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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

=Naruto, in a forest=

Ed, Kasumi, Legato, and Chou: *Comes in*

Ed: Ninja! Ha! *Kicks a tree and falls over* MY LEG!!

Kasumi: I want ta be a Kunoichi!

Sakura: *Falls out of the tree*

Legato: Hey! Watch where you're dropping!

Kasumi: You okay?

Sakura: I'm fine.


Chou: Why were ya in that tree?

Sakura: Training

Chou: That's stupid! Training in a tree!

Sakura: It wasn't my idea.

Kasumi: Kakashi idea right?

Sakura: How did you know?

Kasumi: He is your master right?

Sakura: Yes, Kakashi is my sensei.

Chou: I still think that's stupid!

Sakura: Oh well.

Kasumi: So where is he?

Sakura: With the others.

Chou: Maybe you can take us there.

Sakura: Ok. Follow me.

Kasumi: Okay then, will do.

Sakura: *Leaves*

=At the camp=

Ed: *Limping* Stupid tree.....This the place?

Naruto: Hey Sakura!

Ed: Naruto!

Sasuke: How did you know his name?

Ed: *Gets all dark* We know all!

Naruto: Really?

Ed: *Blinks* Um, yeah.

Naruto: Oh yeah, what I just have for lunch?

Kasumi: Um...ramen?

Naruto: How did you know that?!

Ed: We know all damn it!

Naruto: Now many times are you gonna say that?

Ed: As many as I need to.

Naruto: *Grins* How did you know that?

Ed: We know all!

Naruto: How did you know that?

Ed: Don't make me hurt you! We know all!

Kasumi: How did you know that?


Kasumi and Naruto: How did you know that?


Naruto: This is fun! =^_^=

Kasumi: Yeah. ^_^

Ed: *Shaking* I'll...Kill...you....

Sakura: *Smacks Kasumi and Naruto over the head* STOP IT YOU TWO!!!

Ed: Yeah!

Naruto: Ow!

Kasumi: That hurt....

Ed: Good!

Kakashi: What's going on here?

Ed: *Gasp* K-Kakashi?! *Runs over and hugs him*

Kakashi: Hello?


Kakashi: Who are you?

Ed: I-I am Ed!

Kakashi: It's nice to meet you ….Ed

Ed: *Squeals* It's good to meet you too!

Naruto: Why is she acting like that?

Kasumi: She's insane

Naruto: Oh.

Kasumi: I hope she doesn't hurt him.

Ed: I wouldn't hurt him! I love him!

Kakashi: O.o What?

Ed: I love you!

Kasumi: You're freaking people out...stop.

Ed: But...I can't help it!

Kasumi: Someone please knock her out!

Ed: NO!!!! *Falls down*

Sasuke: I had to shut her up.

Legato: You hurt Master! *Gets ready to attack Sasuke*

Sakura: No! *Gets in front of Sasuke*

Legato: But....He hurt master!

Sakura: Please don't hurt him!

Legato: I'm going to!

Sakura: Don't!

Legato: Give me one good reason.

Sakura: Because I asked.

Legato: That's not good enough!

Sasuke: You couldn't defeat me if you wished.

Legato: I can beat you child.

Sasuke: Unlikely!

Legato: I'd like to see you try.

Sasuke: *Disappears and reappears behind Legato and kicks him in the head*

Legato: OW! How the hell did you do that?!

Kasumi: Hell, I can do that...

Legato: You're different! And stay out of this Whore!

Sasuke: *Punches Legato in the face sending him flying back*

Legato: *Hits a tree and knocks it over*

Sasuke: You doubt me now?

Legato: *Knocked out*

Kasumi: Holy Crap....

Chou: That wasn't nice!

Sasuke: Anyone else?

Chou: *Hides behind Kasumi* N-no!

Kasumi: Don't worry Chou, you wouldn't get hurt.

Chou: Really?

Kasumi: I'm here, so I'm not gonna let anyone hurt ya. *Smiles*

Chou: Thanks!


Sasuke: That was too easy.

Kasumi: They are.

Sasuke: And who are you all anyway?

Kasumi: Um half of us are knocked out.

Sasuke: So?

Kasumi: Hn, that's something that doesn't happen very often

Sasuke: They deserved it.

Kasumi: Just cause someone deserves something does mean ya give it to them

Sasuke: Yes it does,

Kasumi: You don't go around knocking people out!

Sasuke: Why?

Kasumi: Its rude.

Sasuke: And?

Kasumi: It's called being a jackass....

Sasuke: You want to be next?!

Kasumi: Like you could?

Sasuke: *Glares*

Kasumi: *Smiles*

Sasuke: So what do you want?

Kasumi: Um...stuff

Sasuke: Like?

Kasumi: You don't need to know!

Sasuke: Fine...

Kasumi: So nosey for a ten year old

Sasuke: How did you know how old I was?

Ed: *Pops up* We know all!

Kasumi: You act your age

Sasuke: I do?

Kasumi: Yep, but you do act a little like a tight ass

Sasuke: HEY!

Kasumi: It's true.

Sasuke: Who are you to judge me?

Kasumi: I'm older and smarter then you

Sasuke: So what?

Kasumi: That's who I am to judge you.

Sasuke: Why don't you just leave?

Kasumi: Nope

Sasuke: Damn

Kasumi: You can't make me. You're just a little kid

Sasuke: I can.

Kasumi: Then do it! :p

Sasuke: Don't make me.

Kasumi: Don't play with fire.

Ed: You'll get burned little boy.

Kasumi: So there

Sasuke: I'll fight you both at once if you want- It might make you're odds better.

Kasumi: You're foolish and prideful

Ed: Pride can kill you.

Kasumi: So we'll take ya on.

Sasuke: You're going to regret this. *Charges*

Kasumi: *Grabs Sasuke's arm and slams him down*

Ed: *Kicks him in the ribs*

Kasumi: You were saying?

Sasuke: *Gasping for air*

Ed: *Shakes head* Sad...Very sad.

Kasumi: Lucky for you that we aren't using weapons

Ed: You probably be dead now.

Sasuke: I'll...kill you!

Kasumi: Try if you must

Kakashi: Sasuke, that's enough.

Sasuke: Yes sir.

Naruto: Ha ha

Sasuke: *Glares*

Ed: *Hugs Kakashi*

Kasumi: Now we're back to square one again...

Kakashi: *Sighs*

Kasumi: I'm so sorry about her

Kakashi: It's all right....I guess.

Naruto: How did you know that?

Ed: Don't start with me fox boy! Hey wait-fox boy.....

Naruto: …..um

Ed: F-Fox....boy....

Kasumi: Crap...

Ed: *Hugs Naruto* FOX BOY!

Kasumi: Oi....*Sigh*

Naruto: 0.o

Kasumi: Ed! Down girl!

Ed: But...*Hugs tighter* FOX!

Kasumi: You don't need another fox!

Ed: Yes I do!

Naruto: How did you know I was a fox?

Ed: *Sighs* We know all!

Naruto: *Sighs*

Kasumi: Please forgive us. *Bows*

Naruto: It's not a real big deal

Kasumi: Are you sure?

Naruto: Yeah.

Kasumi: *Sigh*

Naruto: You know what? I'm hungry!

Kasumi: Ditto. Kakashi, sir, do you have anything to eat? If it isn't too much to ask.

Kakashi: We could go for ramen.

Kasumi: That would be great!

Ed: Ramen! *Hugs Kakashi* Thank you!

Kasumi: Yes, same here sir!

Kakashi: Then lets go.

Kasumi: *Grabs on to an arm* Yes sir.

Kakashi: *Walks off*

Naruto: They like Kakashi a little too much....

Sasuke: The crazy one likes you.

Naruto: And she like you *Points to Sakura*

Sasuke: Don't remind me. *Leaves*

Sakura: What does that mean?

Naruto: What do you think it means? *Follows*

Sakura: You're so mean! *Goes after*

=At the ramen shop=

Ed: *Drooling* Ramen....

Kasumi: Its so nice not to cook for once.

Naruto: Ramen!

Sakura: But Why don't you love me Sasuke?!

Sasuke: Leave me alone!

Sakura: *Starts crying*

Sasuke: *Rolls eyes*

Kasumi: How do you put up with this?

Sasuke: It's not easy

Kasumi: Deep pity

Sasuke: *Sighs* Thank you.

Kasumi: I am so glad I wasn't like that

Ed: Fox boy! *Hugs Naruto* Lets get ramen!

Naruto: *Ramen falls on his lap* AH!

Ed: Oops! Want me to clean that up for you?

Naruto: IT BURNS!!!!!!!

Ed: *Grabs a napkin and starts cleaning* I'm sorry!

Kasumi: That had to hurt....

Sasuke: *Laughing*

Sakura: Stupid idiot!

Ed: Shut up you unloved bitch!

Sakura: *Cries again*

Ed: *Smiles* That felt good...

Kasumi: That was mean, but true, but still mean.

Ed: Are you ok now Naruto?

Naruto: It was really hot....

Ed: I'm sorry!

Naruto: T-T and it wasted good Ramen!

Ed: *Sob* I know!

Naruto: *starts crying with Sakura*

Ed: I made Fox boy cry! *Hugs him* Forgive me!

Naruto: *Coking*

Ed: *Pats him on the back* Are you ok?

Naruto: You when hugging me too tightly

Ed: I'm sorry! I can't do anything right! *Starts crying*

Kasumi: Can't even keep your room clean, let alone a human being

Ed: *Cries more*

Kasumi: Don't cry Ed.

Ed: B-but...I can't do anything right and Naruto hates me! And so does Kakashi! I know they do!

Kasumi: They do not. Right guys?

Kakashi: No...I don't really know you.

Kasumi: There ya go!

Ed: Naruto? Do you hate me?

Naruto: No...

Ed: YAY! *Hugs him* Thank you!

Kasumi: *Sigh* When did she become so sensitive?

Kakashi: You mean she isn't always like this?

Kasumi: Not this bad.

Ed: I'm hungry now...*Starts eating ramen*

Kasumi: I'm sure you must be embarrassed by now Kakashi-san.

Kakashi: *Nods*

Kasumi: I'm sorry.

Kakashi: It's ok.

Naruto: Can I have more ramen?

Ed: Same here!

Kakashi: Go ahead.

Naruto: YAY! Seconds here please!

Ed: And here! Need more!

Sasuke: Don't eat too much, you'll get fat.

Ed: You mean like Sakura?

Sasuke: Just like her.

Sakura: *Cries harder*

Ed: *Laughs and eats ramen*

Naruto: That's harsh.

Kasumi: That was kinda mean.

Sakura: I'll never eat again!

Ed: Anorexic bitch!

Sakura: I don't want ta be fat!

Ed: *Rolls eyes* Idiot...

Kasumi: *Sigh* Children

Kakashi: After this, you three need to go back to training.

Naruto, Sasuke: Yes sir.

Sakura: *Too busy crying*

Ed: *Whacks her over the head* Oh shut up!

Kasumi: You don't smack a crying child!

Ed: Yes you do! How do you think I take care of the munchkins?

Kasumi: *Searches head* Whatever works for you.

Ed: And pain works.

Kasumi: I hope you never have a child, and if you do that you aren't allowed 100 ft away from it.

Ed: Yeah, yeah....Whatever

Sakura: You're so mean!

Ed: Thank you!

Sakura: I hate you so much!

Ed: I hate you too!

Kasumi: Stop torturing the poor girl

Ed: But it's so fun!

Kasumi: She doesn't need you dragging her down

Ed: Sure- Fine. I'll go easier on the bitch...err...girl.

Sakura: I'm not a bitch!

Ed: *cough*Yesyouare*cough*

Naruto: You are being mean

ED: I'm sorry! I'll stop!

Sakura: Thank you Naruto!

Ed: I'm not doing it for you.

Naruto: She's doing it for me.

Ed: *Hugs him* Exactly!

Naruto: ACK!

Ed: Sorry, Sorry!

Kakashi: I think that's enough goofing off. Let's get back to training.

Kasumi: Training? You mean that tree thing?

Kakashi: Yes, they're training by climbing trees.

Kasumi: *Blinks* Cool, I guess

Ed: I want to train with Naruto! *Hugs him again*

Naruto: *Gasping for air* I-I'm sure Sensei w-will let you….*Cough* t-train with us.


Kasumi: That would be SO cool!! Can we Kakashi?!

Kakashi: I don't see a problem with it.

Ed and Kasumi: YAY!

Naruto: *Turns blue*

Ed: Whoops… *Let's go of Naruto*

=At the forest=

Ed: So explain how this works.

Kakashi: I want you to climb a tree without using your arms.

Kasumi: How the heck do we do that?

Sakura: Like this! *Jumps up and runs up a tall tree*

Kasumi: *Looks at where Sakura is* Dude!

Ed: Hey, she can actually do something!

Sakura: *Sits on the highest branch and pouts* You're so mean!

Ed: Thank you!

Kasumi: Wait….how did she stick to the tree like that?

Kakashi: She used her chakras

Kasumi: *Blinks* Oro?

Sakura: Here, I have notes on it. *Tosses her scroll of notes down to Kasumi*

Kasumi: *Catches and reads scroll*

Ed: I'll try to do this myself…. *Runs up a tree and slides back down*

Naruto: *Laughs* You need to put your chakras under you for it to work. *Runs halfway up his tree*

Sasuke: Like that, but more like this. *Runs higher then Naruto*

Sakura: *Throws her arms into the air* YAY!! You're so awesome Sasuke!

Naruto: *Growls and goes higher*

Sasuke: *Scowls*

Kasumi: *Stuffs Sakura's notes into her vest* I think I get it….*Runs up a tree and goes lower then Sasuke* It worked! *Smiles*

Ed: *Tries to run up a tree again and slides down* AH! This is annoying!!

Kakashi: *Reading his Make out Paradise* Keep trying you'll get it.

Ed: *Get starry eyed* Do you really think so?

Kakashi: If Naruto can do it, just about anyone can do it.

Naruto: Yeah, if I can do it anyone can-HEY!

Kakashi: *Chuckles*

Ed: Hope has come back to me! *Tries again and falls*

Kasumi: You looked so close that time too Ed.

Ed: Oh shut up!

=Later, night at camp=

Ed: *Sighs* Man that was a lot of work.

Sasuke: Its training…it's meant to be a lot of work.

Ed: That's not the point. Right, Naruto? *Hugs Naruto*

Naruto: *Gasps for air*

Ed: That's what I thought!

Sakura: Oh Sasuke you're the best! *Hugs Sasuke*

Sasuke: Get the hell off me…

Sakura: Sorry! *Let's go of Sasuke*

Kakashi: *Screams*

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura: Master?! *Looks at Kakashi*

Kakashi: *Looking around frantically* WHERE IS IT?!?!

Ed: Where's what?


Kasumi: *Up in a tree* This is a pretty okay book…

Kakashi: AH! You shouldn't be reading that!!

Kasumi: *turns a page* Why?

Kakashi: Cause it's not for children! What chapter are you reading?!

Kasumi: 5…


Kasumi: *Blinks* Why?

Kakashi: That's a bad chapter!

Kasumi: Bad? What do you mean bad?

Kakashi: *Blushes* Just give me back my book!

Kasumi: I want to read it…

Kakashi: NO!! *Jumps onto the branch next to Kasumi* Give! *Holds his hand out*

Kasumi: *Pouts* I'm not done…

Kakashi: You're not going to finish that book!

Kasumi: Oh, that's no fun…

Kakashi: I don't care! I want you to give it to me…!

Kasumi: *Frowns*

Ed: Kasumi! Let me see the book!

Kasumi: Kay! *Drops the book*


Ed: *Catches it* Hmmm….I need to read this.

Kakashi: NO you don't!!

Kasumi: Put it in the bag and we can read it later.

Ed: *Smiles* OKAY!

Kakashi: No okay!

Kasumi: *Smiles* We'll give it back to you sooner or later.

Kakashi: B-but my book!

Kasumi: *Pouts* Pleeease?

Kakashi: *Grumbles* Fine….

Ed: YAY!

Kakashi: I want it back right away…

Ed: I promise Kakashi! *Hugs Naruto tightly* You can count on me!

Naruto: Air!! *Turns blue*

Ed: Right, sorry. *Lets go*

Naruto: *Backs away*

Kakashi: You kids should rest up. It's getting late.

Ed: *Pouts* It's still early…

Kakashi: I don't care. All of you go to sleep.

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura: Yes Master.

Kakashi: And I mean all of you. *Looks at Kasumi and Ed*

Kasumi: Fine by me. *Jumps off the branch*

Ed: *Sighs* I hate going to bed early….

Kasumi: It will be worth it later Ed. You can trust me on that.

Ed: I'm a night person; I need to stay up at night!

Kasumi: Don't worry…

Ed: Okay.

=Later that night=

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura: *Sleeping*

Kakashi: *Yawns and falls asleep*

Ed: *Twitching* ….can't….sleep…

Kasumi: *Opens her eyes slowly* Ed?

Ed: Great you're up!

Kasumi: *Puts her finger over her lip* Hush, we need to be quiet…

Ed: *Lowers her voice* Sorry.

Kasumi: Let's grab their stuff and get out of here…

Ed: Sounds good to me.

Kasumi: *Gets up slowly and looks around*

Ed: *Looks at Naruto and grins* I want his headband…

Kasumi: I'll get the bag. *Walks off*

Ed: *Crawls over to Naruto*

Naruto: *Snores softly*

Ed: He's so cute…*Unties his headband* and now I need to find Legato and Chou.

Legato and Chou: *Appear behind Ed* Master!

Ed: *Falls over* Quiet you guys…

Chou: SORRY!

Legato: *Smacks Chou over the head* She said quiet broomhead.

Ed: Be nice Legato.

Kasumi: I'm back with everything…*Holds up the bag*

Ed: Cool.

Kasumi: So where do you want to go next?

Chou: Let's go to the International House of Pancakes.

Ed, Kasumi, and Legato: *Stares at Chou* …..

Ed: ….

Kasumi: …..

Legato: ….

Chou: *Smiles stupidly*

Legato: *Smacks Chou*

Chou: Ouch….

Kasumi: Right…so Ed where do you want to go? *Takes out the 8 ball*

Ed: How bout GTO?

Kasumi: Sounds good to me.

Ed: Yay!

Kasumi: *Looks at the 8 ball* Take us to GTO!

Magical 8 ball of magic: Right on!

Naruto: *Yawns and gets up* I gotta pee…

Ed, Kasumi, Legato and Chou: *Disappear*

Naruto: O.o ….What was that?! *Looks down at himself* I don't think I need to pee anymore.