Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ As If! ❯ Match of the Millennium, Pt. 1 ( Chapter 33 )

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*Catling walks in, sniffing eagerly, as Ay nods.*

Catling: Mm, cookies? Wow, I like this new guy of yours. *snags a cookie from the tray Ay's holding*

DG: Hey! Be polite! These are for my reviewers as a welcoming present to our new home here! ...ohh, but I guess there's no reason we can't share, too, huh, Ay? *takes the plate from Yugi and holds it so that he can help himself to one, and then puts it up on a table for the rest of the readers*

Catling: *licking her fingers* Mmm... Good... Who knew the boy knew how to make more than lemonade?

DG: *shrugs and takes a cookie* Not me, but I'm scarcely surprised. *takes a small bite* Mmm, that is good... Marble cookie! *frowns at the cookie and blinks a few times* Although, why do I get the feeling that he's trying to tell me something...?*

*Scene: Yugi stands alone, outside the arena, thinking about his grandfather in a flashback.*

Grandpa: If you only remember one thing, Yugi, remember this: You must never lose faith in yourself. If you don't believe you can win, then you'll suffer defeat -- not only in Duel Monsters, but in life. Believe me, that advice is more valuable than any card you'll ever own. *smiles* I should know. I'm really old!

*Scene: Yugi looks at a door and it opens. Talk about special!

Téa: Surprise!

Yugi: *steps forward* Guys, what are you do... *trails off as he's interrupted*

Tristan: Hey, Yuge. We all wanted to wish you well.

Yugi: *looks at his watch* Well, that's very nice, and thank you, but I'm kind of late for my match right now...

Joey: Nonsense! We'll only be a minute.

Téa: I wrote a song for you! *looks around* Who has the harmonica?

Tristan: I think Joey has it.

Joey: What, me? That was your job, pal!

Yugi: Uh... guys... my match?

Téa: In a minute, Yugi! We're busy!

*Yugi sighs and sits down on the floor to wait while his friends argue over the lost harmonica.*

*Scene: Well-wishing.*

Joey: Looks like you finally made it. You're going all the way, buddy!

Téa: And once it's over, we'll get your grandpa home.

Yugi: *nods* Thank you, Téa. That really means a lot.

Téa: *surprised* It does? I mean, I thought you knew that we weren't planning on leaving him here after we rescued him...

Yugi: I did, but I figured that thanking you was the quickest way to get you to go away. *bounces up and down and whines* I have a match to get to!!

*Scene: Bell time!*

Croquet: The time has come. Would Yugi Moto the challenger please enter the duel ring? Mr. Pegasus awaits you.

Tristan: The hell he does! I don't see him around here anywhere.

Croquet: *firmly* He is waiting outside for the challenger to take his place. If the challenger would please...

Tristan: *holds his arm out to block Yugi* No way! Yugi doesn't have to wait on anybody's time!

Yugi: *gives up and sighs* I can tell, this is going to be one of those duels, isn't it?

*Scene: The cheerleaders urge him on.*

Joey: Go get 'im, Yuge!

*Yugi starts to transform, but is interrupted by some coughing from Croquet.*

Croquet: I said, would Yugi Moto enter the duel ring. In a duel of this magnitude, no substitutes may be accepted.

Yugi: Hey... what? Well, that... changes things...

*Scene: The long road to victory.*

Téa: He looks so determined!

Bakura: He ALWAYS looks determined when he duels.

Téa: Yeah, well, it's cute enough I can mention it whenever I want without it getting old, so there! *makes a face at Bakura, who promptly makes one back*

*Scene: Yami's boots make his footsteps as soft as the fog.*

Croquet: Now, for your dueling pleasure, Castle Pegasus is proud to present...

Tristan: Whoa, wait a second! "Castle Pegasus?" *groans* Gotta love how inventive these guys are with names...

*Scene: Why does Pegasus have TWO cushion-bearers?*

Croquet: ...the creator of Duel Monsters and all its wondrous cards...

Yugi: *thinking* And thief of my grandfather's soul!

Téa: *blinks* Why'd he pause? I don't get it.

Pegasus: Ah, just letting Yugi-boy rant his little heart out. Challengers are always so predictable.

*Scene: What a big nose Yami has...*

Croquet: ...the undefeated, undisputed ruler of Duelist Kingdom, Maximillion Pegasus!

Yami: Huh. My country might lie in ruins now, but my titles are still better than that!

*Scene: Yami pulls out his deck and poses defiantly.*

Yami: *thinking* At last, I finally face Pegasus! It will take all the wisdom my grandpa gave me, and all the power in my cards, but I will de... *the cards slip from his precarious hold, and scatter all over the walkway, and beyond* *out loud* I... that... uhhhh...

Téa: *buries her face in her hands so she doesn't have to watch the cards fluttering down* I keep telling everybody not to show off, again and again, but they never listen...

*Scene: The winged horse advances.*

Pegasus: So, Yugi-boy, you've turned out to be quite the young duelist.

Yami: Young? I never lied about my age! Although one might say that I claimed to be younger than I truly am, but definitely not the other way around.

*Scene: Our pharaoh's like a coiled spring.*

Yami: PEGASUS! Before we being this duel, I want you to agree to keep your promise!

Pegasus: What an odd demand. I mean, if I was planning on breaking my vow, surely I would have no problem breaking a second one as well.

*Scene: Yami's demand.*

Yami: If I defeat you, you'll release my grandfather's soul to me!

Téa: Wouldn't you rather he returned it to your grandfather's body, instead?

Yami: I'm having enough trouble phrasing my demands so that I can include Mokuba and Kaiba in here as well while still having it be only one request. I think I can handle such details myself.

*Scene: Blissful neglecting of the "one wish" rule.*

Yami: And that's not all! You must also free the souls of Seto and Mokuba Kaiba!

Bakura: That seems awfully narrow-minded. Why not just demand that he release all his souls?

Yami: I've got enough people fawning over me, thanks. You want to deal with them, YOU fight for them!

*Scene: Yami finally stops shouting.*

Pegasus: What a strange demand. I thought you hated Kaiba as much as you hate me, Yugi.

Yami: Maybe I need to keep a vow of my own, Pegasus.

Mokuba: *flashback* But... But then, what can I do?

Yami: *flashback* You can start by trusting in me, and together, we will defeat Pegasus!

Pegasus: Huh. Doesn't sound much like a vow of anything except vengeance, to me.

Yami: It what? *frowns and runs through his words again* Why, I don't believe it! You're right! Well, you can keep Kaiba then, but I still want Mokuba. Someone who can understand everything I do is not to be taken for granted. *sighs at the smallness of that group*

*Scene: Such mournful music...*

Pegasus: Ah, I see. A vow to Mokuba.

Yugi: *stricken; mentally* Did he just read my mind? That isn't nice!

Yami: *with forced patience* Yes, Yugi. It isn't nice.

*Scene: Pegasus agrees to his terms.*

Tristan: Pegasus is up to something.

Joey: I know. I think he planned to take on Yugi in the final match all along.

Bakura: Well, since Yugi is undeniably one of the top duelists in the world, and certainly the best here, only a fool would be unprepared to face him.

*Scene: Cheerleader talk.*

Bakura: I hope that Yugi can handle him. Throughout the entire tournament, Pegasus has stacked the deck in his own favor every step of the way.

Yami: *looks up* Actually, he's done the exact opposite a surprising amount. Every step along the way, I learned something else about myself, and became stronger and better for it. In fact... *looks back down* ...it's almost like he's been goading me on.

Pegasus: *shrugs* I might have never gotten to have children of my own, but that doesn't mean I don't know a thing or two about encouraging talent.

*Scene: Disagreement.*

Joey: When this is all over, Yugi's gonna be the undisputed champion!

Tristan: I dunno. I'm not sure it's in Kaiba's anything to give up that easily.

*Scene: More talking...*

Joey: Pegasus won't even have a clue what hit him!

Yami Bakura: *snickers* That's for sure.

*Scene: Moral support.*

Joey: You can't have such a negative attitude, guys. Yugi's countin' on us, too!

Bakura: *sarcastic, under his breath* Ah, yes. The ever-lauded role of the cheerleader.

*Scene: Too many exclamation points.*

Joey: Look at him! No way that over-dressed prima donna stands a chance against our buddy!

Pegasus: Ooh, so it's a clothing war now, is it? *claps delightedly* This should be fun! Hmm... I think I'll start with leather boy over there...

Yami: *mentally* Your friend, your body, your problem! *vanishes back into the Puzzle*

Yugi: *sweatdrops* Wonderful.

*Scene: Joey lays his hand on Tristan's arm. Awww!*

Joey: Trust me, Yugi's no Kaiba, he's gonna beat this clown!

Tristan: "Yugi's no Kaiba?" I didn't know that Kaiba-ness was a recognized adjective, now...

*Scene: The more colorful cheerleaders take off for the upper balcony.*

Bakura: Guess there's nothing we can do but wait for the duel to play out. Pegasus holds all the cards, right now. As long as he holds his prisoners, we're going to be at his mercy, no matter what the outcome of the game.

Tristan: Right! *runs off*

Bakura: Tristan, where are you going?

Tristan: *stops* I'm going to see if I can find Kaiba or Mokuba anywhere. Because if I can get 'em back, even without their souls, then Pegasus won't hold all the cards.

Bakura: But that makes no sense! What does PEGASUS need with their bodies? The literal cards are all he needs to have, and there's no way we're getting those away from him.

Tristan: You just take all the fun out of this, you know that?

*Scene: Evil returns.*

Yami Bakura: *thinking* A search for their empty vessels? Not a bad idea.

Bakura: What? You want them instead of me? I'm insulted!

Yami Bakura: I'm indifferent, although I'd suggest you get back to your... "friends"... before that changes.

Bakura: Errr... right! Sorry! *runs off for the stairs, full speed*

*Scene: At the arena.*

Croquet: Challenger Yugi Moto, as per the rules of the Duelist Kingdom tournament, present the card that entitles you to participate.

Yami: *holds it up, mocking* As per your rules, here it is -- Glory of the King's Opposite Hand.

Téa: I really don't get why he's having to show it again. They already know what he's dueling for, and that he had the card before. Not only was no-one else playing with that card, but there's so much switching going on that even I could have gotten one, if I wanted it!

Joey: *sighs* If I let you rant now, will you be quiet during the duel?

Téa: Not likely, no.

*Joey sighs again.*

*Scene: Croquet likes his speeches.*

Croquet: Just as the card you hold is a blank slate, there are no limits to the prize you may request of your opponent if you are the victor. You can decide, if you wish, to take over his company as your reward for winning. You can ask for this entire island, or demand Mr. Pegasus's Millennium Eye as your prize.

Pegasus: *slightly nervous* Yes, yes, I think he gets the concept without you having to keep giving him ideas, Croquet.

Croquet: *nods, but speaks to Yami* Do you? Because I could keep going for a while if you haven't.

Pegasus: *high-pitched* Are you TRYING to get yourself fired??

Croquet: One might say that, yes.

*Scene: Same.*

Croquet: You can ask for this entire island, or demand Mr. Pegasus's Millennium Eye as your prize.

Téa: His eye?? Ewww...

Bakura: *mentally* Betcha wish you'd thought of that, Yami!

Yami Bakura: Bet you'll be wishing you'd kept your mouth shut, mortal.

*Scene: Same again.*

Joey: Here's an idea, Yugi! Just request ALL his possessions as your prize! It's just the one wish still, right? And you get tons of money, and that Item, and the souls back, too!

Yami: Ah, yes, but I can't do that, you see...

Joey: Huh? Why not??

Yami: Too prideful. If my aibou or I had thought it up, that would be one thing, but you? No way.

*Scene: Pegasus is tickled pink with his prize offering.*

Yami: Promise me that you will free the souls of my grandfather and all the others.

Pegasus: Yes... But if I am the one that defeats you instead, you have to fulfill your end of the bargain as well.

Yami: *sighs* I swear, this was SO not in the rules.

*Scene: Pink goes horribly with red.*

Pegasus: Take a close look at the card in your hand, Yugi-boy. There's a reason that it's blank, you know.

Joey: Uh, yeah. I mean, Croquet just explained all that.

*Scene: Same.*

Pegasus: Take a close look at the card in your hand, Yugi-boy. There's a reason that it's blank, you know. For if I win, then I claim your soul... forever! So you see, you have much to gain, but much to risk, as well.

Yami: It's a risk I'm willing to take to free the soul of my grandpa and the others! But, uh... you only need the one, right?

Pegasus: Why, yes, of course.

Yami: *breathes a sigh of relief* Good.

Yugi: *innocently* What was that about, Yami?

Yami: *slightly embarrassed* Ah... nothing, aibou... Go back to sleep, now...

*Scene: Yami might talk a tough line, but still, his hand is shaking.*

Bakura: This is the biggest gamble I've ever seen anybody take on Duel Monsters!

Joey: People keep saying that, an' I don't get it. I mean, not only did Kaiba do this, too, but there was that whole Shadow Realm duel and stuff, too!

Bakura: Yeah, but I wasn't really paying attention, there.

*Scene: Bakura's words shock them all.*

Téa: *thinking* Oh, Yugi, you just can't lose. If you did, I'd... *frowns* Well, I guess I'd have free access to your Yami, at least, then! That wouldn't be so bad, I guess. *cheers up considerably*

*Scene: Stirring music and bold words.*

Yami: I hate to disappoint you, Pegasus, but I have no intention of ever becoming part of your soul card collection. I mean, god. I'm just starting to get used to this thing -- *shakes his Puzzle* -- I don't WANT another change of address!

*Scene: The Bigs are happy, Pegasus is happy... everyone's happy!*

Pegasus: All my plans have come to fruition in this one, final duel.

Yami: "FRUITION?" I'm starting to think you really are an alcoholic, Pegasus!

*Scene: Croquet gets bored of all the talking, and starts the match.*

Croquet: The final duelist contest will now begin. The winner will be declared King of Games.

Yami: *polishes his Puzzle with his shirtsleeve* Amazing how some titles never change, isn't it?

*Scene: A pair of goons is lowered from the ceiling. Idea by Lizzie.*

Croquet: Now both of you cut and shuffle your opponent's cards.

*Yami takes Pegasus's deck, cuts it, and places it back with a smile while tucking something under his wrist-buckle.*

Yugi: *mentally* What are you so happy about?

Yami: *mentally* Well, you know that invincible magic card Pegasus played in his duel with Kaiba -- Toon World? Well, I don't think we have to worry about it anymore.

Yugi: Uh... Oh, dear.

*Scene: On the other side...*

Pegasus: *taps Yugi's deck with a finger* It's good as is.

Yami: I'm not sure whether to be offended or not...

*Scene: The players draw their cards.*

Yugi: I. Won't. Lose. I can't lose!

Yami: *thinking; annoyed* I think you proved that quite untrue in your last duel with Kaiba.

*Scene: Tristan almost looks... cute... as he wanders around.*

Tristan: What have I gotten myself into? This castle is humongous! *sighs* I TOLD Téa it wasn't just because we were walking around in circles! Er... entirely.

*Scene: Walking past an ungracious suit of armor, which refuses to give Tristan directions.*

Tristan: There's no sign of Kaiba or Mokuba or anyone else down here. *stops short* Oh! I spoke too soon. *looks at a sign down the hall* Hmm, "Un-dead Body Storage." Guess that'd be what I'm looking for. *walks off down the proper corridor*

*Scene: Tristan panics when he hears the loud, obnoxious humming of a guard.*

Guard: *turns the corner, and stops* Hey! Hey, you! *blinks a few times* Er, what do you think you're doing?

Tristan: *hopping around with one of his legs in the armor and a helmet on his head* What does it LOOK like I'm doing?! I'm hiding, that's what!

Guard: *holding back laughter* Not very well!

Tristan: *thoroughly tangled up by now* Yeah, well, it worked in theory.

*Scene: Three-second silent costume change.*

Guard: Time to change shifts.

Guard 2: Of course it's time to change shifts! Why else do you think I was out here?

Guard: *sighs* I wish you'd stop saying that. It's bad enough having these lines be in our contract without you making a big fuss over them!

Guard 2: Seems to me that's your problem, not mine!

Guard: Yeah, yeah...

*Scene: Tristan clambers off.*

Tristan: *trips over the floor, grabs a dragon, and opens the door* What? A secret tunnel! But where does it lead? Hmm... Well, interesting as it would be to find out, I would have heard this door opening, so he must not have gone down there. Guess I'd better keep looking. *turns around and heads back the way he came*

*Scene: Some good-natured glaring before the duel.*

Joey: I feel like we're hangin' out in the Old West, waitin' for the first cowboy to draw.

Téa: I feel like I'm hanging out with a bunch of morons.

Bakura: I second that feeling!

*Scene: Yami "draws" first.*

Yami: This is it. Now we begin. I lay one card face down, and throw this monster card in Defense Mode.


Joey: Uhh, shouldn't the machinery be glowin' where he put those cards down?

Téa: I think so...

Bakura: I guess those guards broke the machinery by walking across it before, like that.

Téa: That's... unfortunate...

*Scene: Pegasus guesses what his monster card is.*

Yugi: Is his Millennium Eye really allowing him to read my cards?!

Yami: *sighs; mentally* I keep telling you, Yugi. Not all of the Items have spirits within them. Only with the Ring, the Rod, and, of course, the Puzzle do you have to worry about allowing.

Yugi: *playful* And allowances!

Yami: Huh?

Yugi: *sighs* Modern joke...

*Scene: Pegsy's turn.*

Pegasus: I play Red Archery Girl in Defense Mode.

Joey: *to Bakura* Is she wearin'... well, anything?

Bakura: *darts a wary look at Téa* Ah... One has to presume so, yes.

*Scene: Mind-reading and thinking.*

Yugi: His down card worries me, but I can't pass up this chance to gain an early point advantage. I have to take a chance and strike!

Yami: *mentally* POINT ADVANTAGE?! You don't get a point advantage by destroying a Defense card, Yugi!

Yugi: Oh, shut up and go away!

*Yami blinks, startled.*

*Scene: The Beaver Warrior with its Unicorn Horn prepares to attack.*

Pegasus: You've made a grave mistake, Yugi. You've activated my trap card.

Yugi: *anguished* I should've known!

Yami: *mentally; amazed* You really should have.

*Scene: The trap was Tears of a Mermaid.*

Pegasus: It blocks all possible attacks by the opponent's monster. The Beaver Warrior's electric attack backfires against the Beaver itself, and its attack power drops to its original value.

Téa: Geez, wouldn't it be easier just to say that it removes the magic card?

Joey: Yeah, but where's the fun in THAT?

Téa: *sweatdrops* Ah, yes. Of course.

*Scene: Ooh, the deviousness.*

Pegasus: Now that it's weaker, I'll switch my Red Archery Girl to Attack Mode!

Joey: Okay, now I KNOW it wasn't wearin' that much clothin' before.

Bakura: *sees Téa twitching* Yes, but I'd get off the subject were I you, Joey.

Joey: But she wasn't! I swear!

*Bakura cowers as Joey gets whacked.*

*Scene: Red Archery Girl destroys Beaver Warrior.*

Téa: Did you see that?! Yugi had the upper hand, but Pegasus knew exactly how to counter!

Joey: Hey, calm it down a few notches, Téa! It's just the first move!

Téa: I know... *twitch* It's just... *twitch*

Bakura: *whispers to Joey* I really think we should consider getting her some nice quiet time alone when this is all over.

*Joey nods back vehemently.*

*Scene: The cheerleaders notice that Tristan's still gone.*

Joey: Don't he realize he's missin' the match of the century?

Bakura: If you're going to go that long, why not "forever?" Since you don't seem to be a big believer in the magic side of things.

*Scene: Twitching all around.*

Yugi: *bitterly* Pegasus must be reading my mind! It's the only way he could've been so prepared to counter my cards!

Pegasus: *thinking* Finally, Yugi-boy is a believer! And it's only been two duels! *looks heavenward for patience*

*Scene: Yugi is losing soooo bad.*

Bakura: It's what makes his Eye one of the most powerful Millennium Items. He can read anyone's mind he chooses. Anyone who tries to oppose him must use extreme caution.

Joey: I guess so. You seem to know an awful lot about that Eye, Bakura.

Bakura: Just a little. One thing I don't know is if any mere mortal can stand against it.

Yami Bakura: *drolly* How discreet of you.

Bakura: *mentally* Oh, come on. As if one of them would notice.

Yami Bakura: Hmph. Point.

*Scene: On the dingy side of the castle...*

Tristan: With a secret staircase and all, they've got to be hiding something down here. *hears something* Huh? Man, that guard is just OBSESSED with humming!

*Scene: On the golden side of the castle...*

Croquet: *pulls out his cellphone, which rings* What is it?

Security Guy: Agh! You KNOW it always freaks me out when you answer during the first ring!

*Scene: Back to the dirt.*

Tristan: Stairwell's closed off. Just great. I guess they must be onto me. Just my luck to run into a lair that doesn't have all its alarms go off! *sighs* It's always me...

*Scene: Pegsy decides Yugi isn't scared enough, so goes to change that.*

Pegasus: Could the card you just drew be... Summoned Skull?

Yami: Curse you, Pegasus!

Pegasus: *laughs* I bet you can't even!

Yami: ... *defensively* I'm working on it!

*Scene: Twitch. Twitch. Twitch.*

Pegasus: I think the Summoned Skull will go very nicely with your Celtic Guardian, Spellbinding Circle, Magical Hats, and Horn Imp.

Téa: He's reading all of Yugi's cards!

Joey: Yeah! *pause* Although, I guess that's rather handy for us, too. What would you play?

Téa: Hmm, me? Well, that Spellbinding Circle is always good... Seems a bit early for Magical Hats yet, but maybe that's just me.

Joey: Nah, I dunno. I think you could.

Téa: Hmm, yeah, I guess so...

*Scene: Hapless cheerleading.*

Joey: Don't let him psyche you out, buddy!

Bakura: I think being "psyched out" is exactly Yugi's problem!

*Scene: Yami... cowering..... Wow.*

Yugi: *desperately* How? He knows all my cards the instant I draw! With that Millennium Eye of his, he's unstoppable!

Pegasus: You know, there's really no reason you can't say all that out loud, you know. After all, I can already hear your yowling anyway! Perhaps one of your pathetic friends up there would have an answer.

Yami: Perhaps, but that would ruin my facade for them. At least this way, I can still say you're just lying.