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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

"A Silly Crossover and Little More"

A pointless fic by Tora-uma

A Quick Author Note: ". . ." - speaking

^. . .^ - inner thoughts

//. . .// - telepathy

Okay, so this chapter took a little longer getting up than I thought it would. Sorry. Hopefully the next one will be up sooner. Anyway, thanks to Miko no Tears and Aya and to wannabeinanime for their reviews of the first chapter.

Chapter Two : Things Always Look Different in the Morning

When I awoke the next morning I found Gojyo's arm slowly crushing my windpipe. I pushed it off and rolled over to find my face was now crushed against Yohji's chest. They had me pinned in.

"Bed's so damn big it could sleep a freaking elephant and they're pushed up against me like we're trapped in a closet," I mumbled. Deciding I really had no more use for sleep I cautiously sat up and crawled forward between the two men. I tied my long hair up in the scrunchy I'd stolen from Yohji the night before, pulled on my jeans and T-shirt and quietly opened the bedroom door.

"Stop right there!" I froze at the sound of Gojyo's voice behind me. Slowly I turned my head and saw that neither of them had moved.

"I'll never allow you to harm such a beautiful woman," Gojyo muttered. Sleep-talking. And I can't say I was at all surprised by the content of his dreams. Shaking my head I left the room.

As I closed the door softly I stared at the TV for a moment, confused. It seemed to be flipping through channels on its own. I peeked over the edge of the couch and saw a half asleep Aya barely focusing on the television screen. Lindsey's head rested on his chest and she lazily pushed buttons on the remote control.

"Lynz? When did you get up?" I asked surprised. She rarely got up before mid-day if she didn't have to and yet here she was, less than an hour after dawn, seemingly awake.

"Didn't go to bed," she answered. I watched as the channels flew by. After a moment Lindsey paused and went back a few channels, finally settling on one.

"Ha!" She cried and sat up suddenly. "I win! Take that, rotisserie infomercial!"

"Ok then . . ." I saw the slightly crazed look in her bloodshot eyes and backed away as she settled down to watch the cartoon she'd finally decided on. I slowly edged away toward the kitchen that had been pointed out to me the day before. As I pushed the door open I heard a strange rustling noise.


At the sound of my voice, Goku lifted his head above the refrigerator door. "Oh, good morning," he told me before turning back to his rummaging.

"Uh, Goku, what are you doing?"

"My stomach woke me up." I could hear the pout in his voice. I leaned against the refrigerator door with my shoulder, peering down at him. "Anything good in there?" I asked. He shook his head, causing his brown hair to sway above his gold coronet. I reached over him to grab a can of soda and sat on the counter behind him.

"So is Lindsey still up?" he asked. I nodded before I realized he couldn't see me. "Uh-huh," I grunted.

"How come she's so crazy sometimes?"

Have you ever had soda spray out of your nose? It really hurts! Falling off the counter to the floor from laughing didn't help much in the pain department either.

"Wonderful, another one." I could feel the sneer that had been aimed at me. I stopped laughing long enough to bend my head back from where it rested on the kitchen floor, realizing I hadn't even heard the door open.

"Ooo! A Vejiita!" I squealed, surprising myself at my ability to launch my body in the air and at the short, muscular man behind me. I was stopped short, however, by his hand gripping my head. "Owww!"

"Exactly how many of you am I going to have to put up with?" he growled. I shrugged as best as I could while being held in midair by my head.

"Tousan, let her down." Vejiita frowned and grumbled slightly but eventually dropped me on the ground. I picked myself up, relatively unfazed by my treatment. I had to learn to stop flying at the men running around.

"Ooo, a Trunks too!" I grinned but refrained from jumping him, a sign that I was slowly learning.

"Nice to meet you," Trunks smiled and bowed his head. "Megan, right?"

"Yeah! How did you know?"

"Well, uh . . ." he blushed slightly. "It was hard to miss your entrance yesterday."

I felt my face burn, remembering the encounter between my head and the wall the previous day. I felt myself shrink under Trunks' smiling eyes, knowing he found it amusing but was too polite to comment. Vejiita had no such reservations.

"Yes, human, you seem to make quite the fool of yourself," he snorted before pushing Goku out of his way and burying his own had in the fridge.

"Tousan," I saw Trunks cringe and glance towards me, hoping I wasn't offended. Goku meanwhile had latched on to Vejiita's back and was still pulling food out over the Saiyan's shoulder. I smiled at Trunks to try and show him that I'd taken no offence at his father's comment as the Saiyan prince tried to pull the smaller boy off his back.

"So why are you up so early? Everyone else still seems to be asleep."

"Didn't really feel like sleeping," I shrugged, trying to avoid openly staring at the struggle between Vejiita and Goku over the refrigerator. "Why are you up?" I asked the half-Saiyan.

"Training. Tousan and I are always up early to get a few hours of work in before everyone else starts milling around," Trunks explained.

"Oh, that makes sense," I nodded eagerly and backed against the counter. In this position I could focus on Trunks while keeping an eye on the small battle happening to my left so that, if something came flying in my direction, I would have the chance to duck. "So why are y'all here?" I had to ask. Not that I was complaining, I was just nosey.

"Well, we all kept getting chased down. Fangirls are a dangerous and horrifying thing . . . especially mobs of them." He failed to repress a shudder. "So we thought we would be relatively free from all the attention if we packed ourselves away in the middle of the mountains."

I nodded in agreement before I thought of something. "Wait though, Lindsey and I found this place so what's stopping anyone else from finding it?" I saw Goku throw a frying pan at Vejiita out of the corner of my eye.

"Well, you're only here because she told you how to get here," he pointed behind him with his thumb, presumably to where Lindsey was still on the couch, gloating over her victory with the TV. "And the only reason she found us was because . . ."

A sudden shout from his father interrupted Trunks as Son Goku went flying through the kitchen wall.

"Damn it!" I heard Lindsey scream from the other room. "Veggie Burger, you'd better stop that right now!"

"Ve . . . Veggie Burger? She calls you Veggie Burger?" I stuttered. Vejiita glowered in response and crossed his arms, obviously not pleased with his nickname. "And why haven't you killed her yet?" I asked, stunned. Trunks opened his mouth as if to respond.

"Not a word, Trunks," Vejiita growled before stalking out of the kitchen, son following behind. Apparently he didn't want people to know the origin of his nickname either.

"You're fixing that wall," I heard Lindsey tell him as Goku strolled back into the kitchen, this time using the door.

"Are . . . are you okay?" I asked him, slightly shocked that he didn't look at all damaged.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine," he shrugged before grabbing half a watermelon and returning to the TV area. I shook my head, grabbed another soda and followed.

Outside the kitchen I noticed that quite a few people were up and milling about. None of them were paying attention to the Goku-shaped hole in the wall however. A-day-in-the-life-of I guess, I dunno.

"How's your show?" I asked Lindsey as I leaned over the back of the couch.

"Crappy. But at least it's not an infomercial," she responded. "Ooh, caffeine!" she spotted the unopened can in my hand and snatched it away.

"Hey!" I cried as she opened and drained half the can in one swift movement. "Please, by all means, steal my breakfast. Bitch," I mumbled as I smacked her hard in the arm.

"Oww . . ." she whimpered, rubbing the now injured area.

"Did you think you could get away?" I felt two arms wrap around my waist and haul me backwards.

"Gojyo, you can't just grab me whenever the hell you want to!" I half shrieked.

"You don't really seem to be fighting it," he whispered. It was true, I wasn't. But damn him for noticing!

"Gojyo-san, you must learn that such a lovely woman should not be kept to yourself," Miroku slid up and grasped both of my hands. "Would you please bear my child?"

"Uh . . ." I whimpered slightly. "Look, no offence, but I really don't want kids. Not that I wouldn't have your kids! If I wanted them, I mean, but I really don't think I do so I don't think I should have anybody's children, even yours, though you'd be at the top of my list of fathers if I ever decided I wanted them!"

"Not bad!" Lindsey poked her head over the back of the couch. "Exactly 2.64 seconds for that entire speech. Though I think a simple `no' would have sufficed."

I wasn't so sure. Even after my hurried statement, Miroku wasn't going away. In fact, his grip tightened slightly and he began to inch closer. I eeped slightly and backed up a step, forgetting that Gojyo was still behind me. Just as I got the distinct impression that I was about to be pounced on, Lindsey decided to give me some breathing room.

"Miroku?" she began sweetly and smiled. "Will you get me some muffins for breakfast?"

He balked slightly as if deciding what to do before bowing. "Of course," he nodded before heading off to the kitchen.

"And Gojyo? Will you bring some milk?" she smiled again. Way too sweetly. Especially for Lindsey.

"Why didn't you have him get it?"

"Because I want you to get it." A tiny evil gleam entered her eyes as she watched to see what he would do.

"Alright," he sighed softly and wandered off after Miroku.

"Sit. Now," Lindsey told me while pointing at an empty chair. I quickly obeyed before anyone else had a chance to grab me.

"What the hell are you watching?" I asked as I slid into the chair.

"Game show. Just something to kill time before the kids get up."

"Kids?" I watched in fascination as Aya sat up and scrunched against one arm of the couch, pulling Lindsey with him. It was an odd position and the way they were huddled up I couldn't tell who was protecting whom. That became evident when a multicolored ball slammed into my roommate.

"Remote, remote!" it demanded, pulling the small plastic rectangle out of Lindsey's hand.

"Damn it Rinku, are you hiding sugar in your room again? You're such a pain in the ass when you're this hyped up," she growled as she wrestled Rinku onto the seat cushion next to her with her one free hand. Aya glowered slightly as the commotion subsided and the short brunette child settled down and flipped directly to a certain channel.

"I'm searching your room for that candy, Rinku, I've warned you not to hide it," Lindsey mumbled.

"I ate it all," Rinku replied. I watched Lindsey's eyes narrow at the small demon boy sitting next to her. I couldn't be certain if she was angry because the kid was on a sugar high or if it was because he'd eaten all the candy and left none for her. Probably the latter, seeing as Rinku was quickly calming down.

"Wait a second," I started as a realization hit me, "didn't you say kids? As in more than one?"

Lindsey nodded solemnly. Then I heard the footsteps.

"Shippou, get off my head!" I hard a muffled screech as a vibrating ball of fur latched on to Lindsey's face. She finally managed to pull him off and set him down as everyone else wandered in.

"Ohayou gozaimasu!" Omi grinned as he bounced over to the couch. Then he caught sight of me. "Oh! Hajimemashite," he said, bowing in my direction.

"Um, hi," I replied meekly, sinking into myself in embarrassment. I don't do well when people say things I don't understand. Omi blinked once in mild confusion before smiling brightly. "I'm Omi, welcome to our home," he tried again.

"I'm Megan, nice to meet you," I inclined my head slightly, not sure if I should stand to introduce myself or not. Satisfied that polite pleasantries had been exchanged at least on his part, Omi settled on the floor with one of the four laptops scattered around the area. I turned back to Lindsey to see a writhing mass of limbs in her place.

"Get off!" I heard the muffled yell underneath the blanket of children. None of them moved. In fact, they all started giggling. "Get off me right now or you're going to have to answer to Aya!" That got them settled down relatively quickly.

"Aw, how cute, you have an entire herd of children to care for," I grinned, not willing to miss the opportunity to tease Lindsey about something like this, even if it did mean putting my own life on the line. She glared.

"Yeah, well, with any luck in a few days they'll be using you as a jungle gym instead of me."

"That's not funny!" I cried as she smirked.

"Oh, lovely, they're up," Gojyo sighed as he carried a carton of milk towards Lindsey.

"You know," she started as he handed it to her, "when a person asks for some milk, it's customary to pour it into a glass."

He shrugged and moved aside for the monk coming up behind him. "Yay, muffins! Thank you, Miroku!" Lindsey squealed and gratefully took the plate. Unfortunately, it seemed everyone else shared her excitement over the food.

"Hey, what the . . . stop it! . . . No, wait . . . HANDS OFF MY MUFFINS!"

Shippou, Rinku, Chiriko, Rin, Mokuba, Yahiko and Omi all held a muffin. Even Nagi had floated one off the plate and was holding it protectively. Lindsey glared at all of them at once, something I was rather impressed by. It did not have the desired effect, however, as everyone shoved the muffins in their mouths at the exact same time. A strangled, horrified noise escaped Lindsey's throat as she and Aya were left with nary a crumb.

"Fine," she recovered her composure and sat up straight. "But you don't get any milk," she clutched the carton to her. It was really all I could do to keep from laughing.

"Aww, what's the matter, did they steal your muffins again?" Long fingers wove themselves through Lindsey's dark brown hair.

"Bite me Schuldig."

"Maybe later," he grinned, continuing to toy with her hair. It wasn't until after I jumped that I realized I'd been preparing to pounce on the man. Can anyone guess what happened next? That's right, Megan became reacquainted with the floor . . . again. I stared at the white shoes that were level with my face and heard a low chuckle. "Charming," he sneered before leaving, blurring into a streak of orange.

I already felt compelled to chase after him. Even though I knew running would be involved. I told myself that this was Schuldig and that he was well worth running after. So I did.

~ * ~

"Is that a good idea? Letting her chase after him like that?" Aya asked.

"Meh." Lindsey shrugged. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to get food that won't be stolen by this group of brats," she scowled and went to stand up before realizing something was barring her way. "Oh yeah, handcuffs," she mumbled. Aya made it quite clear he wasn't moving. "Oh fine," she stuck her tongue out at him and pulled the key out of her pocket, releasing both their wrists from the cuffs and letting them fall to the couch. "Stay there you lazy bastard, see if I care," she muttered under her breath as she and her carton of milk headed back towards the kitchen.

Gojyo and Miroku had wandered off somewhere and Vejiita had yet to start fixing the Goku-hole in the wall. Goku himself had fallen asleep in front of the open refrigerator with a chicken bone hanging out of his mouth. Lindsey sighed, pulled the bone out to keep the kid from choking and closed the refrigerator door while looking around for something else to eat.

"Ooh, cake!" she grinned. "That's even better than muffins!" She was interrupted in the cake-cutting process, however, by two sudden voices from the doorway.

"That's really not the healthiest meal, no da," the first voice said.

"Hey, cake!" cried the second.

Tasuki lept at the cake as Chichiri stayed in the doorway and sweatdropped.

"It's ok, Chichiri," she said as she sat on the counter and motioned him over. "One piece of cake won't hurt anything."

"That's not a piece," he said, leaning next to her, "That's a quarter of the cake, no da."

"And here's another one!" cried Tasuki, devouring the rather large piece of cake on his plate in two bites. Lindsey held out the milk carton to him. Shaking his head and making a face he pushed Goku out of the way with his foot and grabbed something alcoholic from the refrigerator.

"Right, you won't drink milk but it's never too early for alcohol," she mumbled under her breath. Chichiri sat on the counter next to her and stole a bite of cake.

"Well don't you all look happy and cozy," Vejiita half-sneered as he leaned a large slab of rock against the kitchen wall.

"Oh stop it; you're just mad because I'm making you fix the wall. But it was your own damn fault," Lindsey pointed out matter-of-factly. Vejiita just scowled again. Ignoring it, she passed the carton of milk and the last few bites of cake to Chichiri and hopped to the floor.

"Well, I'm gonna go take a nap," she declared, heading towards the door. "Do a good job, Veggie Burger," she patted him on the rear as she passed, just to irritate him further. She walked to the couch to collect Aya only to find that the man had disappeared under a swarm of children.

"Okay leeches, time to get off," she called out, squeezing her arm between wriggling bodies to grasp Aya's wrist and haul him out. At the sudden shifting of the support under them, children began flying off in all directions. Except Yahiko, who didn't get off in time and went sprawling on the floor as Aya stood.

"Hey, that hurt!" he cried.

"Too bad," Lindsey giggled, leaning over the couch to tousle his spikey hair. "Next time move faster." She winked at him and stood up, walking away from the conglomeration of children. Aya went silently; glad he would finally be able to spend time away from the noise.

"Oh, crap, I forgot, you haven't eaten anything yet!" Lindsey stopped mid-stride and turned back to the kitchen.

"Don't need anything," Aya told her, grabbing her wrist to keep her from going far. "Need sleep. Now."

"Hey, the King of sentence fragments speaks!" she raised her eyebrows in astonishment. When she saw the look on his face, however, she decided to drop the joke. "Okay, sleep first, I agree." Before she'd finished nodding, Aya began to haul her towards the peace and quiet of the bedroom.