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Echoes of Forgotten Times
Written by Shukumei no Kagi
Notes: This fanfiction was originally posted on Fanfiction.net under my Shukumei no Kagi identity. I'm not changing that name on the fic though I have a different identity on Mediaminer.
Warning: Yaoi, sorta deathfic.

Chapter One ~ Strangeness Abounds
The activity along the Nile was starting to taper off for the day. Yugi watched the people from the concealing shadows of the mud brick wall that surrounded the city. He sighed softly as he wrapped his arms around himself as the men disappeared into the city, their softly spoken words drifting over to him in a garbled mess.

Being out there alone except for a pair of siblings playing along the riverbanks drew a pang of sadness to him. True, the temperatures were a raging heat as typical for an Egyptian day but he shivered none-the-less.

Why did he have to feel so empty? Yugi just didn't understand why being separated from people had to feel so...cold. He shivered again as he drew his knees up to his chest, though he was careful in the movement to avoid unwanted eyes noticing him. Yugi couldn't tear his eyes from the scene, he wasn't paying much attention to what the pair were doing but more to the happy laughter that floated over.

Such things always looked like so much fun! Yugi heaved a sigh while resting his chin on his knees, making the tiny youth look even smaller all curled up in a bundle like that. He would have liked to be that free, to be able to play with someone. But he tensed as the older sibling chased the younger into the water. Quietly he hoped that they'd be all right but a worried light entered his violet eyes as the siblings splashed each other with the water, he knew perfectly well that they had to be disobeying their parents right at that instant.

He wanted to leave the shadows even more at that moment though, to warn them before they got in trouble. The sadness washed through him at the knowledge he couldn't do any such thing, his mother had never explained why he had to stay hidden. It *was* important enough that she reminded him everyday, he couldn't really go against her. He only was able to hope that the siblings wouldn't get into any trouble.

Please be okay. He thought as he smiled toward the playing two, watching them continue playing. It looked like so much fun that Yugi didn't notice the time slipping away until the two siblings paused, talking too faintly for the small boy in the shadows to hear. But whatever was said had the two siblings hurrying back to the city.

Yugi looked after them a moment before getting to his feet carefully and brushed the sand off of the old dirty robes he wore before stepping out into the dimming sunlight. That summer light beat down with a fierce heat that had Yugi blinking uncertainly for a moment. He was swiftly missing the cooler shadows he'd been hiding in seconds before. Yugi's thin kalasiris wasn't helping either, the robes were never the best for open desert heat. Yet Yugi preferred the robes to the normal loincloth.

No matter how hot it is, I have to get something for mother! Yugi thought as he made his way once again over to the river, not willing to head home until he'd tried.

He only paused a moment at the river's edge to remove his sandals. Then he waded into the water, the cooler waves feeling absolutely pleasant on his bare feet. Yugi wiggled his toes as he peered down into the river, trying to see through the sand which his movements had kicked up. It didn't work. Instead the tranquil water only provided a refreshment from the heat, though it was one that had Yugi tempted to splash about like the siblings had.

The play had looked fun....

Yugi sighed sadly as he continued to gaze longingly into the waters, tempted enough to take a second step into water that was deep enough to soak the bottom of his kalasiris.

He didn't notice his wet hem for a moment, he was more thinking of how much fun it would be to be playing out there. If only he knew more people... Yugi drooped more, this time enough to notice his robe dragging in the water.

"Oh!" Yugi exclaimed as he saw that and hurriedly lifted the garment from the river water.

He shook the water off as he backed out of the Nile, then Yugi gave the kalasiris another good shake before giving up.

I really should have been more careful! It's not like we can afford new clothing. Yugi thought as he turned his violet gaze back to river cutting through the massive desert only to find that the light was fading fast and a worried thought went through his head. I'm not going to have much more time. That was accompanied by a sorrow at the idea he might not get anything for his mother.

Yugi had taken a step toward the water when he heard the footsteps approaching and his heart promptly dropped. Disappointed tears slipped from his eyes as he hurriedly slipped his sandals back on as he knew that he couldn't risk being seen even for something as important as this.

The young boy hurried back to the city wall, quickly curling up into his former hiding spot as he heard the voices of the person approaching. Yugi was rather surprised to hear the speaker coming from the city, everyone should have been heading into the city...no one in their right mind would leave at this hour of the night.

"I'm telling you, Hark, this will be great! You know how many chances we have for something like this! We could actually make a difference!" Those words were spoken clearly, the voice being loud enough to sound as if it came from right next to Yugi and the little one gasped in surprise before he hurriedly shoved his fist into his mouth to muffle himself.

"Sure, coming from you that is so comforting." Yugi breathed a sigh of relief as the response seemed further away but he still couldn't help shrinking back nervously against the wall, trying to make himself even more invisible.

"What?!" The first voice protested in a yell that was quickly muffled. Yugi could make out an odd scuffing noise before the voice resumed not quite as loud. "Oh come on, have I yet steered you wrong? Just trust me!"

"Last time that was like jumping into a river of sharks."

"Quit that... It was for Salihah." The first voice warned before Yugi noticed movement at the city entrance. But he didn't dare move, which turned out to be good for it wasn't long before the two speakers stepped into view.

One was a large brown haired youth that Yugi assumed to be around his own age. The other voice belonged to a blond haired teen, which was odd...at least the hair color was for someone that came from around these parts. Yugi was used to more darkly shaded people, which the second person was not.

The two stopped outside, the blond ending up taking a few steps more than the other.

"I think this is the spot." That was the first speaker though it was obvious to Yugi that it was the blond who had spoken that time.

So...it's the blond who has the idea and the other is Hark? Yugi wondered to himself without removing his fist from his mouth. He was starting to relax since the two people were view. He was certain that it was worse not knowing where they were coming from. Though they still might notice me, he reminded himself and recoiled further while Hark was shaking his head.

"It was actually several spans down that way." Hark corrected as he pointed downriver.

"You know, I knew that!" The other said swiftly. "I just didn't want to walk farther, Harkhuf!" He said in denial as he turned back to Hark before blinking. "What? I do mean that, quit looking at me like that."

"Uh huh, I don't believe, Jibade. But who knows..."

Yugi grinned to himself as he listened to the banter going on between the two. It sounded to him like Harkhuf really didn't believe the blond Jibade. But Yugi didn't see any reason why someone would lie about that.

"Oh I see how it is, don't try to fool me since I'm on to you now!" Jibade replied though he didn't appear all that upset about it. "But come on already, it's not like we are going to have all day for this. We've a battle to demonstrate, though I much prefer the show to be shown! It will be so cool with the monsters and all!"

Yugi started in surprise at that. These two can summon Shadow Realm monsters?! Yugi wondered in delight for he'd never seen one of the monsters before in his life. He dropped his hand from his mouth and his mouth dropped open as his wide-eyed stare locked in wonder upon the two teens while Harkhuf moved to put some space between himself and Jibade. It was clear they were actually going to try!

"Can you really do that?!" He asked outloud in delighted excitement, he just couldn't resist finding out if he would actually get to see real monsters. But as soon as the words escaped, he clapped his hands over his mouth, regretting having spoken.

I'm not supposed to be seen. The youngster thought in despair as Harkhuf looked toward his hiding place.

"Who's there?!" Hark demanded.

"Huh? Wha...? Do what?" Jibade asked without turning, which left his back to Yugi.

Yugi bit at his lip without removing his hands, silently trying to decide whether to answer them. They already knew he was there and he did want a chance to see a monster for real. "I just wanted to know if you can really summon monsters!" Yugi answered while clambering to his feet and stepping from his hiding place, pausing as Harkhuf took a step backwards.

"That we can!" Jibade said proudly without turning. "Just you watch and see! You're not scared of me already are you, Hark?" He called to his companion.

"Of you no!" Harkhuf said without his eyes leaving Yugi. "But...err...we should be going, Jibade."

"No way!" Jibade answered with a quick negative gesture of his hands. "I'm not cowardly enough to run away from...." He paused and even Yugi blinked in confusion when Harkhuf pointed to Yugi. "Yes I do know there is a person back there talking, what's your point?"

Yugi had been about to ask what was wrong before Jibade's reply. Why would the brown haired one be backing away from him like that.

"I knew this was a bad idea." Hark hissed out as he began to edge for the city, the actions making Yugi even more confused. They were acting as if they were scared of him but they were so much larger than Yugi, or at least Harkhuf was.

"What's wrong?" Yugi managed to ask this time before Jibade could speak.

"Yeah!" Jibade glanced to Yugi for a moment finally before turning his attention to Harkhuf again. "I mean it's only a little...." Jibade trailed off at that moment then whirled back to look at Yugi. "Ahhack!" Jibade yelped with a sudden scrambling step backward.

"What?" Yugi asked with wide violet eyes filling with even more confusion as he gazed up at the two. They both looked so scared at the moment.

"Uh....nothing...nothing at all. We should be going, Jibade." Hark stated.

"Yeah! What he said, we can't stay. Have a good day!" Jibade agreed while backing off, at least for the moment it took him to say that. Then he bolted for the city at a dead run with Harkhuf hot on his tail.

"G....good day!" Yugi sputtered after them before moving but by the time he reached the entrance of the city both teens were well out of sight. Why were they scared enough to run off? Yugi wondered as he stared into the city with a sadness crystal clear in his eyes.

"Am I scary?" He spoke softly to himself, trying to keep silence from enveloping him in it's grasp again.

Only it didn't really work....

To Be Continued

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