skills as a duelist continue to grow. With that said, I believe we have a duel to go through."
Pashmina stood up. "Let's see if you've learned from last time, Dragon Lord." she said.
"Trust me, lightning will have quite a time striking twice this duel."
Both duelists step up and present their decks to the other. The decks are shuffled, cut and returned to their owners. "And now, the final duel will begin. The opponents are, Dragonlord Jam and Prehistorik Pashmina." announced Croquet. "In this duel, life points will not apply. However, the first person to receive ten thousand damage will lose the duel, so keep your damage points low and may the best duelist take home the Duel Park Crown.
"Now duelists, begin the duel."
And it was on, the final duel and the rematch of the fun park. Dinos & Dragons 2, let's get is on. "Since you lost last time, you go first." said Pashmina.
"Fine, I will." said Jam.
"Let's get it on!" yelled Pegasus.
Pashmina drew her first five cards, while Jam drew six. Now let's get this duel going. "We'll start out strong. I'll being this duel with one card face down and I'll summon the Mirage Dragon." Jam announced (1600/600). "You're up."
Pashmina draws. "I'll activate my Lightning Vortex." Pashmina says and discards a card."
Lightning falls from the sky. "I'll counter that with Magic Jammer." Jam says and discards a card.
"So the Antagonist is back to Jammers... what happened to, 'I will always use Magic Drain over Magic Jammer'?"
"You're just mad because I didn't give you the choice to save your Vortex."
"He probably gave up a dragon to activate that that trap. One card and one monster face down to end my turn. I have to keep Jam from pulling the Five God Dragon before I can power up my Tyranno Infinity to stand a chance."
Jam draws. "I'll set on card face down and summon Troop Dragon (700/800). Troop Dragon, you're up first."
Jam's monsters attack Pashmina's face down monster, destroying it. He laughed at what he just took out. "Gilasaurus, I remember you. Now direct attack with Illusion Scythe!"
Oh well, it's not like I can stop this attack anyway. and Pashmina took the first hit of the duel <1600>.
"Your turn."
Pashmina draws. "I'll set another card face down, and one monster in defense mode to end my turn."
Jam draws. "Mirage Dragon, attack."
This time when Jam destroyed the monster, he nearly flipped out. "Wait, wasn't that just..." Cappy trailed off.
"Yes, it was Tyranno Infinity." Dexter answered.
"Tyranno Infinity already gone..." Jam said. "It must've hurt having to put that out to be destroyed so early in the duel."
"You're right, it did hurt." Pashmina admitted.
"With Tyranno Infinity already gone, I'm in the clear. Troop Dragon, direct attack."
And Pashmina took more damage. "That wasn't so bad <2300>." "Your turn."
"Now this is interesting," said Aqua. "Jam just took out the strongest monster in Pashmina's arsenal early, so we're really gonna see how well she fares without it."
"That we will." said Hiei.
Pashmina draws. "I end my turn."
"Sweet, open chest." Jam draws. "Okay dragons, have at her."
"Man this sucks...." Pashmina takes a shot from both of Jam's dragons <4600>.
"I can tear you up with these two all day, but I will set this down and end my turn."
Pashmina draws. "I'll set one card and one monster face down, that ends my turn."
"Man, I must've shuffled your deck pretty well." Jam draws. "I'll keep you for later. Troop Dragon, you're up first. Attack her face down monster."
"Now I'll reveal my Cobra Jar (600/300)." Pashmina's monster is destroyed. "Since it was still flipped up, I get to bring out my poisonous token, which I'll place in defense mode (1200/1200)."
"No matter, it's about to leave the field anyway." Mirage Dragon slices the token. Once the token was attacked, it went straight for Jam. "Hey, what the..."
The token bit Jam, then was destroyed. "There's a reason why it's a poisonous snake token, becaue when it falls in battle, it injects its venom into you. So much for your perfect, that venom damages your for 500 points."
"Eh, not too mad <500>. You're the one who needs the salvation, though. Your move."
Pashmina draws. "I'll set this face down and end my turn."
"You're in the final match and you're slippin, talk about sad... or are you just scared?" Jam draws. "I'll set one card face down..."
"Now it's trap time."
"Come again?"
"I may not be able to use traps in battle, but I can still use them outside of battle. I'll activate Fossil Excavation." Pashmina discards the card in her hand, which empties her hand. "Now I'll use this trap card and bring back my Gilasaurus." Pashmina's monster returns to the field."
"Well, at least you'll be reducing the damage you take.... not. Now I play Dragon's Gunfire. Say so long to Gilasaurus."
Pashmina saw her dinosaur destroyed, but she wasn't done yet. "Now I'll activate my Seismic Shockwave."
The playing field began to shake and the force sealed Jam's three face down cards. "My cards... what happened to my cards?" he questioned.
"They've been sealed for three turns." Pashmina answered. "And at the end of the three turns, I get a dinosaur in my graveyard returned to my hand."
"That's nice, but you probably won't survive three more turns to activate this card's second effect. Dragon's hit her again."
Jam's dragons hit Pashmina a third time <6900>. "I gotta do something."
"I expected a more worthwhile rematch than this, Pashmina. This is becoming a very sad contest. Now if you have something in that deck of yours that can help you, now's a good time to pull it out. Your turn."
He's right, I need a comeback and I need it now. Okay deck, don't be intimidated by Jam. Pashmina thought then drew her card. "Now we're in business. I summon Granadora (1900/700). As a reminder, when Granadora is summoned to the field, I gain 1000 life... or in this case, heal 1000 damage <5900>. And since my Seismic Shockwave still has your face down cards sealed for two more turns, it's my turn to get the open chest on you. Granadora, destroy Troop Dragon."
Granadora went in for the first kill of Pashmina's team. "Well, at least it's a start <1700>," said Jam, then he picked up his deck. "When Troop Dragon falls in battle, I can take another Troop Dragon from my deck and special summon it to replace what I just lost." Jam took another Troop Dragon from his deck and placed it in defense mode, then shuffled his deck. "Ah, looks like nothing even happened." Jam returned his deck to is holder.
"It's your move."
Jam draws. "I play Swords of Concealing Light." Black swords fall from the sky to Pashmina's side of the field, flipping her Granadora face down. He continued his move, "I will now sacrifice my Troop Dragon and summon Different Dimension Dragon to the field (1200/1500)."
"Now I play Forced Back, returning your dragon to your hand."
"That's fine." Jam returned his newly summoned dragon. "Mirage Dragon, attack her face down Granadora."
"No, not my monster." Pashmina's monster was then destroyed.
"And since Granadora was destroyed, the secondary effects kick in. Now you take 2000 damage."
"Damn, I had plans for that card." <7900>
"You're 2100 damage away from losing the duel, what a horrible rematch this was. I guess you just got overpowered by this deck. My turn is over."
Pashmina draws and with this draw, her trap card is destroyed. "With the Seismic Shockwave gone, I can return my dino to my hand."
"Go ahead, get your Gilasaur back."
And that's what Pashmina took. "One card face down and I end my turn.
"What a shame, I expected a better duel than this. I guess I avenged Stan in this duel." Jam draws. "Now I'll secrifice Mirage Dragon and summon the monster that will finish you off, Kaiser Glider." Jam new dragon appeared on the field (2400/2200). "It's a shame that it has to end this way, but I guess the better duelist won... Kaiser Glider, let's go in for the win." Kaiser Glider launched it's attack.
"You haven't won just yet, activate Nightmare Wheel. I'll stop your dragon before you get your shot off."
"I got two words for you, Trap Jammer. This baby will take care of your Nightmare Wheel."
"Just like my Malfunction will take care of your Trap Jammer."
Jam was shocked, but he was happy to see his trap was blocked and his dragon placed on the Wheel. "Well, looks like you still have fight in you after all..." said Jam.
"I may be down, but I'm far from out." said Pashmina. "I have to recieve 500 damage for using the Malfunction, but at least I'm still in the duel a little while longer <8400>."
"Well you've stopped me good, so it's your turn."
Pashmina draws. "First, Nightmare Wheel gives you 500 damage."
"Okay." <2200>
"Then, I play Graceful Charity." Pashmina took her three cards, but now she was conflicted. Damn, I got my other Gilasaur, and two cards that I really need, but I have to give two cards up. I have no choice, I need my monsters. Pashmina gave up her cards, but kept her monsters. "If I special summon my Gilasaurus, I can bring both of them out, but it would also give Jam access to a dragon in his graveyard... something I can't afford. There's no choice, I summom Gilasaurus."
"I think I will activate my Forced Back this time."
Pashmina returned her dino to her hand. "Your turn."
Jam drew, and his swords were destroyed. "Now I'll play Graceful Charity." Jam drew his three cards, This is about to be over. then discarded two. He now held three dragons and Polymerization in his hand, "I'm done." Jam said with a smile on his face. He was one dragon away from sealing the victory.
Pashmina draws. "First off, Nightmare Wheel damages you for 500."
"Yup." <2700> It doesn't matter anyway...
"One monster in defense position and I'll end my turn."
Jam draws. "And now, the end has come. I play, Polymerization."
Upon hearing that spell being played, everyone watching the duel went silent. No way, he's gonna do it again.... thought Pegasus.
You've gotta be kidding me... thought Boss.
Jam smiled. "Now for my tributes: First, Kaiser Glaider; then the next tributes are from my hand, White Horns Dragon; Different Dimension Dragon; Chthonian Dragon; and finally, Tyrant Dragon." All five dragons swirled together and then it was formed for the second time in this tournament. "Now come forth, Five..... God..... DRAGON!" and Jam's monster appeared with a mighty roar (5000/5000).
Tyrone wigged out. "When the fuck did he get that?!" he cried.
"This is the second time he's summoned it." Hiei said.
"Second, when was the firs time?"
"Last round against Duelist Ham." Aqua answered."
"Why didn't you revive me sooner?!"
"I've never, until today, seen a dragon this strong." said Kerin.
"Man, back-to-back appearances, this is a tournament." said Maxwell.
"It's over, baby." said Sparkle.
"Holy shit...." said Barrette. "Twice..."
"Five God Dragon, attack!" Jam ordered.
Jam's dragon attacked Pashmina's monster, revealing the dino she had face down. "You've attacked my Hyper Hammerhead," said Pashmina, "and when the monster it battles with isn't destroyed, it's returned to the owner's hand. But in this case, the Five God Dragon returns to your fusion deck." Pashmina's Hyper Hammerhead ran up and smacked the Five God Dragon dead in the chest, returning it to Jam's fusion deck, then it was destroyed.
The park was shocked again. "Whooooooo!" Tyrone yelled and began to clap. "Pashmina, you are one bad broad. You stopped the monster that did in the world champ, Duelist Ham. This was the play of the tournament, and you deserve every last bit of your propers."
It took a while for everything to set in, but it really happened, the Five God Dragon was stopped. Everyone soon cheered Pashmina on despite the fact that she was losing, but with a play like that, you better believe she got a lot of respect. "And you thought it was over." said Maxwell.
"I did, I really did." Sparkle admitted. "But man, I'm glad that I'm wrong."
"See, I told you that she'll be okay." said Pepper.
"Pashmina just might win this." said Lapis.
Pashmina was finally out of her state. "I did it...." she said to herself softly. "Yeah! Who's the ham? I did it, I did it, I did it, I..." Then she stopped to look at herself and where she stood. "I had an orgasm, but I did it." Everyone fell over when she said that, but they soon got up. Well, that was an excellent counter. thought Pegasus. Well played.
Jam shook his head. "As much as I am loathing the fact that this just happened, that was genius." he admitted.
Everyone finally calmed down. "Like I said, you didn't win just yet." said Pashmina.
"Well I'm out of cards to play, so it's your move."
"With pleasure." Pashmina draws. "Gilasaurus, attack!" Pashmina's newly summoned Gilasaurus goes in and gets the good bite. <4100> "Your move."
Jam draws. "Nothing I can do this turn, your move."
Pashmina draws. "Now I'll bring out the other Gilasaurus, then I'll play the spell card Soul Release. Now remove from play the following cards from your graveyard, Jam: Mirage Dragon; Kaiser Glider; Chthonian Dragon; White Horns Dragon; and Tyrant Dragon. So long to those lovely dragons."
"Not like I got a choice." and Jam removed his dragons.
"Gilasaurus brothers, attack him directly."
Jam took two bites from Pashmina's dinos. "Looks like she came back to bite me in the end, huh?" Jam joked <6900>.
"It's your turn, Jam."
Jam draws. "Koumori Dragon, come forth and destroy the Gilasaurus!"
Jam's next dragon appeared (1500/1200) and breaths fire on one of Pashmina's monsters, destroying it <8500>. "But I'm not done yet, I'll reveal my face down Dragon's Gunfire!"
"Oh crap."
"Destroy the second Gilasaurus." Koumori Dragon shot a fireball which destroyed the second Gilasaurus. "With 8500 damage, all I have to do is simply land an attack with my Koumori Dragon and the victory is mine, so make your move and pray for a monster."
Pashmina draws. "Oh..." she trailed off.
"What happened, didn't draw a monster."
"Too bad."
"But I did draw Magical Mallet. There's only one card in my hand, so it'll be added to my deck and then I'll draw a new card."
"Hey, go for broke."
Pashmina placed the card in her deck. Dinos, I still believe. Please give us a fighting chance. She shuffled her deck, then drew the card that could make or break her chances at a comeback. "Damn.... Well, my turn's over."
Jam draws. "A wide open shot and I just can't take it. Your move."
Everyone's jaws dropped. "Jam, you idiot! You could've won!" yelled Stan.
"This isn't about winning, Stan. I'm enjoying this duel, it can't end yet..."
Thank-q Jam. Pashmina drew her next card. "I place one monster in defense mode and end my turn."
Jam draws. "Hello there, my friend. I'll set one monster in defense mode and end my turn."
Pashmina draws. "Now I'll flip up my Gale Lizard (1400/700). And you know what that means...."
"Yeah, I know."
"Gale Lizard, return the Koumori Dragon to Jam's hand." Pashmina's monster blew a gust at Koumori Dragon, sending it to Jam's hand. She then continued her move. "Now I'll sacrifice my Gale Lizard and summon Frostosaurus (2600/1700). I'm taking this duel, Jam! Now feel my monster Glacial Rampage!"
Pashmina's dinosaur charged at Jam's face down monster, but once it was attacked, Pashmina's joyful expression changed. "Wait, it can't be..."
"It is," said Jam, "you've attacked my Exploder Dragon (1000/0). And you know what that means...."
"When a monster destroys the Exploder Dragon, it throws its egg-shaped spike bomb at the monster the took it out, sending them both to the graveyard."
"You remembered. Exploder Dragon, activate Dragon Bomber."
The Exploder Dragon threw its bomb at Frostosaurus, blowing up the cold dinosaur and sending its ice shards all around the dueling field. "You see Pashmina, I couldn't let your efforts go without one last hurrah! Especially after you've cleverly stopped the Five God Dragon like you did. I needed to see the potential of your deck and I'm impressed at what else I've learned from you. You're probably my best opponent yet, probably one of my favorites even."
"Yeah, you're right about that...." Pashmina trailed off as tears rolled down her cheek, but she wiped them away with her scarf. "That's all I've got left Jam, it's your turn."
Jam draws. "Sure I could've ended this last turn, but it's not all about winning. It's about seeing the potential of the cards. I'm glad I can have my duel end like this, because I enjoy the fact that things go well when you go through with them. Koumori Dragon, come forth and attack!"
Jam's Koumori Dragon was summoned back to the field, then it dilivered the final blow to win the game. "And the winner of the Duel Park Tournament..." Pegasus began to announce, "is Duelist #14, Dragonlord Jam!" the dueling feild was lowered.
"Man, that was one duel to remember." said Stan.
"That is something I would pay to see again, and it wouldn't grow old either." said Tyrone.
"Well played, even in the end." said Hiei.
Pashmina was still sad. "Oh well, at least I almost won." she said, still with tears in her eyes.
"Hey, none of that crying." Jam said. "You know the saying, 'Big girls don't cry.' Pashmina."
"True, but 'One must cry first before one can laugh.' I'm happy to see that you've grown, Jam."
"You know, you grew as well, Pashmina." the duelist share a hug.
Pegasus came in with the Duel Park Crown. "Well done, Jam." he said. "There has been much adversity that you've come through in order to get here, but you've pulled it out and won it in the end. Kinda makes you think what would've happened if you took the advise of your vision, huh?"
Everyone went quiet. "What vision?" asked Seamore.
"Well, it's like this." Jam began. "I'm a seer, an individual gifted with the ability to 'see further' than most individuals. I saw the whole outlook in the tournament and even saw my downfall. I wasn't really supposed to win this tournament, but I dueled in it anyway just to see how I would fare. And look at that, I ended up winning it. I guess it really goes to show you that even when you know you're going to lose, you tough it out. Because you just might amaze yourself in the process."
"Very nice victory speech. As winner and new champion, I have the trophy here. Bijou... would you do the honors?"
"Oui oui." Bijou answered then went up to the dueilng field. She then picked up the trophy and turned to Jam. "Jam.... no, Dragonlord Jam... my final duties as champion are to award and crown ze new champion, so I present zis trophy, ze Duel Park Crown, por vous."
"Ah, Merci..." Jam said.
The trophy, which of course was in the form of a crown, was placed on Jam's head. "Congrats, you are new ze new champion.... again. So I wish you another happy reign in our Duel Park."
"Sweet." Jam fixed the crown so it went over his left ear.
"Also, my boy..." Pegasus stepped in, "I herby present you with your prize."
"Of course, I was giving out a rare dragon to the winner. It's not duel legal for play yet, but at least you have one more dragon in your collection."
"Thanks a lot, Mr. Crawford."
"This is the Victory Dragon, a testament of your achievements here at the duel park and anoth piece of proof that you are a great duelist."
Jam took the card. "This is a real prize, right here." He then stepped down and went over to Hilde. "Here, you can have this card. It's not Horus, but it's still worthwhile."
Hilde was shocked. "M... me, you're giving me this card?" she asked.
"Take it, it's yours."
"I... I don't know what to say..."
Stan walked up. "Forget it, she's doesn't want it, so I'll take it instead." he said and took the dragon from Jam.
"Hey! What are you doing?!" Hilde was now mad.
"Man, this baby looks sweet."
"Hey, that isn't for you, give it back!"
Stan smiled, "Okay, here you go." and Stan placed the Victory Dragon in Hilde's paw."
"You little..."
"Man, even after being judged by the dragons themselves, you still haven't learned anything. Jam will only give dragons out to those he knows will take care of them. Looks like even after all the hell you gave him, he still believes that you're worthy of dragon weilding after all. So lighten up for a change, I wasn't gonna keep it."
"Hey, Jam runs the Shadow Clan now, so you guys are apart of Forbidden Brown now, even if you won't admit it." Stan winked at Hilde.
"Why am I always the last to know about this shit...." Tyrone trailed off.
"Oh buck up already." said Howdy. "Now how about we blow this pop stand and go home?"
"You said it, let's get out of here." said Jam.
"There are still awards to be given out." reminded Croquet.
"We can do that at the park." said Pegasus.