Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Deny thy Father ❯ Thy ( Chapter 6 )

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What the HELL?!

And what is up with the chibi? He's a midget version of you!

At least Ryou is a half-decent height. Of course, you always add on half a foot. WHY don't people notice?

Of course, they're too busy watching you kick ass with their mouths hanging open. You ARE good.

You DID kill me.

I won against you once. Why can't I ever do it again?

Ryou is some weird version of me. I figured that out eventually. And Yugi is the same to you.

Game. Hah. Whoever named him must have had the Millennium Torque.

He's your game, and you play him well. He looks up at you with such trust. You come running when he calls. What do you see in him?

It was fun when he rejected you, after you were willing to let that fool Kaiba jump. On the ground crying, talking about how he would never duel again.

But you could never resist a challenge. You always would come chasing after me on your own. And so he dueled. And let you take over, use him.

I skipped your glorious victory against Pegasus. Didn't want to see you win. Again. But he was a fool. He could never beat you.

It was foolish to tip my hand by challenging you a second time. But I think you knew I was still around anyway. Whenever I looked through my host's eyes, I saw a shimmer of ruby.

Or am I imagining things?

His eyes are purple. He's weak, like Ryou. You coddle him. I at least try to introduce my yadonushi to the facts of life.

He said once you call him Aibou. Him, a worthy partner for you?


When he almost died during the Monster World game, when he attacked and was shocked during our duel at Duelist Kingdom…

Why do you care about him? Weakling.

Little one you call him. Little. Not a worthy host. I can't believe he's connected to you.

Why the hell did I challenge you at Battle City? There wasn't anything in it for me. I could have taken the Scepter anytime I wanted. Malik was such a baka.

I did it for kicks. To beat you again, and have you know you were beaten fair and square, because I was better than you.

That's why I took over when I could have won. I want a true victory. Not out of any care for my host, although it would be a pain if he died now, when I've finally found you.

I wouldn't have another chance to beat you.

To grind you down into the dust, to kill you and with your power and death, the Pharaoh's power, a god's death, restore my people to life and lick your blood off the knife.

I'll kill you slowly and drink in your screams.

I think I'll kill your little pet in front of you first.

Of course, I was watching in the shadow realm when you thought he was dead during the battle with that idiot, Pegsy-boy.

Trying to take MY Ring. Trying to use my family for his own purposes. I made him hurt.

I thought you would rejoice, use your true powers without having to worry about that weakling breaking the Puzzle.

You actually care about him.

How odd.

I'll kill him slowly.

I've seen you in spirit form, watching out of the corner's eyes. How you sit down on the floor beside him at school, leaning your head against his legs. How you suddenly smirk and lean up and play with his yellow bangs, so limp and listless compared to your own, and make a comment that has him choking down laughter, and, when he's recovered, gazing at you accusingly as you laugh and laugh and kiss him on the forehead.

And he smiles that wide sweet innocent smile and looks at you with eyes full of worship.

At one whose reign enslaved the slaughtered.

Have you taken him, broken him, made him scream? You know you want to. Perhaps you did, and wiped his memory.

For one of your sins, to be around unviolated innocence must burn.

I never enjoyed the suffering of others. Except those who profited by my family's murders.

Of course, to be fair, you weren't a sadist. I studied you, I would have known. Profited from murder, but never bloodied your hands.

No, you wouldn't ever taint him. I've seen you look at him and look away before he can notice what is in your eyes.


No, you are your father's son.

Damn you.

Literally. I will send you to hell. Better. To the Shadow Realm with you, for the rest of eternity.

That Ki-sama, Malik. Smashing the Puzzle and destroying you… how can I hurt you if you sleep as I did?

How can I get my revenge when my DAMN enemies keep dying on me?

Curse your father, not me. If I'd been able to kill him, you would not have suffered.

What happened, that you were sealed in the Puzzle?

My family wished to preserve my spirit, I know that now. Did they resurrect you so I could kill you?

But why now?

It's been three thousand years. Egypt, the world they knew, is dead and dust.

How will we live?

Well, that's why I stole. A nest egg.

Useless, now.

Everything was useless.

Oh well.

I didn't have to fight you. The whole thing, all my hate, just a HUGE misunderstanding.

If I started laughing, I wouldn't be able to stop.

You didn't know. It wasn't even your father that did it. HE didn't even know until right before he died.

I didn't have to fight you. I didn't have to die. You didn't have to die.

Gods damn Akunadin, wherever he is.

You'd probably forgive him. You've forgiven me. You looked back at where I stand, and you're not running through that door to the afterlife.

You're waiting. For me. Offering me a chance to gain the heaven I don't deserve.

Damn you. Damn you.


Yeah… Joey has options NOW. And Seto's case isn't as hopeless as you think. Watch the Doom Arc. Battle City REALLY helped him. And he's smart and he hates being weak, and being emotionally weak is something he is going to work on. I think he'll make it.

Frankly, this chapter is the first one I like. I wanted to do a character analysis of Atemu, Yami, and Yugi (all three versions of the Pharaoh) from Bakura's perspective, but I ended up doing a biography. Damn.

Notice one-sided B/YY and Y/Y with Yami not doing anything about it. Resolved in next chapter.