Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Sweet Revenge ❯ Chapter 11 ( Chapter 11 )

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Sweet Revenge

Summary: After Joey’s girlfriend, Carla dumps him for Seto; Joey stumbles across Ryou being mugged and learns that he’s a girl! Seto can’t stand Carla, but finds Ryou interesting. How does Mai fit into all of this?

Pairings: Seto/Ryou, Hinted; Joey/Mai

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Anime Yu-Gi-Oh! or any character associated. I do own Carla Whitmore. She is an original character and all likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This character is not based on anyone else’s character design, again if any likeness, it’s purely coincidental.

Warnings: Female!Ryou. The use and introduction of a female Original Character. Any fans of OCs and OC pairings should leave now. Anti-OC pairings and blatant bashing of my own character. I created her; I can do what I want with her. And I plan to. A bit of character bashing on the OC’s behalf and a few swear words, but nothing over the top. Set after Yami is sent to the afterlife, so no Yamis in the story. And Seto goes to school.

AN: I am so sorry about the length of time it took to get this chapter out. I have no excuse other than I was distracted by a few things life decided to throw at me. As well as other story ideas. Anyway, I hope this chapter makes up for it; Sorry, no Seto/Ryou interaction in this chapter, but a bit of Seto observation from Ryou’s POV. Also, Mai and Ryou have a run in with Carla. How will it go? You’ll have to read to find out ^^

Any comments, suggestions, tips or advice are always welcomed. I hope you enjoy reading.


Chapter 11:

Ryou must admit that in her youth she had only a few girl friends. Sure, the girls at school adored him because of his so-called bishie looks, but in reality, she wasn’t friends with any of them. So, hence not having very many girl friends, she had never done all the girly things associated with it.

For example; spending the entire day shopping for clothes and only clothes.

She had no idea that this ordeal, this supposedly ritual for girls to do was so daunting. And not to mention a bit embarrassing; she was certain beyond any shadow of a doubt that the clothes Mai thought looked nice on her did not suit her at all.

After all, she wasn’t blessed with a striking figure, silky golden hair and legs that went on for miles like Mai. Ryou, herself was the opposite, actually. She was taller than the average female, far too skinny with no feminine curves, had messy white hair that stuck out from the crowd, yet her plain brown eyes and softly spoken tone made her fade into the background.

It time was currently hovering around noon and this whole shopping experience was still progressing. This was a new experience for Ryou who was used to ducking into a nearest clothing store, grabbing what she could get her hands on and then leaving swiftly; taking all but five minutes.

Her shopping trip with Mai started when the slightly older woman turned up on her door step eight o’clock this morning and announced in a cheerful voice that they were going shopping, but for them to really go shopping, she first had to get into a great shopping outfit.

One had to look fabulous when they go shopping, apparently.

Ryou had no idea that disguising herself as a guy for all those years would make her lose touch with being a girl. But then again, she was never a girly girl to begin with.

Sparing a glance at the shopping bags in her hands and then at her own attire, Ryou could not help but feel these items were going to be wasted. She felt more comfortable in jeans and large, plain shirts, not shorts and skirts that Mai made her buy. She wouldn’t dare show her lily white pins she had as legs outside.

How Mai forced her to wear a pair of denim shorts with a singlet top under a loose light blue gypsy style top she’ll never know. Mai was sneakier and far more cunning than she gave the blonde haired woman credit for. At least she didn’t force her to wear heeled boots; she could not comprehend how Mai could walk in those things and it scared her senseless from the thought of how she would look in them.

Boots, sneakers and sandals were good enough for her.

“I dunno, Mai,” Ryou said with a sense of uncertainty as she continued to look at her clothing as well as the shopping bags that were now starting to numb the use of her hands. “I don't think these clothes will suit me.”

Mai stopped dead in her tracks and turned around to face her, a soft pout on her lips as her eye seemed to shimmer with a sense of sadness. “Don't you trust me?” she asked softly.

“Wha?” Ryou all but squeaked in surprise and immediately shook her head frantically, upset at the thought that she made Mai upset. “Of course I trust you!” she quickly reassured.

Upon hearing those words, Mai’s expression immediately perked up and she smiled brightly at the younger female, playfully patting her on the cheek. “Good, then know that you will look fabulous in those clothes.”

With that said, Mai turned back around and started walking again, looking in random shop windows for any possible bargains and outfits.

Ryou stood there completely stunned for a moment before she slumped her posture forward and appeared slightly frazzled. “Aw, I walked right into that one, didn't I?”

“Hook, line and sinker, sweetie!” Mai called out with humour in her voice and waved her over to take another look in a store.

Straightening her posture and resigning herself to her fate, Ryou gathered her belonging and dutifully followed. She really didn’t understand why Mai wanted to ask her for her opinion about an outfit; she didn’t have an ounce of fashion sense.

“At least it’s a nice day,” Ryou murmured to herself as she spared a glance at her surroundings. The sky was a clear blue with not a cloud in sight; the air was warm yet not overly humid. Normally on days like these, she would grab a book and head to the park to get some reading done.

“Yes, it is,” Mai responded to her statement. “Pleased that you’re not stuck inside at school today?”

“I guess,” Ryou said, her thoughts immediately turned to school and she wondered if anyone, other than her friends, noticed she was missing.

Most importantly, did Seto see she wasn’t there today? Would he care that she was missing or not?

I wonder if Seto-san even went to school today, Ryou thought to herself as seemingly went into autopilot and followed Mai without another thought as she fawned over this year’s summer fashion.

It wasn’t uncommon for Seto to skip a day or two from school as he had a business to run and a little brother to take care of, so he had a very good excuse. And in reality, Ryou didn’t understand why Seto continued with his studies at school; she knew that everything that was being taught either bored him to a state of unconsciousness or was completely irrelevant to where his life was heading.

She had often found herself risking a glance in his direction and felt a sense of sympathy for him as he always looked so bored in class. There were even times where he was outright glaring at the teacher, even correcting her on occasion, which would result in her threatening him with detention, but Seto would turn around and threaten to have her pay cut.

Ryou would often giggle to herself when he talked back like that, even though she was aware that it was rude. Anyway, he only did it to one teacher and she was rude and mean to all her students so it was nice to have someone who wasn’t afraid of her and stood up to her without being recklessly rebellious like a certain someone she could mention.

A dreaded thought suddenly occurred to her. What if Seto was at school today and so was Carla? That meant she was probably trying to win him over again.

No, calm down, Seto despised Carla with all that he was. He even said so himself and she knew that he was telling the truth. But that wouldn’t stop Carla from trying to get her claws into him.

I just wish Carla would leave Seto-san alone, Ryou thought to herself. He deserves so much better.

“What’s with that look?”

Disentangling herself from her current thought path, Ryou blinked her eyes and literally reeled back in surprised when she realized that Mai had stopped walking and was right in her face. When did she stop moving?

“Huh?” she muttered intelligently.

“What are you thinking about?” Mai asked as she made no attempt to move other than to plant her hands on her hips. “Are you missing school?”

“Ah, no, of course not,” Ryou replied as she gave the blonde-haired woman a small smile.

“Hmm?” Mai suddenly hummed as a sly look appeared across her face. “Then you must be thinking about a crush.”

Instantly Ryou felt her cheeks redden at the accusation and made a very suspicious squeaky noise that was suppose to disagree with the statement, but instead gave a very telltale sign that she was indeed thinking of someone rather fondly. “Wha-!?”

For a very, very short moment, Mai appeared surprised by her reaction, but quickly recovered and gave a very girlish laugh. “Oh my God, you do have a crush on someone! Who is it? Do I know him?”

“It’s not like that!” Ryou protested as she dropped her bags and waved her hands in front of her, once again appearing comically frazzled, her blush doing nothing to help her situation.

“Come now, spill it,” Mai said as she gave the appearance that she was having way too much fun than should be allowed. “I want to know.”

“I, ah...” Ryou knew that she had no chance of getting out of this conversation with Mai unscathed, but she didn’t want to tell anyone about her feelings for Seto as she already knew that were not returned and she didn’t have a chance with him.

As she opened her mouth to explain those things to Mai, a flash of black and red from the corner of her eye caught her attention. She glanced in that direction quickly and did a double take when the form of a familiar female rebel appeared in her line of sight.

There was no mistaking that it was Carla. She was wearing her school uniform, which of course consisted of her interruption of the uniform, not the standard clothing that all students had to wear. Carla must have been sent home once again for not wearing the correct uniform.

When will she learn?

“Mai, look,” Ryou said as she discreetly pointed in her classmate’s direction. “There’s Carla.”

“Where?” Mai said as she immediately whipped around, her violet eyes scanning the crowds before landing on the girl with the duo coloured hair and she wrinkled her nose in annoyance. “Ah, so she was that Gothika chick from the other night. Shouldn’t she be at school?”

“She always skips classes,” Ryou explained as she knelt down onto the ground and began gathering up her bags she unceremoniously dropped. “I’m not sure, but I’ve heard it’s because they aren’t a challenge for her or something.”

Well, that was what Carla claimed each and every day.

Mai folded her arms under her bust and gave a very undignified snort as she turned away. “More like trying to be cool than anything else.”

Ryou couldn’t help but agree with that. It was well known through the entire school that Carla’s grades were terrible, literally bottom of the class. And despite what many people think, Joey wasn’t the dumbest kid in class. His grades weren’t outstanding, but he was getting by just fine. A little bit more study and he’ll improve amazingly well.

“Oh look,” a sneering voice suddenly said from a few feet behind Ryou as she climbed to her feet. “Isn’t it the homewreaker herself?”

Blinking in blatant surprise at the scathing greeting, Ryou turned around and gave Carla a blank look at the sudden insult. “I beg your pardon?” she asked slowly, literally sounding like she had no idea what she was talking about. Didn’t Joey already explain to her that they were just friends?

Oh, right, girls and guys can’t be just friends without one of them secretly crushing on the other. It was against the rules or something.

However, her reply only caused Carla to roll her eyes in contempt before flickering those sharp jade coloured eyes in Mai’s direction, her scowl immediately deepening into a vicious glare that could have set the surrounding area on fire.

“Jeez, is it any surprise that you’re friends with the slut here,” Carla said with a sarcastic, mocking tone of voice.

“Excuse me?” Mai all but simpered as she took a courageous step forward, her own arms still neatly folded across her chest. She was not even remotely intimidated by Carla’s expression or scathing words. “Just what I expect from some self centred little girl like yourself. Don’t tell me you’re still stinging from the other day. You really need to control that wild temper of yours.”

Carla jade green eyes immediately flickered with a sense of anger that this woman had the audacity to speak back to her. She obviously had no idea who she was dealing with. Well, perhaps she should inform her of her place in the world.

“What?” Carla hissed dangerously. “You have no idea what you’re talking about. You don’t know me so don’t make such abhorrent accusations. Blonde-haired whores like you have no idea how hard life really is. You just sleep around, all ditzy and pathetic.”

There, that should remind her who was the better woman here.

However, instead of crying and screaming obscenities at her, Mai actually gave a mirthless laugh and seemed to shake her head in disbelief.

“Well, isn’t that ironic, Rei?” she said as she turned to glance in Ryou’s direction, calling her by her nickname as it appeared Carla still had no idea that Ryou and Rei were the same person. “She says not to talk about her, but then she goes and makes wild accusations about me and you as well.”

Ryou had to stifle a giggle at that. Mai was, of course, right. But then again, Carla was always like this; demanding people treat her with love and admiration while she treats you like dirt.

“People in the real world like to call your kind a hypocrite,” Mai said to Carla, clearly not impressed with her supposedly sassiness and wit.

Carla appeared surprised by Mai’s reaction to her, but that soon turned into utter rage and her slender, yet athletic frame began to tremble with a sense of anger. “Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?” she all but hissed again, her sparkling eyes now a very deep green, giving a frightening hint of her explosive and passionate temper. “You have no idea how hard I have to struggle day by day. Rich sluts like you just don’t understand street girls like me, and-”

“And I don’t care,” Mai said with a biting tone as she abruptly cut her off.

“Huh?” Again, Carla appeared surprised, this time from the fact that someone actually cut her off while she was in the middle of explaining her feisty attitude. Not that she had to explain anything; she just liked to remind people of why she was so utterly amazing and interesting.

“If you had a more sympathetic attitude, then I might, but there is no excuse for treating other people like your personal toy,” Mai started to explain, her voice seemingly coming from the heart as she spoke in such a way that felt she really knew what she was talking about. “People are not here on this planet to act as your amusement. You can’t manipulate them to get what you want. Do you really think you can get away with using others for your own personal gain and not get shit for it?”

Ryou found herself in a state of surprise by Mai’s words. She then felt her heart give a sympathetic ache when she recalled the tales Joey told her about Mai’s time with a group of bikers and a leader who manipulated her, using her fears against her to do what he wanted.

Poor thing, she still felt a sense of guilt of the things she had done, despite Joey and the others forgiving her.

“Mai...” she whispered.

“How many other people have you used and then discarded like Joey?” Mai continued, not backing down at all.

Carla was uncharacteristically silent, something rare from the obnoxiously outspoken female. But then her brow furrowed deeply and she unfurled her arms from her bust to place on her hips. She opened her mouth, ready to deliver her own vicious reply when she stopped.

“Wait,” she said as she took a step back and had this look of mocking amusement on her face. “Don’t tell me you’re actually friends with that idiot, are you?” A smirk then slipped across her lips and she released a laugh that sounded like the thought of Joey being friends with the two girls in front of her hilarious. “Unbelievable!”

Unsure as to why, but when Carla laughed at the thought of them being friends with Joey, it made something snap in Ryou and she too took a step forward, moving next to Mai, her now expression contorted into a look of anger.

Carla had already caused Joey and Seto as well, enough grief. She really couldn’t get away with this a moment longer.

“No, what’s really unbelievable is that you used Joey to get Seto’s attention,” Ryou said in an uncharacteristically sharp tone, mildly aware that a crowd of curious onlookers had gathered around them. “Sorry for being blunt, but Seto hates you. He detests you.”

However, Carla merely snorted at her statement as if it was the most ludicrous thing in the world. “That just proves you don’t know anything about him,” she snapped in her direction. “He doesn’t show his emotions well. He obviously treats those he likes like trash as he doesn’t know better.”

Ryou found that appalling. No, Seto treated people like trash because they’ve done something to utterly annoy him. Sure, he could be gruff and a bit insulting when he speaks with her and the others, but his tone of voice was nothing compared to the harsh, emotionless tone he would use on those who disinterested him.

Despite what others think, Seto was pretty clear cut with his emotions. If he hated you, then he hated you and wouldn’t even give you the time of day. For example, the way he would treat Carla every single day.

If he tolerated you, then he’d give you a tiny bit of attention like he did with Yugi and the others. He wasn’t overly friendly with them, yet wasn’t insulting them left, right and centre.

But if he liked you, or had an interest in you for some reason, then he would let it be known. He had no trouble whatsoever in showing his brotherly love for Mokuba, letting the young boy hang all over him some days, so he didn’t care what others thought about him.

Well, that was what Ryou had come to learn through silent observation. So, no, it was obvious that Carla was the one who had no idea about anything Seto did.

“He told me himself,” Ryou stated firmly and truthfully. “He has absolutely no interest in you.”

“What?” Carla practically snarled at her. But then, her expression swiftly changed into something far darker, something a little bit frightening. It was an expression of anger, hatred with jealously mixed in well. “Wait, you’re after him as well!”

That accusation threw Ryou off guard for a moment. “Ah, no...”

“I can’t believe this,” Carla continued to rage. “You actually think a scrawny little whore like you would even have a chance with Seto? He doesn’t like weaklings.”

“She has a better chance than abusive, using bitch like you!” Mai retaliated as she took a step forward, moving slightly in front of Ryou. “I’m not really friends with Seto, but even I know that Seto isn’t stupid. He can see right through you and knows of your intentions.”

“You only want to date Seto because of his money, not for who he is,” Ryou added as she pressed her lips into a thin line, her annoyance growing that someone could be so blatantly obvious about their intentions and still think they can get away with it. “Seto is the one who has had a tough life, not you.”

“I deserve a better life!” Carla all but screamed at them.

But Mai would have none of that. “You deserve nothing after what you did to Joey!”

“Please, I did Joey a favour by dating him,” Carla simper, still very anger, but was trying her hardest to calm down into a more rational state. After all, getting pissed at a slut and a homewreaker was a waste of time and energy. It was obvious these two bimbos were too stupid to realize who they were talking to or about. “As if that loser could find a girl as hot as I am.”

Mai bristled when Carla sent yet another insult at Joey and she curled her hands into fists by her sides. “Stop insulting him,” she ordered through gritted teeth.

“I’m just stating facts, you idiot,” Carla snapped at her. “Joey Wheeler is a first class brainless dick. He can’t duel for shit, has the most annoying accent, his clothing sense is completing lacking and he’s ugly as sin. Not to mention-”

Carla didn’t have the chance to finish that sentence as a well aimed punch to her cheek that seemed to come literally out of the blue interrupted her and she stumbled backwards from the force. Her head whipped around from the force of the punch and she had to stagger around on her feet for a few moments in order not to collapse onto the ground.

“Shut up!” Mai said as she squeezed her eyes shut, her arm still hovering rigidly straight out in front of her.

“Mai!” Ryou couldn’t believe it. Mai just punched Carla in the face!

“What the fuck?” Carla muttered as she whipped around to face the two of them again, her cheek already starting to swell. That would most likely take a lot of make-up to cover.

Mai was silent for a long moment, her breathing erratic and her posture tense. Then, slowly, she lowered her arm, yet kept her eyes clamped tightly shut as she took a couple of deep breathes. “That was for Joey and Rei. And for Seto as well,” she explained.


“Let’s go,” Mai said as she turned around and grabbed some of the shopping bags that had once again hit the pavement. “I’m not in the mood for shopping anymore.”

“Ok,” Ryou said without argument and grabbed the rest of their belongings.

At those parting words, Mai grabbed Ryou by the wrist and began leading her away, both of them leaving the crowd of spectators and a very bitter and resentful Carla in their wake. Glancing over her shoulder, Ryou watched as Carla struggled to stand straight on her feet before seemingly brushing herself down, sticking her nose in the air and then stalking off.

It seemed that confrontation did nothing to her resolve to win Seto’s affections nor her revenge to make Joey suffer.