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R6-Sailor Dark

R7-D vs. Kin

R8-Hiei vs. Kento

R9-Jed vs. Kurama

R10-Thunderchaos vs. Chao

Dragonblade: (Back in the announcer's box after much trial of prying the girls off of Seto and getting them back to normal) Well, we're back!

BIG_DADDY: And have we got a fight for you!

Gunlord: Because this match is gonna get hot, hot, and hotter by the minute!

Jed: How do you know?

Gunlord: Just a wild guess.

Sailor Dark: I knew some little ice apparition couldn't defeat me! (Glares at Dragonblade and sharpens weapons along with Rach-Chan, Yukina, Seto, Hiei and Lyona)

Dragonblade: Release the dragon! (Tyrant Dragon is summoned and chases them all out of the arena)

Rachel: YAY! She's gone! Now I can do whatever I feel! (Goes into the crowd and harasses Ned Flanders)

Thunderchaos: Poor fool.

Cooler: Anyway, we have a great match for you people today!

Dragonblade: Whoever said you could talk to MY audience?! (Forms a fireball and incinerates him)

Gunlord: Why'd you do that?

Dragonblade: Because out of every DBZ character in existence you just happened to pick the two that I dislike.

Gunlord: It's small world, huh?

Dragonblade: Yep!

Thunderchaos: Let's just get on with the match!

BIG_DADDY: (Steps into the middle of the arena and makes sure no dragon, demon or any other freakishly freaky things will appear and try to maul him) IN THIS CORNER… THE UNDISPUTED HUNTER OF VAMPIRES, D THE VAMPIRE HUNTER! (D enters the arena and kills half the crowd with a single crossbow) O.O' AND IN THIS CORNER… THE ALMIGHTY WARRIOR OF THE NORTH, GIVE A WARM WELCOME TO KIN! (Kin enters the arena to silence because the rest of the audience is dead) I'd better get going! (Flies up to the announcer's box but is caught by a chain shot from a grappling hook and is pulled back to the arena floor. D then pulls out a sword and proceeds to hack apart BIG_DADDY)

BIG_DADDY: ((((O_O)))) AUTHOR POWER!!!!!!! (Uses author power and pins D to the ground then makes hi escape) That was surprisingly easy. And how come I have to be the one to be attacked by these creatures?

Dragonblade: Entertainment.

All of a sudden the sky begins to blacken with clouds and a light shines down on the arena floor engulfing Kin and D in a beam of light. Something can be seen on Kin's neck that looks suspiciously like fangs.

Raditz: Vampire sense… tingling!

Kin then falls to the floor and blood spills out from his neck. A vampire in a red hat, red suit, wild black hair and goggles steps out from the shadows.

Arucard: You have no idea how long it's been… since I was able to enjoy a good meal such as that. (Wipes his mouth) Youth is wasted on the young but they do make for such exquisite meals.

Porunga: Whoa! Arucard's joining in?

Jed: What the hell?

Dragonblade: Don't you guys get it, Vampire vs. Hunter?

Thunderchaos: Cool!

Gunlord: I'm going to enjoy this!

Cooler: And we don't have to share it with anyone but ourselves!

Raditz: MOOOOMMMMYYYY!!!!!!! (Runs to the basement away from Arucard)

Gunlord: Don't mind him. He fears vampires.

Dragonblade: I see. (Looks at Cooler) And how did you come back to life?

Cooler: Uh… Internet?

BIG_DADDY: Ready… set… FIGHT!

D runs up to Arucard and tries to trip him but Arucard jumps and dodges it. D then runs up and begins to try and punch him but Arucard successfully dodges every punch and does a back flip kick on D sending him skidding across the ground. D get pissed and pulls out a gun then fires wildly at Arucard who dodges the bullets and cartwheels at the same time. D puts his gun away and replaces it with a sword. He runs up to Arucard and stabs. Arucard jumps back but D pulls out a second hidden sword and does a surprise stab at Arucard catching him off guard. Then D begins to repeatedly stab Arucard until blood is dripping from his exit wounds. Then D slashes at his arm and cuts it clean off his body.

Thunderchaos: Whoa!

Porunga: Too bad D doesn't stand a chance.

Cooler: Are you crazy? He just stabbed Arucard heaven knows how many times and then cut off his arm! He's bound to die from mass blood loss.

Dragonblade: I wouldn't be too sure about that if I were you, Cooler.

D: Heh! Pathetic trash! You can rot in hell!

He is about to leave when Arucard suddenly pulls himself back together; literally. His wounds heal and his arm returns to his body as if it was never cut off.


Dragonblade: Told ya!

D: So, there is more to you than meets the eye. But still, (Pulls out a pair of hand guns) I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Arucard: Give me your absolute best!

He fires rapidly at Arucard who just stand there as his face and body are assaulted with bullets and one shoot severs his arm. D stops and looks at Arucard who is lifeless on the ground.

Jed: Holy crap!

Thunderchaos: Oh my god!

D: It's over! (He puts his guns away but watches in horror as Arucard just pulls himself back together as though he were never injured)

Arucard: Pitiful human! Now you must die! (Pulls out that bad ass 13mm Jackal from his coat)

Everyone: o.O

D: I-it can't b-be!

Arucard: NOW DIE!!!!! (The camera moves to the front of the gun as a bullet is fired from it in slow motion and flies right through D's head and out the other side. Then D's body crumbles into dust.)

BIG_DADDY: O_O' Well, I guess Arucard is the winner!

Random crowd that just appeared out of nowhere: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragonblade: Cool! I got my crowd back! Oh-oh! (Looks to see that Seto, Rach-Chan, Lyona, Yukina, Hiei and Sailor Dark who have-in some miraculous way-managed to lure Tyrant Dragon into a state of unconsciousness and has been knocked senseless) Oh crap! Well, until next time Read and review!

Runs away from Sailor Dark, Lyona, Seto, Hiei, Rach-Chan and Yukina.