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Atem had located Bakura and Marik in the kitchen. They were arguing over whose turn it was to cook. Ryou and Malik had followed him so that they could learn the layout of the mansion.
When Ryou saw that the two men were arguing over who was going to cook, he looked at his best friend. “Do you think we should do something,” he asked Malik.
Malik shrugged, “I suppose. I just hope that we haven't forgotten how to cook completely.”
Atem had joined in the argument, trying to break it up. So while the three were arguing, the two vampires looked at the supplies that they had. “Malik, there's enough here to make a quick vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for them,” Ryou told him when they were done searching.
Malik smiled, “So which do you prefer to make for the humans?”
Ryou thought for a bit, “Why don't we work on both dishes together? It'll go a lot smoother if we do it that way.”
“Good idea,” Malik replied.
So the two washed up and prepared the vegetables for the soup. Ryou opened up the two cans of tomato sauce and poured them into the water, while Malik measured and added the spices. They looked at the three humans and saw they were still arguing. Malik shook his head, “I can't believe that we're going to trust them with our lives.”
Ryou sighed and shrugged, “We can't help it now.” He started to butter the bread for the grilled cheese sandwiches.
Malik cooked the sandwiches while Ryou tended to the soup. Just as it was decided that it was Marik's turn to cook, the two vampires turned off the burners. Marik looked at the ingredients that the two had left out to show what they had used. Ryou looked at the ground, “Malik and I wanted to say thank you for taking us in. I must admit that it's been a while since we've cooked. We hope you like it.”
Atem looked at them as he went over to the pot and sampled the broth, “Thank you both. It is very good.” He looked at Bakura and Marik, “These two are Ryou Bakura and Malik Ishtar. They are the ones that I was telling you about. Ryou, Malik I want you to meet Bakura and Marik.”
Ryou looked at Bakura, “That's odd. We look almost alike and your first name is my last.”
“Whatever runt,” Bakura snapped.
Malik and Marik were too busy having a staring contest when Bakura hurt Ryou's feelings. Ryou teared up and ran behind Atem. “Bakura, the Council wants the three of them Marked as soon as possible. This means that someone has to take responsibility for at least one of them until they are cleared by the Council.”
Marik spoke up, “I call the copy-cat me.”
Atem sighed. This was one of the few times that Marik had ever done something without being ordered. In the end, Bakura took responsibility for Ryou. “Just stay out of my way,” Bakura warned the boy.
“You'll each be given the Mark belonging to this sector,” Atem told the two teens. “It shows that you are not to be captured and turned over to the Council, but returned to us instead. Until you are Marked, I want you to stay within sight of a member of the team at all times.”
They nodded and went to clean their mess while the team ate their meal. Everyone was shocked to learn that the vampires had cooked everything. Everyone but Ishizu and Odion. Ryou came out to collect the empty dishes and take them back to Malik, who was washing them. Atem smiled at him, “Thank you for the meal, Ryou.” After saying this, he left to go and tend to Yugi.
As Atem walked into the lab, Yugi looked at him and tried to get up. “Take it easy,” Atem told him. “You've been very sick.”
Yugi lay back down in the pillows. “Where am I,” he whispered.
“You're at headquarters for this sector. My name is Atem,” he replied. “We captured you a few nights ago. I must admit that we were surprised to learn your identity, Yugi Mutou.”
“How did you learn my name without my giving it,” Yugi asked.
Atem held up the flyer so that Yugi could see it, “We caught your two friends last night.” Yugi's eyes went wide. “Don't worry,” Atem added upon seeing this. “You and your friends are safe here. I've taken the liberty of getting you three registered so that you aren't handed over to the Council for termination.”
“Thank you. Um, are you Hunters or the `others',” Yugi inquired.
“I don't know what you mean by the `others', but yes, we are Hunters,” Atem answered. “Are you hungry?”
Yugi nodded, “Um, I smell vegetables. Is there any left?”
Atem was shocked to hear this since vamps never ate anything but blood. “So you want some of the soup,” Atem asked him.
Yugi nodded, “I haven't had anything decent in a while with trying to avoid the `others'.”
Atem called Ishizu and asked if she could bring some soup to the lab.
Ryou and Malik had finished cleaning the kitchen and decided to have a little of the soup they made. Marik came in and saw that the small vampires were eating normal food. “Wow,” he said in amazement, “I've never seen a vamp eat normal food before.”
Ryou looked up, “The `others' can't, but for some reason the three of us can. We haven't had any decent food for a while because we've been trying to avoid being caught by the `others'. If we had our choice, we'd eat regular food and rarely drink blood.”
Ishizu came in with a small bowl of the soup and set it next to Atem. She then helped to set Yugi up, “How are you feeling, little one?”
Yugi looked at her, “Better, I guess. I'm still a bit weak though.”
She helped Yugi eat the broth as Atem watched in silence. Ishizu was a bit surprised to learn from her brother that the three of them could still eat regular food. After Yugi finished the broth, he looked at Atem, “So what happened that made me so weak?”
Atem sighed, “I feel that I am to blame for this, young one. I used a tranquilizer on you that should have been used on a regular vamp. It made you really sick. The only way that we could think of to save you was to give you to a regular vamp and use it to drain off just enough blood and then replace what you lost as quickly as possible. I never realized that you and your friends are an unclassified strain of vampire.”
“Don't feel bad, Atem,” Yugi said. “We never fit in with the `others' either. They called us freaks. When Ryou and I ran away, we hid from them. Then when we ran into Malik a year later, we thought he was one of the `others'. Our fears were dismissed when he lifted three apples from a local orchard and some tomatoes from a garden. He ate them with us. That was one of the few times we had decent food.”
Atem caught Yugi drifting off, “Why don't you rest? We'll give you and your friends the Marks in the morning.”
Yugi nodded and allowed Atem to help him lie back down.
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