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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Inuyasha or Rouroni Kenshin.


R2-Inuyasha vs. Kenshin

R3-BIG_DADDY vs. Rach-Chan

R4-Yoh vs. Astaroth

R5-D vs. Kin

R6-Hiei vs. Kento

R7-Dragonblade vs. Kuwabara

R8-Sailor Dark vs. Yukina

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R10-Thunderchaos vs. *h*o

Dragonblade: (Walks up to the arena and looks over Dante's corpse) TYRANT DRAGON! LUNCH TIME!! (Tyrant Dragon flies over and has lunch. He pulls out a bib, pulls up a table and serves himself Dante on a silver platter)

Gunlord: DAMN! That's a smart dragon!

Dragonblade: (snaps finger and Tyrant Dragon flies away) Now for the next match we have….

BIG_DADDY: Wait! First we must explain that the matches have been turned around so that our fans will be happy with us and we can make things even out in the semi-finals and finals.

Dragonblade: But in this match Kenshin is different. He is no longer Kenshin but BATOSAI THE MAN-SLAYER!!!! (Kenshin appears right next to him and gives him Vegeta death-glare) *ulp* Now (ties up Kenshin in chains to restrain him) we have our very own Dog-demon give it up for Inuyasha!! (Inuyasha appears and charges at Dragonblade who ties him up)

Inuyasha: LET ME GO!!!!!

Dragonblade: (Flies up to the announcer box) Don't worry. You'll be set free; By BIG_DADDY! (Laughs like a psycho)

BIG_DADDY: OH NO YOU AR….. AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! (Gets thrown into the arena again) Shit! (Walks over to Inuyasha and Kenshin with blood red looks in their eyes) *ulp*

Dragonblade: READY……….. COMMENCE FIGHT!!!

BIG_DADDY: (Takes the chains off)

Both: DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (They punch, kick, claw, and slash at BIG_DADDY. After something minutes he crawls up the wall and back into the announcer's box covered in bruises, cuts, claw marks, and a black eye with Justin laughing his ass off)

BIG_DADDY: Let's see you try that next time. (Falls to the floor and passes out)

Kenshin pulls out his sword and charges at Inuyasha. Inuyasha pulls out the Tetsusaiga as Kenshin does a slash, and blocks it. Inuyasha whirls his sword around and sends Kenshin's sword flying. Inuyasha slashes at Kenshin. Kenshin does a couple of back-flips back to his sword, picks it up, and runs at Inuyasha and slashes him. Inuyasha tilts his head and the sword goes right past it.

Kenshin: DAMN!

Inuyasha: (Smirks but notices a tickle of blood running down his cheek) Impressive! (He jumps back a few feet)

Kenshin goes into his Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki stance and charges at Inuyasha. Inuyasha puts his sword in the ground, blocks the attack, and then slashes off Kenshin's arm with the Iron Reaper Soul Stealer.

Kenshin: *ungh* (Does the attack again, knocks the Tetsusaiga out of the arena.)

Inuyasha: Son of a bitch! (Notices Kenshin with his sword raised and Kenshin brings the sword down. Inuyasha steps back but he is not quick enough and it nails him in the gut. Kenshin jumps back with the sword and pulls it out, spilling blood in the process.)

Kenshin: How pathetic. I was expecting more from a half-demon. (Turns his back and walks away) Better luck next time.

Inuyasha: (Gets up as he is walking away. Inuyasha begins to smirk and starts to chuckle) You think I'm done for? (Kenshin turns around as Inuyasha stands up) I'm more than ready for you. (His eyes go blood red and claws and teeth get a lot longer)

Kenshin: Well well. (Steps back a little) Well, this should get a lot more interesting. (Readies his sword) It appears I didn't hit you in the right spot. (Looks at his heart) BUT THIS TIME I WON'T MISS!!!!!! (Charges at Inuyasha)

Inuyasha seems to disappear.

Kenshin: Huh?

Inuyasha: What a fool! (Kenshin looks behind him)

Kenshin: (Thinking: I-Im-Impossible! No one is that fast!) DAMN!

Inuyasha: (Pulls blood red swords out of his gut where the blood was spilled) BLOOD BLADES!!!!!!!!!! (Cuts Kenshin's head off. It roll across the ground and stops by Kurama's feet)

Kurama: (Looks like he is about to puke and runs to the bathroom)

Dragonblade: WOW!

BIG_DADDY: Unbelievable!

Thunderchaos: Incredible!

Gunlord: (Who appears from thin air w/o Raditz and Cooler) I saw that on my T.V. thought I'd pay visit.

Inuyasha: *hmph* Foolish human! (Walks off with his sword over his shoulder)

Dragonblade: Well, that's a wrap. I hope you all like it as much as I did.

BIG_DADDY: And don't forget to review.

Rach-Chan: And don't forget it will be me against BIG_DADDY. (Smiles evilly and holds a machine gun in her hand)

BIG_DADDYL This should be interesting.