Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Yu-gi-oh, the ultimate Sailor moon parody. ❯ Chapter one ( Chapter 1 )

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Yu-gi-oh, the ultimate Sailor moon parody.
Chapter one.
My name is Yami. I'm 21 years old, and work at a tradingcardgame store. I'm clumsier than others, and a bit of a crybaby. That's about it.
The alarm clock started bleeping insanely, and Yami sat up in shock.
"I'm going to be late for work again!!!" Yami shouted, as he ran downstairs, fully dressed. He stuffed some toast in his mouth and shot out the house. He soon had to run back again, because he had forgotten his lunch.
'Damn, why must work start so early?' Yami thought to himself, yawning widely. He stopped running when he heard a bunch of kids shouting. They were ganging up on a strange black cat.
"Hey, stop that! Pick on someone your own size!" Yami shouted, shooing the kids away from the cat. One of the kids quickly threw a rock at Yami before sticking his tongue out and disappearing with his friends. Lucky for Yami, the rock missed its target.
"Here kitty! Are you alright?" Yami asked, reaching out to the black cat. He then noticed that it had a band-aid on its forehead. The cat beckoned wildly that it wanted to get rid of it.
"Here ya go kitty." Yami said, pulling the band-aid off. The cat meowed loudly and jumped backwards. Yami stared at it. It had a strange, golden symbol on its forehead, kind of like an eye. The cat was now observing Yami very closely. It was almost creepy. Suddenly, a bell started to chime nearby.
"Aaah! I'm laaaate!" Yami shouted, forgetting about the cat and running to the cardgame store. The cat blinked for a second.
"I've finally found you." it said mysteriously.

At the end of the day, Yami was completely tired out. He had been yelled at by his employer, and was then forced to sweep the floors for the rest of the day. Lucky for him, his best friend Jounouchi came by to cheer him up.
"Hey, did you hear? Sennen E stopped some bank robbers yesterday! It was all over the newspapers!" Jounouchi said in an excited voice.
"Since when do you read the newspaper?" Yami asked grinning.
"I wanted to read the comics." Jounouchi responded.
"So... Who's Sennen E?" Yami asked after a moment of silence.
"You mean you don't know about her? She's a beautiful girl who fights crime!" Jounouchi explained.
"That sounds cool. I'd love to meet her." Yami said, resting his head on the handle of his broom.
"Good day to you." said a familiar voice behind them.
"Ah god, not him again..." Jounouchi muttered.
"Hello Kaiba." Yami responded grimly.
"Guess which card I just bought? A blue eyes white dragon! Did you get any good cards Yami?" Kaiba asked grinning, holding up a shiny new trading card.
"It's pretty obvious that Yami cant afford any new cards!" Jounouchi snapped back at him, causing Yami to get depressed (anime style!) "Oh, sorry Yami! Did I hurt your feelings?"
So indeed. Time went slowly for Yami, and he was glad when work was over.

When walking home, Yami passed a tradingcard vending machine. Hoping that this would be his lucky day, he pushed his last 50 cents in the slot and turned the wheel.
'Oh man, this had better be a good card!' Yami thought, crossing his fingers. Sadly, the one that popped out was...
"Kuriboh!" Yami yelled angrily. How many of these useless hairballs had he gotten by now? He crumpled it up in rage and threw it over his shoulder.
"Hey, that hurt dammit!" called a voice behind him. Yami froze for a second, and then turned around. It took Yami a moment to figure out where the voice came from, because the owner was so short.
A little kid, looking a bit like Yami and wearing sunglasses, was staring at the card.
"A Kuriboh? That is the most useless card ever! You have to try harder rainbow head!" The kid said, sweatdropping. Yami turned red and quickly snatched the card back.
"Look who's talking!" he retorted, sticking out his tongue. The kid had the same haircut as Yami, so who was he to call him rainbow head?
"Hey, atleast it looks good on me! See you around, rainbow head." the kid said, walking away and sniggering.
'The arrogance of some people!' Yami thought furiously, stomping home. He passed his favorite arcade and noticed a poster of the latest game. It depicted a girl with vivid purple eyes, framed by large red glasses. She had long blond hair, that spiked up a bit. She wore a strange sort of sailors outfit, and the skirt really brought out her long slender legs.
'Wow, Sennen E has a game already?' Yami thought, staring at the poster. 'It must be nice to be a superhero. Not having to worry about jobs, or arrogant shorties.' He sniffed loudly and continued walking home, not noticing he was being watched.
When Jounouchi came to his house he noticed that it was packed with people. Everyone was chatting happily and looking at stuff on the tables. There was a sign saying `Junk sale' outside.
`Shizuka must've arranged this…' Jounouchi thought, looking around in search of his older sister. He noticed her standing in the centre of the crowd, her back to him.
“Hey sister, what's going on here?” Jounouchi asked, but there was no reply. Suddenly, everyone around him started to faint.
“What's wrong with everyone? Sister?” he asked, stepping back a bit.
“I've gathered quite a bit of energy for our ruler…” Shizuka muttered.
“Sister?” Jounouchi asked again. Shizuka turned around to face him, a psycho look in her eyes.