Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Trinity Blood Fan Fiction ❯ Lady Vampire ❯ The Beginning... ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 1 The Beginning...

Me: Hey Everyone...I’m Back with a whole new fanfic...
I hope you’ll like this one...it’s gonna be a crossover...with...
Yu-Gi-Oh and...uh-oh...can’t say...you’ll have to wait...
Kaiba: I’m gonna be in this story right?
Me: ^_^ Yep...
Kaiba: Damn
Joey: So what are you going to have it crossover with?
Me: Can’t say...I’ll ruined the surprise...hehe...
Mokuba: Can I say the disclaimer?
Me: sure...but I have to mention some things...first...the beginning of the
story is gonna be in the surprise anime...second...Madison is gonna be at the
age of 1year old at the beginning chapters...third...This story has nothing to do
with Kaiba’s Little Angel...well a small bit...only that everything at the beginning
of it have already happen...There’s not gonna be a Battle City Tournament...and
It might not be a long story either...
Kaiba: So..your saying that...everything that has happen to the Kaiba family
for a whole year with Madison happen...but after her first birthday it never happen?
Me: Yep...
Kaiba: Your one strange....I don’t even know what to call you...
Me: You sounded like my ex-boss...
Kaiba: good
Me: Whatever...Take it way Mokuba...
Mokuba: Mark don’t own Yu-Gi-Oh! It belongs to The Original creator Kazuki Takahashi and
the surprise Anime show belongs to....
Me: Mokuba Wait! don’t say who owns the surprise anime yet...I don’t want the
readers to go searching for the creator...
Mokuba: Ok...she don’t own anything that she forgot to mention...as well...
~scene changes~
talking on the phone
Warning: Bad Mouthing and a little and I mean LITTLE OOC from Kaiba

It started out like a normal, clear, full moon night. There was a man waiting in
front of the delivery room at the hospital...waiting for his beloved wife to give birth to their first born child.
It was so quiet...that you can hear a pin drop at the end of the hallway. Just then, a doctor came out of the
delivery room and told him that his wife wants to see him. So, the man left and enter the room.
What he saw, was his lovely wife who was tired, smile on her pail face and holding their bundle of joy in her arms.
Husband: Elizabeth, how do you feel?
Elizabeth: Tired...I want you to meet our daughter.
Husband: She’s beatiful..
He took the baby girl from his beloved..so his wife can take a rest...
Elizabeth: Dear...What are we going to name her?
Husband: How about....hmm......Yue Hikari Alexis...how does that sound?
Elizabeth: I love it...it fits her...since she is born on the night of the full moon...(yawn)
Husband: Why don’t you take a nap?...I’ll take care of her
Elizabeth: Ok...night dear...Love You..
Husband: Love You Too..
~2 years later~
Husband: Yue, come back here...
The husband ran after his naked daughter...who thinks that the chase is nothing but a game to her.
Yue looked back at her Father and didn’t look at where she was going and ran right into her mother.
Elizabeth caught her daughter before she ran off again and picked her up.
Elizabeth: Dear..you’re suppose to give her a bath...not play a game of tag...
Husband: (puts his hand behind his head) I’m sorry...When I was waiting for the bathtub to fill...
Yue ran away from me...Saying that she doesn’t want one...Please forgive me.
Yue: (shakes her head) Me no bath...me no wike bath...
Elizabeth: Yue, do you want to wear that petty nightgown that we bought?
Yue: (nods) Yes, but me no want bath...dada puts bath water ta hat..
Husband: Ta hat? Dear...I don’t understand her
Elizabeth: It means “To hot”...you put the bath to hot?
Husband: No, warm...
Yue: Mama, yous give me bath
Elizabeth: >sigh< I’ll give her the bath
Elizabeth took Yue into the bathroom to finish what her husband was suppose to do.
Just when he was about to sit down and read a book, the phone rang...
Husband: Hello...yes...I don’t know if I can....you did what?....ok, ok I’ll come...bye >sigh<
The husband hung up the phone and walked into the bathroom.
Husband: I have to go to the next town over
Elizabeth: How come?
Husband: A friend of ours, needs help on his farm. He slip and sprain his ankle.
Elizabeth: Now how in the hell did he do that?
Husband: Donno...I’ll have to leave in 10mins. I needed to be there by morning. I hope you will understand.
Elizabeth: I understand...how long will you be gone for?
Husband: About 3 weeks tops
Elizabeth: (tilts her head to the side) That’s not so bad I guess.
10mins later, the man was outside, waiting for the cab. He looked back at his wife and daughter one last
time before he leave.
Husband: 3weeks will be gone before we know it..
Elizabeth: I know...Take care...call me when you gets there and phone me every night.
Husband: I will
He walks over to her and gives her a passionate kiss, then he give a kiss on his daughter’s forehead.
Yue: Yous go dada?
Husband: Daddy, be will back in 3weeks. I want you to be a good girl to mommy Ok?
Yue: Otay, me bes good.
The cab had just arrive and waited for him to say good-bye to them.
Husband: Love You both.
Elizabeth: Love You too.
Yue: Woves Yous.
He got into the cab and drove away. It started to rain, when Yue went to sleep, Elizabeth had a feeling
that something bad was going to happen, but don’t know what, so she went to bed. When the clock struck
two in the morning, the thunder and lighting woke Yue with a start. She left her room and ran to her mothers.
When she got there, she froze with wide eyes, staring at the incident that was happening in front of her.
What she saw, was a man with red eyes, holding a bloody knife in his hand, and smiling down at the woman
that he killed. Yue’s scream caught the attention of the man. He turn around and his small smile turn into a big grin.
He walked over to where Yue was to and grab her before she runs off.
Yue: Wet go...wet me go...yous hurts me...Mama help me.
Alfred: It’s no good, your mother is dead. Wait til the boss hears about Elizabeth having a daughter.
He’s going to have a field day..(evil laugh)
Alfred took Yue and left to return to tell his boss that his mission was complete and that he had a bonus surprise for him.
Morning came, when The Husband was walking down the street, to return home.
Husband: >sigh< I can’t believe he lied to me...he didn’t have a sprain...all he wanted
was for me to come and join the party that he was having. He’s going to have an ear full when
Elizabeth hears about it. >sigh< Elizabeth and Yue..I have no idea what’s going to happen to me,
if anything happens to either of you.
The police cars was everywhere when the Husband snap out of his thinking.
Husband: What’s going on? Wait that’s my house!
He ran to the nearest police officer and asked what was happening. When the officer finish telling him,
the Husband face to from fear to horror. The love of his life was dead and his only child was missing or
dead as well. He had no idea if he’s going to live or commit suicide. He made up his mind.
He’s going to stay alive to find his kidnaped daughter.
~5 years later~
The husband was standing in front of several men and women. Waiting for the Lady to give the command
to tell everyone his name. The Lady then turn to him with a smile.
Lady: Everyone, may I have your attention please. I want everyone to meet our new member.
(turn to him) Go on..tell them your name.
Man: My name is Able Nightroad and I hope that we will be good friends.

Me: >Gasp< whats going to happen now? The first person to tell me witch anime show he came from...
then the next chapter will be for you..^_^
Kaiba: What the hell do you have done with your body?
Me: ^_^ gots me lip peirce, me eye-brow repeirce third and last time, and me gots me 2 new tattoos.
Joey: You’re a freak...
Me: Dats what my ex-bosses friend called me...(giggles)
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