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Echoes of Forgotten Times
Written by Shukumei no Kagi
Notes: I'm not sure how long I'll keep this pace in writing. However this is chapter fourteen. Read and Review.
Warning: Yaoi, sorta deathfic

Chapter Fourteen ~ Stalked!
Quiet was all Yugi was aware of for a moment, his ears hearing nothing but a total void that lacked in sound. There wasn't even any vision he could see beyond the darkness of his shut eyes, or anything to feel beside a chill of the air around him. He tried to open his eyes in want to see what else was there, but the teen hesitated as he found only a stillness to the pitch blackness before his eyes and Yugi wasn't able to tell if he'd managed to open his violet gaze to the outside world. The only thing he knew was that those two senses of sight and feel were faded into the background, leaving Yugi only mindful of the total silence that surrounded him.

There was not even a whisper of noise from the space there which would indicate whether anyone, or anything, was nearby with him. In that quiet Yugi wondered if he was all alone, not a person about for him to at least speak with.

Part of himself felt like it was missing, simply chilled in emptiness devoid of the comforting strength he yearned for. Yugi envisioned that he was alone, he had to be since this was how he almost always felt when by himself, without anything to distract him from it. He was even lonely sometimes when Khenemet was around.

Yugi suddenly blinked as he realized what he'd just reflected upon, it bringing his eyes to widen in shock as he had no idea where *those* thoughts had come from. He wasn't lonely when Khenemet was around...was he? The teen paused, thinking hard as a thoughtful expression crossed his features, his mind wondering over why there was any reason he should feel empty while spending time talking with the Shadow Realm girl. They both talked enough, and spent so much time together, he didn't see why he'd be alone even when he was in her company.

However that didn't change the fact that here and now he felt totally and utterly alone. Yugi sadly glanced down though he couldn't see anything but blackness, even his own body was lost in this night. He didn't know why he had to be this way but he wrinkled his nose into a pout. He shivered as the loneliness bit in more than the chilling air that was surrounding him did, he just didn't want to feel empty like this! Yugi wrapped his arms uselessly around himself, finding that he would have liked it to just go away into the silence he was currently enraptured by and be allowed to enjoy this moment of peace...

It would have been nice to have a chance to enjoy it, only then the bliss around him was shattered. A wind whisking by the teen, rushing past rapidly as Yugi's stomach seemed to rise into his throat. Not falling! He thought pleadingly as understanding settled into his head about what exactly this felt like.

The cold air brushed swiftly past him, the light touch not enough to shatter the silence which still engulfed him. Yugi rather strangely felt at peace even though he was falling through nothingness, he didn't have any way to know what he was tumbling toward but at least the quiet remained. Even now that had changed too, becoming an enhancement to the emptiness he'd felt before. His mind registered that in disappointment, only having a moment to grasp that fact and then, from all around him, the silence was broken with an audible crack that didn't just fade away back into quiet.

Yugi's ears rang loudly with the racket, the sound echoing over and over to deafen him! He hurriedly clapped his hands to his ears with a soft, disturbed whimper. The sounds continued in the wake of his weak protest, rumbling out around him and his ears throbbing under his fingers at the lingering thunder.

'You must protect that pyramid, Yugi. Nothing else will matter if it is safe. Be sure to avoid the people.' Yugi blinked as words were whispered into his ears by a familiar voice that somehow was easily heard despite the thunderous sounds. Though the teen didn't even know how he'd heard it with his ears actually ringing too much for him to hear naught but the loudest outburst. The understanding of that confusing him into trying to look around, his violet eyes finding nothing to see around him. By now his searching glance found the darkness to be more peaceful than the trembling air around him.

But then the voice picked up again with the wind, her words being spoken ever so slowly but they were being allowed to ring out loudly through his head. 'Stand not, tread not. Others know where, more and more. For not lest bared. Follow not.'

"Remember my wish." Yugi started as he found those words to have actually been carried to him by the echoing thunder, though what followed clearly was silent. 'Stand not, tread not. Others know where, more and more. For not lest bared. Follow not.' The voice repeated a second time right after the first, only this time the teen gasped in shock as he recognized that voice.

"Mother?! You're here!" Yugi called out joyously, his heart surging with a happiness that chased away any thoughts of falling or loneliness...all from having heard his mother's voice. He just wanted to, had to, see her and the teen looked around delightedly for some signs of her presence. Yugi's want to see her had him opening his eyes quickly, delight written all over his face as he thought to see her right beside him. Only he woke from the dream out of sheer delight, leaving himself to find that he was rather suddenly back in the darkened bedchambers.

Confusion clouded his thoughts immediately, casting a reign over the teen's features as his sudden return to wakefulness left him floundering in muddled memories, totally uncertain of what was going on. Yugi's surprised violet eyes only able to rove over the shadows in front of him for a moment with a lack of comprehension.

In the darkness he was barely able to make out the features of the wall. With his back to the door making those flickering shadows, all that he could see while laying there with the bed beneath him was the blankness of the wall.

Now that his eyes were open and seeing his surroundings, the words of the dream were taking on a more cloudy feel, as was the silence which had seemed so real. But that was lessening now that his sleep was past. His attention was going elsewhere besides that dream, which was especially true with this softness here for him to rest upon. Yugi just sighed, perfectly happy to snuggle down on the comfortable bed under him.

So, was that just a dream? Yugi wondered in silence, his mind attempting to digest that fact as he blinked toward the single wall which was in his line of sight.

Yugi couldn't answer that question by himself, though by then it sure seemed like it had been only a dream. At least here he could see something through the veils of darkness while a gentle silence filled the chambers, though it was one where Yugi could still make out the sound of his own breathing. The teen smiled lightly at the faint sound of life, the feeling of there being something living there giving him hope that he might not be as alone as he felt.

It was a thought that comforted him in the true hollowness of the bedchambers, giving him pause to relax and enjoy the moment. The teen gave a contented sigh, the expression covering his entire face as he stayed mostly unmoving where he was, simply sliding his hands up to clasp around the weight of the pyramid. The teen, giving a moment's consideration the situation that he had, not losing the soft smile which had graced his features. Things might have been worse, he thought all happily to himself while rolling over onto his back, not letting go of the pyramid as he did. But he did wince as the movement jolted his arms and sides, sending an ache of complaint rushing straight through him, the sensation jarring him to the point of full consciousness.

Yugi bit down harder than he meant to on his lower lip, the pressure inspired even worse by the mixture of emotions which rushed up in reply to his aching limbs. The surprise and hurt look which filled his eyes being a clear indication that he was troubled.

His arms really did hurt a lot!

Worry clouded his emotions as he wasn't so sure he could manage much in this hurt condition, especially feeding the creatures in his care. He wanted to, but the pain...

Yugi stared up at the ceiling sadly, a sob threatening as the throbbing in his arms refused to cease. He tried to ignore the hurting sensation, not successfully but it was long enough for him to idly close his fingers tighter upon the pyramid from his own concern. His palms feeling cloth where his cuts had been instead of the gold, and the teen quietly guessed to himself that Khenemet must have came in to re-bandage the wounds when he was asleep. She had left his fingers still able to feel the cool metal surface though and that was enough for the teen who was becoming very familiar with the object.

Because of his injuries, Yugi kept the movement of his fingers slow and it took a while to trace his touch along the golden edges but he thought it was better than causing more pain while envisioning how the pyramid looked. Though Yugi could already easily picture the pyramid in his head, he kept tracing the borders, having even the eye on the front of it etched into his memory by feel. As such touch or memory was needed for the reason that lamps weren't lit yet to give him the needed light, or to indicate that Khenemet was awake.

It's too early. Yugi decided, not even in any position to move from that spot, mostly because it would have really hurt to move when he didn't need to. He would rather be asleep, resting so that the disliked pain would go away. But Yugi found himself too awake with the memory of the riddle that had been quoted in the dream. It was the same one the archer had spoken yesterday, wasn't it? He considered while trying to remember what the half-woman had said, one of his hands left the pyramid to be tucked cutely under his chin in thought.

"Stand not, tread not. Others know where, more and more. For not lest bared. Follow not." Yugi murmured to himself, pretty sure that was what had been both in the dream and spoken by the half-woman. That seemed right to him and his curiosity turned upon the riddle. He simply blinked up at the ceiling thoughtfully as he considered what it could mean, with nothing clearly presenting itself as an answer to him. He only knew for sure that he would have liked to know what it meant. After all if the half-woman monster had seen fit to pass it on to him shouldn't it probably be something important. Right?

But where was it important not to stand or tread? Yugi wondered while he considered the rest of the confusing words, none of them giving him a single clue as to where to start. He could only wish that he really did have some idea.

Yugi sighed softly as he shut his eyes. Not that he was tired, but it was only because of the aching in his arms which was keeping him awake. And he wanted to have more sleep.

Only as his eyelids shut him into darkness, another sound carried through the air to his ears. It sounded out with just the barest of whisper, almost too soft for the teen to quite identify, but the sound had him pushing himself up with his elbows to sit despite the pain it caused. He listened carefully to the soft crackling sound of flames in a lamp, the noise being too well known to Yugi for him to miss noticing how it was starting to filter into the bedchambers.

He glanced toward the door of the room, finding it open just enough to let a faint glow trickle in through the crack. The sight having him smiling, the expression lighting up his features brilliantly as he associated the light to the meaning that Khenemet was up. She just mustn't have had time to light his lamp yet, which explained why his bedchamber was still in the dark. Only Yugi didn't want to wait around for then, he was awake with enough light to get around so he didn't see any reason for him to be staying in here. He swung his feet over the edge of the bed, setting them on the floor without any thought that he should be more careful. The idea was brought home as his stiffened muscle in his side half-shrilled for him to not move, the pain getting a soft squeak of surprise from the teenager.

But I have to, the teen told himself as he bit his lip to keep from making another noise. Yugi didn't want to worry Khenemet over the aches he alone was suffering, he would just have to put up with them! But now that he knew it would hurt, he very carefully rocked onto his feet. Only this time he was unable to keep his eyes from at least shining in hurt as pain shot through his sides.

The teen shuddered sharply as the ache blazed madly through his battered parts.

He was going to be hurting for awhile, wasn't he? He just didn't like the idea of having to go through things feeling like this, but there was no way Yugi was going to back out of the feedings! He couldn't! He bit at his lip in determination, though it was a weak gesture because of how much pain he was in at the moment, only his eyes really showed the full extent of his emotions. The teeth though kept up their grasp on his lip as he stumbled for the door, his body trembling slightly with the uncomfortable strain of walking. His legs were fine, uninjured by the near fall yesterday. It was his hurting sides that had the determined light fading from his features to be replaced by a hurt glance.

This really wasn't liked! He whimpered softly, each step sending more pain lancing through his sides and he whimpered a second time as he reached out for the door in order to steady himself. The balancing act he was having to perform just to stay standing ended up giving the door a good pull, opening it far enough to let him see out into the hallway with clearly darkened lamps right in his immediate view.

In fact Yugi could only find a bit of light flickering down the long stretch of corridor, leaving most of the hallway concealed within shadows.

Yugi blinked, rather surprised by that enough for his own pain to be forgotten, at least just for the moment it took for his puzzled eyes to dart toward the unlit lamps on either side on the door. Khenemet wouldn't have left them unlit, of that he was absolutely sure and yet there were no sparks of life among the lot which lined the corridor.

So where is the light...? Yugi trailed off with that thought as his gaze strayed from the lamps, his confusion evident in violets eyes which were peering around in wonderment for the source of the glowing. The puzzlement growing on his face as his gaze found the light brighter at the other end of the hall and his seeking eyes took up looking straight opposite him, soon landing on a single lamp lit there to illuminate the way.

Which just wasn't right... He noted as he blinked at the lamp worriedly, trying to comprehend why there was only one of them shining the light instead of a few more. Why wouldn't Khenemet have lit more of the lamps? He puzzled to himself as he stepped forward, making his way slowly out into the hall. The pain having been forgotten until then, it returned with a vengeance that got Yugi to nibble at his lip, though now the hurt was joined by his puzzlement over the oddly lit corridor. It still didn't make any sense to him.

Is there someone else who would light lamps besides Khenemet? Yugi questioned of himself as he paced his speed, the slow steps giving him a relief from the aches and he sighed softly in delight for the reprieve from the hurting. But he was growing more nervous as he got nearer to the other doors, his mind wandering to the question of who might be around besides himself, Khenemet, the dragon...he continued the long list of all fourteen monsters as he distractedly put out a hand against the wall for support. The slight weight he pressed to the wall made a sharp spike of pain rush up his arm, sending the teen shuddering at the sensation that rolled over his senses.

It beat fiercely along his arm in an unending ache that had Yugi recoiling quickly from the wall before the hurting could get any worse. *That* he hadn't really meant to do! It had made his arm feel even weaker than it already was, even with as little pressure as he'd put on it.

It'll go away....sometime. He told himself even as his face fell in disappointment. He would have liked to be able to do more! He sighed softly as he looked up, moving onward with careful steps since it was practically all he could do. His arm was settling from its painful flares. So Yugi thought that maybe he'd at least be able to keep Khenemet company, that would be good since then neither of them would be lonely. But that was if he could find her around there.

His steps slowed even more from the pace he'd been setting as he reached the doorway to the entry hall. Yugi didn't remember having left the door open, so he assumed Khenemet had opened it up until the moment he could glance within. Then he froze, his eyes widening at the sight of the darkened room beyond the door. That's unlike Khenemet! Yugi thought to himself without noticing as he suddenly reached up to nervously grasp the pyramid, seeking the comfort of the cool solid.

She could have gone to the bathing chambers first, he reasoned to himself though he couldn't bring himself to pry his fingers loose of the pyramid. The sturdy metal providing enough courage to him for the young teen to turn his violet eyes away from the darkness and back to the hallway, his feet falling one in front of the other in a simple rhythm which carried him closer to his goal until a flicker of darkness caught his attention. The corner of his eye picking it up as he passed the pillared hallway.

Startled by the glimpse, Yugi paused for a moment, able to quite clearly hear his own heart thumping in his chest. He bit at his lip uneasily, the motion meant to keep himself from trembling but a little tremor ran up his spine anyway as none of this seemed right.

It was slowly, very slowly that he turned wide eyes from the door ahead of him to bring them gliding over the stone wall so that they bore down on the doorway. His frightened gaze merely greeted by pitch blackness... A place were not a light flickered in welcome, for none were lit. His gaze was merely encompassed by an overwhelming darkness, darker than night's void, and it left Yugi just able to stand there frozen, unable to tear his frightened violet eyes off of the hallway. Even though the blackness cut off all his vision of the interior.

Only for a slight breath did Yugi think he could make out the faint outline of pillars before they vanished completely as if just an illusion created by the shadows. He trembled at that as he stood there, rooted for a moment as it settled into his mind that it couldn't have been Khenemet who'd lit that lamp for then she would have lit the other lamps all the way from down below. Which meant he would have been able to see flames burning away in the hallway.

So...it had to have been something else, the teen realized slowly, more reluctant than anything for whatever had done this to be somebody other than Khenemet. His fingers tightening weakly upon the pyramid in a frantic deathgrip as he sought comfort from the golden metal. His heart continued thundering in his ears even after that, the drumming all the reply he got as he wondered just who else might be loose in the dwelling.

Might Bakt be back? He nibbled at his lip as that thought had him wondering whether what Khenemet had said about him might end up happening. Though, then wouldn't Bakt have already come to get me? The teen pondered, clutching at any vestiges of hope that were offered by the idea. Only it was of little real comfort to the nervous youth.

Yugi was definitely scared *now* as he backed away from the dark doorway, his back quickly hitting the stone wall. The teen pressed back against it not quite for support since his mind was wanting himself to just disappear right then and all he could do was bite at his lip without looking away from the pillared hallway. He didn't know what else to do besides having his gaze shining uncertainly into the blackness which he couldn't see through. He wanted company, someone else there with him but Yugi wasn't so sure anymore that he was actually alone out here.

"H...hello? Bakt? Khenemet? Are either of you here?" He called out as steadily as he could manage while still being inwardly shaken himself by the discovery that there was an unexpected person in the place. He had to blink a bit in puzzlement over how stable most of those words sounded. He didn't see how they could be like that so the accomplishment actually amazed himself, giving him a fading flash of pride but that did nothing about his nervousness at the moment. And that increased as silence met his ears, nothing stirring around him in answer to his hesitantly questioning call. Why wouldn't whoever is here answer? He wondered to himself with a confusion glinting deep down in his gaze.

Carefully the teen edged sideways, not stepping away from the wall which provided a steady support against his back. Yugi was starting to want to go back to his room and wait for Khenemet to get up to light the lamps before trying anything. He couldn't imagine her not being safe from who, or what, ever was there right then. She was a Shadow Realm monster after all. Surely she could handle whatever it is, he pondered to himself, noting that Khenemet would also have a light to help her whereas he wouldn't be able to see a thing.

He carefully nodded to himself trying to convince himself of that, yet his wide eyes were hinting that he was too scared to make much of any moves. But Yugi did want to be waiting back in his bedchambers right then, not standing out in the hallway as he was doing. He shook slightly as he edged his way further, though he couldn't tear his gaze away from the darkness of the pillared hall. He knew it was strange but that one place made him more nervous than the other possible place for the intruder to be.

Whatever was causing it broke when he suddenly found himself without a wall behind him for support. The teen gasped in surprise, his heart absolutely racing as he spun around to peer at the doorway there toward which Yugi slowly blinked, not quite comprehending what had just happened. Beyond, his eyes were able to see the faint outlines of things in the room. The shapes catching his attention readily enough; a rug, a lamp and a door against a lighter background than the rest of the dwelling... The last being a reminder of the room and he sheepishly blushed, his features lightly tingeing with color as he realized that he'd forgotten about the fact that the entry hall was between him and the bedchambers.

Though...wouldn't the door be unlocked if someone was here? Yugi inquired softly of his mind, knowing that if it was, he and the other monsters would be able to leave if they wanted to. Which would be good, he didn't want everyone to be stuck here as prisoners. However the only way to find out was to go into the darkened room and try the door.... Yugi trembled at the idea, torn between hiding back in his room or finding out if the door was unlocked.

His eyes glinted with the indecision for a long moment. He would be safe in his room, then he'd be able to continue protecting the pyramid. Only what about Khenemet then? He weakly tightened his grip on the pyramid as he considered his options, blinking off into the darkened room. His eyes watching for hints of movement within as his thoughts continued to race.

Yugi did owe her a lot for helping to take care of him, he couldn't just abandon the poor monsters down below either... But if the pyramid was important to his mother he couldn't disappoint her in return. The thought of the pyramid had Yugi's violet eyes drifting down to the golden object, wishing wholeheartedly that it could give him all the answers he didn't know. The cool surface beneath his fingers only had him tingling with some grasp on reality, the firm surface sometimes feeling like it was giving him more strength.

Neither of which were the answers he wanted. Yugi would have liked either of those other things at this time too, but all it did right now was let him touch it. The motion of his fingers on the gold soothing some of his nerves, allowing his calmer mind to grasp slowly at the fact that it would not be right to not check the door. Khenemet and the others deserved that he at least try, and he wouldn't be able to always hide from danger anyway, right?

It wouldn't have helped yesterday...

Yugi shuddered at the memory, his fingers stilling upon the pyramid as he felt a tear slip down his face at the memory of being yanked into the well.

He shuddered as he hurriedly looked up away from the golden item, now more certain about what to do as his gaze sought the outline of the door. The dark cracks drawing him forward since he was committed to doing this and Yugi took his first step toward something he couldn't quite identify.

It didn't stop him, his feet fell gently onto the stone floor, carrying him past the doorway and deeper into the dark room. The blackness surrounded him with a swift precision, cutting out his view of most things he'd been able to see from the hallway.

His heart still raced in him but it wasn't thundering quite as much as before, yet he was trembling while crossing the room. The motion aggravating his aches, causing him to whimper before he thought better of it and Yugi hesitated, biting his lip as he listened to the silence around him where the only sound to be heard was that of the lamp crackling softly in the hallway.

Why is this happening? He wondered fearfully with another step forward, carefully approaching the door which waited there so benignly for him to try it. He had to try, he knew that and he let go of the pyramid with one hand to reach out for the chance of egress. His fingers brushed over the stone, feeling the light texture to the stone beneath his fright chilled fingers. He shivered slightly but began tracing the finely made textures leading to the crack, then followed them downward in seeking where the door was to be opened by. Finding it he pulled as hard as he could, his arm and shoulder blazing a painful protest even as the door gave a rattle, the door holding firm without any signs of planning to open.

He bit his lip, knowing now that the door had to be locked but he held some hope and shifted to try shoving, just getting another rattle in confirmation that the lock was in place.

So...what does that mean, Yugi puzzled with his hand still resting lightly against the door. Some of his fear fading in light of the fact that the door was still locked...from the outside. That didn't make much sense to him, the confusion crystal clear on his features though the features were lost in the darkness. He couldn't get out of his head that there had seemed to be someone else there besides him. Might he have been wrong?

Still confused, Yugi stepped back, his foot falling heavily enough to make a sound which was echoed by a second one. The second not being his own...

The teen froze dead in his tracks, not daring to move as he heard another footstep not that far away from where he was before a light flickered to life. The room being bathed in a low glow by the light, one not strong enough to be from any of the lamps which were set on either side of the entry hall. The swaying flickers being too erratic for that and Yugi fought back a shiver as he realized that he'd been right. He grasped at the pyramid as he turned shakily around to face to the person. His gaze lighting first upon the white hair of the figure standing in the door, the familiar form earning a huge gasp of relief from the teen.

"Oh! I didn't think you were back." Yugi greeted Bakt with a weak smile, though it lit up his features with a cheerfulness that was slightly overshadowed. His fear was still churning inside him but not nearly as much as it had been when he hadn't known who was there. Still looking at the calm man, Yugi couldn't really visualize the white haired man as dangerous like Khenemet had said he was, he was just standing there after all... With a smirk spreading over his face as his gaze landed on Yugi.

"Oh, were you hiding here?" Bakt questioned with a chilliness to his attitude that had Yugi blinking in surprise. He hadn't heard that tone from Bakt before so he didn't know what to make of it, he could only watch as the man stepped into the room, carrying the lit taper right to the nearest lamp. Without a care, the guy lit it, sending a welcome flame washing over the entry hall. Yugi only having a moment to bask in the warmth of the heat before Bakt had turned back to him. "It was never meant for hiding in, runt."

Something about this was ringing wrong with Yugi but he couldn't place what was exactly unnerving him so he just stared right at Bakt with a questioning gaze as he pulled himself up straight to stand as tall as he could. "I'm not quite a runt. Am I?" He questioned with a hurt pout, not liking the reference to him being small, especially when he was on the verge of shaking in fear from the tone Bakt had been using.

"Kid, yes you are." Bakt countered without the superior smirk leaving his features but it was now directed entirely at the teen. "You are tiny. But that makes my life a lot easier." He said with a chuckle that didn't sound all that right to Yugi for some reason.

"What do you mean?" He questioned with his wide eyes flickering between curiosity and nervousness. He really felt guilty about thinking this way but Bakt was being strange, even his clutching tighter at the pyramid didn't make the disturbed sensation dissipate. Instead Bakt started to walk toward him, his nervousness shooting higher as he felt troubled by the slow deliberate pace the white haired man had set.

"There is someone who wants to see you, runt." Bakt's words were slightly faster than his steps but the clipped tone had Yugi shuddering. The teen noting that his reaction was followed by a scornful sneer from the larger man. "And he wants you to not be conscious for it. Unfortunately for you, you woke up. But that fortunately gives me the opportunity to put you back to sleep." He finished before curling his fingers into a demonstrative fist which had Yugi's eyes growing more terrified as he knew what that meant! He recoiled, stumbling back frantically away from the threatening figure.

His back coming to bump into the unyielding door behind him. The door not budging a single bit from the slight blow, but Yugi was shaken now. His fear flaring since Bakt had now justified it's presence. "N...no please. Why would you want to be mean like that? You don't have to." The teen gasped out as he shrank back as far as he could, his gaze firmly locked on the fist which Bakt was about to strike with. This was simply not far enough back for Yugi!

"Simple questions from a simple mind. I simply do. Simple enough?" Bakt answered with another sneer, then he struck, his fist shooting forward.

Yugi gasped in fright as he saw the flash of movement, his eyes fearfully going shut while he finched backward in reaction away from the striking fist as quickly as he could. But with the door behind him it was a useless gesture for there was no where to go. Only the fist didn't connect, a hand did, Yugi felt his arm get caught up in the larger grasp. The teen cried out as the limb was suddenly twisted, the movement sending pain rushing along his arm. The roughness of it making it even worse and it left Yugi in a daze as he was pinned against the wall by the stronger grip.

"Unfortunately you aren't supposed to be harmed, damn it." Bakt spat out with a disappointed tone before Yugi found his mouth being forced open by the man's free hand. The teen's eyes flew open, the violet gaze filled with fear as his response was stiffled by a bottle of sorts being shoved into his mouth. A chilly liquid quickly spilled freely into the space, the teen gagging as the flavor hit his tongue. The sour taste encouraging Yugi to reflexively swallow in order to get the awful flavor away from where he could taste it.

"Bah, I told him that would be easy." Yugi heard the man grumble beneath his breath before all the weight was released from his arm.

It was too startling for him to suddenly not be held there, Yugi just stumbled forward along the wall. The movement sent his world spinning out of control around him and the teen gasped, grabbing uselessly at the wall. He swayed as his legs suddenly felt nearly too weak to hold him up. He didn't know what the stuff was that he had drunk but his limbs were starting to go out. His legs giving away to send him pitching forward while darkness hedged around the edges of his sight.

"At least I get some entertainment for having to use this stuff." Yugi heard Bakt say with a cold chuckle, the sound seeming like it was coming from far away. Confused by the distance, he turned his pleading violet eyes right to where he thought the man to be...

But all he saw was darkness as unconsciousness swallowed him.

To Be Continued!

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