Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ The New Authoress ❯ Lone Spirit wants to join us.. ARE YOU MAD!?!?!?!? ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Lone Spirit wants to join da gang…. ARE YOU MAD!?!?!?!?

Seto: *sounding like 1940's gangster, a cigar in his mouth* So… you want to be a member of the mob… eh?

Lone Spirit: Yes… I do want to join the gang permanently.

Seto: Well ya need to obey some rules around here see? Joining the mob… is like being part of the family see?

Lone Spirit: Yeah I know, I understand.

Seto: Therefore you have to have respect see… Respect the family…

Sam: *annoyed* Seto, just cut it out with the Al Capone attitude. *whacks him on the head, he immediately stands up and sings `I'm a little teapot' complete with the weird dance*

Seto: #I'm a wittle teapot short and stout. Here's my handle here's my spout#

Mokuba: ^()^ YAY!!! *waving pom poms in the air*

Sam: Ok… so the hypnotherapy didn't work. Sorry Lone Spirit but that knock on the head after running through the wall three times still hasn't cleared up yet.

Lone Spirit: Oh I see.

Sam: Anyhow… so you want to be a permanent character of my fic is that right?

Lone Spirit: Yeah. I just loved being here so much that I knew that I had to be here as part of the gang.

Sam: Hmm… Ok then… I do in fact need a sidekick in handling….*stops to think* the children. So just a few questions.

Lone Spirit: Fire away. *Sam gets out a bazooka* Not… literally

Sam: Oh… *puts bazooka away* Alright. First question… Are you insane?

Lone Spirit: Yes…

Sam: Do you know what the consequences are of becoming a part of the fic?

Lone Spirit: Yes. A lifetime of torture, pain, frustration, despair… and no social life. It's brilliant.

Sam: Ok… the big one. Can you do disclaimers?

Lone Spirit: I hate them but if the job description tells me to that. I will do. *Sam grins before writing it into the job description*

Sam: Can you do the disclaimers now? Try reading this… *holds up lines to disclaimer*

Lone Spirit: ^_^ *nod* Erhem… *reads from card* Madyamisam doesn't own Yu-gi-oh, The Exorcist, The Ghostbusters or anything else but herself you dumbass, pesky, snot nose, money pinching pillocks. And be warned the only thing you'll get from her is her new collection of state of the art mouse traps and a pile of… *squint* o_0?… lint?

Sam: *whispers* High quality lint. Can't get it anywhere else.

Lone Spirit: Ok…. ¬_¬'

Sam: Brilliant!!! Your hired!!!

Lone Spirit: ^___________________________________________^….

Sam: Oh yeah forgot to ask. What acquirements do you need to have?

Lone Sprit: Oh… a fair amount of sugar income….

Sam: O_O' I beg your pardon?

Lone Spirit: Well, I need to have um… some income of sugar else I'll start killing people… due to… sugar withdrawal…

Sam: *twitch* Erhem… *puts on a fixed but pained smile* Would you excuse me for a second?

Lone Spirit: Ok….*Sam walks off into the CURSE ROOM*

Sam: *enters CURSE ROOM* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I KNEW THIS WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH WHY ME!?!?!? OH FU- *the door slammed shut. Comes back out again* Right… I'm sure we can get around that… *twitch* complication.

Lone Spirit: Ok… so what do I do first then boss?

Sam: Just Sam LS…. You don't mind me calling you LS do you? *Lone Spirit shakes head* I think we'll start by rounding up the sheep… er… cast. *they go past Seto whose doing the macarena*

Seto: HEEEEY!!!!!! MACARENA!!!!! *shakes hips then jumps*

Sam: I really need to get billionaire boy fixed up. *finds the rest of the gang* Ok folks, gang committee. Round up, round up now git over here. Where's Yugi and Yami?

Tristan: They're having a private discussion. *Sam looks suspicious*

Sam: Ok… first of all. I'd like to announce that we have a new member of the team. *LS steps out*

Tea: Hey your that volunteer.

Sam: Yeah but now she's part of the family.

LS: ^________________________________^… O_O *starts maiming Bakura biting his leg etc. etc.*

Bakura: AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! GET OFF MEE!!!!! *disappears into a cloud of dust with Bakura popping out flailing his arms here and there*

Sam: Ugh… must be the sugar withdrawal. *sighs then grabs a bag of lollipops and hooks in on a pole before guiding it into the cloud. The cloud disappears with LS licking at the lollipop and Mally totally conked out*

LS: ^______________________^

Bakura: @()@

Everyone else: O_OU

LS: Eh heh… sorry about that… *pats Bakura on the back*

Mally: @_@ urgh…

Sam: I know this new… arrangement might complicate things a little. But asides from that LS will fit in right?…. *gives them all a death glare* RIGHT!?!?!? *starts changing to her monster form*

Everyone: RIGHT, RIGHT. YES, YES!!!!

LS: ^_____________________^

Seto: ^______________^ I even arranged a welcome party too. Ehehehehe

Joey: His not dat nice

Seto: ^_____________________^ Oh, we've just had a couple of misunderstandings Joey-kun *huggles him*

Joey: Ok… I kinda wish he'd call me a Chihuahua now

Ryou: Are you alright Seto.

Seto: ^______________________^ I'm just fine. I just want to be friends.

Sam: Aww, that's really sweet Seto I didn't know you were so kind *Seto pees on the floor* O_O' Nor did I know that you still haven't got around to solving that bladder problem.

Everyone else: *starts bursting into laughter Joey was practically rolling on his back*


LS: *giggles* Is that part of the party? *only Sam and Mokuba are keeping calm*

Mokuba: Oh… big brother… *Sam guides Seto out of the room*

Sam: *thinking* First he makes a huge hole in the wall now his ruined the carpet. *cries* T_T Mom's gonna kill me. *out loud with a pained smile* Let's just get you cleaned up here.

Seto: ^_______________^ Ok… *trudges off in his wet trousers. He has a shower then is led to bedroom*

Sam: Now… just lie down, gets some rest. *the rest of the gang follow still laughing. Seto starts banging his head on the wall* WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!? *Seto's head twists a full 360 turn from the neck*

Everyone else: O_OU

Sam: Cool… I didn't know you could do that…

Seto: GGGGGRAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *his face starts moulting and the stuff in the room starts floating and hurling themselves at the gang*

Sam: WHOA!!!! *a vase goes past her head* HEY THAT'S MY MOM'S VASE!!!! *vase shatters* T_T GRRR THAT'S IT!!!! TIE HIM DOWN!!!! *they tie Seto to the bed* Ok everyone else back up. *they back away leaving Seto still writhing on the bed* I hope you think very carefully of what you just did. *rub her temples due to a coming migraine*

Seto: AaAaAaAaAaA… *starts shaking violently on the bed…* MAKE THIS STOP!!!!!

Sam: Tsk… *switches off the vibrator on the bed* Stop playing with it

Seto: *voice becomes hoarse and unnatural* Sorry

Sam: Ok, his started acting like this ever since he went through that wall. Hmm *concentrating* Seto do you know a different language?

Seto: *speaking in German* Nein. Ich verstande alla….

Sam: His possessed.

LS: Oh, it's probably his schizophrenic like you.

Seto: *sings really well. I mean really well* #Everybody's looking for that something… One thing that makes us all complete.

LS: O_O' His possessed. Seto never sings that well.

Seto: *normal self* YES I DO!!!! *demon self* SHUT UP!!!!

Sam: Let's go outside for a bit. *drags LS with her*

LS: What are you doing? He needs help!!!

Sam: I know I just want to wait until the disgusting bit has past.

LS: What… disgusting bit?

Sam: Th *rasps at LS* Haven't you seen the movie!?!?

LS: What movie?

Sam: The grrr *puts her hands together as if praying* memememmememememe *makes puking sound* Bleurgh movie.

LS: The grrr *puts hands together as if praying* memememmememememe *makes puking sound* Bleurgh movie? *Sam nods* Of course I've seen that O_O' Oh God I did see that Thanks for warning me

Sam: Don't mention it.

Seto: BLEUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! *they hear Seto puke in the next room*

Tristan: GROSS!!!!

Joey: `can't ya at least have puked up a better colour Kaiba!?!?!?

Seto: Pea soup green is my favourite. I even have a tuxedo that colour in fact.

Sam: *eavesdropping* Well…. it's no wonder why his such a lonely guy.

Seto: I HEARD THAT!!!!!

LS: So what do we do?

Sam: *determined look* There's only one thing to do.

*Ghostbusters theme start up. DODODODO DODO DODODODODO DO*

Ghostbusters: *running up the stairs* WHO DO YOU CALL!?!?!?

Demon: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *Ghostbusters run back down the stairs*

Ghostbusters: SOMEONE ELSE!!!! *they race to their car and drive off*

Sam: -_-* Right, let's go for the traditional way.


LS: His right here father *priest comes in*

Priest: *comes in*


Priest: O_O *jumps out of the window and dies*



Priest: *spirit going to heaven checks his script* oops ah well

Sam: -_-* RIGHT, THIS CAUSE FOR SERIOUS ACTION!!! EVERYONE EXCEPT LS OUT!!! *the Yu-gi-oh cast do so but stand outside the door to eavesdrop* TUBE!!!!




Sam: READY!?!?!?

Both: 1!!!!

Demon: What are you doing!?!?!?

Both: 2…!!!!

Demon: Stop!!!!

Both: 3….

Demon: Wait… I'm not that kind of *nasty shoving up sound* GGGGGUUUUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! *sloshing liquid pumping* AIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAI!!!!!

Yami and Yugi come in

Yami: What's going on?

Tea: Seto got possessed by a demon

Yugi: Oh no

Yami: ^()^ Cool

Tristan: And Sam's exorcising it by performing an enema

Yugi: Oh that's good

Yami: *winces* Better him than me

Seto: *crying* Mokuba….

Mokuba: *rushes in* Don't cry big brother

Sam: *comes out* Well my work is done here for now. However, I just thought up of a great idea but I really need you readers to make this really work. Since we're coming up to Christmas. I'll arrange a `kiss under the mistletoe' chapter. If any of you want to kiss any of the Yu-gi-oh gang under the mistletoe write it in your review to let me know and I'll put you in to the chapter as guest stars. And you get to kiss your favourite Yu-gi-oh character *LS tugs at her shirt* What?

LS: *blushes whilst glancing at Mally. She points at Mally*

Sam: o_0?. ^____________^ *hands her a mistletoe*

LS: *squeals and whispers* Thank you *runs off* OH MALLY!!!!!!!

Sam: Ain't I a stinker?