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Echoes of Forgotten Times
Written by Shukumei no Kagi
Notes: Moving right along, I'm hoping none of this is coming out as confusing. I know these notes aren't needed in someplace but later on you might be glad for them.
Warning: Yaoi, sorta deathfic.

Chapter Five ~ Enter 'Bakt'
The people in the cities were always like little ants in his view. Always scurrying around doing whatever they were told. It was sickening, especially considering that it was the pharaoh they obeyed. He didn't even want to be around there but he didn't really have a choice since he'd not found anything at the tomb that could please 'his' damned 'patron'.

Then again, if he'd known that just what he sought would run into him...

Bakare, which was only the name he was currently going by, smirked down at the kid. His gaze still locked on the familiar hairstyle that went with the kids features. The kid was a miniture pharaoh look-alike! As delightful as that fact was, Bakare inwardly fumed, he'd gone to all that trouble only to find such a gem this close to home.

I should have waited and just come here, he grumbled to himself coldly.

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run into you like that." The youngster said, the honesty of his words plain in his expression. The youth paused for a moment with confusion clouding his violet gaze. "What did you mean by that?" At the question Bakare frowned more intently, looking at the kid. He might look like the pharaoh but there was a gentleness to this one that set him apart from the pharaoh Bakare had seen.

Bakare snorted while crossing his arms carelessly. "I don't have to answer a runt." Bakare snapped coldly toward the little one, fully wanting and expecting some sort of reaction to his words. He thought it would most likely be a shout or a denial that would come first, but he hadn't been expecting the childish pout that crossed the youth's features.

"You don't have to be so mean about it." The kid replied without, as of yet, having moved from where he sat on the ground. His wide eyes glinted with a hurt which just accented his expression even more.

Ugh. Bakare thought in disgust, having to fight the urge to shudder at the purity that seemed to be shining up at him. Bakare found himself liking the youth a whole lot less already, even the pharaoh would be more pleasant company than this kid. "Look, runt..." He trailed off trying not to flinch as it occurred to him that he would have to be nice. He doubted anything else would work on the youth and he couldn't very well knock the runt out while they were in the middle of the marketplace, without drawing attention.

He kept his face straight even as he forced himself to change tactics. "You did run into me." He finished as he wasn't quite ready to give in and be pleasant. "Why don't you at least tell me your name?" He asked though he didn't intend to ever use the kid's name once they were out of the city.

"I'm Yugi!" The youth answered easily with his features loosening from the pout to a smile and he nodded in greeting. Though Bakare wasn't all that fond of the fact the kid was willing to trust him so easily, it was just pathetic. Not to mention it made things way too easy for him, but Bakare wasn't going to complain about that! He wasn't happy that Yugi spoke again. "I was distracted before and didn't see you. I am sorry!"

Bakare could have gagged mentally while quickly looking away from the boy, only to have his own attention caught by a sparkle of gold. The kid at least has good taste! He thought as he greedily eyed the golden pyramid that hung there temptingly around the runt's neck. The kid certainly had plenty of uses though Bakare himself was more interested in the pyramid.

"I have better idea, kid. You've delayed me from some important dealings. You should make yourself useful." Bakare suggested while being careful not to let on how exactly Yugi could be of help, and the little lie in there was necessary. Bakare would have loved to watch the runt's reaction, but then the kid would likely try to get away from him. Which again would draw attention Bakare wanted to avoid.

"I'd be happy to..." Yugi trailed off to glance around. "But...I'm not exactly the most safe person to be around."

Oh yes this was too easy! Bakare thought to himself with a smirk. "I take it that was why you were running?" He asked with a sneer as he offered his hand to Yugi. He was starting to warm up to his kind act enough.

"Well..." Yugi looked around again, Bakare not missing the fact that the boy was nervously checking out the surroundings as if making sure that everything was safe. Then the youth took hold of the offered hand and Bakare pulled Yugi to his feet. Bakare didn't wait for anything else but instead headed toward the sidestreet Yugi'd been heading for. "Uh...I didn't have anywhere to go." Bakare smirked victoriously as he heard that comment and small feet padding after him.

You're missing the worst danger to you, Bakare thought in cold delight as he paused to let Yugi catch up. "I'll take that as a yes then. Perhaps it's a good thing you ran into me. I live in a place where no one would find you." Bakare didn't turn to Yugi as the smaller one made it to his side. On second thought though maybe he should be more specific.

"Thank you, sir." Yugi's polite voice spoke up in answer. "It's very nice of you to offer." The runt stopped there but there was a sense of there being more that he would add. "Um...can I ask who you are?"

Bakare pondered those words, considering the fact he was on the verge of kidnapping the boy he doubted it would be a good idea to use his real name. He even wasn't sure he should continue using his current assumed name with the boy. "Bakt." He stated simply, finally just picking a name to give the boy.

"It's nice of you, Bakt. Though I shouldn't impose." Yugi stated but Bakare wasn't going to accept that.

"You won't." Though not for the reason Bakare was going to give. "I could use someone to look..." Bakare paused knowing that saying 'captives' might not be a good thing for the runt to hear. Especially if he wanted to keep Yugi's trust until they were at his home. "... after my pets while I'm gone."

Bakare started at the sudden clap from his side to look sharply at his smaller companion. His suspicion at the noise turning instantly to regret at having looked. Yugi stood there with his hands clutched together over his heart while his wide, awe-filled, gaze was locked on Bakare. The cute display reminding Bakare rather sharply of Khenemet, a fact he noted with much disgust. He looked away quickly while the air was broken by Yugi speaking.

"That sounds wonder, Bakt! What kind of pets?" The youth asked eagerly which wasn't helping Bakare's opinion of the kid.

Sappy little.... Bakare set the thoughts aside and started walking. "Things you've never heard of." Bakare responded without concern as he waved off the question. "Come on and keep up." He snapped as he started walking at a brisk pace without another look at the brat. He did note that Yugi hurried to keep up with the pace he'd set. Which was good, now that Bakare had gotten what he'd wanted, he wanted to get out of there as soon as he could.

"What am I supposed to do there?"

Bakare was tempted to not answer but once again he didn't dare make the kid suspicious. "Just feed and water my...pets...once a day. There should be plenty of food there." Bakare stated while bringing his gaze to look around, examining the area for any signs of people taking interest in Yugi. There was no way he would give up the prize he'd just gotten no matter if there were people who took interest in their passing.

"That's easy enough!" Bakare didn't really pay attention to the answer Yugi gave but he nodded anyhow. He'd only seen curious glances thrown their way but those that did notice Yugi's resemblance recoiled and scurried away after the pair, much to Bakare's satisfaction.

He smirked after them without relaxing his guard, it would still be much too easy for someone to stop them. Yet no one did, instead the two made their way in silence through the streets with Bakare soon leading the way out of the city.

"That's better." He muttered with a glance back at the city to ensure that no one was following them.

"Is something wrong?"

Bakare winced as the youth spoke again. "No, nothing at all." At least for me, he thought as he started off downriver, knowing that once they were further away from the city he could safely knock the boy out if he must. But then again if the boy went back to being silent then as long as he kept up Bakare wouldn't take such drastic measures.

"How far is it to your home? I've never seen anything out this way." Yugi asked not falling silent as Bakare would have preferred.

You wouldn't. Bakare thought inwardly as he kept walking without answering Yugi but he instead glanced back though he knew without having to that they were still too close to the city for him to make a move against the boy. He pursed his lips then spoke to make sure that Yugi wouldn't ask the question again. "Just walk, runt. I'm not giving you extra water." He sneered with a growl, giving up on being nice for the moment. However he found it pleasant that the youth actually shut up after acknowledging Bakare's snapped out remark.

Bakare heaved a relieved sigh, pleased that he wouldn't have to put up with too much jabbering in this heat. He focused on walking, navigating his way through the golden sand of the desert toward the next city. Bakare knew exactly where he was going out here unlike in the maze of streets. He kept a careful eye out for a familiar stone lying within the Nile's water. The sun crept higher into the sky while the city shrank behind them but it was still well in view when the small rock jutted out from under the surface of the water.

Bakare said nothing but turned further into the desert, leaving the river behind. He heard a splash behind him and he stopped to look back, frowning as Yugi hurried to catch up. Though the youth was now wetter than before, obviously having paused a moment to splash himself to cool down.

"Keep up, there's a good 'pet'." Bakare muttered too low for the youth to hear and he chuckled to himself, smirking at his own comment as he picked up the pace without waiting for Yugi to catch up fully. He wasn't going to stop any for the squirt or they wouldn't be getting there before full sun.

As it was it took hours before the city was fully left behind and Bakare caught sight of the faint dwelling that rose in the distance.

"Is that it?" Yugi spoke up suddenly, his tone tired but hopeful that they were almost there.

"What else would it be?" Bakare replied, not all that surprised later as they got closer that Yugi gave a stunned gasp. Bakare sneered but enjoyed the fact that his dwelling was at least three times as large as those the youth had to be used to in the city. He had a hunch he'd regret leaving the kid to run free in his dwelling, but considering his plans Bakare couldn't do much about that.

"Welcome to your new 'home'" Bakare snorted to himself as he said that but his sarcasm was lost on Yugi. The youth just stayed at Bakare's side with a nod.

"It's a big place." Yugi said as he gawked wide eyed in wonder, another sight of innocence that Bakare disliked. He'd get plenty of chances in the future to fix it so there would be terror in those eyes along with obedience instead of that liveliness.

"Go inside..." Bakare calmly said, able to hide his distaste at the expression Yugi was giving. He opened the door of the place and stayed still as Yugi started forward, he then fell in step behind the youth only to nearly fall over him when he stopped. "Watch it, s...quirt." He caught himself before calling Yugi anything that would give away his intentions. Bakare didn't see any reason for the kid to be staring. They were only standing in an enclosed courtyard, it wasn't even all that big to Bakare's view.

From the way Yugi was looking around one would think it was huge.

He'll learn better in time. Bakare vowed silently with a wicked grin. "Why don't you go inside." Bakare suggested cockily though he knew full well that once Yugi looked around the youth wasn't going to like the place he was given to roam.

Too bad... Bakare thought.

"If it's all like this you're a very lucky person, Bakt." Yugi said, complimenting his host, but Bakare just shooed him toward the next door.

"Just go." Bakare said unable to keep some of his impatience under control, very soon now... "I'm going to be gone for awhile, so enjoy the peace while you can." He advised coolly.

"Okay, okay!" Yugi hurried off without his former exhaustion showing. Bakare could only assume this new place was going to be like candy to the youth. Bakare paused that thought to follow Yugi as the pharaoh look-alike pulled the next door open and wandered through. Bakare wasn't far behind, but the man stopped in the doorway to watch Yugi peer around the white washed entry.

Bakare was certain that the runt must have seen dozens of such places yet the kid looked amazed. He didn't get it, nor did he really care one bit about what was going through the boy's head at the moment. Bakare had done what he'd set out to do, he just had to let the 'patron' know along with getting...a few more ingredients. "Enjoy yourself...while you still can." Bakare said with a smirk then stepped back out of the building but not before noting the confused glance Yugi gave him.

"I don..." Bakare didn't wait for Yugi to finish, he just closed the door against the words. The sound was effectively cut off by a solid thump of the door closing and a quick thought from before went through his head.

Too bad for you it's too late. He chuckled as he silently slid an unnoticed lock into place, trapping his prey within.

To Be Continued

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