Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Chibi's Curse ❯ Cornelius ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Yami Yugi= Yami/Pharaoh/Mou Hitori No Boku/ Atemu/Paro
Yugi Motou= Aibou/Yugi/Udi
Ryou Bakura ( Hikari)= Ryou/Tenshi/Teni
Yami Bakura= Bakura/tombrobber
Malik(Marik) Ishtar= Malik/ Koi/Toy
Yami Marik= Marik/tombkeeper/Tombbeeper
Seto Kaiba= Kaiba/Dragon/Tiba
Grandpa=Solomon/Sugoroku /Gpah
Ishizu Ishtar-Ishizu/ Sizu /Sister
Odion/Rishad=Odion/Odi ( I'm using the dub name.)

//Yami to Hikari//
/Hikari to Yami/
**characters thoughts**

(Authors Notes)

"Hi this is Yugi and Dark Sanctuary and this fic features a Chibi Marik (Yami Marik)." "This fic is rated PG for little Yami's."
"Dark Sanctuary doesn't own Yugioh or Yugioh abridged." (Cornelius comes from Yugioh abridged and Mariks middle name is Stephan long version of steve if you follow Yugioh abridged you'll understand where I got the inspiration to choose that middle name. And no Marik's middle name isn't really Stephan.)

Malik's POV

"Marik Stephan Ishtar when I get a hold of you," I heard Ishizu yell!
"Ishizu what in the name of Ra are you screaming about," I heard my older brother Odion say to our Sister.
"Marik he took that damn snake out of his cage and put him in my dresser drawer," I heard Ishizu say to Odion.
"Ishizu I'll take care of young Master Marik," I heard Odion say.
"Ugh," I heard Ishizu scream before running off.

Odion's POV

"Master Marik what did we tell you about taking Cornelius and putting him in Ishizu's dresser?"
"Not to Odi but Sizu dus being dipicult."
"Well that little stunt as earned you a time out, now go sit down in your time out chair."
"Do I hapta Odi?"
"Yes Marik you better get your little bottom in that chair before Malik comes I can hear him coming."

Normal POV

Odion let out a small chuckle as Marik ran to sit in the time out chair. A small golden chair that faced the right wall of the family room.
After the ceremonial duel had ended and the Pharaoh had been granted permission to stay in the present, Marik and Bakura had decided to stay in the present too. After getting the blessings of the Egyptian gods as well. No longer having to protect the memories of the Pharaoh the Ishtars were allowed to finally live for themselves. The first thing that Odion,Ishizu,Malik and Marik did was buy a home in Domino Japan that way they could be near there new friends. To Odion's surprise the woman who raised him as her own had left her three children a nice propery in Egypt. Odion and Ishizu were quit surprised when a couple of weeks later after the ceremonial duel they received a deed to the property from their moms aunt and uncle who they never knew existed. Even more shocking was that it had been amended to include Marik as well. Having the overground property besides the underground property enabled the four of them to enjoy the outside world of Egypt when they were living there which was usually during the winter months.

Malik's POV

I tried not to laugh as Ishizu walked past me holding a laundry basket of her underthings.

"Malik you better have a good talk with your Yami again, I have to wash all my under garments again."
"Ishizu I'll have a talk with Marik again."

I watched as my little Yami swung his legs in the time out chair, before walking over to him and kneeling down on the floor next to him.
"Marik do you know why you're in time out?"
"Tuz Sizu doent wanna tare."
"Why do you say that Ishizu doesn't want to share Marik."
"Betuz she gots all uptet dat Corbilus was sweeping in her cwose."
"Marik you know that Cornelius is supposed to sleep in his cage."
"But Toy Corbilus wikes to sweep on Ishizu nighties tuz der swilky."
"Marik if you promise not to put Cornelius in Ishizu's dresser drawer anymore I'll take you to the fabric store to pick out some silky fabric to put in his cage."

I watched as Marik tilted his head in thought before replying, "I'm realby torry Malit I tomis to teep Corbilus in his cage."
"Okay go use the potty and wash your hands so we can head to the fabric store."
//Malik tan we go to da park too?//
/If your a good little Yami when were at the fabric store, I'll take you to the park/

I couldn't help but chuckle as Marik got up from the time out chair scampering off.
Some would say that Marik was indeed a handful but he was my Yami and I wouldn't change that for anything in the world.

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"The next chapter will feature a little tombrobber."