Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Hunted ❯ Chapter 11 ( Chapter 11 )

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Atem called Solomon immediately. “Mr. Mutou, it's Atem again. Yugi wants to see you,” he told him.
“I was just getting ready to call for a ride,” Solomon admitted. “I had a few surprises for him since it's his birthday.”
Atem looked over at Ishizu, who nodded, “Ishizu will be there momentarily to pick you up.”
Solomon thanked him and ended the call. Atem went over to Yugi, “Yugi? Yugi, come on, pull yourself together. Your grandfather is coming over and you need to be able to talk to him.”
Yugi blinked, “I…uh, huh?”
Atem sighed, “Come on and let's go to the meeting room to meet him when he gets here.”
Solomon followed Ishizu to the meeting room. “Yugi, happy birthday,” he said as soon as he saw his grandson.
Yugi looked up from the table, “Hi Grandpa.”
“What's the matter,” Solomon asked, noting a hint of depression or shock in his voice.
Yugi sighed, “Grandpa, did I ever have a brother before?”
Solomon sat down, “Your mother had twin boys, but couldn't afford to care for both. A nurse offered to adopt your older brother and your parents gave him to her. They felt bad after they filed the papers, but by then it was too late because he was no longer theirs. I found out about this while going through your mother's journals after you were kidnapped. I've looked everywhere for your twin brother, Yugi. But haven't been able to find him.”
“What did Mom and Dad call my brother before he was adopted,” Yugi asked.
“Yami, they called him Yami,” Solomon replied. Yugi looked at Atem with wide eyes.
Atem spoke up, “What would you say if I told you where Yugi's older twin brother was?”
“I would be grateful that you have reunited me with my grandsons,” Solomon answered.
Atem swallowed, “I can tell you that he's in this very room with you.”
Solomon thought back to the day that he was reunited with Yugi after ten years. He had confused Atem with Yugi. He had assumed that Atem was Yugi aged ten years. “I can't believe it, I've finally got both of my grandsons back,” Solomon cried, hugging both of them. “I've looked and waited so long to find you, and it's paid off.”
Atem decided that it would be safer for Solomon to stay the night. But before they sat down to dinner, Atem had an announcement to make, “Now as everyone in here knows, today is Yugi's birthday. What most of you don't know is that it is mine as well and that I had a twin brother that I had never met. Today I wanted to inform everyone that I have found my brother.”
Yugi smiled as the rest of the group stared at Atem. “You're embarrassing both of us, Yami,” Yugi whispered.
Solomon looked up at Atem, “Young man, stop embarrassing Yugi and sit down.”
Duke then realized the resemblance between the two boys, “No way! I can't believe it. Yugi IS Atem's brother after all!”
Bakura and Marik threw a bread roll at Duke. “Shut up before I make you,” Bakura growled.
Ryou, Malik, and Yugi looked at each other. “I think Bakura acts more like a vampire than we do,” Yugi laughed. “And he isn't one.”
After dinner, the three vampires asked to be excused for a bit. Shortly after they left, a bronze-colored cat, a dog, and a falcon entered the room. Solomon recognized the cat as an Egyptian Mau, the dog as a jackal, and the falcon as a kestrel. The Mau went over to Atem and sat next to him, while the jackal curled up next to the cat. The kestrel landed on the arm of a chair next to Atem.
“I've never seen such civility between these three species,” Solomon observed. “Did you train them to act like this?”
Atem laughed, “No, I didn't. In fact…”
*Hiya, Grandpa.*
“Yugi, where are you,” Solomon asked.
The Mau raised its paw, *Over here.*
Solomon's eyes went wide, “So if you're the Egyptian Mau, then Ryou must be the jackal and Malik the kestrel?”
The jackal looked up, ^Yes, you are correct.^
Solomon smiled, “You three always liked those specific animals when you were younger.”
The kestrel looked over at Solomon, ~We'll be right back.~
The boys left the room and returned in their normal forms. “Uh, Yugi,” Atem started, “ears and tail.”
Yugi looked behind himself, “Oh, right. I can't seem to get the hang of that part just yet.” He closed his eyes and concentrated. The ears and tail vanished. “Well, if we ever have a costume party, I won't have to make one,” Yugi said, laughing.
Atem shook his head, “Why don't you three go and get a bag from the lab to split before going to bed.”
Just before Yugi could protest, Joey came running in. “We've got a reported sighting of Bandit Keith and two unknowns,” he panted. “They were spotted not far from where we found Yug and that last unknown.”
Atem sighed, “Get the teams ready. I want Odion, Ishizu, my brother and his friends to stay with Grandpa.”
Yugi looked at Atem, “Ryou and I could help. We know about Bandit Keith and his habits. Plus, our animal forms are unknown to the `others' and we see in the dark and track scents. Please, let us at least help, Yami.”
Atem looked at Solomon, hoping that he could talk some sense into Yugi. “Let him go,” Solomon stated. “I know that you'll take care of each other.”
Atem gave in and allowed Yugi and Ryou to go with them.
“Yugi, you are with me and Tristan,” Atem told his brother. “Marik and Bakura, you two take Ryou. Tea, Joey, and Duke stay with the vehicle.”
They split up and started hunting for the three vamps. Yugi and Ryou had taken their animal forms on the way in order to help. Yugi walked along the cinder-block walls, keeping sharp watch for fast-moving shadows. His sharp hearing picked up the sound of a faint scream. *Yam, I heard a scream. Follow me.*
Atem and Tristan followed after Yugi. He led them to an alley where a pair of vamps was fighting over who got the frightened boy they had cornered. Yugi recognized them as Rex and Weevil, two underlings that had scoffed when the Vampire Lord denied the pair as his heirs. *Yami, those two are Rex and Weevil. They tried to kill me once they found out that I was claimed as the Vampire Lord's Heir. After that was taken away, they hurt me so badly that I couldn't hear for a week.*
Atem stepped from the shadows holding a V.K.G canister. “So, Rex and Weevil was it,” Atem questioned them.
They stopped fighting and looked over at Atem. “So what's it to you,” one of them snapped.
His `friend' elbowed him, “Doesn't he look like the runt we put in his place about nine years back, Rex?”
Rex squinted, “Looks like the pathetic freak got taller.”
“You're wrong,” Atem smirked just before setting off the canister, “I'm a Hunter and guess what that means for you two. Yugi, get out of here now.”
Rex noticed a cat dart to over to a waiting figure just before blacking out. Atem called for a quick pick up. Duke and Joey threw the two vamps into a set of cages. “Tea, I want you and the other two to get this boy home safely. We're going to see if we can catch Keith.
Ryou stayed about twelve paces ahead of Marik and Bakura, trying to see if he could pick up a scent. He heard shuffling footsteps nearby, ^Bakura, Marik. I heard something down here.^
The two Hunters took off after Ryou , who had darted into a nearby park. Ryou stopped behind a row of bushes to watch. The sound came from a figure that matched Keith's description. Bakura made to throw the V.K.G, but the figure left quickly. He cursed under his breath. They tried to track the vamp, but were unable to so they gave up when Tea and the rest of the team came to let them know that they were calling it a night.
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