Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Love or Hate, I'll Always Love You ❯ Photograph ( Chapter 4 )

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Title: Photograph.
Author: Saku (arizonaicerose)
Pairing: Yami Bakura/Yugi
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh
Theme: # 30 Kiss ƒLƒX
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own it nor do I imply that I do. I am only borrowing the Yu-Gi-Oh characters and world for my fun, only to return them once I have had my fill of them. (Though they may be slightly more wrinkled/torn/disturbed/or whatever else then when I took them.)
A/N: Back after a lil break, here’s another theme written.

Look at this photographEvery time I do it makes me laughHow did our eyes get so redAnd what the hell is on Joey's head’~”Photograph” by Nickelback

Yugi sighed as he watched Bakura scratch his nose, middle finger proudly displayed for the small digital camera in the boy’s hand.

“Come on Bakura!” The young duelist whined. Yes he would admit it- he was whining!

Of course anyone would, especially after almost five minutes of trying to get a simple picture. It was supposed to be nothing more then that. A quick picture of Bakura on the roof top of his grandpa’s game shop.

Yet all he got were three pictures of him being flipped off, two pictures of a hand before his face, five threats of having the camera tossed off the roof, and one almost successful attempt at tossing it overboard, though Yugi was able to catch it before it fell away.

“I just want one picture of you for my picture album! Just one!” Yugi tapped a toe in frustration as he brought the camera back to his face.

And he was answered with the yami’s middle finger tapping his nose. “You already got like what ten of them on that camera. How many more do you need.”

Sighing Yugi turned his back on his very annoying boyfriend. “I just want one nice picture.” Gnawing on his lip Yugi stared at his small camera, trying to keep from screaming in anger or crying in frustration.

A white eyebrow raised in joy as the taller teen crossed his arms over his chest. Blame it on his sadistic nature but Bakura was having fun watching the smaller teen sputter over something as small as a picture.

He still didn’t understand why it was so important. Why did he want to have a picture that badly? Back when he was growing up they never had these ‘pictures.’ Instead they remembered the good times by telling stories.

Besides if they did have pictures they probably would have been of what had happened to his village. Bad pictures…Bad memories.

“Why do you want this ‘picture’ so badly anyways?” Bakura asked as he sat back, hands crossed behind his head. Closing his eyes he relaxed in the shade of the Game Shop's giant sign.

Yugi sighed, he had explained three times already about how he wanted to have just a simple picture of Bakura, so he could keep the memories. So that he could look back at it later on and remember just how Bakura looked at that moment. So that in ten years he could look back and recount just what had happened during that time. He could explain it again, repeating what he had said three times, spending almost another five minutes trying to tell him.

However he just could not bring himself to repeat himself again. Shaking his head Yugi moved into the saved pictures on the camera flashing though the recently taken pictures. Hoping and praying he glanced through them, desperate to find one decent picture that he could print out later on and put into his picture album.

Bakura cracked an eye as he watched the duelist pounding the buttons on the camera. His nail bitten thumb circled around the round button as he stared at the picture before punching it again.

Somehow he felt guilty, after all it was his fault that Yugi was so frustrated right now. So much so, Bakura flinched as he watched the finger pound into the camera again, that he was almost scared that the camera would crumble in the teen's grasp.

Sighing he sat up, dusting off his clothing before crawling towards the teen. Sliding behind him Bakura pulled Yugi in between his legs, sliding his body flush with Yugi's. Hands slowly slid around as fingers scrapped along the thin fabric of Yugi's shirt. Circling and tracing the muscles of his chest, Bakura ran his fingers down Yugi's bare arms, his fingertips ghosting the soft, pale skin.

His hands covered Yugi's as the snowy haired teen nibbled on the exposed flesh of Yugi's neck.

Sighing Yugi's head fell back resting on his boyfriend's shoulder as his eyes slid shut. Teeth scrapped along the smooth skin as Bakura interweave his fingers with Yugi's.

Pulling away he buried his face in Yugi's shoulder.

“Ok, ok,” Bakura sighed pulling his hands away from Yugi's to wrap them around his chest, hugging the boy tightly against his body. “If it means so much one picture, but that's it.”

Grabbing the camera Bakura glanced at it. “Which button do you push?”

Blinking Yugi glanced behind him confused as to why Bakura wanted to know. But the other boy's face remained blank, not telling of anything. “Uhmn, this one.” Yugi pointed to the silver button on the top of the camera.

Behind him Yugi could feel Bakura shift slightly, his thigh brushing against the small of Yugi's back. A hand slid around the boy waist turning him slightly. Blushing Yugi gasped as Bakura's fingers slid down a little lower only to pull away.

Leaning forward Bakura pressed his forehead against Yugi's, staring into the boy's eyes smiling. Fingers brushed unruly strands away, his thumb brushing against the smooth cheek.

Raising his other hand slowly Bakura smiled at his boyfriend. His lips ghosted Yugi's, as the smile grew as he watched the blush grow and the boy's breath quicken (Yugi was so cute that way).

“Smile,” Bakura whispered as he pressed his lips against the boy's. His tongue sliding around Yugi's lower lip, begging for access. Gasping the boy granted, his eyes closing as he pulled himself flush with Bakura.

Behind him he could feel the long leg curl around him, holding him close. Moaning Yugi clenched Bakura's black tank top, fingers massaging the tight muscles underneath the fabric.

Bakura deepened the kiss, his free hand sliding from Yugi's cheek to the back of his head, holding the boy there. Moaning he sucked on the Yugi's lower lip, feeling a shudder run through the boy's frame.

Smiling into the kiss Bakura pressed the silver button. A bright flash caught Yugi's eye as he pulled away to look to the side. Seeing the raised camera the teen smiled before tackling Bakura to the tiled roof. Crawling on top he bent back down pulling the snowy haired boy into another kiss.