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A/N: This is just something inventive I did over the holidays. I had no where else to stick it, so I just made it a short fanfic type thing.
A Malik Christmas Carol
By: Melissa Norvell

Malik the grumpy duelist
Had a very shinny Rod
And it can really kill you
Even when you are gored!
All of the other duelists
Used to laugh and call him names! (not to his face)
They never let poor Malik
Join in any duelist games! (think he cared?)

Then one troubled Christmas Eve
Santa came to say...
"Malik with your rod so light,
won't you threaten the reindeer tonight?" (contract issues anyone?)
Then how the duelists loved him
As they said to him with glee
Malik the grumpy duelist...
We're sending you to therapy!    
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