Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Destiny Kills ❯ Chapter Three ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter Three:

"Why did the Pharaoh bring the boy in?" Jou asked Seto, his big brown puppy eyes looking up at the blue eyed priest. Seto chuckled and ran his fingers through Jou's golden hair.

"Well, that little boy would be his aibou." Seto said, smiling down at Jou. Jou's eyes lit up and he stood up straight.

"Oh wow! He finally found his aibou?"

"Yes he did. Now, we must make sure everything goes in their favor. I pray that nothing will come between them." Seto dipped his head, praying softly. A flash in his memory startled him but he allowed it to take control.

"Trouble brews as the newest member arrives.. Trust becomes shaken as evil extends its hand outwards to all." Seto spoke, raising his head to stare at Jou's frightened eyes.

"I hate when ye do that." he said softly, rushing back into Seto's arms.


"Hehehehe," an evil and sinister voice chuckled as he watched the Pharaoh and his newest member roaming the halls. For the past few years, Pharaoh had been searching for his 'aibou' to save him from the darkness and he had failed up until now. Up 'till now, he had been able to shield the boy from his sight, grinning as he watched the Pharaoh slowly slip away into the darkness.

"Well, since the boy is here, it'll make things that much more fun." the voice said evilly, smirking to himself in darkness.


"Pharaoh," I said quietly, Pharaoh stopping in the middle of his sentence.

"Yes aibou?" he said softly, smiling down at me. I bit my bottom lip, not wanting to ask questions but my mind was too active and wanted answers all the time.

"Pharaoh.."I stuttered, shutting my eyes and feeling my tips of my ears going red.
"No, not 'Pharaoh'," he said, titling my chin upwards so I'd have to look at him. "Call me Atemu." he smiled happily, kissing my forehead. I nodded, and for once, I felt a funny feeling in my stomach and heart. I could remember when my old master had kissed his little baby girl like that, and it made her laugh and smile up at him.

"Are... Are you sure my Pharaoh?" I asked quietly, not meeting his eyes for just in case he was lying to me.

"Yes, my aibou, I am sure." He kissed my cheek and I, without thinking, found his cheek as well. I heard his gasp and I stumbled out of his embrace and got upon my knees, begging for forgiveness.

"Forgive me my Pharaoh, forgive me!" I said, bowing down 'till my forehead touched the marbled floor.

"No! Stand!" he said, getting down next to me and put his hands under my arms to yank me up from the floor. "I'm not mad! I want you to call me "Atemu" and I liked when you gave me that kiss back." he said, cupping my face with his hands to make me stare at him. I shook my head, unable to believe that I could do something like that to the Pharaoh.

"I think I know what would help you." He said suddenly, grabbing my hand and dragging me away from the large entrance we were going into.


"See, this is much better than seeing everyone when you've only been here for a few hours." Atemu said, smiling as he poured water down my back. I nodded, relaxing in the warm water he had drawn for me. He was being so kind and gentle to me and it hurt me because I thought he was going to hurt me. His soft hands rubbed at my tense shoulders for awhile and I purred happily.

"Join me?" I asked quietly, suddenly wanting him in the water beside me. He nodded and stepped backwards, and I watched as he smiled as he stripped out of his attire, then slid into the water next to me. The water sloshed around me and he dipped his fingers into the warm water. Then he put his warm hand on my left cheek and made me look at him.

"When I first saw you, I knew I had found you. I've searched forever for you, my aibou." he whispered, his lips gently grazing mine. I gulped and closed my eyes, leaning forward the slight distance to push my lips onto Atemu. "I want you to fall in love with me." he whispered, kissing me back slowly.