Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Deny thy Father ❯ Father ( Chapter 3 )

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They used the `Millennium Items' to cast spells to guard Akunamukanon's tomb.

My family, forced to defend their murderer.

I simply could not get in any of the entrances. A holy barrier prevented me.

But I succeeded. My father had told me of a legendary spell to walk through solid objects.

I went back to the palace. The library, to be specific. And I ran into the one who was now my nemesis.

I was cloaked as a priest of Thoth, who keep their identities secret and communicate only using the holy writing of their god.

I dropped the books I carried when I saw Him.

He looked older than I. His eyes…

He hadn't slept in ages, I could tell. And he was so thin… I dropped my books in shock when I ran into him around a corner. He helped me pick them up and smiled.

He didn't speak, for if one is addressed by the Pharaoh one has to respond, and for a Priest of Thoth to do so would have broken his vows.

The smile was so fake… and the instant he turned away his eyes went dead again.

The brat mourned his father.

Who mourned my family, my father? None but me and my cousin, who had gotten himself caught while I was out in the desert.

They cut off his hands, the traditional punishment for repeated theft. He starved to death soon after. He was already dead: they had taken his Ka.

But that murderer had offerings galore to his spirit by a grateful kingdom and a loving son.

I went into the tomb after the last offerings had been completed on the day I finally mastered the spell.

I needed everything my father had taught me to survive the traps.

I grabbed the mummy and some jewelry and got the hell out of there.

It took me several weeks before I was recovered enough to go to the palace again.

This time I did not go in secret. I had spent years planning this. I wanted this boy-king to know the name of his nemesis: to know why he was being destroyed.

I broke in right in the middle of open court. Now, the pharaoh was the one being accused of a crime. The irony was delicious.

I had expected anger at a commoner daring to challenge him. At the desecration of the tomb of a `god.' I had expected denial of my accusations, attempting to hide the truth from his subjects as his father had.

Once he knew whose body I carried, he didn't hear a word I said. The priests fought, cursed my name, damned me for a liar and desecrator.

He just sat there, his eyes… dead to the world.

And then he stood up.

Through the middle of the battle of our monsters he walked unseeing, ignoring the cries of the priests. If one of the priests' monsters hadn't defended him, my Diabound would have killed him.

Which would have ended the game too quickly, I thought.

He walked right up to me, his eyes looking right through me. And he pushed me aside, his eyes never focusing on me.

I was so shocked; I just let him walk right by me. To his father's remains.

He hugged the mummy to his chest and… I have never seen sorrow like that, and I hope I never will again.

He picked up the mummy and walked right back to his throne. He didn't push me this time. I stayed out of the way.

Once again, he walked untouched through the battle.

He laid the mummy on the throne and turned around. And there, there was the hate and anger I had wanted. Here was my enemy.

An enemy who could command the gods.

How was that possible, I raged as I escaped. Why had a god come to the defense of one who wielded darkest magic bought by murder?

But it would not keep me from my revenge. My hate grew and made Diabound stronger.

The priest of Anubis, guardian of the tombs, tried to face me on his own ground. But it was mine as well. He died by his own trap. And so I gained the ring.

I broke into the palace, and spoke to Akunadin, the last of the original priests of the Items. The last of my family's murderers. I let him live, to anticipate how painfully I would kill him.

As I left, the Pharaoh pursued, with the god Osiris. But I had a plan.

The fool would not risk his capital.

So Osiris took each of Diabound's blasts so they would not strike the buildings, the Pharaoh feeling each blow himself.

He kept doing so even when he should have realized it was bad tactics. Was he… he couldn't have been trying to protect innocents.

And so I weakened him, and took the puzzle. I dumped him down a cliff, to die slowly. But he survived. And I was glad.

He came again, to face me one-on-one again. Fool, playing the hero. I deserved that title, or so I believed.

But the priests came, and I killed several and took their items. For the place of the final battle was Kuru Eruna itself, and I planned to place the items in the tablet they were formed in, and use that power to restore the bodies of my family.

Their spirits fought with me, protected me. And yet…

Still I lost. Diabound was destroyed. The creature that delivered the fatal blow at the Pharaoh's command was the Ka of the Priest of the Ring, which now contained his Ba as well.

My eternal enemy had defeated me. How…

In denial, I placed the Millennium Items I had gathered in the tablet, hoping I could still cast the spell.

And then I died. Or… at least I think I did. I felt…

Ripped in two, my shadows made undiluted by light.

And I knew no more.


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