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For a good amount of the stories as you have seen has been in the perspective of Rath. I have done this to increase the drama you have to go threw and the suspense. DON'T worry, it will all be worth it.

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Everyone in the room was looking at each other without saying a word.

"It's good to meet you guys. I mean, at least we aren't the only ones in this kind of situation. Ha ha ha." Kuwabara jested. This guy is an idiot. Rath thought to himself.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Rath. Your friends told us about you. You can rest assured that we are friends." Kurama spoke.

Hiei and the masked fighter didn't say a word. They both seemed to be sizing up all of the Dragon Knights. Hiei seemed to try and figure out Rath the most. Hmm I wonder what they are thinking. And if they will be a problem later on. Rath pondered.

Kuwabara on the other hand had walked into the room and over to the sofa. He proceeded to pick up Fire from his sun bathing. "WOW a kitty! It's cute; the only weird thing is it has wings and a long neck. But other than that a cute cat none the less." Kuwabara said with glee. Unfortunately for him, a vane on Fire's head was beginning to pulse. "Awe ain't that cute. He noticed me." Kuwabara continued.

I was wrong. He is a really stupid idiot. OK Fire, you can roast his face. Rath thought to himself and to Fire, as he put his hand on his face. Fire wasted no time, and breathed a small cone of fire into Kuwabara's face. Kuwabara was surprised at what the *cough* CAT *cough* just did to him. Some of Kuwabara's hair had caught on fire. He desperately pounded his head to put it out. Fire meanwhile had flown over onto his master's shoulder. Kuwabara finally got the fire out and looked back at everyone else.

"You Baka. Don't you remember being told that they have dragons? You truly are a Baka." Hiei stated bluntly without any remorse to his voice.

"You know what Hiei, I like your attitude. I think we can be friends after all. By the way, Kuwabara?" Rath asked as if stating Kuwabara's name was not a true name at all.

"Indeed, your dragon has good taste, err targets is a better word." Hiei replied.

Next day

The Dragon Knights had left their room to go to the tournament. They had to tie up Rath in about 30 pounds of rope, 7 blindfolds and 1 set of earplugs. The Dragon Knights were lead to a small locker room to get ready for their first match. They heard cheering and yelling coming from up above and knew that the fighting had started.

Rath had pleaded with is friends to let him loose but he got no reply so he stopped talking after some time. He did meet one other new person before they had all left. She was called Lena. She had seemed nice to Rath, but something was amiss with her.

Lykeleon was wondering when Rath would find out what there were facing and where they really were. He had been trying to find the best way to tell Rath but could not figure it out. Each time in his head he came to the same ending. Rath going berserk and tearing apart the island.

A knock came at the door, Rune opened it and someone on the other side spoke briefly to him. "Ok, it seems to be our turn to fight." Rune said in a calm and easy manner.

They all lead Rath along the way, until they came out into the coliseum. The place was packed. Demons, half-demons, and many many others filled the stadium. In the center was a stone ring. The ring stood about 5 feet high and was at least 50 feet across.

"So that's what we fight on." Lykeleon spoke to himself. "I guess we can put Rath over there."

On the opposite side of the ring were 5 men in hooded robes. Four of them looked to be about the same height and maybe the same weight. The fifth member however was very different from the others. He was at least 11 feet tall, over 800 pounds and a giant scythe in each hand; even though his hands were covered in his robes.

"Would the representatives from both teams please come forward." A woman with cat-like ears spoke. One of the shorter men in robes came forward and Lykeleon moved as well. Lykeleon kinda jump slash climbed onto the arena.

Rath wished that he wasn't tied up, blindfolded and had his ears stuffed. He could hear somethings but not really. Then it hit him. That smell. The one thing that Rath could never forget, nor would he want to. He could smell it, and almost wondered why he couldn't exactly place the specific of the smell. Of course! That explains it. There is many different types all here.

"RUNE, THATZ, LYKELEON? Can any of you hear me?" Rath spoke up hoping someone would hear him. He felt a tap on his shoulder and hoped it was one of his friends.

"How do I know you are my friend?" Rath spoke to the person who had tapped him. Rath then felt the person who had tapped him heal him with some magic, it was the same felling that happened when Rune healed him. He was now sure.

"Rune, tap once if everyone is here, twice if someone is missing or else where." Rath told Rune. He then felt two taps on his shoulder. "Ok, one tap if Thatz is missing and two if it is Lykeleon. Then wait a few seconds and tap again, one tap if that person is near and two if you don't know where he is."

Rath felt two taps and one more tap a second latter.

"Ok that's good. Now can you do one more thing for me? Tell me why demons are surrounding us and why am I still tied up!" Rath yelled to Rune.

"Now what are the terms of battle going to be?" the cat-girl asked.

"I'll let my human friend here decide." The clocked man replied.

"Fine, one on one, best out of five. That should be fair enough." The king told to both. "And since I'm already up here, I'll fight first."

"Good. KANUMBA! Get up here your first." The clocked figure yelled over his shoulder at his team.

The giant on the other side started to walk forward. Without even trying he was able to step onto the arena. When he got to the center he removed his robes and what Lykeleon saw shocked him.

The giant had no hands. Instead his arms turned into the staff of the scythe. There were five joints on the man's arms. Lykeleon was starting to wonder if this was such a good idea.

"READY. SET. FIGHT!" the announcer yelled into the microphone.

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I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I promised that stuff would happen and it has. I have really enjoyed that you people are loving this story. I am having fun writing it.

Lykeleon has to fight Kanumba on his own, this giant has the size, weapon and possably the moves to take out the Dragon Lord. And Rath knows about the demons all around him. What will happen to Lykeleon and what will Rath's path of action be? Find out next time on Warrior's Decision.