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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

=Cowboy Bebop, Mars=

Ed and Kasumi: *Appear*

Ed: We're here!

Kasumi: On Mars!

Ed: A different planet!

Some dude walking by: Freaks!

Kasumi: That wasn't nice you prick!

Ed: Ass! *Shakes fist*

Kasumi: So…where ya want to go?

Ed: Hmmm

=Some café=

Kasumi: Are you sure we'll see someone?

Ed: Yeah. *Points to the old guys* See those old guys?

Old Guys: Watch it kid!

Kasumi: Technically older then you.

Old Guys: Sure ya are.

Kasumi *Sigh* Come on, lets walk around. *Gets up*

Ed: I don't care, as long as we find them. *Gets up*

Old Guys: You girls' cowboys?

Kasumi: No, we're thieves.

Old Guys: Oh.

Ed: Hey there's Jet!

Jet: *Walking around*

Kasumi: Lets follow him; maybe he'll lead us to the Bebop!

Ed: Okay!

Ed and Kasumi: *Runs after Jet*

=10 hours of tailing later=

Ed: Why the hell is walking so much for?!?

Kasumi: Don't worry we're right near the Bebop.

Ed: Now my legs hurt! Damn him! As soon as we get there, he's in for it

Kasumi: Well don't kill Jet for walking!

Ed: Who said anything about killing? I'm just gonna beat him senseless. Then I'll leave him for animals to find. They're the ones that'll kill him. My, you always think the worst of me.

Kasumi: We're on Mars! What animals?!

Ed: Oh poo! I suppose he'll just die of exposer. I was hoping to be nice and feed some animals. *Sighs* Oh well.

Kasumi: Hey! Jet is sorta kinda cool!

Ed: Yeah, but he made me walk. HE SHALL PAY!

Jet: Who's there? Spike? Faye?

Ed: Nope sorry Jet person! We're just tailing you to get to Bebop. After that, I'm gonna hurt you real bad. Could you just keep moving please? Thank you.

Kasumi: *blink blink* That was a dumb answer!

Ed: And? I wanted to tell the truth. You people tell me to. So there.

Jet: Um I'm going inside

Ed: *Pulls out Vash's gun* Not so fast Mr. Man! *Shoots Jet* NOW you can go!

Jet that was my arm!

Kasumi: Ed Stop that!

Ed: But it's fun! *Shoots and Jets feet* Dance monkey boy, DANCE!!

Jet: *Hoping as not to get feet shot*

Kasumi: BAD ED!!!!! Stop now *Takes out Inu's sword* Or else!

Ed: *Stops and points gun at Kasumi, Much to Jet's relief* Or else what?

Kasumi: *Thinks* Ummmmm, Stop ya, I guess. What are ya gona do with that gun?!

Ed: If you get in my way, shoot you. If not, I'll go back to touring Jet!

Jet: *Gulps*

Kasumi: Don't shoot him....thwack him!

Ed: *Pulls gun away and uses it to scratch the back of her head* Why didn't I think of that?

Kasumi: Because ya didn't

Jet: *Runs inside*

Kasumi: Think he got away

Ed: Huh? *Looks to where Jet was* Damn him! No I have to RUN after his ass!! * Pulls out shakujou* JET MUST PAY!! *Lifts over her head and runs after Jet*

Kasumi: Wait for me! *Runs after Ed*

=Inside Bebop=

Jet: Spike! Faye! Where are you?!?! I need you both here!! NOW!!! And bring your guns!!

Bebop Ed: What wrong Jet person?

Jet: There are 2 crazy girls and they're trying to kill me. Now, go get Spike and Faye!

Ed: *Comes in* JET MUST PAY!!!! *Hits with shakujou * TAKE THAT BITCH!!!

Spike: Jet what are bitching about?

Ed: *Is now continually beating Jet over the head. Doesn't even stop when Spike comes in* Hey-a Spike!!

Spike: What the hell are you doing?

Kasumi: Oi Ed, What are ya doing? I said not to*Sees Spike* SPIKE!!!!!!!

Spike: How do you two know my name?

Ed: *Gets all dark* We know all *Still wacking Jet mind you*

Kasumi: I can I have your outfit?

Spike: Why the do you want my clothes?

Kasumi: Because you're so cool and I'm going to give them to Kislio-Chan!

Ed: *Points shakujou at Spike* Do what she says Mister otherwise you'll face my wrath.

Kasumi: Yeah and I have a sword or two too!

Ed: *Drops the bloody Jet.* So give'm or I'll have to take them by force!!

Kasumi: *looks at Jet* Did you kill him?!

Ed: Don't know. * Pokes Jet with bottom of staff* Maybe.

Spike: JET?!

Ed: *Puts hand behind head* Guess I went a little rough on him, huh?

Kasumi: I said NOT to kill him! *Takes out Tensaiga sword and brings Jet back*

Spike: What the hell are you doing?

Ed: She's bring him back. Look, I real sorry about this whole "killing Jet" thing. *Smiles and extends hand* Lets be friends!!

Spike: *Takes out gun* Stay back damn you!

Ed: * Get sad look and tears brim in eyes* I just wanted to be nice!! Now, I'm gonna be mean!!!!! * Pounces on Spike with a growl*

Kasumi: *Throws Ed off and pulls Spike up* Don't do that *Rubs spike back* You're scarring the poor guy!

Ed: But… * Tears come back in eyes* I just wanted to be friends *Starts crying*

Ein: *Barks*

Spike: Get off me!

Kasumi: *Gets off* Right sorry.

Ed: *Stops* EIN!!! *Runs over to Ein and hugs*

Ein: Woof?

Ed: Huh? Oh, sorry! *Puts down* Don't know my own strength sometimes *Laughs*

Kasumi: Hey Ed, ya got one of those chairs with the wheels?

Ed: Huh? Yeah, Of course I do! *Pulls said chair out of endless bag of...stuff* Here you are buddy!!

Ein: Bark?!?

Ed: Oh, That? It's magic, that's how!

Kasumi: Thanks! *Kicks Spike on the chest sending him flying to the chair*

Ed: *Pulls out duct tape and pulls* Lets have some fun with Spike!!

Kasumi: I wanted his clothes!

Ed: *Sighs and puts duct tape down* Fine. He's not cooperating, so I'll have to take them by force! *Turns to Spike with evil look in eye and evil smile*

Kasumi: At lest leave him some dignity; let him keep his boxers.

Ed: Awww... You are NO fun!!

Kasumi: He's a guy! He needs dignity.

Ed: I don't care-I just wanted to embarrass him. That's all

Kasumi: That just isn't very nice

Spike: Yeah listen to her

Kasumi: But whatever

Ed: Really?!? *Turns to Spike* And you, prisoner 001- No talking unless spoken to. *Holds Vash's gun to Spike's head* Understand? *Takes Spike's clothes, all of his clothes*

Faye: Spike, What's with all the noise?

Ed: I'm in 'kill mode' Faye-faye, Stay back.

Kasumi: No killing...here. Tara-chan would be pissed

Ein: Bark!

Ed: *Puts gun down* Fine- But only for you Ein! *Pets*

Faye: Damn Spike you have weird sexual fantasies

Ed: WHAT!!! *Gets in Faye's face* I would do NO such thing with Spike Spiegel *Pulls back and mutters under breath* Only with Kurama. *

*Sighs happily*

Kasumi: Ed ?

Ed: *Pulled out of daydream* Hmm? Wha?

Kasumi: What does she mean "Sexual Fantasies"?

Ed: 0.o Nothing. Never mind

Kasumi: The only thing we're doing is torturing him, so umm..

Ed: I said never mind!

Ein: Bark!


Ein: *Wines*

Kasumi: What, what is it boy? Timmy down the well?

Ed: Ummm... No -_-;;

Ein: Bark-bark!!!

Ed: *Gasp* you're kidding!!

Ein: Bark-bark, woof!!

Ed: Wow, I never knew...

Faye: Two young girls like yourselves shouldn't be doing this!

Ed: Why? It's so much fun hurting people! *Points to Jet* See him? That was a lot of fun *smiles wickedly* And I have some plans for you-Oh yes I do Mr. Spike.

Kasumi: Hey We're older then you! In fact I'm the oldest here!!!

Ed: Not by much Mrs. Smarty-Pants

Faye: Oh yeah? What year? I'm 1994, So I'm 77.

Ed: *Raises hand* 1989 here

Kasumi: HA!! 1988, I win!! :p

Ed: Go to hell.

Spike: *Mouth opened wide* But that would make you... *Starts counting on fingers* Really old!!

Kasumi: I'm not really old! I'm *counts on fingers* 15!

Ed: Yeah, And I'm only 14!!

Bebop Ed: You are both Ed's age!!

Kasumi: But I'm still two years older

B. Ed: You're still closer than Spike-person or Faye-Faye

Ed: True, True

Kasumi: Good point

Ed: I forgot to introduced myself! *Smiles and extends hand* Hiya Ed, I'm Ed!!

B. Ed: Ed is Ed too.

Ed: Well Ed is Ed.

B. Ed: Ed is Ed.

Ed: No Ed is Ed

B. Ed: No Ed is Ed.

Kasumi: Hey Ed?

B. Ed and Ed: Yes?

Kasumi: The Ed that has the moneys who run the workshop in her brain: Ed.

Ed: Yeah?

Kasumi: Spike is the cockroach, right?

Ed: Yeah, why?

Kasumi: So if we pushed him down a flight of stairs do you think he'll like? You know? live?

Ed: Hmmm... I don't know. Ein?

Ein: Bark-woof

Ed: *Nods* I see... Ein don't know either. What a mystery, eh Kasumi? Maybe we should *Smiles wickedly* Try it out

Spike: NO~!!

Ed: *Points Vash's gun* Prisoner 001 will NOT speak unless spoken to!!

Spike: *Gulp*

Kasumi: I said no killing him. I'm the one who has ta deal with Tara-chan in the morning, not you!

Ed: I was trying to scare him-Sheesh! Now, Yes or no? Should we test Spike out? *Smiles wickedly*

Kasumi: Just push him down the stairs!

Ed: Yay!! *Pushes spike before he can say anything*

Spike: *Falls down the stairs* Ow you bitch that hurt!


Ed: *snaps fingers* Damn. You win Ein*Reaches into pocket and pulls out a ten* Here- A bet is a bet is a bet *hands Ein the money* I was so sure his neck would snap... damn!!

Ein: Woof-woof!

Ed: Oh, shut-up *crosses arms*

Kasumi: I didn't want Spike to go on the stairway to heaven...again

Ed: *Laughs* Yeah, that was funny.

Faye: What are you talking about?

Kasumi: I don't think you would remember. You where swimming with the fishes

Ed: *Covers Kasumi's mouth and puts a finger to her lips* Shhhhh!!!!!!!

Faye: Fishes?

Ed: *Laughs nervously* Oh, ignore her!!

Kasumi: Obnoxious frog heheh

Ed: *Hits in back of head with Vash's gun* I SAID SHUT-UP DAMNIT!!

Kasumi: *Falls down stairs*

Ed: *Laughs and points* That...Was... PRICELESS!!! *Falls back and tears roll down eyes* I can't wait to tell that to everyone!! *Laughs harder, clutching her stomach*

Kasumi: *Sitting on top of Spike's lap* That wasn't nice ya bitch!

Spike: o.o *Squeaky voice* My balls

Ed: *Blinks a few times then laughs again* You're too funny Kasumi!!

Kasumi: Why is your voice so squeaky? It's like a chipmunk's.

Ed: You are so stupid!! *Laughs harder* Stop! Stop!! My sides hurt!!!

Kasumi: *Runs up stairs with spike in the chair*

Faye: Is he alright?

Ed: *Wipes tear away* Who cares?

Kasumi: Maybe the balls care! Did ya ever thing of them?

Ed: Nope

Faye: Did she just say that?

Ed: *Blinks* Hey yeah-she did!

Kasumi: Hey Faye, Can I have your cheat ankle bracelet?

Ed: Hey Yeah!! I could really win some cash with that!

Faye: Alright just don't hurt me *Tosses bracelet to Ed*

Ed: YAY!!

Kasumi: Do you think Jet will get up soon?

Ed: If he's even alive-I doubt it. I hurt him pretty bad

Kasumi: But I brought him back!

Ed: So? I still hurt him real bad. He'll be unconscious for a while.

Kasumi: Good point.

Ed: Hey Faye, does Jet still have those bonsai trees?

Faye: y-yeah. Why?

Ed: *Puts fist into hand * All Right!! Kasumi-I'm gonna go find the meaning of life!! Muscular Beaver- Whoosh!!*Runs down hall with arms spread*

Kasumi: yeah you do that...

=At Jet's trees=

Ed: Ah! *bows* Oh all mystic bonsai trees of knowledge. I have come seeking the meaning of life

Trees: ...

Ed: *Looks trees with wide eyes* Are you kidding? That's it?!?!

Trees: *leave falls from one on Ed's nose*

Ed: Ahhhh!!! I'm sorry to have angered you great ones!!! *Bows lower* Forgive me!!


Ed: *Looks up* I'm gracious to you, oh mystic ones. I will spread word of the meaning of life to all those who need enlightenment. Farewell, wise ones. *Gets up and leaves*

Ed: *Enters room* I have found the meaning of life, dear Kasumi

Kasumi: What? How?

Ed: I asked the Great and Wise Mystic Bonsai trees, of course!!

Kasumi: But I thought trees were out to get you?

Ed: *Nods* They are, but not trees grown by people-those are the GOOD trees

Kasumi: Oh. I think we have everything.

Ed: *Shocked* Do you not want to know the meaning of life?

Kasumi: Later. How bout a Bird?

Ed: But.. but... the trees

Kasumi: And a sword...

Kasumi: and Julia?

Ed: *Blinks then hits herself in the forehead* How could I have been so stupid! I forgot Vicious!!

Spike: You know Julia and...Vicious?!

Ed: *Gets Dark* We know all!

Kasumi: Lets go find them!

Ed: Oh, with the ships?

Kasumi: That's even better! I call Spike's!

Ed: Damn! Fine then, I get Faye's.

Kasumi: YAY! *Runs off to ships*

Ed: *Turns to Bebop crew* Thanks for everything. BYE!

Ein: Bark!

Ed: I'll miss you to Ein! *Wipes a tear* You will always have a place in my heart. *Sniffs and puts a hand over her heart* I promise you. *Looks down* Oh! *Picks up something up something off the ground* I found a quarter! *Walks away* Hey Kasumi! I found a quarter!!

Kasumi: Quarter!

Ed: Yeah I know!! And so shiny too!!

Kasumi: YAY! Okay lets go!

Ed: Rightly oh, Captain Jello!! *Salutes then runs to ship*

Faye: *Looks at the room* I'm not cleaning this up!

Spike: Well, neither am I. Oh Faye? Do me a favor?

Faye: What?


=Someplace we don't know=

Ed and Kasumi: *Land in some empty lot*

Ed: *Tries to get out of ship* PIE!! *Trips and falls down to the ground*

Kasumi: I love Pumpkin pie!

Some dude who doesn't matter: HELP ME!!!!!

Ed : Ooooh!! Destruction, mayhem, chaos, BOOM!! *Runs to where she heard guy*

Kasumi: Hey wait up! *Jumps out of ship and runs after Ed*

Guy: Someone, Anyone- HELP!!!!

Ed: *Comes in* Oooooh!! Someone's getting a beat down!! *Pulls out Vash's gun* Can I help?

Guy: AH!!!

Ed: Awww, Come on!! I'm just gonna shoot ya! It's not gonna hurt for long!

Kasumi: *Comes in* Stop pointing that damn gun at everyone!

Ed: Well then get me a new one!

Kasumi: NO, You trigger happy fool! *Looks at guy* Why are you yelling "help me help me"?

Ed: *Pouts and crosses arms* You are NO fun WHAT so ever!!

Kasumi: Shut up!

Guy: He c-comin'

Ed: Who? Santa?

Guy: N-no *gulp* Vic- vicio

Ed: Ohhhh! You mean Vicious?

Vicious: *Comes in and points sword at guy* I've found you and now you die! *Smirks*

Ed: *Claps hands* Yay!! Murder!!!

Vicious: *Kills guy*

Guy: x_x

Ed: All right!! Finally some action!! *Pulls out Vash's gun* Any more of the little buggers? *Looks around quickly* I'll Kill'm for you.

Vicious: *Smirks* How bout I kill you too?

Ed: Well, that wouldn't be very nice.

Kasumi: I like your sword. *Has his sword*

Vicious: How did you get that?

Ed: *Smiles* We're magic.

Kasumi: Thanks for it!

Ed: Hey! Where's your bird?

Bird: *Comes in all of a sudden*

Kasumi: Okay, how the hell did that happen?!

Ed: Like we care?

Kasumi: but it likes just Poof and its here?! How did you explain that?!

Ed: Magic of course!

Kasumi: Works for me.

Ed: *Grabs bird by throat* Mine!

Vicious: That's my bird!

Ed: Your wrong! MY bird!! *Shoves in bag*

Vicious: B-but *Starts whining like a child* It was mine first!!

Ed: *Crosses arms* Well now it's mine. And shut-up. You're starting to sound like my nephew, and might just kill you for it too. O, it's best if you just shut your mouth and run along like a good little villain.

Kasumi: Wow didn't think he would talk like that

Vicious: *sniffle* I lost my sword and my bird...I feel so unloved!!!*Runs away to sob somewhere*

Ed: Whoa-Never expected him to be such a crybaby, eh Kasumi?

Kasumi: Wow that was totally OOC of him

Ed: What a pansy...Don't tell Marina I said that. She loves him.

Kasumi: Lets go back to bebop or we could go find Julia and kill her.

Ed: Let's go to Bebop to check on things. THEN go find Julia and kill her.

Kasumi: YAY!! I hated her anyways

Ed: I'm indifferent. Except for the fact she's a slut who slept with Spike and then Vicious. Little whore.

Kasumi: She tried to kill Spike too

=Back at Bebop=

Spike: *Sitting on couch watching TV. smoking a cigarette and has new clothes on* Man, this is boring *Flips though channels*

Faye: *Sleeping*

B. Ed: *On computer*

Jet: *Still on the ground not moving*

Ein: *Walking around*

Door: *Bashed in*

Ed and Kasumi: *Walk in*

Ed: Honey!! We're home!

Kasumi: why the hell did you knock down the door?

Ed: *Blinks* Cause I could of course.

Spike: *Drops cigarette* There is no god!!

Ed: You can be real funny sometimes Spike-You know that? *Plops down on couch next to him* What you watching?

Faye: Um just flicking through channels. Want ta watch with us?

Spike: Faye you idiot.

Ed: *Smiles widely and puts an arm around Spike* What's wrong, Spike-a-roo? You don't like us? *pouts*

Kasumi: I'm hungry. Is anyone else hungry?

Ed: I sure as hell am!

Kasumi: How bout you Spike?

Spike: Um… Sure yeah. I'm starved.

Kasumi: Great I get to cook!

Ed: Are you gonna make ramen? *Eyes get all sparkly* Please make ramen

Kasumi: You bet!

Ed: *Jumps up and gives Kasumi a bone crushing hug* THANK YOU!!!

Spike: Where the hell are you gona get the Ramen from? We don't have any money or food.

Kasumi: Please stop hugging me! Need to breath!

Ed: Huh? Oh! Oops-Sorry. *Puts Kasumi down*

Faye: Yeah, how are you going to cook with out food in the first place?

Ed: We're magic! We'll figure something out!

Kasumi: Oh don't worry I have food in my sack.

Ed: I forgot you had that thing!

Kasumi: Its like Mince. Only for emergences

Spike: what's a Mince?

Ed: Nothing. Never mind. You won't understand and I don't fell like explain, so just shut-up

Spike: Yes Ma'am ^_^;

Ed: Damn straight

Kasumi: *Takes sack off her back* Say hello to dinner!


Sack: *Has Endless supply of ramen noodles, and bottled water, hot plate, and other stuff.*

Spike: How the hell does that all fit in there?

Ed: How many times do I have to tell you people that we're magic?

Kasumi: What flavor ya want?

Ed: Oh, Oh!! Shrimp!!! Shrimp!!!!

Kasumi: *tosses her shrimp* SHIRMP

Spike: I don't care

Kasumi: *Tosses him a meat one* I know you want your meat!

Ed: That didn't sound right...I'm such a little prev. I'm ashamed

Kasumi: What do you mean that didn't sound right?

Ed: 0.o Nothing

Kasumi: *Blinks* Okay I guess.

Ed: Now, Make me my food!!

= Hour and a couple noodles later=

Spike: I never thought I would eat noodle like that

Kasumi: What does that mean? Are my noodles not good enough for ya?

Ed: Ah! I am revived! *Tackles Spike to the ground and sits on his back* Come on Spike! I wanna do something fun!

Faye: O.o

Kasumi: What kind of fun? Oh, I know! Queen of the hill! *Jumps on top of Ed and Spike*

Ed: No you don't! *Pushes Kasumi off and sits on her and Spike* I am the queen of darkness!

Spike: I'm in pain

Kasumi: *Kicks Ed off* I'm the queen of Ramen!

Faye: *Changes channel* I feel for you Spike.

Ed: *Pushes Kasumi* Queen of Darkness wins!

Kasumi: *Punches Ed in the face* Ramen RULES!

Spike: ouch my side.

Ed: Grrrr… Darkness always wins!! *Punches Kasumi in the stomach*

Kasumi: *holds mouth* That wasn't smart! *Runs to the bathroom*

Spike: Please get off me *Ed has foot on his head*

Ed: *Holds fist* I win! *Looks down at Spike* Oh, sorry! *Sits on his back Indian style* Hey Spike, know what? You're comfy!

Spike: Why don't you two go back from where you came from?

Ed: Cause it's fun here, silly! *Ruffles Spike's hair*

Spike: I'm gonna need therapy after this is all over

Kasumi: That was a very low blow!

Ed: And? Worked didn't it?

Kasumi: Don't you have any honor?

Ed: Hmmmm....NOPE! *Smiles*

Kasumi: You don't deserve pity!

Ed: I don't want any

Kasumi: HN!

Ed: *Shrugs* WHATEVER!

Kasumi: I said: 'HN'! Now what?

Ed: Lets watch Big Shots!!

Kasumi: We stole everything, but Ein and Ed's stuff.

Ed: Lets take their stuff, watch Big Shots, then leave.

Kasumi: no killing? I think you have matured

Ed: Oh Yeah, We'll Kill Julia before we leave

Spike: JULIA?!

Ed: Oops! I didn't say a thing.

Kasumi: Yeah she is a pain in the ass.


Kasumi: -_-

Spike: Why are you going to kill her?

Ed: Who said anything about killing her? *Whistles innocently*

Spike: I know you're lying. And get the hell off me!! *Sits up and knocks Ed of his back*

Ed: Owwwww. My head

Kasumi: I'm sorry Spike that your quote unquote "girlfriend" is a slut.

Spike: WHAT!!! *Grabs Kasumi and shakes her* What do you know about Julie?!?!


Kasumi: @_@ ORO ORO ORO!!!!!!

Ed: *Puts Vash's gun to Spike's head* As much as I like senseless torture, No on hurts my friends. Except for me. And my other friends.

Kasumi: *Groggy* O-R-O @_@

Ed: Put her DOWN NOW Spiegel!

Spike: *Drops Kasumi* Fine

Kasumi: *Drops like a rag doll*

Ed: *Puts gun away and kneels next to Kasumi* You all right?

Kasumi: Meh. *looks at Spike* You do know she slept with Viscous right?

Ed: *Smiles lithely* I don't think you should tell him that-He's pissed as it is. Are you sure you're ok? He was shaking you pretty hard.

Kasumi: But hey at lest ya kill him.... and then you die. *Sniffle* Bang and you fell. OH WHY DID SPIKE HAVE TA DIE !!! *Starts crying*

Ed: That hasn't happened yet Kasumi!! You're not suppose to tell them that!!

Kasumi: I was shaken like a 007 drink!

Ed: It's ok. *Looks around then points to Spike* You tell anyone I did this, I'll kill you. *Turns to Kasumi and puts an arm around her shoulders* There, There now. Calm down.

Kasumi: So you want to help us Spike?

Spike: Help how?

Kasumi: I don't know? Hold her down?


Kasumi: I think that's what Inu-Yasha said or something like that with Kikyo. Right Ed?

Ed: Yeah, something like that

Kasumi: Hey is Kikyo still in there?

Spike: Who the hell is Kikyo?

Ed: She's a bitch. *Smiles wickedly* Wanna meet her? Or what we kept of her?

Kasumi: She isn't a Bitch...She's an Evil Clay bitch. Get it right!

Spike: You really have someone in that little bag?

Ed: *smiles* Oh I've got lots in here. Wanna see?

Faye: I have to see this.

Ed: Are you sure?

Kasumi: Just show them

Ed: Kay!! *Opens bag* Let's see... *Pull's out shakujou * Ah! Such a good weapon. See? *Hits sleeping Jet and smiles* It's fun. *Hands shakujou to Spike* Wanna try?

Spike: no *Throws shakujou to the side*

Ed: Fine then! *Puts shakujou back* You don't get to see any thing else so there!

Spike: So what I don't care!

Ed: Fine then!!

Kasumi: So where ya want to good next?

Ed: I don't know. Where do you wanna go?

Kasumi: I don't know.

Spike: You mean you're leaving?

Kasumi: Yeah. What else where we gonna do?

Spike: *Sit down on couch* Thank god

B. Ed: You were going to *Faye and Spike covers her mouth*

Faye: Nothing, nothing!

Spike: Yeah just go...now...please

Ed: Right... Kasumi let's go to... Wait a minute! We never killed Julia!

Spike: NO, no you didn't just think of that!!

Kasumi: No, no need to kill

Ed: But... but I haven't gotten to kill anyone yet and have them stay dead cause you bring them back!!! Life's not fair!!!

Kasumi: My mind is made up! The slut lives!


Spike: STOP CALLING HER A SLUT!!!!! *Starts choking Kasumi*

Ed: Stop choking my friend you bastard! *Puts Vash's gun to his head* I'm in a bad mood and if you touch her one more time I'll blow your brains out and break the Tensaiga so she can't bring you back!!!

Spike: Er...Fine

Kasumi: Oro @_@

Ed: *Goes to Kasumi* Are you ok? Want me to kill him? *Glares at Spike*

Kasumi: No, just forgive and forget.

Ed: *growls* I'm itching for a kill. I'm need kill some soon or I'm gonna snap. *Twits* Must… resist... voices...in head.

Kasumi: I know now! We're going to Excel saga!

Ed: What? No, FLCL would be better.

Kasumi: What? No way! Excel saga first!

Ed: No!! Were going to FLCL and that's that *Get 8 ball* Oh Magic dimensional 8 ball...

Kasumi: *Pushes Ed's head out of the way* Take us to Excel saga!!

Ed: No!! FLCL!!!!

Kasumi: Stop being a damn Bitch ya...bitch!

Ed: I'm a bitch?!?! You're one to talk!! Ever look in the mirror? Now THERE'S a bitch!!!

Kasumi: Yeah well... You could never keep your mouth shut!

Ed: Yeah so? You're too cheerful!

Kasumi: And you're too trigger-happy and you have that damn "shoot first ask questions later" attitude!

Ed: The world isn't all sunshine and roses you know!!

Kasumi: But people don't need to die like that!

Ed: If they get in your way- Yes!! Yes they do! If someone hurts you, you get revenge! Period!!!

Kasumi: Plus you like a guy fag!

Spike: WAY too much info!

Kasumi: Its true! He'll sleep with anything that moves!

Ed: *Stare wide eyed and mouth open* How could you. *Gets teary eyed* you're my friend.

Kasumi: *Crosses arms* Well, hell its true!

Ed: *Closes eyes and takes deep breaths* I see. Is this how you feel Kasumi?

Kasumi: Hn, so what ya gonna do?!

Ed: *Opens eyes and slaps Kasumi across the face*

Bebop crew: GASP!!

Kasumi: *Stands still for a minute* You slapped me...

Ed: *Tears start falling* Damn straight

Kasumi: You can hit me, you can kick me in the stomach after I eat, you can push me down a flight of stairs, you can thwack me tile I'm bloody, you can insult me and call me stupid and dumb, you can beat me to near death but you never, NEVER SLAP ME!!

Ed: I…Don't...Care

Kasumi: I-is this a fact, en?

Ed: *Straitens out* Yeah, it is

Kasumi: Well, we can't go to a new place by ourselves.

Ed: No, but we can go to places we've already been by ourselves.

Kasumi: Fine! So where are you going?

Ed: *Tears start falling again* I'll go to...I'm gonna go to... *Closes eyes* TRIGUN!! That's where I belong. All that action, blood killing-Yeah. That's where I'm going.

Kasumi: I'll be going to Inu-Yasha. Miroku is nice to me and is a good friend.

Ed: You don't know what he's really after.

Kasumi: He's after something?

Ed: You're so stupid!! Everyone is after something. No one is nice unless they need or want something!!

Kasumi: That isn't true!

Ed: Your too naive!! Your gonna to Inu-Yasha then get yourself killed!! Not every person can be trusted right away!!

Kasumi: I don't care! Everyone has a little good in them. You just can't assume the worst all the time!

Ed: You have to!! Otherwise you get taking advantage of and die!!

Kasumi: One cannot live alone! People need people!

Ed: No! Remember what your stupid ass Hiei said? "Friends are a crutch for the weak" You need to remember that!!

Kasumi: I don't care! After a while Hiei became friends with Kurama and Yusuke, so there!

Ed: He was a fool!! And so was I! I wish I had never met you!!!

Kasumi: Please just take me to Inu-Yasha

Ed: Why? I should just go home and leave you here!

Kasumi: Can you Ed?!

Ed: Of course I can! *Tears fall again* I always thought you were a bitch. I wished I had taken dram instead of art. Then I would've never met your sorry, sappy ass.

Kasumi: Just shut up and take me to Inu-Yasha! I just want Miroku to tell me it's all right!

Ed: But it's not!!

Kasumi: Well with you out of my life it will be!

Ed: *Gets shocked look* Kasumi....

Kasumi: At least Miroku is good friend! He will not hit me or tell me I'm stupid!

Ed: I told you he's only nice cause he wants something!!

Kasumi: Yeah: Friendship!

Ed: Friendship is a lie!! It's made up and doesn't exist. People only nice and 'friendly' so they get what they want!!!

Kasumi: What could Miroku want? I have nothing...

Ed: Like I said- you're stupid and naive

Kasumi: HN!

Ed: I don't know why we were friends in the first place. I must've been on something

Kasumi: Just take me now!

Ed: FINE!!!

Spike: That didn't sound right.

Ed: Shut the hell up Spike!!

Spike: Yes ma'am

Kasumi: Come on!

Ed: *Grabs Magic dimensional 8 ball of magic and shakes violently* Take me to Trigun and her To Inu-Yasha!!

Magic dimensional 8 ball of magic: Can I do that?!

Ed: YES!! No just do it before I shatter you into a thousand little pieces!!

8 Ball: EEP!! Yes

Kasumi: *sigh*

Ed: Good-bye Kasumi and good radiance

Kasumi: Nice knowing ya. I hope you die!! You got that?!

Ed: I don't give a damn you stupid ass bitch!! And I'll see you in hell!!!

Kasumi: Not if I see you first

Ed: *Flips her off*

Kasumi: *just frowns*

Ed and Kasumi: *disappear*

Spike: That's was interesting. Wonder what's on TV.

TV: *Big shots is on*

That cowboy dude on there: And today's most wanted is these two girls! *Shows pic of Ed and Kasumi* They're worth 60,000,000!

That cowgirl: Oh wow, I wonder what they did to have such a big bounty on them?

Spike: What the Hell?!?! Damn and they where right here too!