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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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~Perverted Commercials~ Chapter 1

By Jar of Pills

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: sexual implications, characters slightly OOC, a `little' swearing

Genre: humor, sorta kinda totally plotless, angst (sort of…)

Jar of Pills: Well, this is a side effect of watching too much tv while doing my homework…darn wonderball commercials..that dumb song has been stuck in my head for hours…argh!

Do they know what that song implies for yaoi fans?? (In case you haven't noticed, it is called wonderBAll! Lolol..Gosh I'm soo immature…^__^)

(Btw, In this fic, YamiBakura =Bakura, Ryou Bakura=Ryou, YamiMalik=Malik (duh!), Malik Ishtar = Ishtar, Jounouchi =Joey, Anzu (shudders yes, she is getting killed for your amusements)=Tea, Honda=Tristan, YamiYugi=Yami…okay, okay, enough equations, this isn't math class…)

* Actions*


~Scenery changes, settings~


*A hypnotized Bandit Keith appears in a poofy pink dress *(A/N: Yes, I am aware of how that is so terrifying. So it will scar your minds, a little. Deal with it )

Bandit-Keith-in-a-poofy-pink-dress: *sings * Jar of Pills does not own Yu-Gi-Oh!! Your move..da da da!! It's time to d-d-d-duel!! * Dances away* *yells * Yami is soooo cute!* giggles madly like a schoolgirl* ^_^;;;

JoP: hee hee…ya see, I kinda borrowed Malik's Millennium rod without permission ..ehehe…

*Malik appears *

Malik: Have you seen my rod?

Jar of Pills: I believe Bakura has it… *smiles nervously* heheh….

Malik: Okay *walks into Bakura's room muttering angrily * BAKURA!! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I'VE TOLD YOU THAT YOU CAN'T USE MY ROD!!!

Bakura: *grins lecherously * Oh, I think I CAN use your rod anytime I want…

Malik: Whadaya mean?!!! It's MY ROD!! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!

Bakura: * smirks* As you wish…

*sound of cloth ripping *


* A few seconds of silence. Then Malik starts to moan loudly*

~scene changes back to outside Bakura's *ahem* noisy room~

JoP: I hope I didn't get Bakura into trouble…oh well, that's his problem. (Gee I'm such a nice person aren't I?) All rightee then, I'll return to the fic ya'll been patiently waiting for (I hope…^_^)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~3 AM on an EARLY Saturday morning in the Kaiba mansion. All was quiet. The whole entire world was asleep~

Kaiba: Hey, Yugi why don't you come over here? That's right. Don't be afraid of me…Yami, get out of the way, NOOOOO!!! HE'S MINE!!! Tristan, HANDS OFF!

*TV in Mokuba's room is switched on at high volume. Kaiba doesn't wake up since he has long adapted to Mokuba's TV blares*

annoying WonderBall commercial: (A/N:I don't own Nestle's WonderBall either)

Oh I wonder wonder oo ah doo ah oo.. whats in your wonderball?
Who knows what surprises, a wonderball will hide..
yummy nestle chocolate, with candy shapes inside..
Oh I wonder wonder oo ah doo ah oo…what's in your wonderball?

What's in your wonder ball???

*song has entered into Kaiba's subconscious *

Kaiba: Let's see what's in *your * wonderball, puppy dog…

(A/N: yes, I AM aware of how perverted he sounds, but that IS the plot of the story *Kaiba's fangirls attack YKN* YKN: eep! *runs for dear life *)

*Mokuba runs into Kaiba's room screaming *


*Kaiba peacefully continues sleeping *

*Mokuba furiously goes into the kitchen and returns with a glass of icy ice cubes *

~5 seconds later~

Kaiba: *screeches * EEEEEEEEKKK!! Cold! Cold! Why did you do that, Mokuba!!!???

Mokuba: *gives humongous Bambi eyes * Y-y-you y-y-yelled at m-m-me…. *eyes start to water * WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Kaiba: *soothingly * (JoP: *snickers *) Now, now, Mokuba. I'm sorry for yelling at you. What was it that you wanted?

Mokuba: *brightens up as tears have suspiciously disappeared * Um, big brother, can you go get some things from the store for me?

Kaiba: *unsuspectingly * sure, just write a list and I'll go get them right now.

*Mokuba quickly scribbles onto a random piece of paper*

Mokuba: *sweetly * here ya go, big brother.

Kaiba: *quickly skims list * ……………….okay

(in case ya readers are wondering what is on the list…

Mokuba's grocery list

enough Wonderballs to last a month

chocolate milk

cat food for Seto-chan (A/N:Seto-chan is Mokuba's pet kitten in my story)

Christmas lights for science project

strawberry sherbet ice cream

SugaAddics (kids magazine)

chocolate chip cookies (yum..)

toilet paper



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end of Perverted Commercials Chapter 1

JoP: flames, comments and criticism welcome. I'm considering writing Chapter 2 if people actually respond.

Bye now!