Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ awards and the like ( Chapter 53 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A quick tidbit from last chapter and then I'll move on:
"Hey, Jam runs the Shadow Clan now, so you guys are apart of Forbidden Brown now, even if you won't admit it." Stan winked at Hilde.
"Why am I always the last to know about this shit...." Tyrone trailed off.
"Oh buck up already." said Howdy. "Now how about we blow this pop stand and go home?"
"You said it, let's get out of here." said Jam.
"There are still awards to be given out." reminded Croquet.
"We can do that at the park." said Pegasus.
It was now time to leave the blimp, but before doing so, people had to be collected from the medical ward. Hiei went in and collected Petal's frame, then left the room. After that, Boss and Oxnard collected Hamtaro. Duelist Ham regained his composure and everyone left. It was on the way out that the hams learned their blimp was already grounded, but it didn't matter. The excitement of the tournament was more than enough to tie them over. "Man, am I glad this tournament is over." said Seamore.
"Why, you didn't win?" asked Howdy.
"And you have no one to return home to?" added Dexter.
"Returning home is the point... or rather, to my business." said Seamore. "Barrette and I closed up for this tournament, so it's only fitting that we can get back to show."
After that, it was award ceremony time. "As you fellow duelists and dueling fans already know, Dragonlord Jam has won this tournament and was already awarded." Pegasus began. "But now it's time for me to present extra awards."
"Present what you want, but I'm not sticking around any longer." said Duelist Ham. "Later, losers." and off he went, but then he stopped and turned back around to see Jam. "I guess I was wrong about underling duelists like yourselves, but this is only a setback. I will have my Blue-Eyes Dragons back, so don't get too attached to them." and off he finally went.
"Good riddance, now we don't have to deal with his sorry ass." said Boss.
Pegasus cleared his throat. "Anyway, the rest of the rewards. First runner-up, Prehistorik Pashmina. This silver tiara is yours, very well played."
"Thank-q, Pegasus." said Pashmina as she took her award during her applause."
"Second runner-up and keeper of the bronze duel card, The Deckbreaker."
Cheers were heard as Oxnard went to get his prize. "I got something, so I'm not too mad at myself." he said.
"Now for the special awards. These ribbons are special awards given out to those in this tournament who have earned them. Many of these duels were monitored and I managed to watch them all, so I have some other awards to hand out. First up is the Low Man Award; this award is to recognize the duelist who managed to keep things cool even when the chips were down. This award goes to duelist Cody boy."
Cody went up to take his award. "Thanks Pegasus." he said then left with his ribbon.
"Next is the Clean Sweep Award." Pegasus continued. "This award goes to duelists that can take out multiple monsters at one time. Two duelists have earned this award, so the first one goes to Mr. Inferno."
Shocked, but still content, Tyrone went to recieve his ribbon. "I don't get it..." he was still a bit confused.
"The way you handled yourself against an assault of Harpie monsters was indeed a challenge, but with your combination of Diffusion Wave-Motion and Legendary Flame Lord put quite the burner on your opponent. Well played."
"Yeah, testifry!" Tyrone took his award.
"The second one, is one that all of us witnessed and is more than worthy of the award. Mr. Deras Gata."
The crowd cheered as Dexter went up and took his ribbon. "Hohoho, looks like I've impressed you after all..." he said.
"Taking out a Blue-Eyes is hard work on its own, but three in one shot is worth a lot."
Dexter left the stage and Pegasus continued. "Next up is an award that truly lives up to its name, The Tricky. It takes a real clever duelist to manipulate monsters, whether they belong to a duelist, or that duelist's opponent. And this duelist has done it multiple time throughout this tournament, and that duelist's name is Sam."
Sam went up to take her ribbon. "I'm glad you recognized me, sir." she said and left the stage.
"Next up is the Breathtaker award. Duelists who earn this award, bring amazement so great that it feels like time has stopped. And this duelist has done it many times in this tournament. So welcome back up here our tournament's winner, Dragonlord Jam." Jam gigged his way up to Pegasus. "When you summoned the White Horns Dragon, you stunned an entire crowd; when you revealed the fourth Blue-Eyes, you became the talk of the tournament; but then you did it again by summoning the Five God Dragon... not once, but twice, back-to-back. No one else has earned this award except for you. Well done."
"Well you know me, I'm always full of tricks." said Jam as he took his ribbon, then left the stage.
"This next one is called 4-Star Award." Pegasus pulled out a ribbon that looked like star from a duel monster card. "This award is given to the duelists who do amazing things with monsters that are one to four levels strong. And there are three duelists who take this award home. The first one goes to a duelist named Pepper."
An excited, but confused Pepper went up to take her ribbon. "I really don't know what to say, Mr. Crawford." she admitted.
"Nothing at all, your deck has low monsters that pulled through in tight spots, well played."
"Y'all are too much." Pepper took her award and went off."
"Second goes to a sweet young girl who could weild the low levels like a real pro, Candy."
Candy walked up and took her ribbon, "Thank-q." she said and walked off.
"And last, but certainly not least... is the one 4-Star Award winner that's a real trooper, Beastmaster Cappy."
Cappy jumped into the air after hearing this, then he went up and took his ribbon. "Pegasus, you rock."
"No, you rock. You destroyed three powerful monsters in one duel without even sacrificing one the whole time. That is adversity that shouldn't go unnoticed."
Cappy was applauded for his only duel of the tournament. "Aw shucks, it was nothing. I still have lots to learn..." and off he went.
Pegasus rubbed his nose with his finger. "Next up is the Brave Attack Award. There have been many gutsy shots, but there was one that was worth its weight in gold. And it goes to our former champion, Duel Angel Bijou."
"Go Bijou!" Pashmina, Penelope, and Pepper yelled.
Bijou went up to take her ribbon. "The way you pulled out Delta Attacker and Triangle Power with your Mokey Mokey cards is exquisite. Not too many duelists would pull off something like that." said Pegasus.
"Merci." Bijou said and took her ribbon, then off the stage she went.
"Finally, there's the booby prize. Which of course goes to Hilde."
A few claps were heard, but Hilde still went up to take her booby prize. "So what did I get?" she asked.
"This." said Pegasus and he handed Hilde a card.
Hilde looked at the card, then gave a sweatdrop. "Well, I guess I should be grateful.... thanks." and off the stage she went.
"And that--Oh I almost forgot, there's one more ribbon award I have to get out. The Dimension Survivor. If this award's name doesn't tell you about how it works, then you shouldn't even ask about it. But this award goes to Panda boy."
The crowd began to cheer. "Panda got an award?" asked Boss.
"I guess he earned that award, whatever the hell it is for?" said Howdy.
Panda came up and took his ribbon. "I guess I should say thanks and go. So thanks." and Panda left the stage.
"Thanks all of you for participating in this tournament." said Pegasus. "Strike of Neos boosters should now be sold in all of the store at this time instead of a certain few. And remember to keep dueling and enjoying duels."
The gang met up at the main gate and was preparing to head off. "You know, for someone who seems sad, you're taking this pretty well, Bijou." said Pashmina.
"Yes, but I'm only faking it." Bijou said.
Then Bijou came face to face with Hitomi. Hitomi had tears running down her cheeks. "Hitomi..." Bijou trailed off.
"My Petal...." Hitomi trailed off. "You took Petal away using Doma.... I waited so long to have her with me... now this?"
"Petal's fate was not dealt by me." Bijou stated. "We as duelists choose our own paths, Petal chose poorly on her road."
"You took her life!" Hitomi had full-fledged water works now.
"I only judged her under the angels of heaven, Hitomi. It is thay who deemed her life's relinquishing as punishment."
"I don't believe you.... I'll never forgive you for this!" and off she ran.
"Hitomi!" Hermana yelled.
"Let her go, Hermana." said Bijou. "Her reason is clouded right now."
"So what about us?" asked Tyrone.
"Don't ask me, ask Jam." said Hiei.
Jam turned to Tyrone and the present members of the Shadow Clan. "You have one of two options," he began, "you can either convert to Forbidden Brown, or not."
"Forget it. I might have mellowed up a bit, but I'm not joining you guys." said Hilde.
"I kinda agree with Hilde on this one." said Aqua. "I'm not too fond of brown."
"I have to stick with the shadows on this one." said Tyrone. "However.... I'm not saying that I can't be convinced to convert." he then turned to Sparkle.
"Don't get your hopes up, asshole." Sparkle shot him down.
"I have no problems with conversion."
"Who said that?" asked Hiei.
"I did."
The Shadow Clan turned to see Rei, but they had no idea who it was. Since Rei was out of the metallic suit, none of the clan knew about Rei, now did they know that Rei was, rather is, a female hamster. Her yellow coat, yellow bangs and ponytail, and cyan colored eyes were quite the sight. "Like I said, I have no problems with brown." she stated.
Tyrone went up to Rei. "Well hello there, how about we go on a date?" he tried to notion slyly.
Rei slaps Tyrone with the back of her paw. "Fool, there's no probability that you'll ever get the time of day with me."
"Probability.... Rei? Is that really you, Rei?" Tyrone was rubbing his cheek.
"Now you recognize me." She said as she folded her arms.
"I didn't even know you were a girl." said Aqua.
"Same here." said Hilde. "I didn't even think you were organic, so to speak."
"Of course I'm real." Rei said.
"What happened the the cybernetics?" asked Tyrone.
"I no longer need my iron guise."
"Well, this truly is a turn of events." said Hiei.
Rei walked over to Boss. "I know I was apart of the problem you had to overcome, but I'm a changed hamster now. Please give me another chance?"
"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to forgive you." said Boss. "Okay, fine. Welcome to the crew, Rei."
"Well, I guess you guys should be getting back to your owners, huh?" asked Jam.
"You're right, we should." answered Pashmina.
"Don't worry about Hamtaro, we'll take care of him." said Boss. "Get the hell on, you hams.
And off the crew went to their homes. Boss and Jam proceeded to head back to the Duel House and set Hamtaro down. "So what the hell about us?" asked Tyrone.
"Ah yes, your fate...." Jam turned to Hiei and his crew. "None of you aside from Rei will convert, I take it."
"Damn straight." Hiei stated.
"Rei, help Boss with Hamtaro, would you?"
"Sure." Rei went off with Boss and those three went out of sight.
Jam addressed the Shadow Clan. "It's a shame that you won't join Forbidden Brown, but for whatever reason you may have are yours to keep. They need not be explained, but at least improve on your dueling skills. One more thing: Until further noticed, I hereby dissolve the Shadow Clan. Adjurned." and off Jam went to catch up to Rei and Boss.
"Dissolved?! No!" Hilde yelled.
"He leads the Clan now, so his reasonable law goes." said Hiei. "Think of this as time for self-improvement, everyone."