Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Deny thy Father ❯ And ( Chapter 4 )

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Disclaimer: If I owned Yu-gi-oh, we would see more of the history of the ring!

Re. Item names: Rod sounds wrong: I saw Scepter used in Coalescence, which is a kick-ass YY/S, so I'm using it. And `Tauk' is a nonsense word, but Torque is a piece of ceremonial/magical neck-jewelry. Usually Celtic, but whatever. I think that's what they're trying to say. Complaints?


The first time I woke up, I didn't know what the hell was going on. I was just suddenly in some guy's head. They're calling them `soul rooms,' or at least that's what the Pharaoh and his little pet call them when I've listened in.

Anyway, the guy got in a poor excuse for a fighting stance and said something along the lines of, "Get out of my head, you demon!"

At which point I swatted him with some shadow energy. Frankly, they don't make mortals like they used to. The pharaoh had managed to take about a thousand times that amount and still fight. The idiot keeled over. At which point I was stuck in the ring again. This time, I stayed awake. It was boring as hell. I resolved to, if I ever ended up in that situation again, to ask some questions before attacking, instead of after subduing the guy.

I hadn't meant for him to die! It was just that he was attacking me, or it looked like it, and I had no idea what was going on. The last thing I remembered, if you recall, was being torn from my body. And then I ended up in some really weird place that just didn't feel like the normal world…

And so, the next time I found myself in a weird place, I just pinned the guy to a wall with a dagger and kindly asked him what the hell was going on. He blubbered something about how some mystic guy that he had sought out had offered him a talisman of magical power that would be his if he could subdue it.

Then he decided I was some sort of genie or something and ordered me to `unhand him!' So I knocked a few of his teeth out until he got the picture. I left him in no condition to move and explored a bit.

When I went out of the room I went down a corridor and found myself in a body. Man, the bastard was fat. It was weird being that out of shape.

I looked down and saw the Ring, well, my Ring now. And I could sense that my soul was tied to it. And then I looked around at where I was. It was obviously a rich lazy bastard's house, some things never change, and I've robbed enough of them to tell, but the style and everything was completely different from anything I had ever seen. And I knew foreign stuff, I'd robbed enough caravans.

So I was wondering, what the hell? And it suddenly came to me how to use the ring and go inside his mind again and probe his memories. And…

I'd figured it had been a while, it felt like I had been trapped in there forever, but Egypt a colony of some guys from the peninsula!

I sort of laughed at the thought of the Pharaoh's murdering line being overthrown, but what about my revenge?!

After going into a rampage and smashing some stuff, and scaring the hell out of the little servant girl who came to find out what was wrong, I came up with a plan.

Since the Ring was still around, obviously the others were too. They're a set, you have to destroy them all to free the souls trapped inside. And now that I had joined them in their imprisonment, I could feel them much stronger than before. It might have been a touching reunion, but they were… not individuals anymore, not really human. They were sort of a… I think they call it a `mass mind' nowadays. And not one that really thought like a human. I could tell it/they sort of felt benevolent towards me, but not really enough to communicate or anything. Sort of like a pet, like that cute little chibi the Pharaoh has.

Anyways, I was going to need a better body if I was going to get the rest of the Millennium Items and free them. And power would be nice. I didn't want to be a ruler though, that would have taken up too much time. So I looked around in my stolen memories for a rich officer.

And so I paid him a visit, and gave him a `gift.' The Ring. And, as I had surmised, I soon was in his mind. He tried to fight me, but I subdued him easily enough. Then I let my previous host take control back, and proceeded to kill him so he wouldn't blabber to any priests.

Modern priests are rather useless, but I was used to the Egyptian ones, who could kick ass. I could probably beat them, no one but the Pharaoh had ever been a challenge even before I had a Millennium Item, but I didn't need the hassle.

I'd thought I was fine as long as I didn't kill the body I was in. Well, I was wrong.

Over the next few bodies I discovered that:

apparently some secret society of guys in turbans kept handing out and collecting my Ring

I was fine as long as I didn't kill the guy who woke me up

the Ring could home in on Millennium Items, but I only managed to ever get the Eye, `cause

I had no idea where the heck the Puzzle, Torque and Scepter were, and the guys in turbans kept the Key and Scales, and every time I tried to ambush whoever had them, or go where they were keeping them, I woke up in the ring.

I eventually got the message not to try. I got the sense that… the Millennium Items were waiting for something.

So I settled down to wait too, although it was as annoying as hell.

Occasionally I'd just kill the idiot stupid enough to try to use MY FAMILY as a power source. The one before Ryou, I stuck the pointy things into and set him on fire from the inside.




I hate people who `lose their inspiration.'

Joey has the most tragic situation on the show besides Ba-khu-ra.

Look at the end of Ch. 2 for a story outline.