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Rath woke up and looked around the room. In one corner was a door that Rath thought would led out. To his left was a dresser with his bag of swords next to it. Next to his bed was a bedside table with a very thick book. The only light source was coming from a lamp on the bedside table.

Rath sat up and went the door, on the other side what seemed the main part of house. Rath went over to the window and looked out. He was surprised at how high he was. But it didn't surprise him that much. He had been high up on Fire, but never this high up in a building.

He looked around the room and noticed that noone else was here. A note was next to some food. The note was addressed to him. The note said:

To Rath,

We have gone out to look around. For the time being you are to stay in the apartment and wait for us to return. You can eat the food on the table, but make sure Fire eats as well. There is a book in your room next to your bed, read the ENTIRE thing.

See you soon,

Your friends.

"So that explains a few things. Well ablest I won't be alone" Rath spoke to himself as he went back into his room. He pulled out a small bell and changed it into a sword; he then proceeded to call Fire from it. "Hey Fire. There's some food in the other room on the table if you want. I am going to be reading this book. Hmm, it's a rule book." Rath noted.

"Yes, I am fine." Rath replied and started to thumb threw the book. He kept seeing you may, and continued flipping without giving it anymore attention. When he got to the last 10 pages or so, he finally saw you may not, and started to read. The rest of the pages where the same. All he needed to know was what he couldn't do, if he knew those he was sure to win.

When Rath finished, it had only taken 20 minutes to get threw the rules. OK, now I can eat. This tournament might be fun. I hope there are some demons about. Fire was resting on one of the couches that was in the sun. Rath went over to the table and started to eat an apple.

After Rath took the second bite, the main door to the apartment swung open and there appeared Lykeleon and the other Dragon Knights. Rath got up, dropping the apple in the process, and went over to Lykeleon and the other. He put on his `cheery' face; he opened his mouth to say something but was never given the chance.

"No Rath you may not. We are all supposed to stay here until tomorrow. We are signed up for the tournament and just have to wait." Lykeleon spoke the moment he saw Rath.

"Actually, I was going to ask where are we, and can I go outside?" Rath asked in a child like voice and demeanor. After Rath said this, he noticed that his friends weren't the only ones standing in the doorway.

The people were four men, one of them seemed to be average height, had short orange hair, and was wearing a blue uniform; he appeared to have some muscle and could use that muscle. The next seemed a little taller than the last and was wearing a white long sleeve undershirt with white pants and had a yellow tunic, he also had long red hair. The third member was short and wore an all black outfit; it was long black pants and a black tank top and had a white piece of a bandana around his forehead, he also had jet-black hair that pointed up into a spiked look. A fourth member was as short as the previous one while wearing white long sleeve undershirt with white pants and had a red over shirt and had his face rapped in a sort of turban. The one in the blue outfit seemed to be carrying a fifth person. He had black hair that also stood up, he wore a yellow tank top and navy blue pants, and he seemed to be sleeping.

"These are some people we meet when we signed up. They are here in the same kind of manner that we are." Lykeleon started. "This one," he pointed to the figure in blue, "is Kuwabara. The person standing next to him is Kurama with the red hair. The person sleeping on Kuwabara's back is Yusuke. The little man in black is Heie. Finally we come to the mask person. His name is the masked fighter. Don't even ask Rath." Lykeleon finished.

Everyone in the room was looking at each other without saying a word.


OK, here you people go. I finally put out the next chapter. I am sorry for the delays but I have been busy. More to come.

In our next chapter, the fighting begins. Who will the Dragon Knights have to fight first. And Rath finds out about being on a demon island. What fun and evil will happen next time? Find out on The Trouble Begins.