Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Love or Hate, I'll Always Love You ❯ Sore Throats and Fussings ( Chapter 2 )

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Title: Sore Throats and Fussings.

Author: Kitsune of Darkness

Pairing: Yami Bakura/Yugi

Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh

Theme: # 18 "say ahh..." ƒA[ƒ“H

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I don’t own it nor do I imply that I do. I am only borrowing the Yu-Gi-Oh characters and world for my fun, only to return them once I have had my fill of them. (Though they may be slightly more wrinkled/torn/disturbed/or whatever else then when I took them.)

A/N: So how is this I wonder. It's me tryin to save my pairings...


"Would you just go away you annoying brat!" Bakura hissed at the younger dulest, waving his arms in front of him, hoping to shoo the annoying teen away.

Of all days to get pestered, today was not a good one. Bakura had awaken to his throat searing in pain. Chills had consumed his body and every piece of him- including the hair on his head- burned at the simplist touch.

And now in Yugi's bedroom he had to deal with the teen fussing and worrying over him. Though Bakura had to admit part of him liked the fussing, it actually made him feel liked. He would not go as far as to say 'loved'- he could never hope to feel that, but to know that someone cared for how he felt when he was sick...

...It was more then he could ever hope for.

"I just want to see your throat that's all!" Yugi whined as he raised the flashlight again. "I want to check and make sure it isn't too bad."

Bakura sighed as he squeezed the bridge of his nose, in a desperate attempt to not scream at Yugi. Not only for fear of unintentally hurting the boy when he felt like crap; but also the thought of talking over a whisper made the snowy haired boy cringe violently. Whispering alone made his throat burn, but to think of what would happen if he got louder....

...Bakura didn't want to think of it.

Yugi lowered the flashlight, realizing that Bakura still was not going to open up. "Come on, just say ahh...."

Growling in annoyance Bakura leaned closer to the younger duelest as he opened his mouth as wide as he could, ignoring the sharp twinges of pain that over took him, sticking his tongue out. "Ahhhhhh....."

Yugi smiled brightly as he leaned closer flashlight turned on as he looked around the redened throat. No spots, no sores. Relieved Yugi leaned back, patting Bakura's arm as he closed his mouth.

"It's not too bad, just drink a lot of water and eat ice cream to keep it cold and you should be fine." Leaning forward Yugi placed a chaste kiss on Bakura's clammy forhead before getting off the bed to put the flashlight back in the hall closet. Just before leaving the room Yugi looked back at the pitiful boy. "Stay here and I'll grab some strawberry ice cream for you. Be right back!"

Bakura smiled as he leaned back. Yeah being fussed over was a nice thing