Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ My Moonlit Lover ❯ Chapter 13

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]


Title:  My Moonlit Lover
Part:  13/?
Author:  Murasaki Rose
Beta:  None
Genre:  AU/Romance/Supernatural/Horror
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings:  YAOI/Anthro/MPREG/Violence
Pairings:  YYxY, SxJ, YBxR(established), YMxM(established)
Spoilers: Yami no Yugi's real name.
Disclaimer:  Here we go.  Yu-Gi-Oh and all it's characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment.  All mentioned characters from the other series are also not mine, they belong to their respective creators.  In other words, I don't own them and I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just a fangirl having some fun.
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy, #text# = English, (((text))) = Arabic

Summary:  In a world where supernatural beings live hidden amongst humans, you never know who or what's eye you might catch!  Humans Yugi Mutou and Katsuya Jonouchi have their world turned upside-down when two werewolves choose them as their lifemates!


A couple days after the full moon Yugi and Atem returned to the Mutou home.  To the teens' relief, Yugi's family had been happy to see them, but the nerves had cropped up again with a vengeance when were ushered into the living room.

Seated with Atem on the love seat in his family's living room, his mother and grandfather in chairs across from them, Yugi could honestly say that this was the most nervous he had ever been in his own home.   And that included the time that he broke his mother's antique lamp when he was eight.

Seeing how nervous her son was, Atsuko decided it was best that she and Sugoroku go first.

"Yugi.  I know you've been wondering why your grandfather and I are taking all this werewolf business so well..."

The small teen nodded, "I thought you were just humoring me..."

Shaking his head, Sugoroku walked over to Yugi and handed him his grandmother's jewelry box.  "No Yugi, we've known about werewolves and other supernatural creatures for a long time."

Wide amethyst eyes regarded his mother and grandfather with surprise, "How long?"

"Oh, I'd say since we were about your age," his mother replied with a smile.  "We were going to tell you about everything after graduation but..."

"We didn't count on a werewolf choosing you as a mate," Sugoroku finished.  At this Atem smiled and pulled Yugi closer to his side.

"You see Yugi, your grandfather, father, myself, and even your grandmother when she was alive, are all part of a world-wide organization of humans dedicated to keeping watch over the supernatural creatures that live in our world."

"Supernatural creatures have existed on earth far before humans ever did.  In the past, the supernaturals made no effort to hide and lived fully in the open.  However, as the human population rose and society changed, they became easy scapegoats for governments and religions to blame for whatever problems their country was having.

After humans began organizing hunts and authorizing the slaughter of whole villages and tribes, the supernatural community decided that it would be best if they blended in with humans for their own protection.  To help in this cause, they enlisted the help of the few humans they trusted, allowing them to disappear from human view for so long they became legends and myths."

"Since then, a secret society of humans have existed, working to help keep the supernatural creatures of earth remain hidden and safe.  Most of them are descended from the original protectors."

"Some call us watchers, others call us guardians... but we all carry a symbol of our status."

"The one on the box?"

"Yes," his mother confirmed, "There's one on the shop register too."

"We also have pins with the symbol to wear when we're out."


"So that other supernaturals can recognize them as someone who can help in an emergency," Atem answered, it was an important lesson they all learned as children.

"But...Kaiba-kun and his family were attacked by hunters... what's to stop people like that from stealing the pin or making one of their own?"

"That's an excellent question Yugi," his grandfather said, "And the originators thought of that too.  You see each of these pins is enchanted.  They can only be worn by the one they were created for and if someone else attempts to wear one it will disintegrate."

"And because they are enchanted, the real ones have a magical signature that a supernatural can easily recognize.  The hunters have tried to create imitations, but have been unsuccessful so far." Atem reassured his mate.

Yugi shifted in his seat before finally asking, "So if you know all about this stuff...then I guess the idea of me being pregnant wouldn't be a problem for you, right?"

Giving her son a warm smile Atsuko crossed the room and gave her son a reassuring hug.  "Oh Yugi, of course it isn't a problem," she smiled brightly at him.  "I'm thrilled I'm going to be a grandmother!  Your father and I had given up on the idea when you told us you were gay."

Sugoroku chuckled, "I always hoped you would have kids...I never thought you would be the one bearing them!"

Sitting back in her seat, Atsuko gave the teens a frank look, "To be fair, I would have had a hard time believing it despite my knowledge, if not for your grandfather going to Egypt to talk with other guardians."

"Why would he do that?" Yugi asked, noticing Atem's curious expression from the corner of his eye.

"When you came home from the sleepover after Atem cast the spell, we could see a change in your aura."

Amethyst eyes widened in surprise.  "That's why you were asking me all those weird questions!"

His mother nodded, "Yes.  You had no bite marks so we knew you hadn't been turned, but we had no idea what sort of spell he could have cast on you."

"Once we learned about Hathor's Gift, we suspected you would come home pregnant one day."

Yugi gave them a sad smile, "Does this mean Dad won't be upset that I'm mated to a guy?"  His father had been so disappointed when he'd learned his only child was gay.

Atsuko's smile was just as sad, "No honey, that won't bother him.  He came to terms with and accepted your sexuality years ago..."

"He's one of those types," Atem stated, knowing what Yugi's mother was hinting at.

Sugoroku nodded, "I'm ashamed to say that yes, he is one of them."  Knowing Yugi had no idea what he was talking about, he explained, "There are those amongst the guardians that view all supernaturals as animals and feel they should never interbreed with humans.  They view protecting them as species conservation and nothing more."

Yugi curled into Atem's side for comfort, it hurt knowing his father might not accept him, his mate, and more importantly, his children.

Atsuko came over and drew both teens into a comforting hug, "Don't worry Yugi, your grandfather and I will work on him."


When Anzu received the call from Yugi, she'd been excited to learn that the boy was feeling better and wanted her to come over.  It wasn't until she was on her way that the brunette realized there was something a little off about her friend.  Yugi had sounded healthy, maybe too healthy for someone who had just had recovered from pneumonia.  Her confusion furthered when she arrived and Atsuko took her aside to deliver a cryptic warning.

"Anzu-chan, I want you to promise me something-"

"What is it?"

"Yugi is about to tell you something that may sound like a bizarre story, but I swear that it will be the truth.  Please, promise me that you'll give him a chance to prove his story is true."

Now even more confused than ever, Anzu promised the older woman that she would listen, then headed upstairs to the Mutou's living room where she was greeted by a bundle of happiness.

"Anzu-chan!" Yugi squealed, glomping onto the girl.   He hadn't realized until just now how badly he'd missed his oldest friend until just that moment.

Squeezing him back, the two friends held tight until an amused chuckle reminded them of the outside world.

"Hello Atem-kun!" Anzu greeted the Egyptian teen while Yugi practically skipped back to his side.

"We have so much to tell you!" the pale teen gushed as the three of them sat down.

"What, like the two of you snuck off to get married and used catching pneumonia as your cover story?" she teased.  When both tri-color haired teens blanched, her eyes went wide with shock, "Don't tell me I'm right?!"

Recovering from his surprise, Yugi waved his hands in defense, 'Man, Anzu's good at this!'

"No! No!  I mean, that's not exactly what happened-"

"Perhaps I should explain, aibou," Atem offered.  After all, he was at fault for being impatient.

"Oh.  Okay."

"You see Anzu, about three years ago, myself and my friends, Bakura and Marik, began having dreams about foreign territories.  The same places would appear over and over again and we would feel compelled to go there.  As if the thing we wanted most in the world would be found there.  Our village priestess agreed that the dreams were a sign and told us that the only time the goddess sent dreams of this manner were when mates were involved.  With her support, after the last of us turned sixteen we were able to convince the elders to let us go in search of our mates.  Marik found Malik and his family first, then Bakura found Ryou while we traveled England, after which my dreams led us to Domino where I met Yugi."  He took the pale teen's hand in his own and gave him a tender smile.  "Two months ago, I knew beyond any doubt that we were meant to be and could no longer bear us being apart.  I put things in motion and on the night of the next full moon, I claimed Yugi as my mate."

Anzu's brow furrowed at the unusual term.  "Mate?  That's-" she paused, "-that's an odd way to put things."

"Not for a werewolf," he replied quietly.

Anzu eyes widened and she struggled to keep her jaw from dropping.  Atem had said that so easily, with no hint of humor in his tone or gaze that she couldn't quite believe he was joking.  "You're a werewolf."

"Yes."  The hand that had been holding Yugi's now went around his waist.  "And as of the last full moon, so is Yugi."

Noticing his friend's paling complexion and unfocused eyes, Yugi ran to her side and held her cold hands.  "Anzu-chan!  Are you all right?!"

"I-I'm having a little trouble believing all this," she whispered.  If it was anyone else, she'd have dismissed it as a bad joke, but Yugi wouldn't do something like that, especially after missing a month of school.   "Is this what your mom was talking about?"

Yugi nodded, "She was worried about your reaction."

"Here, drink this."  Anzu started as a warm cup of tea was pressed into her hands.  She hadn't even noticed Atem leaving the room.  She sipped at the hot liquid, letting it warm her insides while she tried to come to terms with what her friends had just admitted.

"Anzu?  Would you like to see me transform?"

Staring into her cup, the blue-eyed girl thought over the question.  Did she want to see that?

"Don't you need a full moon?"

Atem chuckled, "No and with practice, neither will Yugi."

The smaller teen grinned, "I could do it right now, but it'll be a lot faster if Atem shows you instead.  I've only done it once since the full moon and it took forever."

Relaxing under the casual tone the boys had taken, Anzu made her decision.   "All right Atem-kun, show me."

Nodding, the Egyptian teen stood and stripped off his shirt to two admiring gazes.  He began to remove his pants freezing mid-motion when he was startled by Anzu's embarrassed squeal.

"Atem!  Go stand behind the couch while you get undressed!" Yugi admonished his mate, mortified on Anzu's behalf.  The poor brunette human was bent over with her face buried in her hands.

"I'm sorry aibou, Anzu.  I forget how humans are about nudity."

"It's all right Atem," the girl accepted his apology gracefully, her face still a bit red knowing what the other teen was doing behind the couch.  Still she had recovered enough poise to tease her friend a little.  "I have to say Yugi, you are one lucky guy," she said, giving him a suggestive grin and wiggling her eyebrows.


"What?  I am a healthy teenage girl you know!"

Yugi groaned, "Atem, are you ready yet?"

"Ready when ever you are, aibou."

"I'm ready, are you Anzu?"

Remembering the reason why Atem had disrobed in the first place, quickly sobered the brunette girl.  She doubted either boy would go this far for a joke, Jonouchi and Honda maybe, but not Yugi....   Steeling her nerves, she nodded at the Egyptian teen, "Go ahead, Atem-kun."

Closing his eyes, Atem began his transformation in front of his fascinated audience; Anzu who had never seen it before and Yugi who had only seen it twice, once from his human form and once from his wolf form.

When he finished, the Egyptian werewolf walked ever so slowly around the couch to stand by Yugi.  Anzu swore her jaw became unhinged; it was one thing to hear about it and believe your friends were telling you the truth but to actually see it?  That was something else all together. 

Worried she might panic, Yugi stood and placed a hand on Atem's forearm.  "Anzu-chan?"


"Are you all right?"

"I...I think so...A-Atem kun?"

The werewolf nodded in response and both teens saw the tension ease marginally in her frame.

"He can't talk in this form Anzu-chan.  Well, not to humans anyway," Yugi explained.  "He can use telepathy with others that have the ability or use wolf speak, but that's it."

"Can you understand him?"

"Now I can.  But before I transformed, I could only talk to him normally."

Nodding to herself, the brunette moved closer, cautiously extending a hand towards her transformed friend.  Atem could smell her fear, which had lessened since his initial transformation, and was impressed that she was trying so hard to keep calm and accept them.  Getting an idea of what she wanted to do, he crouched down on his haunches, putting his head within her reach.  He knew he'd guessed right when she hesitantly reached for his head, then pulled her hand back slightly.

"Is this okay?"

Nodding, Atem tilted his head in the direction of her hand, inviting her to touch.  Her first touch was feather light, barely brushing the fur before pulling back.  Then steeling herself, the brunette girl reached forward and ran her fingers through the fur of his scalp, petting the wiry upper coat then down through soft, insulating undercoat.  After a couple minutes, she seemed satisfied, and took her hand away, smiling and shaking her head.  "This is amazing," was all she said as Atem rose and went back behind the couch to shift back and redress.

"Was he bitten too?" she asked Yugi curiously.

Yugi shook his head, "No.  He was born a werewolf."

"You can be born one?"

The petite teen gave a wry grin as Atem rejoined him on the couch.  "Yes.  In truth, most werewolves are born, not turned."

Yugi's grin morphed to a shy smile, "There's more we need to tell you."

Sure her friend couldn't surprise her any more than he already had, the brunette gestured for him to go on.

"I-I'm....well you see....its like this.....I'm pregnant."  There he'd said it.

Stunned by the odd statement, Anzu stammered out the first coherent thought her mind strung together.  "B-but what about school?  Are you going to be able to hide this until graduation?"

Yugi's expression turned awkward and nervous, "Well, I didn't even know it was a possibility until the second day I was in heat."

"You didn't tell him first?!"  Not even his well-honed reflexes could help Atem avoid the fist that came squarely down on his head.  Yelping, the Egyptian wolf ducked behind his mate and peered over the smaller teen's shoulder with wary eyes.  Anzu's rage, much like his mother's, was downright terrifying, especially when you were the direct target.

Not wanting his mate maimed by an angry, over-protective Anzu, Yugi waved his arms to get her attention.  "Calm down Anzu-chan, it's okay!"

"Yugi!  He got you pregnant without your permission!"

"And I've already told him how I felt about that."

Her friend's somber tone snapped her out of her rage, it was rare that Yugi became truly angry and judging by the serious expression on his face and the guilty one on Atem's, he had dealt with it.


Yugi had been oddly silent since they'd awoken that morning.  At first everyone assumed that he was still adjusting to truly being a werewolf and having full reign over his emotions again, but Atem, Ryou, and Bakura knew better.

It only took until they were alone that afternoon for the petite teen to speak his mind.  Folding his arms over his chest, Yugi glared at his mate.  Knowing he was the cause of it made Atem wish he could fold back his ears in this form, Yugi had every right to be angry with him.

Closing his eyes and releasing a heavy sigh, Yugi uncrossed his arms to rub the bridge of his nose with one hand.   "I'm not going to yell at you Atem."

Atem blinked in surprise, 'He's not?'

"I've had a whole month to accept the idea that I'm going to be a 'mother' in a few months and I am excited and happy to be having pups with you..."

Atem waited quietly, knowing the smaller teen wasn't finished.

"But I'm still angry that you didn't trust me.  Not even with the truth about you being a werewolf."  He opened his eyes and fixed tear-bright amethyst orbs on the other teen.  "I know you were afraid I'd run, but if you were willing to be with me for life, then you should have trusted me.  Sure I would have been scared at first, but I trust you.  I didn't have to let my instincts take over last month but I knew you wouldn't hurt me."

"Aibou-"Atem cast his eyes to the floor, unable to look at his mate.  He really had failed the other, how could he have been so stupid?

Gentle hands tilted his head back up and when he wouldn't open his eyes, soft thumbs rubbed along his cheekbones until mournful garnet opened to meet wounded amethyst.

"Promise me-" Yugi began, waiting a moment to be sure Atem was listening.  "Promise me that you'll never hide anything from me ever again.  If we're going to be mates and take care of our children and our pack, then I need to know that you are going to trust me."  His eyes teared up once more, "I don't know if I could handle you hiding something this important from me a second time."

Atem's heart was tearing him apart in the face of Yugi's pain and he would do anything to make him happy.  If promising to Yugi the very thing that he had vowed to himself would help, then he would gladly do it.  "Aibou, I'm sorry.  I'm so sorry," cautiously, he brought his hands up to mirror Yugi's.  "I promise you with all that I am, I will never, never betray your trust again.  I shall be honest to you in all things, no matter what the blow to my pride is," he gave him a sad, wry smile.  "For what worth is one's pride if it costs you your mate?"

Nodding once, Yugi lowered his hands and pulled Atem into a hug, resting his head on the taller male's chest.  Sending a silent message of thanks to the gods, Atem returned the hug, cradling his mate like the precious treasure he was.

{End Flashback}

Now that the brunette had calmed down, she was able to focus on exactly what Yugi had told her.  "You're really pregnant?"

Yugi nodded, a shy smile on his lips.

"OH MY GOD THAT'S AMAZING!!!" she squealed, sweeping the small teen into a hug.

"You believe me?"

Setting him down, Anzu gave the small teen a level stare, "Yugi, I just watched your boyfriend turn into a werewolf.  I doubt you'd start lying to me now."

Laughing in relief, Yugi sat down with his friend and began explaining everything he knew.


While Yugi and Atem were revealing everything to Anzu, Jou was doing the same with Honda.

Hazel eyes narrowed in suspicion, "Prove it."

"Wha-?"  Of all the things he'd expected Honda to say that wasn't it.

"Prove to me that everything you just told me wasn't a bunch of bull," the brunet continued, his disbelief plainly visible in his expression.  "We've been friends since we were kids, Jou.  This isn't the craziest thing you've told me, so you're gonna have to prove it before I'll believe any of what you just told me."

"And no that bite mark doesn't prove anything," he added when the blond started to speak.  "All that tells me is that Kaiba's got some weird biting kink."

Huffing in frustration, Jou scowled as he thought over his options:  He could shift himself, but that would take forever and he ran the risk of Honda running off.  Getting Seto was a no-go as Honda was still peeved at him for letting him "catch pneumonia".  'Wait a minute...'

"Hey Mokuba!" he bellowed up the stairs.


"C'mere and shift for Honda so he'll believe me!"

The raven-haired youth bounced down the steps, "Why don't you do it?"

"I'm too slow," the blond answered.  "I wanna get this over so we can talk."

"Okay."  With no further preamble, the pre-teen stripped and started to shift, changing from human to werewolf to wolf in record time.  Seeing Honda's slack-jawed expression prompted the boy to leap into the brunet's lap and lick his face, yipping with excitement.

It helped as Honda came out of his near-catatonic state laughing, rubbing Mokuba's head as the pup settled down.

"Okay Mokie, I think he's had enough," Jou said, chuckling a little himself.  "Why don't you go change back and get dressed."

Barking an affirmative, Mokuba trotted over to his clothes, picking them up between his teeth as he left the room, leaving Jou and Honda to talk.  For a long time, the brunet said nothing, occasionally opening his mouth as if to speak, then stopping and closing it once again, shaking his head.

"Come on Honda, say something."

"Sorry..it's just... a little hard to wrap my brain around, you know?"

Resisting the urge to crack a joke, just barely, Jou gave him a wry grin,  "You think you're having a hard time with it?  Try putting yourself in my shoes!"

Honda laughed, "All right, all right.  You have a point."  Atem being a werewolf did explain a lot about his weird behavior.

"Do I need to punch Kaiba?" he asked after a moment.

The blond waved a hand dismissively, "Nah.  Did that when we woke up the next morning."

Honda smirked, "Nice."

"Are you okay with it though?" the blond asked.

Honda shrugged, "As long as you're okay, I'll be too.  Since we haven't heard about weird animal attacks or an unusual amount missing people, I'm assuming the movies are totally wrong about werewolves?"

"For the most part," Jou responded, relaxing back on the couch.  "I'm still learning stuff, but even in their wildest state, werewolves have enough control to keep them from mindlessly attacking.  Even animals don't attack just for the hell of it.  They're usually hungry, defending something, or feel threatened."

Honda nodded in agreement, "And Yugi's a werewolf too?'

Jou nodded, "That and more."


"Oh yeah.  And believe me, this part is even harder to believe than the whole werewolf thing."