Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Hunted ❯ Chapter 13 ( Chapter 13 )

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So, I've actually completed another massive update for this story...Chapters 13-21 of (as of Saturday, December 30, 2017) 69 Chapters from the other site that I originally posted this story to.  I plan to do more before I can no longer keep my eyes open or I can't seem to be able to type without going back to edit words.


After calming Yugi down, he asked Yugi who he wanted to have take responsibility for him if he wasn't allowed to. “I guess I'd pick Joey,” Yugi said, still not liking the idea. “Joey treated me almost like you do.”
“Ok,” Atem replied. “We'll collect him on our way to the meeting room. Seto is bringing the Council here and he hates when we're late. Before we go, however, I want you to drink at least half a bag.”
Yugi looked confused, “Huh, why?”
“Because you hadn't had any in six days,” Atem replied.
Yugi pouted but forced himself to drink half a bag, though he didn't want to. Atem sighed. He hated having to make Yugi do something he didn't want to, but he wanted to be sure that he got what he needed.
After Yugi finished of the required portion, Atem led Yugi to the meeting room. On the way there, they stopped Joey in the hall and told him that he was needed in the meeting.
As they opened the doors, Yugi saw Seto and six figures sitting at the long table. Atem guided the frightened boy into the room. Seto stood up, “It's about time you got here. Where's Duke? I believed that you said that he was to take responsibility for this one.”
“He has caused harm to Yugi and I will not allow him to accept responsibility,” Atem replied.
One of the Council spoke, “You wish to give responsibility of this vampire to another of your team, why?” She was in a tan cloak with the hood hiding her face from view.
“I do not `wish' to allow another to watch over Yugi,” Atem began. “But I have no choice if I am to follow the rules. I have recently discovered that Yugi is my twin brother and that I was adopted at birth.”
It was then that Seto spoke up, “You are not the only one unknowingly breaking the rules set by the Council and myself. Bakura and Malik are as well.”
Atem was taken aback, “How is this possible?”
“By taking responsibility for their vampiric copies, they too have broken our rules,” a Council member in red continued. “Upon hearing that you had found these three and that they looked like yourself and two other members of your team, we had their DNA compared and discovered that they are twins with the ones for whom they are responsible. This is unheard of and most disturbing.”
Yugi looked scared, “Please don't take us away. I want Yami to look out for me. Please?”
“That is not our intention, child,” a stern voice replied. “We are here to figure out a remedy to this situation.” This member was wearing a pale green robe.
A member wearing a pale blue robe spoke up, “We have reviewed your case and the files provided from you on the three boys.”
Another wearing a lavender cloak added, “You had no idea as to their identities when they were captured.”
“But you reported that they bear the Mark of the Vampire Lord, which has been determined to be `dead' and without magic,” a Council member in a grey robe added. “You have placed a Counter on these Marks to ensure they are indeed blocked should this creature re-instate them.”
“Though you had unintentionally poisoned this youth, Atem, you took steps to help him before you knew his ties to you,” the first Council member added.
Seto spoke, “You have been given clearance, as have Bakura and Marik, to keep your brothers here. You all are free of responsibility as individuals, but as a Team, you all are equally responsible for the three boys. Don't make me regret this later.”
Grey added, “But you are to inform Bakura and Marik of the situation.”
“Thank you,” Atem replied.
Green spoke up, “However, there is another matter to discuss.”
“You have yet to give classification to the branch that these three are,” Blue added. “Since you discovered them, it is only right.”
Atem thought about this as he looked at Yugi, who was hiding behind him and Joey. “I would have to say that they retained their original personalities based on interaction with those from their past that are still human. And given that my given name `Yami' means `Dark', I would call their species `Hikari' vampires,” he stated. “They are the opposite of the regular vampires, so it seems fitting.”
Red nodded, “Very well. Let it be recorded that these `Hikari' are currently under the Protection of the Council and the Domino East sector. As they are the only three in known existance, they are to be protected so long as they refrain from feeding from humans.”
“Be aware that this sector is due for an inspection soon,” Lavender warned.
The Council rose as Seto announced the end of the micro-session. Yugi looked up at Atem smiling, “I'm glad I get to stay with you, Yami.”
“As am I, Yugi, as am I,” Atem replied.
In the holding cells, Rex and Weevil were fuming. They had been tricked by Bandit Keith and captured by a Hunter that looked a bit like their king's `pet'. As Rex was trying to figure out a way to escape, the door opened and a pair of figures entered the room. “Here's your `meal',” the taller of the two spoke, pushing a couple of bags into the cell. “Come on Yugi,” he said, “we need to let the others know of the Council's decision and your classification.”
Weevil jumped at the name, “So `little Yugi' is a traitor to our kind. This is where you and your pathetic friends ran to after running away from us, huh? The Vampire Lord has placed a fair bounty on you three. From what I hear, Bandit Keith is a bit jealous that you weaklings are worth more to the king than he is to the Hunters.”
The larger of the two stepped into the light, “Don't you dare speak to Yugi like that.”
Weevil shrunk back, “That's impossible! You look just like Yugi. How?”
“That is none of your concern, vamp,” he hissed. “You are going to be handed over to the Council within the day. Enjoy your `meals' for they may be your last. Let's go Yugi.”
Yugi nodded and followed him out of the room. The door closed, leaving the pair in darkness.
Yugi and Atem informed the rest of the team on the Council's decision and that the three teen vampires were now given the new classification of Hikari Vampires. Bakura and Marik were shocked into silence upon hearing that they were twin brothers to the vampires that they were responsible for.
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