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'I never thought I would be so alone,' thought Boton miserably as she made her way through the halls. 'All I wanted was to be happy.' She opened her room door and placed her oar on the side of her bed.


She loosened her pink kimono and let it fall gracefully to the floor. She sighed stepping out of the pile of clothes and plopped onto her bed. Alone.


-Earlier that Day!-


"I'm sorry Boton," said a small toddler stamping papers. He looked up from his paper work. "But you know the rules. You signed a contract." Boton shook her head vigorously taking a step back towards the door.


"No…you're lying." Boton's voice was a forced whisper. "Did you see all the death I just came from. All those people had to stand at attention with guns pointed at their foreheads or in their mouths. Their faces etched in fear!" Tears started to form in her now narrowed eyes. "How can you just sit there like nothing happened. I just witnessed their heads getting blown clear off their shoulders."


Koenma didn't even flinch at the tone Boton was using at him. He knew where this was going and he deserved every lashing Boton could throw at him. Boton was sent on this recent mission to bring a disturbed soul to Spirit World for analyses. But what he didn't know was what awaited her.




It was a camp, a nazis camp. And it was execution day. Boton floated gracefully over the camp the smell of death, urine and decay reaching her nostrils. She clamped a hand over her mouth and swallowed the bile that filled her throat.


She landed in the back behind the barracks. A small rustle in the bushes made her jump startled and climb up a nearby tree.


A guard came walking by with a large male routwiller. The dog growled as it came near the base of the tree. Boton bit her tongue to smother the scream that was lounged in her throat.


The guard waved the flashlight in the leaves. Boton pressed herself closer to the trunk.

'Don't let them find me. Don't let them find me,' she chanted mentally over and over again to herself. The dog barked and leapt at the tree baring it teeth.


"Stupid dog!" snapped the guard. "Nothing's there." He yanked the chain casing the dog to choke and follow in dismay.


Boton breath a sigh of relief and headed down the tree. "Koenma owes me a big time vacation," she said to herself as she made her way around the grounds. As she walked she looked at her little black book. "Let's see," she ran a finger up and down the rows of death names and dates on several pages before pausing at one. "Hmmm. 'Maria Valana also know as Fang due to the fact that she bit every one. Age 16.' Poor girl."


Boton sighed lifted her palm into the air. The air around her palm became fuzzy as an object appeared in it. "Time to scout the area." She sat on top of her oar and float slowly over the bared wires. Peeking cautiously over the wires she gasped placing her hands over her mouth. "Oh…my…Lord."


People marched in lines in rags, heads shaved. A group of soldiers had cornered a young girl and started beating her. She cried for help from her elder brother but he was held back by his tearful parents. Sadly he turned his back to her and walked away.


"Aye. This bitch needs to learn a few manners. Eh, mates," said one in an Australian accent holding the girl down.


"Me da used ta say me friend," said one in irish, "'Morny me dear chil'. De ol' days women respected us men, din't say no. Gave us all we wan' when we wan'." Morny walked over towards Don.


"Well, this cheila's gonna give me what I need." Don lifted the unconscious blond over his shoulder and walked towards what looked like an office. "Come on Morny. Let's have a little fun, eh?" The two men laughed as they took the girl into the office. Boton covered her ears, tears flowing for the poor girl. She was probably only 15 and already she had discovered the horrible fate of rape.


'Did Koenma know about this?' she thought to herself wiping the tears away. She couldn't stop. She had a mission but her heart went out to the family who had just lost their little sister and little girl. She sighed sadly floating over the terrain covering her face with her kimono sleeve to block out the awful stench.


She looked over towards where she heard some gunshots. She saw a small faint image hovering over the sight. It was a little girl. 15, 17 at the most. Her bleached white hair covered her face, tears flowing down. She turned her head as Boton came closer. "Stay back," she hissed coldly her voice ricocheting around her.


Boton looked down to see the arena. Men dressed in white and black uniforms held machine guns. Others held vicious dogs barking wildly at the group of people heading towards the middle.


It was like a barren wasteland. And the soldiers were offering the people up as earthly sacrifices to their god that demanding human sacrifices for a bountiful year.


The girl floated gently to the ground as Boton followed. The girl stood there next to a young man. He was about 25. He had a well-built chest that perspired as the bright lights flashed upon him. The girl went next to him, planting small kiss on his cheek. The boy tilted his head in her direction. "Maria?" he whispered searching.


"Sani," she whispered. It was like he knew she was there. Boton sat in the sidelines watching the couple. "I'm sorry so sorry."


He felt something. Like a small tug at his heart. The voice…he remembered it too well. It was like a harp. A beautiful melody. A soft cloud. A soft kiss of soft rosy lips against his worn, tired cheek. "Maria? Where are you?" He took a step forward. A creak of a leather whip meeting wet flesh was heard as he fell to the ground in pain. His sunset hair covering his crystal blue eyes.


He looked up and stood on shaky legs. "Why…why did you leave me...all alone."


"I'm sorry…I couldn't stay with you anymore. I was unclean, unworthy…unfaithful." Maria stood there a horrible wind picking up. Her hair floated up and Boton gasped.


Boton could see strength through the girl's head. A clear hole, blood dripping from the inside. Her tonsils hanging from the bare spinal.


"Oy, where da hell dis wind come from?" Morny cursed.


"I donno but it's a bloomin' headache," said an officer in an English accent. "Smashing good job on the Tommy girl, Don."


Don saluted his commanding officer. "Aye. Thank you, sir. But if you asked me she didn't last long. Guess I was a little out of control, eh?"


"That's right govner," he replied. "Next time, don't leave any traces of your gal's blood on the table. She may have been a virgin but that doesn't give you the right to dirty the office with your little rampages."


Boton just stared at the girl. The hole was a perfect round shape and it was in a shape of a gun.


Don walked up towards Sani and yanked a handful of the man's hair back placing a gun to his head. "Too bad the girl ain' last long like your gal, eh? Maria was a real catch. If she didn't kill herself I wouldn't mind rumping with the cheila again." He cocked the gun and pulled the trigger. Others followed the routine and the cries of thousands died that night.




Koenma shook his head slowly. "I'm sorry Boton."


"'Sorry'? Sorry you say. Well I'm sorry too, Koenma. I QUIT!!!" Boton screamed banging her boss's desk. "You have no idea what I saw tonight. The girl you sent me to get was raped, she then committed suicide and her boyfriend's brains were blown clear out of his head!!"


Koenma looked a little shocked but didn't back down. "Boton, you're out of order. The contract says that you have clearly agreed to work with me until I see fit. And I don't see it fit." He ruffled through his papers and pressed a green button. "You're stressed. I understand that and I'm sorry I had to send you to that awful place. But I sent a special group down to the place. It was clearly unmarked. The place would be closed down and all the demons, and humans taking part in this would be sent to jail or execution."


"But that means nothing!" explained Boton. The screen behind her boss flicked on. "All those people were killed before you reached them." She raised her hand pointed to emphasize. "And Maria and Sani were killed because their love was forbidden. So what if she was a feline hanyou and he a male miko," her eyes began to water again. "They loved each other. A forbidden love and they were executed for it? And not only that their spirits were destroyed?! That's wrong!!"


Koenma looked at the screen. "Your right Boton I must admit but I would not allow you to make the same mistake by quitting."


"Wha?" Boton was speechless. Make the same mistake. Koenma saw the confusion but said not a word instead he pressed another button. "Go and rest Boton. You deserve it."


Boton looked down at her feet in defeat. Koenma wasn't going to explain to her what he meant. So she left with a heavy heart towards her room where she stripped of her clothes and fell onto her bed shedding unforgivable tears.




The gang sat in the office as Koenma went over these unfortunate events leaving a few minor details.


"That's a lot of shit going down, pacifier breath," said Yusuke. He sat in an armchair sipping a cup of cocoa that Koenma had 'graciously' offered him.


"Poor Boton," said a voice of a red head. He had emerald green orbs that sang concern for the blue headed ferry girl that he called friend. "Is she alright Koenma?"


Koenma nodded sadly. "She saw a young girl get raped and 'people getting their heads blown clear off their shoulders.'" He looked down at his small clenched fist then looked back up at the gang. "She wants to quit."


"Whoa. Dude that's a little harsh," said a guy wearing an evis like hair do. "But I wouldn't blame her." He took a sip of his cocoa. "HOTHOTHOTHOT!!" he screamed standing up and fanning his mouth. "IT BUUUUURRRRNNNNSSS!!!"


"Baka," came a voice. He had crimson red eyes and gravity defying black hair that had a white starburst in front.


"Shut up shrimpy!" yelled Kuwabara.


"Anyway," interrupted Koenma, "Boton seems quite devastated and I'm worried about her. I'm afraid she may do something crazy." The group remained silent before he spoke again. "A rumor has it in the demon world that Boton had stumbled upon something she wasn't and now is a wanted suspect."


"So we go in, bus' a few asses, kill the boss and Boton's safe," smirked Yusuke.


Koenma sighed. "I wish it was that easy." He turned in his chair. "Here's the mission. Someone would have to stay with Boton at all times. She can't be out of their sight."


"I'll do it," said Kurama.


"No. Hiei will do it."


"Hn. I will not. The onna can watch her self," Hiei said narrowing his eyes at the toddler.


"Yes that's true but I rather be safe than sorry. Yusuke, Kuwabara and Kurama have school and other activities that would prevent them from staying with Boton 24/7. Thus Hiei," Koenma turned around to face him, "you'll both be moving in with each other."






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