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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

~A/n: Hey it's me again! This chapter is going to be a little funnier than the last one. It's when Raimei goes to her first practice lesson with her friends.~

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha or Angelic Layer but Raimei and her friends are mine.

~Chapter Begins~

Raimei woke to a dark cloudy morning. She yawned and picked up Mizuhime. "Today I'm going to buy you some clothes!" She ran to her parents' door and knocked. `They'll be in such a hangover they won't remember me borrowing around 500.00 yen!' she thought as her mother opened the door in pink pajamas. "Oh hey, Rai. What do you want?" Her mother looked like they had just came home.

"Money! I have an angel now and I want to by her clothes! But I'll need 500.00 yen." Raimei looked up at her mother "Please?"

"Angel? Oh yeah, you're so into that now…Hold on." Her mother retreated into her bedroom for a moment and came out with several bills and handed them to Raimei. Joyously Raimei took it and went into her room to call her BFF, Sakura. Sakura was only a month younger than Raimei and loved Angelic Layer as much as Rai. She had her own angel already named Ichigo. Sakura's phone rang a few times before Sakura answered, " Yazuri household Sakura speaking."

" Man, I always thought you were a secretary at heart. It's me, Raimei." Rai sat at her desk and propped her feet on top.

{ Okay I `m goin' script typing now!}

Sakura: Hi Rai. Wait that rhymes! HI RAI!!!! *starts dancing at the end of the line* Hi Rai!!! HI HI HI HI HI RAAAAIIII!!!!!!!

Raimei: *annoyed* You know that whole song doesn't sound right… SO SHUT UUUP!!! Hey Sakura do you think you could come over? Bring Ichigo too. I finally have my own angel! We could practice together after we buy clothes for her!

Sakura: * stops singing at the word "Angel" * Angel? Are you serious?! I'm coming over there right away!

( End Script)

Rai heard a knock on the downstairs door. "Wow, that was fast." She walked downstairs slowly and opened the front door and a short girl with dark black hair runs in. "So where's the angel?!!!" Sakura wore a jean jacket and a blue turtleneck. She also wore an indigo skirt that went to her knees.

Raimei shook her head and nodded towards the stairs "In my room. Did you bring Ichigo?" Sakura nodded and stretched out her hand. Sitting in her palm was a doll with pink hair tied in a waist long braid. The doll wore a red leather jacket and under it was a black tanktop. The doll's pants were also red and had pink boots on.

"Come on." Raimei ran up the stairs to her room with Sakura close behind. In her room Raimei picked up Mizuhime from her desk and showed her to Sakura, "This is Mizuhime. I haven't got her clothes yet and that's where you come in. Think you can help me design her clothes?"

Sakura nodded and examined Mizuhime closely, "I think she'll look good in light blue and dark blue clothes. We'll go to Piffle Princess and buy her clothes there. But first," Sakura pulled a white handkerchief and wrapped it around Mizuhime like a dress. " You don't want your angel going around unclothed do you?" Sakura smiled and handed Mizuhime to Raimei. "How are you gonna get the money when your birthday's in two weeks?"

Raimei smiled and pulled out the yen bills her mother gave her and laughed, "Hangover." Sakura stared at the money then grabbed Raimei's wrist "Let's go then!!!" And was about to rush out of the door but Rai tugged back, "Calm down! I can't go out in my pajamas." She tugged on her wrist until Sakura let go and went to her closet. She pulled out a pair of black jeans and a longsleeve- light gray shirt. She took the clothes and walked into her bathroom to change.

Sakura walked around the room in circles humming a song. Sakura perched Ichigo on her shoulder and looked out the window. It was still raining. She sighed. Rai had been her friend for about two weeks. Their interests in Angelic Layer had brought them to meet at the battle center when two boys where fighting with their angels. Both Sakura and Rai had been cheering for the same person, Ojiro Mihara. He was runner up for the National Angelic Layer games two years in a row and had the fastest angel they both had ever seen.

Rai stepped out of the bathroom in her clothes and took her handbag and set Mizuhime in it. "Alright let's go!" She ran downstairs and out the front door with Sakura close behind. They ran to a bus stop a couple blocks up.