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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Hello dueling fans and fello duelists, I want to take this time to say thank you for taking the time to read Return of the Duel Hams. I also want to apologize for this story taking so long, as it should've been done way earlier. But you know what they say about life... Anyway, I want to say a few deals as far as the story goes:

As you should already know that Kazuki Takahashi is the man behind the duel monsters and all the cards that represent the duel monsters, but what about the other tidbits? Well, let's start with the characters. You should already know who Hamtaro and company belong to, so that saves some time there. And you should also know about Jam. The Shadow Clan, however comes from the mind of a fellow author on mediaminer goin by the pen name of Tikal. Yes, I have no problems giving credit where it's due as those are his hamsters. You can slo see what they look like at his art page: http://milliesprower.deviantart.com in addition to a preview of what characters are in store for the next installment of Duel Hams. Speaking of the next installment, they will also be playing by the updated ban list (which at this time is the advanced format as of September 1st, 2007).

That ban list has always been what the Duel Hams have always gone by, just as I myself as a duelist goes by. As that list changes, so do the advances of my decks (because I have more than one) and the decks of Hamtaro and company. Also, the cards will also be updated as each of their use will be from the same main sources I get the cards. Now for the cards themselves. You may have noticed that I use the original (or alternate) names of certain cards. Another example of this is the Chthonian Dragon (2000/0). This is the original name to the Infernal Dragon that comes from Zane's set, it's also mentioned that way on one of the strategy cards. Also, the F.G.D., Five God Dragon is known as the Five-Headed or Mythic Dragon depending on where you are from, it's not just the cartoon.

Moves are also done this way. The prime example is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Most people know its attack as "White Lightning", but the original name of its move (which is and will be used because it sounds so much cooler) is called "Burst Stream of Destruction." Kaiba also uses that in the manga. Duelist Ham was an original fan requested character, and I finally made into a hamster version of Seto Kaiba (which should've been obvious). One card, the Ultimate Dragon Ritual is from one ot the games, I believe The Sacred Cards, where the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is a ritual monster instead of a fusion monster. And you know how ritual monsters work.... only being special summoned by their ritual or by Fullfillment of the Contract, a spell card that works like Premature Burial for ritual monsters, just as Re-Fusion is a Premature Burial for fusion monsters.

The code back in the chapter of this story where Jam talks about his best dragon is actually the code for the Petit Dragon (600/700), a two-star, Wind based dragon. Though it's a weak, normal dragon, it fuses together with another normal two-star monster... an Earth based plant called Firegrass (700/600). Together, they form a respectably decent monster, the Darkfire Dragon (1500/1200). But why would Jam have this in his deck? because this series of monster have seen Jam through many tough times, and you will see one of those situations in the next installment of Duel Hams.

I will now take this time to address those who have reviewed. thanks to those who support this story's coming along. Now there was one reviewer, however, whose review was just pointless. A viewer going by Sondra, decides to say her piece (presumably this Sondra is female. If there are boys named Sue, you might find a male Sondra as well). Now let's break down Sondra's review, starting with the end: Sondra say that this story sucks. You're welcome to voice your opinion, you probably didn't like it, or probably didn't read it and just reviewed blindly. Either way, I'm glad you voice your opinion. So I will say this... not only to you, but to all others who share your opinion. I wrote a seires of stories combining Yu-gi-oh and Hamtaro based off of a story I read using these to anime whick really sucked ass. And you got choices, you can either stop reading it and go about your business, or do what I did and write a better one. And if there are any other writers out there who feel they can take Hamtaro and crew, give them decks to duel with and make a better story than this one, make it. And after it's made, mail me so that I may view your work and give my opinion to it. That is my challenge to you said individuals;

Sondra also had the nerve to tell me to stop writing when this story was nearly finished. Well I'm done writing it now, so shut the hell up; finallay Sondra, you told me that and I quote, "No ONE IS READING THIS FANFICT!" First off, it's a fanfic, not fanfict if I'm not mistaken; second, as I write these endnotes, I've come to see that at this time 890 people have taken the time to read this story, reguardless on how long it is. That means that at least 890 people have read this story, which proves that you should shut up further and go about your business. But then again, 309 pages of a story probably isn't something you'd have the patients to read from someone anyway, is it?

With this said, I want to once again thank those who have taken the time to read and review this work, despite how long it is. Thanks a lot, and remember that if you wish to write a story about this game, understand the cards and how to play them. See you next story.