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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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R5-Sailor Dark


R7-Arucard (It is pronounced `Alucard' but is spelled out `Arucard')

R8-Hiei vs. Kento

R9-Thunderchaos vs. Chao

R10-Jed vs. Kurama

Dragonblade: Hi diddly-ho readers!

BIG_DADDY: We're back!

Lyona: And with twice the blood and violence!

Gunlord: How is that so?

Porunga: Well, for one thing we have Arucard in this tournament so things are bound to get messy and another thing is that this next match is going to be an easy victory for Hiei. And you can bet he won't go so easy on Kento.

Sailor Dark: I think we all figured that out by now.

Cooler: I just hope Raditz doesn't come out anytime soon.

Seto: Don't worry. He won't be. (Motions over to a doorway where Arucard is trying to break into)

Dragonblade: Wait a minute! He can just travel through the shadows! (Arucard travels by way of the shadows and loud screams of terror can be heard behind the door)

Gunlord: O.O

Cooler: Oh my god! Raditz!

BIG_DADDY: Don't worry. If he's lucky he'll only die of mass seizures.

Dragonblade: Well, we have a lot to go through today so let's get on with the first round. (Speaks to audience) Today is a special day folks!

Thunderchaos: That's right! Cause we're holding 3 matches!

Audience: *gasp*

Demon 1: Can they do that?

Demon 2: He's bluffing it!

Demon 3: Let's revolt!

Demon army: REVOLT!!! REVOLT!!! (Pull out signs that say Eat at Joe's) Oops! (Pull out signs that have Dragonblade's face crossed out)

Dragonblade: Not again! (Hears massive splattering of blood and looks out into the arena)

Rach-Chan: Hey! It's Arucard!

Arucard: Now aren't you glad I'm here?

Jed: I guess so.

Dragonblade: Well, I'm tired of hiring lowlife actors that nobody likes for my audience so, I'm gonna use these! (Holds up little pickle jar with a seemingly endless group of pickled eggs)

Rachel: You're going to use eggs?

Dragonblade: Hardly! (Opens up the jar and the eggs begin to hatch into little frog like creatures with human bodies and brains)

BIG_DADDY: That's disturbing.

Kurama: Very.

Dragonfane: Well, now we have a crowd at least.

Frog 1: What makes you think that we are your crowd?

Frog 2: Yes! We animals have more freedom than you humans have ever had.

Rach-Chan: That's why we're at the top of food chain!

Sailor Dark: No, the reason we're at the top of the food chain is because we killed all of those animals that our ancestors needed to survive.

Frog 3: *gasp* You did that?

Dragonblade: Yes! It was her! Take the one who wronged you!

Frog 1: We shall not tolerate this!

Thunderchaos: Like hell we will! (Pulls out a charm and hypnotizes them)

BIG_DADDY: Excellent work!

Gunlord: Now let's get on with the match.

BIG_DADDY: (Floats down to the arena armed with 2 10-guage shotguns, a bow and arrow, and the Mega Ultra Hyper Plasma Incinerator Cannon) Alright! (Points to his right) IN THIS CORNER, THE SURPRISINGLY SHORT YET AMAZINGLY FAST DEMON OF FIRE AND ICE, HIEI!!! (Hiei enters the arena to frogs croaking)

Hiei: Hn? Where's the massive crowd of obsessed fan girls?

Seto: Long story.


Kento: Meh, it doesn't matter.

Dragonblade: (Everything goes gray and Dragonfane walks in front of picture) Forgive me. It's been a while since I've seen the Ronin Warriors anime. (Color comes back to screen)

BIG_DADDY: Commence fight!

Kento: (Summons the armor of Earth and pulls out that long chained rod thingy)

Hiei: Huh? What's this?

Kento: IRON…….ROCK…….CRUSHER!!!!!!!! (The slams his rod down into the ground and millions of chunks of rocks fly up from the ground, injuring everything in it's path)

Lyona: Hiei!!!

When the smoke clears Hiei is still standing and Kento has a look of shock on his face. Hiei simply walks away and out of the arena.

Sailor Dark: What's he doing? (Everyone stares in amazement. No sooner than 3 sec. when Hiei has left the arena than Kento begins to fall apart into 16 pieces ala Hiei vs. Seiryu style. Blood begins to drip from his wounds and everyone is shocked stiff)

Dragonfane: O.O Well…that was short lived.

BIG_DADDY: It was too short! We still have some room to spare.

Dragonblade: You're right! Now it's time to get on with the next match! Jed vs. Yoko Kurama!

Kurama: No mere demon can survive a fight against me much less a young boy who relies more on strength in combat than any thing else.

Jed: Whatever, I'll still kick your ass. (Pulls out a 50 lb. crossbow)

Sailor Dark: Wait a minute. How is Kurama supposed to go Yoko?

Porunga: That's where AUHTOR POWER comes in. AUHOTR POWER!!! (Uses author power but accidentally sets BIG_DADDY on fire) Oops! ^_^; AUTHOR POWER!!! (Uses author power and Kurama goes Yoko)

BIG_DADDY: (After doing stop, drop and roll) COMMENCE FIGHT!!! (Ducks as Jed and Yoko Kurama lungs at each other)

Yoko: I'll have you know that I won't go easy on you! (Jumps kicks him into the ground then back flips)

Jed: (Pulls back the bow and fires at Yoko Kurama's tail) The f*** with this! (Leaves the bow for his 10-guage shotgun and fires at Yoko Kurama's arm blowing it off of his body and causing blood to spurt into the crowd) I win. (Picks up rose and crushes it with his fist)

Sailor Dark: I swear Jed will pay! (Yoko Kurama suddenly springs back to life with a missing arm) That was interesting.

Everyone: (((O_O)))

BIG_DADDY: But…how? Your arm's missing!

Yoko: Oh don't worry, it's just a scratch.

BIG_DADDY: A scratch?! Your arm's missing!

Yoko: Oh, it's nothing serious. I did however enjoy that fight. (Leaves to repair his arm)

Dragonblade: Well…I have no idea what inspired me to write that!

BIG_DADDY: You don't? You let me write in that part.

Dragonblade: Huh…I guess your right. (Pulls out a short blade and stabs BIG_DADDY in the chest disabling his arms)

Seto: Ooh…that's got to hurt!

Dragonblade: Well, since that last match was short as hell I figure we can get on with the final match.

Thunderchaos: (Looks at top of page and shudders) Do I have a choice?

All: No.

Thunderchaos: Nuts to you then! (Tries to escape but is bound and gagged by Arucard and placed in the middle of the arena)

BIG_DADDY: (Struggling to remove blade in his chest) IN THIS CORNER, THE ONCE POWERFUL AUTHOT NOW BOUND AND GAGGED AND BEING FORCED TO FIGHT HIS WORST FEAR, GIVE IT UP FOR THUNDERCHAOS!!! (Thunder clouds begin to form and a thunderstorm begins shocking BIG_DADDY with millions of volts of electricity) AND IN THIS CORNER *ow* THE ONE THAT THUNDERCHAOS FEARS THE MOST *ow* THE ALMIGHTY DARK CHAO!!! *ow*

Dark Chao: (In deep menacing voice with blood dripping from his chin o.O) Chao!

Thunderchaos: (((O_O))) One chao?!?!?!?!

Dragonblade: You're right. (Snaps fingers and an army of chaos with chao walkers appear)

Thunderchaos: (((((((((((((O_O))))))))))))) AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (Runs away but hits a concrete wall)

Army of dark chaos: We shall eat from your split open corpse! (Lunge at Thunderchaos)

Thunderchaos: Eep! (Forms a barrier of electricity and shocks the army of dark chaos but leaves their chao walkers unharmed)

Dark chao: So, you have defeated my army of dark chaos. Very good, but unfortunately it wasn't enough! (The army suddenly springs back to life)

Lyona: How is that possible?

Dragonblade: I have no idea. And I'm the author.

BIG_DADDY: (Has successfully removed the blade from his chest) I know how to handle them! (Pulls out his Mega Ultra Hyper Plasma Incinerator Cannon and blows a bunch of chaos to Other World)

Porunga: MELEE!!!!!! (Jumps in followed by the all the others in a free-for-all melee with some of the most unimaginable weaponry you can imagine)

Gunlord: (Pulls out a stick with a diamond cross on the front) Die evil chao scum! (Hits him over the head and dies)

Porunga: AUTHOR POWER!!! (Sends a few chaos to the Dead Zone)

Ed: (Is being tormented by several chaos) Leave Ed alone! (Pulls out a vacuum cleaner and sucks up some chaos then opens the dust bag and eats the chaos)

Everyone: o.O

Ed: Ed is special!

Dragonblade: Right… (Torches some chaos and body slams a few)

Dark chao: Impressive! (Whistles and several chaos wheel in a catapult with a casket of frying pans at their disposal)

Lyona: HEY! That's my Frying Pan catapult! (Kills the chaos then begins to fire the frying pans at the chaos)

Random chao: X_X (shrinks and blows up causing the entire arena to be engulfed in a greenish light)

Rach-Chan: What's happening?

Cooler: I have a bad feeling about this. (Todonekilasemon floats down and breaks the ground)

Todonekilasemon: So we meet again Gunlord!

Gunlord: Oh, Ra! Not you again! (Becomes Random Man and fights with him)

Jed: I'm tired of being left out! (Pulls out 2 10-guage shotguns and blows Todonekilasemon to pieces)

Rachel: Okay…it took us loads of work to defeat him the first time…SO HOW COULD YOU KILL HIM WITH 2 SHOTGUN BLASTS?!?!?!

Jed: That's because he was weak!

Yami-ko: I should slap you right now for saying that.

Jed: Go ahead! (Yami-ko slaps him but Jed doesn't even feel the blow) Were you even trying?

Cooler: Whoa! He is powerful!

Dragonblade: (Is tag teamed by chao army and pinned to the ground) LET GO OF ME!!!! (Goes to his second form and gives of a greenish, purplish aura)

Chao army: We are no match for you!!! (Runs away)

Rest of chaos: CHAO ARMY!!! WAIT FOR US!!! (Run away also)

Gunlord: Ah, sweet, sweet randomness.

Dark chao: (Steps forward) So, you have defeated my minions. Very good, but you have seen nothing until I fight! (Dilandau's gaimelaph rises up from the ground he jumps into it) Time to- AUGH!!! (Is burnt to a crisp by Thunderchaos' Thunder of Chaos attack)

Thunderchaos: Too easy.

BIG_DADDY: Hey, if you were afraid of chaos then why did you just destroy him?

Thunderchaos: Good question. (Shocks BIG_DADDY and exits the arena)

Dragonblade: (Now looking around at the mass pandemonium. Holes are in the wall, the ground has been cracked, frogs are blowing chunks, and dark goo is lying in a massive puddle on the floor) *Cringes* Ooh, maybe I over did it in the first round.

Gunlord: You sure as hell did.

Dragonblade: Yet I feel no remorse what so ever.

Arucard: (Rises from the black puddle of goo) Damn frying pans actually hurt.

Everyone: ((((((((O_O)))))))) THAT WAS YOU WE WERE FIGHTING!??!?!?!?!?

Arucard: Yes. And now I'm really angry! (Pulls out 13mm Jackal and fires at everyone, killing BIG_DADDY in the process)

Jed: Oh my god! They killed BIG_DADDY!

Dragonblade: You bastard! (Chains him to the ground)

Arucard: Let me go human!

Dragonblade: Never! These are holy chains! You can never break free from them! Well, seeing as how the first round of the Dark Tournament is over with I guess it's time for

Everyone in unison: HALF-TIME!!! (A giant music stage replaces the battle arena and Simon from American Idol appears behind a table)

Simon: Oi vay! I don't want to know what kind of pathetic pop star wannabes I'm dealing with this time.

Dragonblade: Okay, maybe bringing Simon here was a mistake. But what do I care? See you at half-time!

Yu-Yu Hakusho announcer: With the 1st round of the Dark Tournament over, the ones most eligible for the 2nd round have been selected. Why is Simon in this tournament? And why did Dragonblade decide to have a karaoke contest? Find out on the next episode of Dragonfane's Dark Tournament.