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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

=Excel saga=

Excel and Hyatt: Hail Il Palazzo!

Ed, Kasumi, and Legato: *Comes in on Haruko's bike*

Hyatt: Who are they?

Excel: Are they new members? *Trapdoor opens under and she falls in* AAAAHHH!!!

Il Palazzo: *Has hand on the rope to trapdoor* No, I've never seen these three.

Ed and Kasumi: *Raise hands over their heads* HAIL IL PALAZZO!!!

Legato: ?_?


Ed: Hey! I want a trapdoor like that! Why can't I have nice trapdoors?!? Where'd ya get it from?

Il Palazzo: Target.

Ed: Legato, write that down!

Legato: *takes out notepad and a pencil* Trapdoor...a-t...Tar-ge-t, got it!

Ed: YAY!

Kasumi: Can we join?

Il Palazzo: Sure

Kasumi: YAY! Is that okay with you Ed?

Ed: I don't know...

Kasumi: Pleeeaaaaaassssssseee?! It's almost like taking over the world yourself, but not. Think of it like practice!

Ed: I wanted to do it myself... with the help of my loyal minions of course! *Smiles at Legato*

Legato: *Smiles back*

Kasumi: Please? *Gives her puppy dog eyes*

Ed: *Sighs* Fine, since your my friend. on one condition. Hey ll Palazzo! How's this job's health plan?

Il Palazzo: Yes and two-week vacation with pay.

Ed: Hell yeah!! I'm in!!

Kasumi: YAY!

Excel: *Some how gets out of the trapdoor* This great!! *Trys to hug Ed*

Ed: *Kicks Excel in the stomach* No huggy from girls!

Excel: *Knocked over on Kasumi and the two fall into the trapdoor*

Ed: Hahaha-Dude that was awesome! Wasn't it Legato?

Legato: Yes Master, very awesome.



Ed: *Laughs harder*

Kasumi: *Jumps out* That was sick!

Ed: Oh god. That was funny as hell! Wasn't it Legato?

Legato: *Smirks* Yes master, but she got out.

Ed: Yeah... *Snaps fingers* Damn

Kasumi: What?! You want me to be hurt?

Ed: No! But it would've been funnier if you had stayed in there longer. Right Legato?

Legato: Yes I fully agree.

Excel: *Comes out* Cockroaches, ewwww!

Ed: There's something wrong with cockroaches?

Kasumi: You think week old bread is gross, but cockroaches are okay?

Ed: Yeah. What's wrong with that?

Kasumi: Okay just kinda wondering and OH CRAP A COUPLE ARE IN MY HAIR AND UP MY SHIRT!!!!!

Ed: That's what you get!!! How did you think I felt with Curry down my shirt? *Points and laughs*

Kasumi: *Shakes her head and cockroaches fly out* EWW That was so sick!!!!!

Ed: That was so funny! *Laughs some more*

Excel: That was just...EW!

Ed: That was just funny! Right Legato? *Turns to Legato and smiles*

Legato: Yes master, oh yes! *Looks about to laugh*

Kasumi: I HATE cockroaches!!!

Ed: *Burst out laughing again*

Legato: She doesn't seem to like bugs. What a stupid bitch.

Kasumi: Shut up!

Ed: So true. *Laughs more*

Kasumi: That's just mean!

Ed: He can't help it if it's true! Your not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. *Laughs*

Kasumi: *Eyes start flashing* Hn! *Glares at Legato*

Ed: *Laughs*Oh no! *Sarcastically* Look out Legato! The pansy might just hurt you! *Laughs more*

Kasumi: I'm not a pansy!!

Ed: *Snorts* And my name's Sailor Moon! Of course you're a pansy Kasumi! But that's why I'm your friend- To protect you! Among other reasons of course.

Kasumi: I don't need to be protected! I can defend myself!

Ed: Right...

Kasumi: I can! Why don't you believe me?!

Ed: Cause your lying

Kasumi: what makes you think I'm lying?!

Ed: *Raises eyebrow* Cause your weak. And Legato agrees with me- Don't you Legato?

Legato: Most definitely Master! She couldn't kill a cockroach she's so weak!

Kasumi: Shut up Legato you don't know me that well! Plus just cause I don't like to kill people isn't a good reason to call me weak!

Ed: *giggles* Legato's right Kasumi. I don't see a single dead cockroach.

Kasumi: *Goes into her vest and brings out a grenade* Watch me! *Pulls pin off it and throws it in the trapdoor*

Grenade: ...What? You want me to do something?

Ed: Ha! You got a dud! You can't even buy a decent grenade! * Rolls on the floor laughing*

Kasumi: I said shut up damn it!!!!!!

Ed: *Wipes a tear from eye* What Kasumi, can't handle the truth?

Kasumi: *Eyes flash* No it's just that you under estimate me too much!

Ed: Sure... You just keep thinking that.

Kasumi: So tell me what can I do to change your mind?

Ed: Nothing

Kasumi: There has ta be something!

Ed: *Crosses arms* Nope. Unless Legato can think of something.

Legato: If you could kill someone! But I highly doubt that!

Kasumi: *Eyes flash dark blue* Hn! *Takes out Tetsusaiga* Really now?

Ed: You don't got the guts. Right Legato?

Legato: Yeah, what is she gonna do with a crap sword like that?!

Ed: *Laughs* Yeah...

Tetsusaiga: *Transforms*

Kasumi: *Smirk* Prepare yourself!

Ed: *Takes out Toukijin* You know, I haven't used this sword yet. *Smirks* It'll be nice for my best friend to be the first person I hurt with it.

Kasumi: *lowers sword* Do you really want me to hurt you?

Ed: I want you to prove yourself

Kasumi: But if I have to hurt you...is it truly worth it?

Ed: I'm used to pain, so just do it.

Kasumi: Bu-bu-but Ed?

Ed: *Sigh* Yeah?

Kasumi: You're my friend

Ed: Your point is?

Kasumi: What if you get hurt? Can I take that chance?

Legato: Like I said WEAK!

Kasumi: *Eyes flash* HN, but if that is what you wish, so be it!

Ed: *Gets in fighting stance* The only time I really have fun is when death is involved *Smiles wickedly* Lets go pansy... I mean Kasumi.

Kasumi: *Charges at Ed and swings, kinda missing her all together*

Ed: Yeah, you can REALLY protect yourself Kasumi. What horrible form, wouldn't you agree Legato?

Legato: Oh God! What a disgrace!

Kasumi: EEEERRRRR *Hits Ed's shoulder*

Ed: Ah! There you go! Much better! *Swings Toukijin and nicks Kasumi's cheek* Not good enough though!

Kasumi: Ouch! *Holds cheek*

Ed: *Shrugs* Get used to it. *Smiles*

Kasumi: ER! *Swings again and hits Legato's shirt*

Ed: Whoa! Careful Kasumi! Legato's not in this!

Kasumi: oh no I'm sorry!

Legato: You stupid bitch!!

Kasumi: I am not!

Legato: Yes you are!

Kasumi: *Growls and Swings a couple more times at Ed*

Ed: *Jumps back, Kasumi's attacks barely missing* Hey! Did you know when your pissed you get good?

Kasumi: AH!! *Almost smacks Ed in the face*

Ed: Wow! It's safe to say you don't care anymore, ne? *Starts swinging Toukijin*

Kasumi: *Makes the Toukijin hit Tetsusaiga* Hn, you're going down! *Makes Ed go back a little and swings*

Ed: *Ducks* Shit! That was close! *Swings again*

Kasumi: *Jumps into the air and lands on Toukijin* Hn, too slow! *Kicks Ed in the face and land in the ground*

Ed: *Holds now bleeding nose* Bitch ass pansy!!! I'll kick your ass!! *Charges Kasumi*

Kasumi: *Grins* You're out of your league! *Titles Tetsusaiga 's blade and slashes Ed's stomach*

Ed: Ah! *Holds wound* Damn! How the hell did you get so good?!?

Kasumi: Allow me to end the humiliation by ending your life! *Puts Tetsusaiga up* Die!

Ed: Shit! *Holds Toukijin up to block Tetsusaiga *

Kasumi: Why don't you give up? Let me end it now. Save some time. *Kicks Toukijin out of Ed's range*

Ed: Not good! *Pulls out Vash's gun* Eat lead bitch! *Fires*

Kasumi: *moves to the side* How sad...Stop and let me kill you already.

Ed: Ah hell I'm screwed!

Legato: *Gets in font of Ed* Stop you Bitch! I don't know how the hell you defeated master, but I will not let you kill her!

Kasumi: Get the hell out of my way or I'll kill you too!

Ed: Don't touch him Kasumi!!!

Kasumi: Oh don't worry; your little boy isn't going to be touched by me. *Looks at Legato up and down* Tetsusaiga shall do that job for me!

Ed: Don't touch my friend Kasumi!!!

Kasumi: I'm so glad you two are attached. You will be joining him soon in death! *Slashes Legato across the stomach*

Legato: *Hold's his stomach* You bitch! *Falls to the ground*

Ed: LEGATO!!! That's it!!!! *Fires gun at Kasumi*

Kasumi: *Face starts bleeding* I'm bleeding…again. Why do bad stuff happen to me?

Ed: Cause your being a bitch *Fires three more times*

Kasumi: *Doges with Tetsusaiga* So am I a pansy now?

Ed: Yeah. You're still a pansy. Only a pansy would kill some ones minion who was only trying to protect their master! *Looks at Legato* He was only protecting me and...you killed him. *Starts crying* My first minion/ friend and you killed him!!

Kasumi: *eyes start flashing again* I'm not a damn pansy!!!

Ed: I don't care anymore. I just don't care. *Drops Vash's gun* You win. See? But did you have to kill Legato to do it? He was my friend... *Passes out due to loss of blood*

Kasumi: AHHH! Oh no I have taken a life or two! I'm so bad! How could I do this! Forgive me!

Legato: I wasn't dead...

Kasumi: Oh. Good, but you looked dead.

Legato: Just because I'm bleeding doesn't mean I'm dead!

Il Palazzo: What about your friend? *Points to Ed*

Kasumi: She's alive... Yeah of coarse she is...she can't be dead. *Pokes Ed* See she's moving.

Legato: no she isn't. You're poking master.

Ed: *Groans* I'll kill you... *Tries to get up* You killed my friend.... *Passes out again*

Legato: Master I'm not dead...

Ed: * Tries to get up again and smiles* Good. That means I'm only gonna kick Kasumi's ass, not kill her. But right now I'm going to sleep. Besides, I don't know what I'd do without you Legato *Passes out once more*

Kasumi: And what I'm I?

Ed: *Unconscious*

Kasumi: *Eyes soften and she looks like she usually does* Okay, what's going on?

Hyatt: Rig-ug *Dies*

Kasumi: *Looks around* Why is everyone dying?!

Legato: *Glares* Maybe because you killed most of them?!?!

Kasumi: Why are you yelling at me?

Legato: BECAUSE YOU HURT MASTER!! *Points to Ed* She actually called me a friend...

Kasumi: *Frowns* but what the hell happened?

Legato: What do you mean?

Kasumi: Like I said: What the hell happened?


Kasumi: What the hell happened?


Kasumi: *Looks at Ed* WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!

Ed: *Still unconscious*

Kasumi: *Starts crying* What the hell happened?!?!?!

Legato: Let me put this in terms you understand. *Starts shaking Kasumi* You tried to kill me, Master defended me, you tried to kill master you stupid shit!!!!!!!!!

Kasumi: I would never do that to Ed and stop shaking me!

Legato: Really now? Then why is master lying in a puddle of her own blood?!?

Kasumi: *thinks for a moment* ...What the hell happened?!

Legato: *Groans* I give up!!! How does master put up with you?!?!

Kasumi: What does that mean?!


Kasumi: No, no never mind! You don't mean how does Ed put up with me, but how do I put up her!

Ed: *Groans* Please shut-up. I'm trying to sleep. Thank you.

Kasumi: I'm sorry, but it's true!

Ed: Please? Can you stop yelling? I really need to sleep in case you haven't noticed the huge gabbing hole in my side?

Kasumi: *Takes Tensaiga and strikes Ed with it*

Ed: Hey!! I'm healed!! What about Legato?

Kasumi: *Hit Legato with Tensaiga* There ya happy?

Ed: As a matter of fact I am. *Turns to Legato* Are you ok?

Legato: Yes master

Kasumi: Is someone gonna tell me what the hell happened?

Ed: *Gives Legato a bear hug* I was so worried!! I thought you were dead! Don't ever scare me like that again!

Legato: I'm so sorry master


Ed: It's ok Legato. *Smiles and hugs him again*

Kasumi: I'm confused! Who did this to my best friend?!

Ed: *Glares at Kasumi* You did you bitch!

Kasumi: No I didn't! I would never hurt you like that!

Ed: Well you did!

Kasumi: Did not!

Ed: Did too!

Kasumi: I think I would remember if I did!

Ed: Well you did. Ask anyone here!

Kasumi: *looks around* Um, damn looks like a war zone

Ed: Yep. And it's YOUR fault!!!

Kasumi: I would never do that! You know me; I don't like to kill people!

Ed: Well you did!

Kasumi: You know I wouldn't do it. It's against my better judgment

Ed: Well I SAW you do it!

Kasumi: Oh god! What the hell happened?!


Kasumi: No it didn't! You called me a pansy and everything went black!


Kasumi: I don't go psycho! You go psycho!

Ed: There's always a first for everything.

Kasumi: I don't do that! I'm a good guy!

Ed: Good people can have bad moments.

Kasumi: But I don't remember doing it!

Ed: Oh well! You did it.

Legato: Come off if! You want to kill people!

Kasumi: I'm a good guy like Kenshin or Vash!

Ed: And both have had there bad moments

Kasumi: Like?!

Ed: Kenshin has the Battosai and Vash killed.... WOULD have killed Legato!

Kasumi: That's because Legato forced him into it!


Ed: So? He still did it!

Legato: I get killed?!

Kasumi: But he didn't like it!

Ed: Well I'm sure Legato didn't like getting SHOT IN THE HEAD!!

Kasumi: Not Legato, VASH!

Legato: MY HEAD?!

Ed: Legato!!


Ed: Cause he did! And you died!! And it was HIS FAULT!!!

Kasumi: Plus you were mean when Wolfwood died!!!!!

Ed: Well it was Wolfwood's fault for listening to Vash's drivel!

Kasumi: But the dude who killed Wolfwood was working under Legato!

Ed: He was working for Knives! Not Legato

Kasumi: Still Legato's doing!

Ed: No, Knives!

Kasumi: Legato made Vash cry

Ed: But Legato was dead! That's why he was crying!

Kasumi: Why did you have to be born Legato?!

Ed: Hey! Don't blame Legato for Vash's stupidity!

Kasumi: Well Vash remember killing Legato. I don't remember doing ...THIS!

Ed: And?!? That don't mean you didn't do this

Kasumi: This looks like your genus work then mine

Ed: Then why was I hurt and passed out on the floor?!?!

Kasumi: Why did I black out?

Ed: You went in "Psycho Mode" Duh!

Kasumi: That makes no sense! This is like that time at lunch. You said I was crying and all I remember is Reece's cups

Ed: *Shrugs* Both of them happened.

Kasumi: Never cried in school!!!!!

Ed: You did then! It was real pathetic.

Kasumi: NO I DIDN'T

Ed: Yes you did! Ask Lor!!

Il Palazzo: I thought of names for you two: Ed and Kasumi!

Kasumi: I like it!

Ed: Do you have any idea as to how off topic that was?

Kasumi: But we need code names.

Ed: Yeah but we weren't... Ah screw it.

Il Palazzo: Shut up, you are now part of Across!

Ed: *Sarcastically* Whoopee.

Kasumi: Now what?

Ed: Oh! I know! *Runs up and takes Ll Palazzo's glasses* Now I'm happy!

Il Palazzo: HEY!

Ed: *Put glasses on* Ha! I win!

Excel: How dare you touch Lord Il Palazzo!

Ed: Whatever.

Mince: Bark

Ed: Well now! Hello!

Mince: *Whimpers*

Ed: Really? Tell Ed all about it!

Excel: Do not touch the emergency food supply! *Grabs Mince*

Kasumi: How cute! *Grabs Mince from Excel*

Excel: HEY!!

Ed: Stop both of you! *Grabs Mince and pets her gently while walking away* There, there now. I'll protect you. Now tell me what's wrong.

Mince: Bark bark bark

Ed: How horrible! You must have been terrified!

Kasumi: What she say?

Ed: Shhhhhh! I'm trying to hear!

Mince: Bark arrrk

Ed: That wasn't nice! What happened then?

Mince: Bar Bark aaark bark bark

Ed: *Hugs Mince to her* I'm so sorry. You poor tortured soul!

Kasumi: Umm that's so sad.

Excel: What the hell are they talking about?

Ed: Her sad, sad life!

Excel: Sad life? What sad life?

Ed: Poor, Poor Mince! I'll take care of you from now on! You'll never have to worry about being cooked again!

Excel: NO way she's mine!

Ed: No! She's mine now!!

Excel: *Trys to grab Mince but misses*

Ed: *Kicks Excel in the stomach* She's mine now so get over it!

Excel: *Falls back on Kasumi and the two land on the trapdoor* Ouch!

Kasumi: You're heavier then you look!

Grenade: I know what to do now! *Blows up* BOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!

Kasumi and Excel: *Blow to peaces*

Ed: That was soooooo awesome! Don't ya think Legato?

Legato: YES SHE"S GONE!!!!!!! I mean yes master that was awesome, very awesome.

Ed: *Laughs*

Kasumi and Excel: *Pop back in*

Kasumi: What the hell happened?! What was that thing?

Excel: Oh that was just The Great Will of The Universe.

Ed: AHHHH!!!

The Great Will of The Universe: *Floats by* I'm not here! I don't exist!

Kasumi: I don't think that happened in the manga...

Ed: I don't believe this.

IL Palazzo: And that brings me today's mission. Manga artist should be disciplined, so go kill this one. *Show picture of Rikdo Koshi (The Creator of the manga and show)*

Ed: Ooooo! How fun!

Kasumi: He looks so familiar. Where do I know him from?

Ed: Who cares? We get to kill somebody!

Kasumi: Yeah I guess...

Excel: We're on the case!

Hyatt: *Comes back alive* Right!

Ed: Ahhh! She's back! *Jumps in Legato's arms(Think Scooby Doo)*

Excel: Oh, she does that.

Kasumi: *Softly* Furi Kuri

Ed: *Points to Kasumi* Shut up you!

Il Palazzo: Shut up and get on the job!

Ed: Right-o Captain Jello! *Jumps out of Legato's arms* Consider the job done! *Salutes*

Il Palazzo: Good.

Kasumi, Excel, and Hyatt: *Raise hands* HAIL LORD IL PALAZZO!!

Hyatt: *Coughs up blood and dies again*

Kasumi: oh well.

=Outside Rikdo Koshi's apartment=

Ed: *Skipping (Yes I said skipping)* We get to kill somebody! Finally! This is the most action I've had since I was at TRIGUN!

Excel: *Holding a sword* This will be great!

Ed: *Holds up Vash's gun* Hell ya!!

Kasumi: *Opens door* Shhhhh! Be very, very quiet it. *Tip toes in*

Excel: RIGHT!!!

Kasumi: I said : Shhhhhh!

Ed: Your no fun!


Kasumi: *Looks around at all the posters and action figurers* Damn this guy really likes Anime girls!

Ed: Prev *Pokes an action figure making it fall*

Excel: What a dork.

Ed: You better not be talking to me *glares*

Kasumi: *Blushes* umm Yeah...

Ed: Why are you blushing?

Kasumi: I just am.

Ed: *Raises Eyebrow* Riiiiight. Where's Legato?

Legato: *Staring at the posters* These girls have shorter shirts then miss Kasumi's.

Kasumi: My skirt isn't that short!

Ed: Yes it is.

Kasumi: Its not cheerleader short like some of these girls!

Ed: The talking will cease and the killing will commence!

Excel: *Raises sword* YEAH!!!

Ed: *Holds Vash's gun tighter* Right! I call the first hit!

Kasumi: Whatever, just be quiet *opens door to the only room with light in it*

Excel: *Runs pass Kasumi and raises her sword over her head to strike* Bye bye! *Sees picture of him and his family* He has a family. I can't kill him. What about his wife and children?

Ed: *Grows horns and a tail and some how gets a pitchfork* Just kill him damnit!

Kasumi: *Grows wings and a halo* But he has a family. You can't do that to a family man. What about them? *Points to the picture*

Ed: Who cares? I'll do it if she won't!

Kasumi: *Kicks Ed down* No you will not! Who cares if Lord Il Palazzo said to. A human life is very important!

Ed: I could care less about Il Palazzo! I just want some action!

Kasumi: *Takes out over sized hammer and hits head down* Shut up!

Ed: My skull!!!

Kasumi: Excel, don't be bad! Let this man live!

Ed: *Punches Kasumi in the face* Just kill the bastard damnit!! Everyone must die!!! *Laughs manically*

Kasumi: Life is more important then blood lust!

Ed and Kasumi: *Start fighting*

Excel: *Holds head* AH my mind is all discombobulated!

Rikdo Koshi: *Just drawing and unaware of what's going on behind him*

Legato: Master? Would you like me to kill him for you? *Holds gun up* I would be more than happy to do it. *Smiles*

Kasumi: *Puts her foot in Ed's mouth* NO!

Ed: Mmmph!!

Kasumi: *The halo and wings fall off* Ow she bit me! *Throws Ed off her foot and sends her flying over Rikdo Koshi*

Ed: Ahhhhh!! Help me! *Loses the devil costume*

Rikdo Koshi: *Turns around and sees Excel with her sword* AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Excel: NO, no, no, no I've decide not to kill you!

Kasumi: What ya drawin'? *looks at drawings* O.O Oh my God! I know who you are!!

Ed: *Lying on ground* Hey, look at the stars! *Points to a corner in the room* They're so pretty!

Legato: *About to pull the trigger*

Kasumi: *Pushes Legato out the window* Sign this for me!!! I'm a fan of your work! *Gives him her Excel manga(#1)* PLEASE?!

Rikdo Koshi: Oh sure! Anything for a fan! *Signs*

Kasumi: *Gets all starry eyed* Thank you, Thank you!!!

Legato: *Climbing through window panting* I...hate... her... so... much!!!

Excel: What a happy scene

Legato: *Shoots Rikdo Koshi in the head* Ha! There- I did as master willed!

Kasumi: *Blood gets all over her face* AH!! Why Legato? Why? The third one has come out yet! Now I'll never know what happened!

Legato: Master wanted him dead, so I did it for her *Looks at Kasumi like she's stupid* What are you? Stupid?

The Great Will of The Universe: *Comes in* How many times do I have to tell you: Don't kill our Creator?!

Excel: I don't know. *Counts on her fingers* This number 189.

Ed: *Jumps up and runs in circles* THEY'RE AFTER ME!!!!!!!!!

The Great Will of The Universe: *Sigh* Idiots

=Scene changes to Everyone in Excel and Hyatt's apartment=

Ed: *Still running in circles* MAKE THEM STOP!!! *Stops running and starts crying on Legato* They won't go away!!!

Hyatt: The Great Will of The Universe again?

Excel: Yeah.

The Great Will of The Universe: *Floats by* I don't exist!

Ed: *Sobs* Make them stop!!

Door: *knock knock*

Ed: Ahhh!!! *Runs to corner and starts rocking back and forth* It's not them, it's not the rabid monkeys...

Kasumi: Sheesh! Calm down!

Hyatt: *Opens the door*

Watanabe: Um hello Miss Hyatt. H-how are th-this evening?

Ed: MAKE HIM STOP!!! *Sobs some more*

Watanabe: *Looks at Ed* Who's she?

Hyatt: Just a new friend.

Iwata: New friend?

Watanabe: When did you get here?!

Kasumi: Just now. Didn't you see him?

Ed: Help me...Legato....Kasumi...make the monkeys stop! *Starts crying some more*

Legato: Master? Are you okay?!


Legato: What monkeys master? I see no monkeys.

Ed: Oh, that's what they want you to think! *Cries* I need a hug! *Cries more*

Wantanabe: O.O Did we come at a bad time?

Ed: *Points at Wantanabe* You work for the monkeys, don't you! WHY DO THEY TOURUTE ME SO!! *Sobs* I still didn't get a hug!

Kasumi: Poor, poor Ed. *hugs her* I sure if Kurama was here he would kill all the freaky monkeys.

Iwata: She's very weird.


Kasumi: I'm sorry.

Legato: You heard master get out of here before I take you out myself.

Ed: They're out to get me!!! *Sobs some more* What did I ever to you huh?

Kasumi: Ed, it's gonna be all right.

Iwata: *Walks in* Come on this is ridiculous!


Kasumi: *lets go of Ed* Oi, for your own safely and that of the ones around you, please don't come closer. It wouldn't be wise not to listen to me.

Watanabe: Lets go. She's really scaring me.

Ed: I'm warning you, *Takes out Vash's gun* I'm a corned psycho and I'm scared!

Iwata and Watanabe: O.O

Watanabe: It's been nice seeing you again miss Hyatt! BYE! *Runs away*

Iwata: Yeah nice! *Runs off too*

Ed: *Drops Vash's gun* I need another hug...

Kasumi: You don't need a damn hug!

Excel: I'm sorry you feel bad *Hugs Ed*

Ed: I don't want a hug from you! *Pushes Excel away* I don't want any more hugs from girls!

Kasumi: *Crosses arms* Hn, figures

Ed: You're so mean! *Starts crying again

Legato: *Hugs Ed* Master please calm down. It will be all right. *Glares at Kasumi*

Kasumi: He's giving me a look!

Ed: Thank you Legato! *Hugs him back*

Legato: *Gives a smug smirks to Kasumi*

Kasumi: You bastard.

Ed: Your so nice Legato.

Kasumi: No he isn't! He's out to get me!

Ed: *Not listening to Kasumi* Your the only person who listens to me.

Legato: yes master, anything for you. *hugs harder*

Kasumi: No! I listen to you all the time! He's just not right! He's out to get us!

Ed: You're the best Legato!

Kasumi: NO HE ISN'T!!

Legato: I don't think master asked for your opinion. *Smirks evilly at Kasumi*

Kasumi: *Eyes flash* I'll... kill... you...damn...it! *Shakes head* I'm okay.

Ed: Your the best minion/friend I've every had!

Kasumi: But I'm your best friend!!!

Ed: *Not paying attention, hugs Legato tighter*

Kasumi: I'm keeping my eye on you! You will not win this little "mind game" of yours!

Legato: Yes I will, I always do.

Kasumi: Well you have just met your match...BITCH!

Legato: *Narrows eyes* It on now whore!

Kasumi: *Eyes flash* Oh, we're gonna have loads of fun, that we will. You can count on it!

Legato: Oh I do, I count on it!

Kasumi: *Smirks*

Legato: *Has a cut on his face*

Kasumi: Hn.

Legato: You little....*Tries to get up*

Ed: *Holds him tighter* Don't leave me!!!

Kasumi: Oi Ed, you want to crash here tonight or go somewhere else?

Ed: I don't care.

Kasumi: Staying here tonight then.

Ed: Whatever *Snuggles closer to Legato*

Kasumi: Well, as long as you're happy that's all that matters. I mean you are my BEST friend after all. *Smirks at Legato*

Ed: Uh huh, whatever.*Yawns* I'm actually tired for once. Those monkeys must suck energy from people...*Starts shivering*

Kasumi: Okay then. I'm going out, see ya.

Ed: Yeah, whatever....*Falls asleep*

Kasumi: Oh, Legato?

Legato: What do you want?

Kasumi: Keep Ed safe for me okay and remember to sleep with eye open. *Grins*

Legato: *Gets comfortable and holds Ed tighter* Whatever bitch. *Smirks* I'd die for master, you don't have to tell me to keep her safe.

Kasumi: Okay. That's good to know. I'm glad Ed has someone else in the world to trust beside myself. Whelp, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bit.

Legato: Whatever

Kasumi: *Smiles* Hn, ya know you're just as cold as my house in the winter. Try to be warmer, it helps

Legato: Only if master tells me too.

Kasumi: *Smiles wider and walks out the door*

Legato: *Raises eyebrow* I wonder what that was all about...


Kasumi: *Eyes flash* EEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO IN THE 3 WORLDS AND 7 SEVEN HELLS DOES HE THINK HE IS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *Punches a tree and knocks it on a car* MAN I'm so pissed!! *Goes off into the dark*

Wantanabe: *Looking out his door* I need to get a better apartment far away from here....

Iwata: Hey what happened to your car?

Sumiyosi: iz juzt me or waz it cruzhed?

Wantanabe: OH GOD WHY!!! NOT MY CAR!!!!

Iwata: Didn't you just pay that off too?

Sumiyosi: Yep he didz. Wzat a zhame.

Wantanabe: *Starts crying* I didn't have insurance either!