Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ The New Authoress ❯ Madyamisam has LANDED!!!!! MUWHAHAHAHAHA ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Madyamisam has LANDED!!!!!! MUWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Yami: *after his enema* I feel so mutilated.... *whimpers and sobs. Yugi comforts him then turns his attention to their new authoress*

Sam: *braces herself as she sees her section of Media Miner* ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I GOT A REVIEW!!!!! I GOT A REVIEW!!!! SOMEBODEY LOVES ME!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *runs around like a headless sugar high chicken if that's possible*

Yugi: 0_0'

Yami: *still crying* That woman..... is insane

Sam: *still running around like a headless sugar high chicken* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *runs into the wall* /CCCCRRRRRRAAASSSSHHHHHH!!!!!\

Yugi: She's just stressed. She's become a new authoress, had four homeworks, 1 assignment and 2 exams all due in last week.

Yami: o_0U Ah... What about the disclaimers?

Yugi: I think we'll handle it at least until she pulls herself back together. *Yami frowns. Yugi gives him the puppy dog eyes* Please.

Yami: o_o..... ^_^ Ok. Madyamisam doesn't own Yugioh.

Sam: @.@ *dizzy and dilusional* SO PLEASE DON'T SUE!!!! My lint collection is all I have. *starts tearing up* The computer's not even mine *Yami backs away trying to drag Yugi away from her. Sam composes herself* Right let's invites some vic... friends over. (Mental Note: Must take my pills. Like the doctor told me to) *starts typing out Joey* (blink) *Joey appears*

Joey: *looks around* I heard a new authoress is aroun' dis joint. Where is she? *Sam back towards him with Yugi sitting on her lap. (DON'T YOU DARE GET ANY IDEAS!!!!)

Yugi: Over here. *watching Sam typing out Tristan, Tea, Seto, Mokuba, Ryou and finally his Yami (whom I shall dub as Bakura saves typing) You type fast.

Sam: Thank you. (blip,blip,blip,blip,blip,blip) *everyone looks bemused*

Bakura: Where the f- *Sam gasps and types a piece of stainless steel to be wielded to his mouth* MHPMMPHMHPMHHM!!!!! *Sam smiles and blows the steam of her smoking fingers*

Sam: *shout* Bad Bakura. I'll not have swearing permitted with children here!!! Plus I've dubbed it a PG-13 and I will not change it for the likes of you. If you do wish to swear go to the CURSE room. *types up the CURSE room* (blip) It's been triple insulated and sound proofed. *types for the metal gag come off his mouth*

Bakura: *fuming getting ready to send Sam to the Shadow Realm* You...

Sam: Don't make me ANGRY!!!!!! *Sam transforms into a monster with fiery eyes, horns appear from her head and her hair turns into snakes. Also an assortment of weapons appear on her back from various daggers, poisonous darts, grenades, hi-tech nuclear launchers but her main weapon was a huge 1 million tonne mallet*

Bakura: Eep. *covers his mouth*

Yami: *whispers* Just do it ok.

Ryou: *Bakura goes to his hikari for support* You did put yourself in this position Yami. *with that Bakura rushed to the Curse Room and Sam goes back to normal*

Sam: Oh and by the way don't stay in there too...*the Curse Room door slams* long... *sighs*

Tristan: Why can't he stay there too long?

Sam: Well what did you expect? Triple insulated and sound proofed? His brains gonna fry like eggs

*Yami bars the door*

Yami: Hehehe.

Sam: Oh how KAWAII!!!!!! *huggles Mokuba and Ryou*

Mokuba: ^_^ Your like my brother.

Sam: *squeals and huggles them both*

Ryou: ^_^ I feel loved.

Seto: So... what are you typing in your fic?

Tea: Ooh is it an drama? Romance?

Sam: Ah... I forgot to mention that in the last chapter. If anyone of you folks out there have any ideas on what to do with these people put it in your reviews instead of sitting on your bums. Otherwise I can't carry on with this fic. I mean last time I checked I had 12 visits but only 1 review. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!! I feel so unwanted. *sobs. Everyone except Yami, Seto and Bakura (for obvious reasons) goes to comfort her* Anyway thank you to those who actually reviewed. And I'll forgive those that didn't review the first time if they review me the next time. *o_0*? D'you think they go that? *everyone nods then shakes their heads* Oh never mind. Where's Bakura? Shouldn't be done swearing now?


Bakura: *desperately trying to open the door* LET ME OUT!!!!! LET ME OUT PLEASE!!!! IN THE NAME OF RA I'VE NEVER SAID PLEASE IN ALL MY LIFE AND A 5000 YEARS SO PLEASE LET ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!