Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Can You See Me? ❯ Contest Winning and Girl Pimping ( Chapter 1 )

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Summary: Malik won a day to date the HOT and BEAUTIFUL model Mai Valentine, but on that day when he gets ready he meets Mai's assisstant and clothes designer Anzu Mazaki yet thinks nothing of her, in school Malik also has a date with the POPULAR and HOT Serenity Wheeler yet again he bumps into Anzu who's nothing but a loner and STILL thinks nothing of her...will he finally notice her?


(Maliks Pov)

Great, another day of school, whoever thought of that must really be a kid hater or something, I mean it's practically wasting every second of our life, every second we pass is getting us closer to our death, scary thought huh? Ya well it's true, and what better way to waste it is to use up 7 hours of it, geez, and we still got this thing on Saturday...or was it Sunday, I have no idea my brain is totally fried right now, how come the American kids don't get this crap? *sigh* Yes, I'm surrounded by idiots, I swear can't they see the locker door swinging open?!! Oh Ra...it's Serenity...the most popular girl...I think I felt myself drooling or something((A/N: ¬.¬ I hope she drowns in his drool)) I sigh, I would never have a chance with her.

(3rd Pov)

Malik fell back as he turned around, his books falling to the side, "Kuso" he cursed quietly and stood up gathering his books, his eyes looking into blue eyes.

"S-sorry" the owner said quietly, pushing her reading glasses up a bit as she picked up her books and quickly scurried off, her face red from embarassment. Malik blinked and shook his head walking outside, it was lunch alright and he didn't want to get stuck at the sucky tables, dashing towards a good and available seat he sat down and opened his lunchbag seeing what his sister made. Peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, a banana and a can of coke...oh joy...he sighed and at the middle of his sandwhich and part of his banana, drinking his coke and threw his lunch away and sat at the table listening to the conversation the people around him were saying.

"Did you hear? There's a drawing in the office, whoever wins gets a date with the models Mai and Otogi! depends on which gender you are though" one of his fellow comrades said to the other students, all of them, both male and female huddled around the young teen who announced the amazing announcement ((¬.¬ not that amazing...)) Malik blinked and leaned closer to the table.

"a date with Mai?" Malik whispered, he grinned and ran to the office bumping into someone he groaned in pain and growled and looked up. There before him were rather angry emerald eyes, his face flushed as he sweatdropped.

"Like, what was that for?" the person's voice said snobbishly as the kids around her glared and nodded, echoing her as well.

"I'm sorry Serenity" Malik said bowing.

Serenity rolled her eyes and flipped her hair, "Well, like since you're so cute and all, I'm sure that like your like punishment like is so gonna be like taking me out, like say 7:00 tonight?" she said hyperly and walked off with her friends. Malik blinked and leaned against the locker.

"Did she just ask me out?" Malik whispered raising an eyebrow as he heard a sigh, he turned his head to see a locker open while someone gathered their books. He shrugged and walked off to the office.

Anzu closed her eyes, the locker door covering her face as she wept silently. She sighed and regained her posture and attempted to fix her skirt and walked out getting ready to go to work. She heard somewhere, that you're never alone, kinda scary, to know that when you're in your room alone, that someone is there yet you don't know it. She sighed and leaned against her locker, "If I'm never alone...then why do I feel so lonely..." she mumbled to herself and got ready to work her part-time job.

Malik grinned and put his name in the "Win A Date With Mai Valentine" slot. He slung his backpack over his shoulder and walked outside getting ready for his date with Serenity.

*** 7:00 P.M. ***

"So I was all like "no way" and she was all like "ya way" and I was like "shut up" and she was all like "no you shut up" and I was like" Serenity blabbered on as she poked at her steak. Malik sighed and groaned, this wasn't exactly the kind of date he expected from Serenity. This was rather...boring...he rolled his eyes at her stupidity.

"Hey, welcome to 'Hidden City', may I take your order?" Malik's eyes shot open, that voice...it sounded so gentle...and pure, he glanced up, his eyes widened even more.

"You..." he whispered.


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