Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ As If! ❯ Shining Friendship ( Chapter 23 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

*Author's Note: I'm not sure when the next chapter will be coming out, because KidsWB seems to be changing its mind every other day about when we deserve new episodes. Now, I agree that it is high time we get a repeat -- but don't lie to us a week before and say it's going to be new! I DON'T like anticipating a new episode all week, just to find out that I won't be getting one for at least two!!

Okay, enough angry ranting. My only other note for this chapter is that I seriously over-did it because I didn't think I'd be able to come up with more than one or two for this episode. So it ended up as long as the previous one did... and it's only for one episode, not three. Go fig. ^_^;;

And now, our feature presentation...*

*Scene: The group is talking about Yugi behind his back.*

Tristan: I've never seen him like this.

Joey: We turned 'im to face the castle 'cause it makes a better shot.

*Scene: Again.*

Joey: We carried him downstairs so the next plot point can work.

*Scene: And again.*

Joey: Yeah, he fell off the tower and landed like this. Go fig.

*Scene: More of that.*

Joey: He's totally out of it!

Bakura: Well, he did just lose his only chance to rescue his grandfather.

Mai: *steps in* Lucky you got two deus ex machina right here! *gestures to herself and Joey*

Joey: I'm a whazy-whatsit?

Téa: A deus ex machina is supposed to be surprising, Mai.

Mai: What, you're saying I'm dull? Oh, I'm insulted.

*collective sigh*

*Scene: Yugi is talking to himself.*

Yugi: What is happening to me?

Joey: Think anybody ever had "the talk" with him?

Tristan: Not my job!

Bakura: I don't even know the guy.

Joey: *sweatdrops* I walked right into that one, didn't I?

*Scene: More talking.*

Yugi: One minute I'm battling against Kaiba, the next minute I'm battling myself.

*shot of Yugi's soft eyes looking at Yami, Yugi's hand laid on his other's arm*

Tristan: Does he have any idea how girly he looks there?

Yami: *thinking* I wouldn't have had to fight very hard to shake off that hand. I would've, too, but it's not honorable to pick on those weaker than yourself.

*Scene: Yugi is plucking at Yami's sleeve. The pharaoh looks ready to bite.*

Yami: *shakes Yugi off* Mere peasants do not touch the clothing of deities.

*Note: He's not being conceited -- pharaohs were gods.*

*Scene: Flashback of Yugi crying out and falling to his knees as he lets Kaiba win.*

Yami: *muses* Nice stone you're kneeling on, there. What is it, marble?

Yugi: I'm not sure marble comes in purple and blue, Yami...

*Scene: Yugi talks to himself some more.*

Yugi: What happens if I can't control it?

Tristan: Slow down, Yugi! You remember who your next opponent is?

Yugi: Well, it would've been Pegasus, but I c...

Joey: *catches on* Right, Pegasus! The guy that locked up your grampa's soul, just for kicks? Who did the same to Mokuba, just to get rich? Who cares how many pieces that creep ends the day in?

Bakura: Hey, if you manage not to French-fry him, may I push him off the ledge then? *sees the other cheerleaders glaring at him* What?

*Scene: Again.*

Yugi: What happens if I can't control it?

Téa: Stay away from guys who try to kill you or themselves, and you'll be fine.

Tristan: There are nowhere near enough normal duelists in this place!

*Scene: And again.*

Yugi: What happens if I can't control it? No, I can't take that chance, and that means I can never duel again.

Yami: Not that I agree with you, but you made a decision. Why are you still spacing out?

Yugi: If I didn't, they might stop trying to convince me otherwise! If they did that, then I'd have to think up a new way to change my mind... Do you have any idea how hard that is?

*Scene: The cheerleaders get bored of watching Yugi talk to himself.*

Joey: *walks over* It's okay, man. You just lost a few star chips, is all. Here, ta... aaah!

*The others run over*

Tristan: What is i.. ugh!

Téa: He... he has no eyes!

Bakura: *tilts Yugi's head up* So they forgot to draw eyes on him in this frame. What's the big deal?

Téa: You are so weird, Bakura.

*Scene: Joey has just offered Yugi his star chips.*

Bakura: But what about...

Joey: My sister? Sure she needs my help, but Gramps is in danger right now.

Bakura: Actually, I was going to say "the ledge," but I guess that works, too.

*Scene: Joey's trying to force his chips on Yugi.*

Yugi: I can never duel again.

Joey: Grr! Come on, snap out of it! You're really starting to scare me, man! *picks Yugi up like a limp rag doll*

Téa: Ah! I knew he was complaining of a broken rib earlier, but it's like he doesn't have a bone in his body!

Tristan: I think we need to start getting some stunt doubles.

Bakura: Or quadruples, for him.

*Scene: Joey is strangling the Yugi rag doll. Bakura walks over and waves his hands in front of Yugi's face.*

Bakura: He's awake, but it's like there's nobody home.

Joey: *shakes Yugi* What! So now you're not even willing to look at your boyfriend's face, huh??


Joey: *drops Yugi, who crumples in a boneless heap on the ground, and sweatdrops* Aheh-heh. Whoops.

*Scene: Their savior appears.*

Mai: Huh. If this is how you treat your friends, I'd hate to be your lover.

Joey: *stammers and blushes*

*Scene: More stuff about Mai.*

Téa: It's Mai!

Mai: That's Deus ex Machina to you, hon.

Téa: *sighs* Not this again...

*Scene: Solicitousness.*

Mai: What's up?

Joey: *quickly drops Yugi and blushes* Er, nothin'. *grabs Yugi as he starts to fall over, and laughs nervously* Nothin' at all.

Mai: And this would be why I stopped hanging around with you guys.

*Scene: Kaiba's marching off to battle.*

Kaiba: Alright, Pegasus. I played your game and won. Now I'm... is that all real gold? Oh, that show-off's just making me angrier and angrier...

*Scene: Again.*

Kaiba: Alright, Pegasus. I played your game and won. Now I'm coming for you. *sets off walking, but quickly runs into a wall* Damn it! The glare off all this gold is blinding me!

*Scene: Pegasus is watching Kaiba on one of the more minion-friendly hidden cameras.*

Pegasus: Ahh, Kaiba-boy. Shall we toast him, Croquet?

Croquet: I thought you said he'd get a chance to duel you before you killed him.

*Scene: Again.*

Pegasus: Ahh, Kaiba-boy. Shall we toast him, Croquet?

Croquet: Huh?

Pegasus: A toast to Kaiba and his stunning upset victory over Yugi.

Croquet: I keep telling you, "Croquet" isn't even a name, much less mine.

*Scene: Mai tries her hand at a prep talk.*

Mai: Now listen up! Especially you, Yugi! *whole big "don't give up" rant*

Bakura: Especially him? How does it apply to me at all?

*Scene: Mai taunts Yugi with her star chips.*

Mai: Earth to Yugi! Star chips at 12 o'clock.

Yugi: *whines* Ohh! Why can't I have them nooooow?

*Scene: The group is discussing Mai's intelligence.*

Bakura: Ah! She already has ten chips of her own.

Tristan: No wonder she's being so generous.

Joey: *smiles* Lay off.

Téa: You really aren't as impressive as you think...


Mai: *smirks* You don't call that impressive?

*Scene: Téa is trying to explain about Yugi to Mai.*

Téa: Mai, don't get mad, get Glad! *everyone else sweatdrops* Whoops.

*Scene: More realistically...*

Téa: Mai, don't get mad, you just don't understand.

Mai: That's the second time you guys have implied that I'm stupid.

Téa: Look, if we went around giving our life histories to everyone, we'd never get to move five feet!

Mai: Well now you'll have to duel me, so it'll take even longer to move those few yards into the castle. So NYEH! *makes a rude gesture*

*Everyone else sighs.*

*Scene: ...although this would be more fun to see.*

Mai: Your friend lost one lousy duel and now he's too chicken to play again, isn't that right? How pathetic.

Yugi: *shouts* I didn't lose because of lack of talent, you stupid witch, and if you want me to win by killing people, I'll be happy to start with you!! *gets restrained by Joey and Tristan*

Bakura: I wish we were still on the tower...

Téa: What is your obsession with those battlements?

Bakura: They're just so perfect. It seems a waste not to have somebody use them.

Téa: *pats Bakura's shoulder comfortingly* There, there. I'm sure people have jumped before.

Bakura: *sniffles* Really?

Téa: *smiles* Yeah.

*Scene: Mai just upped her price for the chips.*

Téa: I'll duel you right here, right now for Yugi!

Joey: But we don't have any of them Dueling Disks, so you'd have to go over to the forest area.

Téa: Ah, well, who cares, then?

*Scene: The new set of cheerleaders discusses Téa's chances.*

Joey: What do you think?

Tristan: I think Yugi's in good hands.

Joey: Yeah. Pity one of us ain't duelin', 'cause then he'd have a chance. *they both sigh*

*Scene: Again.*

Joey: What do you think?

Tristan: I think Yugi's in good hands.

Bakura: *notices the others looking at him, and abruptly stops the inconspicuous shoulder massage he was giving to Yugi* Aheh-heh. *sweatdrops and smiles falsely*

*Scene: More discussion.*

Joey: I sure hope you're right, buddy, 'cause everything's riding on this one match!

Téa: *ticked* That's been the case half a dozen times since we came to this island, so don't go laying more pressure on me!

*Scene: They just finished dragging Yugi down the stairs like a sack of potatoes.*

Bakura: Yugi's still lost in his head.

Joey: *raps Yugi's head with his knuckles, getting a hollow sound* Well, it's sure big enough for it!

*Scene: Another version.*

Bakura: Yugi's still lost in his head.

Tristan: Well, maybe a little girl action will snap him out of it. *Joey snickers* Duel action! I meant "duel action!"

Joey: *winks* Surrrre ya did, buddy.

*Scene: The duel starts.*

Mai: I play Harpie Lady, Attack Mode!

Joey: Convenient how she always draws her only monster, first time, isn't it?

Tristan: *drolly* Yeah, it's just great.

*Scene: Harpie Lady swoops at the Petite Angel, who dodges.*

Téa: Whoa! That was close.

*Harpie Lady grabs the Petite Angel, and squishes it.*

Téa: And that was too close.

*Scene: Téa plays Fairy's Gift.*

Mai: Ugh, another of these cutesy cards. What are we having, a duel or a pageant?

Téa: *sweatdrops* I'd probably have a better chance of winning a pageant.

*Scene: Mai reveals that she played the Rose Whip on her Harpie Lady, and has her attack.*

Téa: Too late to call off my Fairy's attack now... I just have to hope for the best.

*Suddenly, a pixi appears and offers Téa a time machine!*

Téa: Hey, thanks, but this is only medium-great. Best would be getting Exodia.

*The pixi sighs and leaves.*

*Scene: The cheering section is discussing Téa's chances some more. They start gesturing animatedly, and let go of Yugi the Rag Doll, who collapses again.*

Bakura: *sighs and drags Yugi up again* We really need a stand for this thing...

*Scene: More discussion of Mai's Rose-Whip play.*

Bakura: Clever move!

Joey: Huh?

Bakura: *stops massaging Yugi's shoulders again* Uh, I mean, purely from a dueling standpoint, you know, old chap.

*Scene: Téa is yammering non-stop.*

Mai: If this is the start of some friendship rant, just save it. I've heard all your lame speeches before, and from that look on Yugi's face, I'd say he has, too.

Téa: Take that back!

Tristan: *sarcastic* Ooh, now there's a comeback.

*Scene: Téa has just drawn Shining Friendship.*

Téa: I wish this card was as strong as our real friendship -- then it'd be able to beat anything! It would have Joey's courage, Tristan's spirit, and Yugi's heart. Hey, maybe this card is as strong as our friendship! *looks over at Yugi, who is still a senseless rag-doll, and puts the card back into her hand* Oh, well. It was worth a thought.

*Scene: Mai and Téa are sprucing up their monsters.*

Mai: Cyber Shield! Tell me what you think of this makeover.

Joey: *drools* I like it, I like it a lot!

*The girls sigh.*

*Scene: Mai tries to cream Téa's Shining Friendship.*

Téa: Not so fast, Mai! I placed a trap, and I remember now what it does, so I'm activating Waboku!

Mai: You didn't even know what your own card did when you played it?? *laughs hysterically*

*Scene: Alas, Waboku only protected Shining Friendship for one turn, and so the play must go on.*

Mai: And I think I'll attack your face-down card to demolish any hopes you have left. *Harpie Lady destroys the Magician of Faith.* There! No more hope, no more faith, no more chances.Yugi, in his new spirit of complete honesty: If you had attacked her Shining Friendship, she would have lost. She is a complete novice.

Mai: You are so dead, you know that?

*Note: I just want to mention that that picture of the Magician of Faith really reminds me of one of my friends... *waves* Hi, Teeg!*

*Scene: Téa refuses to give up.*

Téa: This card reminded me of something that helps me face that fear -- my friends.

Mai: *sighs* And which three-second pause between friendship rants did you forget during?

*Scene: Mai has just finished her "Yugi is a wimp" talk, and said boy has traveled to that black place in his mind where his shadow is white and his shirt sky-blue.*

Joey: Whoa, man! Yugi's highlights've just started glowing!

Tristan: Eh, ignore them. They do that occasionally.

*Scene: Yugi's talking to himself some more.*

Yugi: What do you do when the thing you're fighting against is some kind of magical spirit that can take control of you, something that's living inside of you? What do you do then? *snaps at Bakura, who's STILL rubbing his shoulders* And are you trying to turn me yaoi?

*Scene: Again.*

Yugi: ...what do you do then?

Kaiba: *bounces over* Have I mentioned the wonders of Ducor yet? *holds a bottle up*

Joey and Tristan: YES! *they shove Kaiba offscreen*

*Scene: Shot of Yugi and Yami standing back to back, inside the cozy blackness that is Yugi's mind.*

Yugi: Aww, man! Even my own alter-ego is a full head taller than me!

*Scene: Mai continues talking about Yugi like he isn't there.*

Mai: He doesn't care about this match, and he doesn't care about you. *Téa looks shocked.*

Yugi: *snickers* Serves her right for breaking my heart last time.

*Scene: More ego-bashing by Mai.*

Mai: Nothing's worth the humiliation you're going through.

Téa: Humiliation? What humiliation? Everybody knows I'm not a real duelist yet, not like Joey.

Joey: Agh! *anime fall*

*Scene: Téa's piling magic cards on her Shining Friendship.*

Téa: Next I'll use Elf's Light to power him up even further! Now Shining Friendship is over 2000 attack points strong!

Joey: *blinks* Whoa. And a girl.

*Scene: Téa goes to collect her star chips after Mai's surrender.*

Mai: Whatever. I didn't need these anyway.

Téa: Yeah, but we only need five. Why not keep the extra as a souvenir?

Mai: Oh, yeah, right. Thanks. *takes back the sixth, and sees the others looking at her funny* What do I look like, a math genius?

*Scene: Yugi has just tried to destroy Téa's self-esteem by asking Mai about her last, unplayed card.*

Mai: Some cards just aren't worth playing, huh, Yugi?

Yugi: Yeah.

*A Kuriboh walks by and squawks indignantly.*

*Scene: Yugi is thinking before taking the star chips from Téa when Yami pokes his head into the scene.*

Yugi: Oh, man, Yami, stop that! You look like a cross between an elf and a Picasso. It's really disturbing!

*Scene: Right before they all race into the castle.*

Yugi: Hey, I just noticed that none of you made a fuss over me coming out of my trance. What's the deal with that? Don't you like me?

Joey: Yeah, well, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Bakura: *kneels by Yugi and puts a hand on his shoulder* If it's any comfort, Yugi, there's always that ledge.

Cheerleaders: BAKURA!!!!!