Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Some things I'm not allowed to do ❯ The First 50 Things ( Chapter 1 )

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Title:Things I'm not allowed to do

Author: Ashray

Pairing: None

Disclaimer: I don’t own Yugioh, and this list just proves <i>why</i> it is better that I don’t.

Summary: I got inspired by such a list I read for a movie… Or was it a game?.. I don’t really remember… doesn’t matter anyway..
Just a list of things I shouldn’t do with, to or around the Yugioh characters.

50 Things I'm not allowed to do

1.Murder is not a healthy way to let out my anger.
2.-Telling Marik it is is also not good.
3. I do not know Kaiba's phone number.
4.-I don’t  pretend to know it.
5.- I'm also not allowed to sell it.
6.- The same goes for any other phone number of any other character in Yugioh!
7.I am not allowed to train flying monkeys into attacking Anzu.
8.-Or anyone else.
9.-I am not allowed to train flying moneky's period.
10.-<i>Or</i> get anyone else to train them for me.
11.I am not allowed to lock Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba in a closet to see if hot sex will occur.
12.-I am not allowed to lock anyone in a closet to see if any kind of sex will occur.
13.<i>"To conquer the earth with an army of flying monkeys"</i> is not an appropriate career choice.
14."Non-Flammable" is not a challenge!
15.-nor do I tell Marik that it is.
16.-or Bakura.
17.I will not agree to interviews taking place on the 31st of February.
18.-And I will not ask Yugi to do that neither.
19.Kuribo is not a Tribble.
20.-Marik is not a Klingon.
21.I am not allowed to run around naked screaming 'Bakura has stolen my clothes!', no matter how much I know people want me to.
22.-I shouldn’t tell the Hikaris to run around naked either.
23.I did not see Kaiba in his office singing<i> 'I Kissed A Girl' </i>and I should stop telling people that I did.
24.Selling photo shopped pictures of Yugi and Pegasus making out is not a way to earn money.
25.Despite how much I like dogs, putting a leash on Joey is inappropriate. (He would just try to bite through it anyway.)
26.Claiming the voices inside my head made me do something is not an adequate excuse for anything.
27.-Nor is claiming my evil twin Larry did it.
28.I am not allowed to buy Pegasus a poodle and paint its fur pink.
29.I am not allowed to kill said poodle in his sleep and hang its bloody carcass from the ceiling of his bedroom.
30.-I shouldn’t try this with a bunny either…
31.I will not tell Marik to use his brain.
32.I will not tell Bakura to use his brain.
33.I will not tell Marik to use Bakura's brain.
34.Marik is not on drugs.
35.-nor will I give him some.
36.I will not ask Yami if Bakura is good in bed.
37.-I will also not ask him about Yugi
38.-I will also not ask Yugi if Marik is good in bed.
39.- and neither will I ask Bakura if Marik is good in bed.
40.I will not try and get zombies to eat Anzu
41.-or Mai.
42.-or any other female character, just because I like Yaoi!
43.This list being used as a checklist is inappropriate, therefore I shouldn't do so
44.I shouldn’t give Marik TNT
45.I shouldn’t give Bakura Ceditcards.
46.-especially if they are not mine.
47.Saying Zork is my hero is bad.
48.I will not tell Pegasus that he is actually the star dancer in Swan Lake!
49.I will not call Pizza Hut and ask them to deliver to the shadow realm.
50.-nor will I ask any other restaurant or delivery service to go there.
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Yes, there will be more… I already have nearly 200 things that I shouldn’t do in Domino City! But if you know more, just tell me, and I will add it if it's not already on the list…
(This is just a little distraction from all the other things I should do at the moment….)

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